• Ole Dammegard | Staged Terror: Manchester, London, Charlottesville, Barcelona - The Higherside Chats | Conspiracy and Paranormal Podcast

    · 01:48:40 · The Higherside Chats | Conspiracy and Paranormal Podcast

    Join The Higherside Chats podcast as host, Greg Carlwood, talks false flags, staged terror events, and the events we've seen in 2017 with returning guest, Ole Dammegard.While many of us have realized in the years since 9/11 that the string of so-called "terror attacks" are nothing more than manufactured fear aimed at keeping us on edge and the mainstream media machine continues churning out today's latest event of crazed lone wolf attack type violence, it's becomes easy to see how the collective psyche has devolved into one of angst, hatred, and paranoia.And as this multi-pronged attack plays out, the military industrial complex continues waging overseas wars, while helping the empire expand, and as we slowly watch the police state grab hold and chip away our personal freedom.Fortunately, today's returning guest Ole Dammegard joins The Higherside to offer up some context and perspective on these horrific tragedies. As an author of books like "Coup d'etat in Slow Motion Volumes I and II", and curator of his website "Light on Conspiracies", Dammegard has earned himself a reputation for his insightful research on topics ranging from the mysterious deaths of rockstar celebrities to the caravan of crisis actors on their global tour of terror.3:25 In his previous appearances on The Higherside, Ole has discussed a number of events from across the globe. Getting things started he and Greg examine the ways in which this terror campaign has evolved including the increased frequency and amplitude, the clues left at each crime scene, and the elite's circumvention of karmic law.8:00 Ole explains one of the most important pieces in these crisis situations: the drills preceding the live event. Dammegard believes these drills are used to help orchestrate the terror media event, put crisis actors and emergency vehicles in position and allow for shots to be recorded as "real time footage" that are later released to all mainstream media outlets. They also discuss the head of the octopus in the production of terror, a company called, Crisis Solutions.25:42 Greg and Ole discuss the Manchester bombing. As one of the more controversial false flags, Dammegard breaks down the clues that lead him to question the official narrative regarding the Ariana Grande bombing and the logistics behind accomplishing such massive public deception.39:20 Greg and Ole dive deeper into the connections between Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu and manager to Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber, Scooter Braun. Dammegard also elaborates on suspicious coincidences involving Nicki Minaj and the London Bridge Attack.Become a Plus Member at www.TheHighersideChatsPlus.com/subscribe to hear a second hour of all THC episodes. This week's included:- the odd coincidence that many of the people credited with capturing footage in recent terror events, actually have careers in media and government- the extraordinary amount of “shoeless victims” in the media footage of these terror events, how that motif is also seen within Freemasonic ritual, and the symbolism behind itA few valuable resources from the interview: Crisis Solutions: http://www.crisis-solutions.com/NC4 Safety and Security: http://nc4.com/Pages/default.aspxBell Pottinger: https://bellpottinger.com/ Ariana Grande video where she references singing hits for victims of Manchester: http://www.tmz.com/2017/06/04/ariana-grande-singing-hits-one-love-manchester-because-victim-mother/Crisis Actors Rehearse Terror Attack in Manchester UK in May: https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/6cu9t2/crisis_actors_rehearse_terror_attack_in/ITN Productions: http://www.itnproductions.co.uk/Want more Ole Dammegard? Check out his website "Light On Conspiracies": https://www.lightonconspiracies.com/Find him on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt2hgmwhsmknCTFLaBieBNwOr grab one of his books on Amazon: https://www.amazon.

  • MdS 72 - Minuto de terror

    · 01:36:43 · Minuto de Silêncio

    Sexta-feira 13 está aí e vamos falar o terror e tocar o terror no Minuto de Silêncio!Se você quer ficar vivo, junte-se ao medroso escritor de filmes de terror, Cacofonias; ao gasparzinho, Roberto; à cu piscante, Manu; ao serial killer teórico, Yago Murakami; àquela que faz leitura kardecista de filmes de espíritos, Nati; ao centopeio, Vinni Corrêa; e à professora doutora em literaturas da UFRJ e fã número um do ET; Viviane Moraes!Neste episódio vocês vão:1 – Saber os limites entre terror, horror, suspense e comédia;2 – Descobrir quais são os tipos de filmes mais assustadores;3 – Pensar kardecisticamente os filmes de espíritos;4 – Perceber qual é o terror do pobre;5 – Saber qual é a origem do 13 nos filmes de terror;6 – Aprender a fazer uma centopéia humana;7 – Saber qual filme de terror é um grande sucesso de crítica;8 – Descobrir qual foi o primeiro filme de terror a assustar nossas crianças;9 – Conhecer uma lista imensa de filmes de terror para você assistir;10 – Ouvir a leitura de comentários do episódio anterior.

  • iTF 110 Tales of Terror From Tampa Bay

    · 00:53:27 · iNTO THE FRAY RADIO - An Encounter with the Abyss that is the Paranormal

    Author of 'Eerie Florida', Mark Muncy joins me along with his co-author of 'Tales of Terror From Tampa Bay,' Elizabeth Abbott. We touch on a few of the scary stories included within, from a very unwelcome and disturbed visitor into a home, the apparition in the nursing home, and the "thing" seen at an apartment complex even up to recently. 'Tales of Terror From Tampa Bay'  and '31 Tales of Terror from Hellview Cemetery' by Mark Muncy and Elizabeth Abbott Hellview Cemetary Facebook page Visit Mark and Kari on their website: EerieFlorida.com Find them on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Purchase 'Eerie Florida' on Amazon  You can still get a special edition, signed and personally illustrated copy of 'Eerie Florida' HERE Have a story you’d like to share?  Please don’t hesitate to contact me HERE or via email, shannon@intothefrayradio.com If you'd rather...you can call the iTF message line and leave your story there... Call 844-866-3366 anytime. Want to support the show and get more content?  Become an iNSIDER and get more, from well....the iNSIDE!  The video versions will be far less edited, bloopers and blunders (mostly my own) are staying in. This is what really happens when you record an episode. A couple different options lets you decide what's best for you...4.99/month or 54/year, will give you full access as an iNSIDER. Click HERE to sign up! Recent episodes now up for iNSIDERS...video interview with Vance and Jen of  the podcast, 'The Caravan of Lore', another episode of listener emails which include Sasquatch encounters, 'Utah the Strange' which is video footage from Duck Creek, Utah...location of my sighting of the four shadow beings...and a new Omissions episode with extra conversations with my guests, not included in the main show. Thursday's show will NOT change...every week, a new episode of iTF will air as usual.   Follow iTF: Facebook: Join the interactive group and please, like and share my official radio page      Twitter: Official iTF and Shannon’s personal account Shannon's Instagram Various iNTO THE FRAY gear available at intothefrayradio.threadless.com Subscribe to iNTO THE FRAY in iTunes, Stitcher, iHeartRadio and most ALL other podcatchers. If you enjoy the show, please take a moment to rate and review, as it helps others locate the show.  More stories coming in, for you to enjoy! Browse and purchase Mister-Sam's dark art creations... Up right now on Threadless.com...'Spring Hare'- The Bio-Mechanical Resurrected Roadkill. His website: Mister-Sam.com 'Friday 13th October 2017' by Mister Sam Shearon...pick up a signed print from him today! Email Sam at: info@mister-sam.com Check out Sam's Patreon account where you can pledge at various levels...gaining access to his blog, raffles, exclusive signed prints available NOWHERE else and much more! Also find him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr Ryan Sprague on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and listen to his new podcast, Somewhere in the Skies Ryan's Patreon! Find Ryan's book 'Somewhere in the Skies: A Human Approach to an Alien Phenomenon' on Amazon and Richard Dolan Press Find Ryan Sprague on his websites somewhereintheskies.com,RyanDSprague.com, and ThirdKindProductions.com East in Red via Dark House Theater! iNTO THE FRAY is now proudly part of the KGRA Radio Network. Visit kgraradio.com for a complete list of live shows and rebroadcasts of your favorites like...Expanded Perspectives, The Gralien Report, Fade to Black...and more! You can also visit DarkMyths.org for even more options of Fortean, true crime and paranormal shows. Music for this episode of iTF provided with permission by:  Tanek,  & Electus   

  • #47 [NOVIDADES] Lives De Criação + Outubro Mês Do Medo

    · 00:15:58 · Contador de Historias

    Fala, pessoal! Nesse episódio eu falo um pouco sobre duas novidades específicas: Outubro Mês do Medo e as Lives que vão rolar no Facebook agora dias 06 e 07 de Outubro. Duração: 16min Link para download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2wGMawXaaK3clNINnI3RHJUdlk PROJETO: Outubro – Mês do Medo #StorytellingBR OBJETIVO: Divulgar projetos criativos nacionais (Escritores, Contadores de Histórias, Podcasts do gênero Storytelling, Canais de YouTube que tratem de Storytelling, Ilustradores etc...) com foco em produções do gênero Suspense/Terror por causa do mês do Halloween/Dia Das Bruxas. DIVULGAÇÃO: Os interessados em participar devem se comprometer em ajudar na divulgação dos projetos participantes, principalmente no Twitter ou em suas próprias mídias (episódio de podcast, vídeo no youtube, etc...). PARTICIPAÇÃO: Os projetos participantes deverão criar conteúdo usando temas como Terror e Suspense. Independente da faixa-etária para qual o conteúdo é destinado (Ex: uma história de terror para crianças com um final feliz ou uma história tensa onde todos morrem no final). Não existe um limite nem um mínimo de tempo/páginas para isso nem quantas produções poderá ter no mês. Você pode usar como base para sua produção seguindo os exemplos: ESCRITOR: Fazer histórias curtas/contos/crônicas com a intenção de lançar uma por semana e publica-las em algum lugar como Watpadd, Amazon, Blog, Site, etc...; Escrever sobre projetos literários nacionais que tratem do tema; Fazer micro-contos no próprio Twitter. PODCAST: Desenvolver uma história maior para publicar no mês; Criar histórias curtas para publicar mais de uma; Criar cenas com a temática de terror/suspense; Fazer episódios abordando a temática e criadores de conteúdo nacionais que tratem do tema. CANAIS DE YOUTUBE: Fazer episódios abordando a temática storytelling de terror e suspense; Fazer episódios sobre criadores de conteúdo nacionais que tratem do tema terror e suspense. ILUSTRADORES: Ilustrações seguindo a temática; Sketches; Doodles; Etc.. COMO VAI FUNCIONAR: Todo o conteúdo criado para essa iniciativa deverá ser compartilhado utilizando as hashtags #OutubroMesDoMedo e #StorytellingBR nas redes sociais e, sempre que possível, compartilhe em suas próprias redes esse conteúdo. A ideia não é participar apenas com a intenção de ter seu conteúdo divulgado, mas para que todos ajudem a divulgar. RESUMO: A ideia é simplesmente ajudar a divulgar criadores de conteúdo no formato de Storytelling, aproveitando o mês do Halloween para abordar o tema de Terror e Suspense. Links: Twitter FateCrafters: @FateCraftersPod Site FateCrafters: fatecrafters.net/ Escute mais de Atheist Apocalypse em: https://atheistapocalypse.podbean.com/ Mais informações sobre a live em: https://www.facebook.com/podcastcontadordehistorias/photos/a.539520836229355.1073741828.535790796602359/832842096897226/?type=3&theater Já disponível para streaming no SoundCloud e também no iTunes ou no seu agregador de podcast de preferência! _____________________________ Agradecimentos: Muito obrigado em especial aos Padrinhos e Madrinhas do Contador de Histórias: Ana Carolina Rosalino, Alan Feitoza, Aline Della Paschoa, Andriolli Costa, Carlos Henrique Diniz, Dyemes Emanuel, Emerson, Felipe Raphael Lopes, Natália Angelotti, Glauber Coelho, Maria do Carmo, Cesar Mashima, Bruno Battistini, Lucas Orlandelli, Henrique Fajardo, Tereza Maria, Leandro Correia, Bruno Vicentainer, Luis Otávio, Pedro Gil, Rafael Moran e Jhonatan Vieira. Se você gostou, não esqueça de curtir, comentar e compartilhar! Vocês são o motivo pelo qual esse podcast continua! E se quiser contribuir com o projeto visite: www.padrim.com.br/contadordehistorias e saiba como ajudar! Um muito obrigado e até o próximo! __________________________ Twitter - @CDHCast Facebook - www.facebook.com/podcastcontadordehistorias SoundCloud - @contadordehistorias Site - podcastcontadordehistorias.weebly.com/ E-mail - contadordehistorias@tomtomsemitom.com

  • HBO's "Three Days of Terror: The Charlie Hebdo Attacks" w/ filmmaker Dan Reed

    · 00:40:07 · Kickass News

      Emmy-nominated filmmaker Dan Reed talks about his new HBO documentary THREE DAYS OF TERROR: THE CHARLIE HEBDO ATTACKS. He discusses the cartoons that served as the catalyst for the vengeful massacre of 10 employees at the French satiric magazine Charlie Hebdo by two brothers affiliated with Al-Qaeda in Yemen and the sympathy attacks by a third terrorist which became the Islamic State’s first assault on the French homeland. We talk about the broader issue of freedom of speech, the French government’s “burkini ban,” and the second wave of deadly Paris attacks that caught French authorities off guard just 10 months after the Charlie Hebdo murders. THREE DAYS OF TERROR: THE CHARLIE HEBDO ATTACKS airs Monday, September 19, at 8PM Eastern on HBO. You can also watch THREE DAYS OF TERROR any time with HBO ON DEMAND, HBO GO or HBO NOW. For more information, visit www.HBO.com. Follow Dan Reed on Twitter at @danreed1000 or at www.amospictures.co.uk. Please subscribe to Kickass News and leave us a review. And support the show by donating at www.gofundme.com/kickassnews. Visit www.kickassnewspodcast.com for more fun stuff. Thanks for listening!    

  • How to Talk about Terror

    · This Anthro Life

    Episode 30, Season 3 In “How to Talk about Terror” we delve into the rise of terrorism as a political and media term framing violence within the world and how meanings of terror change depending… Continue Reading How to Talk about Terror The post How to Talk about Terror appeared first on This Anthro Life.

  • Show 475 Lies, Terror, and the Rise of the Neo-Communist Empire. Author interview. Audio MP3

    · American Conservative University Podcast

     Show 475 Lies, Terror, and the Rise of the Neo-Communist Empire: Origins and Direction By Toby Westerman . Paul Ibbitson from his radio show The Consious of Kansas talks to the author.  About the BookAbout the AuthorFree Preview.Lies, Terror, and the Rise of the Neo-Communist Empire: Origins and Direction,  is  essential reading for anyone who accesses the U.S. mass media.   Lies, Terror, and the Rise of the Neo-Communist Empire  is a  discussion of the origins and direction of the terror alliance between militant Islam and resurgent neo-communist nations and revolutionary groups.  This work also considers the role of the anti-American American in making the United States more vulnerable to attack by undermining the military, giving foreign dictators unreserved adulation, and distorting America's image in colleges, universities, and schools. Westerman"s work examines the survival and rebirth of Marxism as a powerful world force years after the collapse of the Soviet Union.  The author presents the espionage activities, guerrilla war tactics, and manipulation of the electoral process now used in Marxism’s reentrance upon the world stage.   Westerman demonstrates the threat posed by the neo-communist movement to U.S. security and the concept of individual liberty.   The neo-communist movement remains  suspicious of, if not overtly hostile to, religion, but its leaders around the world have found that an alliance with militant fundamentalist Islam is advantageous.  The common enemy for both ideologies is the United States of America. Lies, Terror, and the Rise of the Neo-Communist Empire provides a unique historical perspective on militant Islam, giving the reader an understanding of how Muslim militants look at history, the West, alliances with "infidels,” and the use of terror as a tool of conquest.

  • NYC terror attack suspect charged; terror ties investigated; President Trump calls U.S. justice system "a joke and...laughingstock"; Suspect chose Halloween for attack to kill more people

    · 00:40:54 · Anderson Cooper 360

    NYC terror attack suspect charged; terror ties investigated; FBI: Suspect chose Halloween for attack to kill more people; FBI: Suspect also planned to strike pedestrians at Brooklyn Bridge; FBI: NYC terror suspect wanted to display ISIS flag on truck and in hospital room; Tip line: 1-800-Call-FBI; Sources: Investigators are questioning second man; FBI: Suspect began planning attack one year ago, about two months ago decided to use truck; President Trump calls U.S. justice system "a joke and...laughing stock"; White House: Trump supports sending terror suspect to Gitmo; FBI: Suspect inspired to carry out truck attack by ISIS he watched on his cell phone; President Trump denies any anger over Mueller probe in call with NY Times; CNN: President Trump has fumed at the actions taken by Mueller; Manafort has three passports

  • Ep. 581 It’s Time to Get Real on Immigration

    · 00:44:29 · The Dan Bongino Show

    In this episode -   Why are we continuing with a suicidal immigration policy? https://www.conservativereview.com/articles/uzbek-nyc-terror-suspect-was-admitted-under-obamas-dhs   Here’s one thing we most do to fight back against this growing terror threat. http://www.foxbusiness.com/politics/2017/12/01/nyc-attack-us-needs-to-focus-on-physical-surveillance-says-fmr-secret-service-agent.html   Another terror attack on American soil. Thank the Lord for America’s brave police officers.  http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2017/12/01/nyc-terror-attack-halloween-horror-would-have-been-much-worse-without-top-notch-nypd.html   Another troubling component of the Russian special counsel investigation. http://www.nationalreview.com/article/453305/paul-manafort-indictment-mystifying-enigmatic   How keeping the property tax deduction will backfire on the middle-class. http://dailysignal.com/2017/10/31/keeping-property-tax-deduction-backfire-middle-class/  

  • #7 - The Art of Terror

    · 00:34:35 · The Aidan Project

    In this episode, The Art of Terror, I will be looking at the War on Terror, in addition to Edmund Clark’s thought-provoking exhibition at the Imperial War Museum, London, entitled War *of* Terror. This adapted name is quite deliberate, as will become clear within this episode. The artist-photographer, Clark, has visited Guantanamo Bay, along with the homes of persons who have been held under house arrest here in the United Kingdom. In a world in which ISIS and other groups sympathetic to the Jihadist cause are committing regular atrocities in the Middle East and, indeed, much closer to ‘home’, Western-speaking, we must surely offer strong support for robust governmental action to tackle terrorism. But - and this is the key - it needs to be effective and proportionate. Is it really a case of no pain, no gain? Is torture ever morally acceptable? Indeed, can the War on Terror ever be fought with our morals intact? This episode also looks at the West’s best options for tackling extremism; options which, frustratingly, are being suffocated by the 'regressive left'. Furthermore, and very much linked to the work of would-be reformers, the power of belief in the supernatural is a significant factor in the War on Terror, which this episode explores in detail. Did George W. Bush’s belief in God lead to the invasion of Iraq? Thank you for tuning in. You can follow my work on Twitter @theaidanproject.

  • Miserável e Medíocre 072 – Mitos de Infância e Historias de Terror

    · 01:05:55 · Miserável e Medíocre

    Historias de Terror Historias de Terror   Olá Organismos! Em clima do Dia das Bruxas, venha conosco partilhar mitos de infância e historias de terror. Perolamos sobre boneco do fofão com adaga dentro, Ploc monster, chupa-cabra, boneca da Xuxa que acorda durante a noite e ataca crianças, brincadeira do copo e da caneta, maria sangrenta […] The post Miserável e Medíocre 072 – Mitos de Infância e Historias de Terror appeared first on Miserável e Medíocre.

  • TOCA O TERROR - S01E09 - Terror do Espaço

    · 00:34:34 · TOCA-O-TERROR

    Podcast "Toca o Terror" - Episódio 9 (Terror do Espaço) - 19/01/2013Com participações de Queops, Jarmeson, Bosco e Geraldo#Terror #BodySnatchers #Criaturas #EventHorizon #Aliens #OrsonWelles #Invasao #Sci-Fi #Boatos #Espaço #Podcast"War of the Worlds" (Radio Broadcast) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xs0K4ApWl4g"Invasores de Corpos" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFnSxeDfENk"Galáxia do Terror" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJO07ylhTu4"A Coisa" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uE6Z1nBqLwo"Critters 3" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJ6SBHRNPp8"Attack the Block" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3tOFejxPH0


    · Dj Crown Prince Podcast

    I was asked by my cousin for a another old school mix but more dancehall vibes, so I plugged up the pioneers and went for it, one shot, no edits, just music... If your under the age of 25 sorry this is not for you... There is everything from Shabba to Ninja Man to Supa Cat to Bounty to Beenie and much more... PLUG IN AND BLACK OUT 001-Frighty & Colonel Mite-Life 002-Freddie McGregor-Fever 003-Cocoa Tea-Sonia 004-Shabba Ranks-Caan Dun 005-Cutty Ranks-Grizzle 006-Admiral Baily-Pum Pum Kill Me Dead 007-El General-Tu Pum Pum 008-Ninja Man-My Weapon 009-Ninja Man-Test The High Power 010-Buju Banton_Cocoa Tea-Too young 011-Garnett Silk-Everything I've Got 012-Beres Hammond-I Wish 013-Wayne Wonder-Saddest Day 014-Galaxy P-Tickle Her Fancy 015-Buju Banton_Wayne Wonder-Bonified Love 016-Wayne Wonder-Honey's Fine 017-Nadine Sutherlan_Spagga Benz-Please Me 018-Spragga Benz-W 019-Beenie Man-Certain Gal 020-Beenie Man-Wicked slam 021-Beenie Man-Wicked Ride 022-Buju Banton-Only Man 023-Snow_Beenie Man_Buju Banton-Anything 024-Buju Banton-Love Girl Dem Flex 025-Buju Banton-Wikid Dickie 026-Buju Banton_Nadine Sutherland-No Second Class Love 027-Terror Fabulous_Nadine Sutherland-Action 028-General Degree-Mr Do It Nice 029-Daddy Screw-Model Pon You Man 030-Singing Sweet-When I See You Smile 031-Simpleton-Coco Cola Bottle 032-Joseph Stepper-Wife 033-Sasha-Kill the Bitch 034-Terror Fabulous-Position 035-Wayne Wonder_Don Yute-Excess 036-Daddy Screw_Donovan Steele-Big Tings a Gwan 037-Louie Culture-No Gyal 038-Terror Fabulous-Gal Yard 039-Terror Fabulous-Number 2 040-Spragga Benz-Tings a Gwan 041-Buju Banton-Man A Look You 042-Pliers-Bam Bam 043-Pliers_Chaka Demus-Murder she Wrote 044-Nardo Ranks-Dem a Bleach 045-Panhead-Punny Printer 046-Cutty Ranks-Seh Mi Dun 047-Cutty Ranks-Limb By Limb 048-World A Girl-If I Was A Rich Girl 049-Red Foxx_Screechie Dan-Pose Off 050-Dirtsman-Hot This Year 051-Shabba Ranks-Ting A Ling 052-Shabba Ranks-Trailor Load 053-Risto Benji-Passport Buddy 054-Super Cat-Not Sure Anymore 055-Super Cat-Don Dadda 056-Super Cat-Ghetto Red Hot 057-Super Cat_Heavy D-Dem No Worry We 058-Capleton-No Like Me 059-Beenie Man-Hey 060-Little Lenny-Bumflick 061-Terror Fabulous-Dorothy 062-Buju Banton-Batty Rider 063-Singing Sweet-Donna 064-Sanchez-Rosemarie 065-Wayne Wonder_Spragga Benz-Never Keeping Secrets 066-Wayne Wonder_Terror Fabulous-Calling your Name 067-Buju Banton_Heavy D-Hotness 068-Maxi Priest_Terror Fabulous-Dreaming 069-Buju Banton-Big It Up 070-Terror Fabulous-Mr Big Man 071-Capleton-Everybody Needs Somebody 072-Buju Banton-Bogle 073-Beenie Man-World Dance 074-Silver Cat-Fowl Affair 075-Beenie Man-Tear Off Mi Garment 076-Beenie Man-Ghetto Gal 077-Lady Saw-Good Wuk 078-Lady Saw-It's Raining 079-Lady Saw-Strong Body Man 080-Bounty Killer-Dead Dis Time 081-Bounty Killer-Not Another Word 082-Beenie Man-Dengue Fever 083-Bounty Killer-Ask Fi War 084-Beenie Man-Memories 085-Bounty Killer-Nitro Mix 086-Bounty Killer-Fed Up 087-Capleton-Badmind 088-Bushman-Call The Hearse 089-General Degree-Hold You Tonight 090-General B-Bad Inna New Clothes 091-General B-Nikki 092-Beenie Man-Black Board 093-Beenie Man-Girls Dem Way 094-Bounty Killer-Benz And Bimma 095-Spragga Benz-Funny Guy Thing 096-Spragga Benz-Machine Gun Kelly 097-Beenie Man-Teenie Weenie 098-Wayne Wonder-Sweet and sour 099-Wayne Wonder-Glamour Girl 100-Baby Cham-More Wood 101-Beenie Man-New Suzuki 102-Wayne Wonder-Veni 103-Spragga Benz-Dolly House 104-Bounty Killer-Worthless Bwoy 105-Baby Cham-Many Many 106-Baby Cham-The Mass 107-Wayne Wonder_Frisco Kid-Dreamland 108-Stanger-Girls Anthem 109-Beenie Man-Ole Dog 110-Beenie Man-The Girls I See 111-Lady Saw-No Long Talking 112-Tony Braxton_Mad Cobra-Making me High 113-Mad Cobra-Plant It 114-Mad Cobra-Gal Splurt 115-Frisco Kid-Gal Pon Di Side 116-Baby Cham-Gallong Gal 117-Rayvon_Redd Foxx-Bashment Party 118-Wayne Wonder-Searching 119-Mr Easy-Rain Again 120-Spragga Benz-We No Like 121-Frankie Sly-Slurp 122-Bounty Killer-Eagle and Di Hawk 123-Beenie Man-Hypocrite 124-Beenie Man-War 125-Ghost-Brain Food 126-Richie Stephens-Doctor Fish

  • What War on Terror

    · Mumia Abu-Jamal's Radio Essays

    Have you ever thought (but were afraid to admit) that there really wasn't such a thing as a 'war on terror?' Well, worry no more. England's top prosecutor has set the record straight. Britain's director of public prosecutions, Ken McDonald, gave a speech in late January to the nation's Criminal Bar Association. In words that few U.S. figures of such stature could ever muster, McDonald told the assembly: "On the streets of London, there is no such thing as a 'war on terror', just as there can be no such thing as a 'war on drugs'." McDonald, who heads the Crown Prosecution Service, warned of the "fear-driven and inappropriate response" of the nation's political and legal community, which could threaten the fairness of trials and due process of law. McDonald added: "The fight against terrorism on the streets of Britain is not a war. It is the prevention of crime, the enforcement of our laws and the winning of justice for those damaged by the infringement."* How utterly refreshing! Leave it to the Brits to stick a pin into the U.S. balloon of the 'war on terror.' Presidents love to sell the war metaphor to support their prerogatives to accrue more power than their predecessors. Every war sets the stage for the strengthening of the nation's executive power. That's what McDonald meant when he referred to 'fear-driven responses.' It may begin in Britain, but it won't end there. That's because neither wisdom nor common sense can be segregated behind borders. That's because fear doesn't last forever. Generations ago, during World War II, thousands of Japanese-Americans, men, women, and babies, were placed in concentration camps all across the country -- based purely on fear and racist projections. Today, people look back at that era with embarrassment and deep misgivings. There was no real, honest basis for this kind of treatment of such citizens. It took decades, but presidents have condemned such treatment, and reparations (albeit quite modest) were made to survivors of that social tragedy. Today, a host of errors and evils accompany the so-called 'war on terror.' The president has tried to sell the Iraq debacle as 'the central front' of this war, but fewer and fewer Americans are buying it. And while politicians insist on swearing their false fealty to it (even though they don't believe in it, but are afraid to do so, lest they be marked as 'soft'), public opinion polls show most folks are echoing the views of a British prosecutor. False pretexts -- false wars. With millions of people refugees, hundreds of thousands dead, land and lives ravaged by American maniacs, and their imperial subjects. Americans hear 'war and on terror' today, and turn to American Idol. That's because they know -- in their innards -- that it's a crock. The time will come when we look back, and may dare to smile. Copyright 2007 Mumia Abu-Jamal [Source: Asheville Global Report, No. 420, Feb. 1-7, 2007, p. 15.]

  • RdMCast – #105 O terror em Cisne Negro

    · 00:45:58 · República do Medo

    Em mais devaneios psicanalíticos e distúrbios causados por sonhos de grandeza, o RdMCast dessa semana fala sobre o terror em Cisne Negro. Provando toda a genialidade da linguagem de terror no longa de Aronofsky, temos todas as polêmicas necessárias para perturbar a moral e os bons costumes cinéfilos. Arte da Vitrine: Bruna Aleixo Tem algo [...] O post RdMCast – #105 O terror em Cisne Negro apareceu primeiro em República do Medo.

  • Islamophobia and the Ideology of the "War on Terror"

    · WeAreMany.org: Recently posted audio

    Islamophobia and the Ideology of the "War on Terror" Yasmeen Kamel Moustafa Bayoumi Socialism 2017 War & Antiwar Like the “war on drugs,” the “war on terror” is not so much a single war as an ideological framework under which the United States wages war and justifies its foreign and domestic policies. read more

  • Radio Companhia #19 - Terror com Santiago Nazarian e Antônio Xerxenesky

    · 00:53:28 · Rádio Companhia

    No programa #19 uma conversa com os autores Santiago Nazarian e Antônio Xerxenesky e a editora Rita Mattar. Eles falam sobre seus novos livros, "Neve negra" e "As perguntas", processo criativo e pesquisa, livros e cinema de terror, pós-terrorradio@companhiadasletras.com.br “Neve negra” - Santiago Nazarianhttps://www.companhiadasletras.com.br/detalhe.php?codigo=14331"As perguntas" - Antônio Xerxeneskyhttps://www.companhiadasletras.com.br/detalhe.php?codigo=14357blog de Santiagohttp://santiagonazarian.blogspot.com.brpost do blog do Antôniohttp://www.blogdacompanhia.com.br/conteudos/visualizar/Algumas-respostas-para-algumas-perguntas"O demonolista" - Andrew Piperhttp://www.darksidebooks.com.br/o-demonologista-andrew-piper/Tomas Ligottihttp://www.ligotti.net"Là-bas”- Joris-Karl Huysmanshttps://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Là-bas_(roman)“Breve romance de sonho” - Arthur Schnitzlerhttps://www.companhiadasletras.com.br/detalhe.php?codigo=11181OS MELHORES LIVROS DE TERROR DE TODOS OS TEMPOShttp://santiagonazarian.blogspot.com.br/2017/06/os-melhores-livros-de-terror-de-todos.html"De olhos bem fechados" - Stanley Kubrickhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVsiQiRsfqcDario Argentohttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000783/?ref_=nv_sr_1“Beatriz e Virgílio” - Yann Martelhttps://books.google.com.br/books/about/Beatriz_Virg%C3%ADlio.html?id=0BsYmcHvpcgC&redir_esc=y“Precisamos falar sobre o Kevin” - Lionel Shriverhttp://www.intrinseca.com.br/livro/31/“O Grande irmão” - Lionel Shriverhttp://www.intrinseca.com.br/livro/352/"Funny games"http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0808279/“O exorcista”http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0070047/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1“O iluminado”http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0081505/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1Stephen Kinghttps://www.companhiadasletras.com.br/autor.php?codigo=04474Lucio Fulcihttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0002086/?ref_=tt_ov_dr"The cabin in the woods"http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1259521/?ref_=nv_sr_1“Tubarão"http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0073195/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1Karl Ove Knausgård https://www.companhiadasletras.com.br/autor.php?codigo=03233"O albergue"http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0450278/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1Zé do caixãohttp://www2.uol.com.br/zedocaixao/"A meia-noite levarei a sua alma"http://www2.uol.com.br/zedocaixao/cinema/04_ameia_noite.htmAna Paula Maiahttps://www.facebook.com/maiatravis/"It follows"http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3235888/"The babadook"http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2321549/?ref_=nv_sr_1“Corra - Get out"http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5052448/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1"Noite dos mortos-vivos"http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0063350/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1George A Romerohttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001681?ref_=tt_ov_dr“A bruxa"http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4263482/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1Playlist do Antoniohttps://play.spotify.com/user/antoniocsx/playlist/51XTnGTFmIocETvHVvFhUA?play=true&utm_source=open.spotify.com&utm_medium=open“Vampyr”http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0023649/?ref_=fn_al_tt_2“Anticristo”http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0870984/?ref_=nv_sr_1Cena de Além da imaginação - "Nightmare At 20,000 Feet"https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctHltBauGc8“Audition"http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0235198/?ref_=nv_sr_1"O chamado"http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0298130/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1o curta de “O chamado”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mbo5vHy8dw"Serial Killers: Made in Brazil" - Ilana Casoyhttp://www.darksidebooks.com.br/arquivos-serial-killers-ilana-casoy-made-in-brazil/Minha lutahttps://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mein_KampfMaking a murderhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Making_a_MurdererSerial https://itunes.apple.com/br/podcast/serial/id917918570?mt=2ID - Investigation Discoveryhttps://www.investigationdiscovery.comMarilyn Mansonhttp://www.marilynmanson.comPara assinar o podcast:iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/br/podcast/r%C3%A1dio-companhia/id1170068597?l=en&mt=2Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/companhiadasletrasOutros RSS http://feeds.feedburner.com/RdioCompanhia

  • Er islam den primære årsag til terror? (3)

    · 24syv Morgen

    I dagens udsendelse spørger vi en professor i teologi, en DF-politiker og en kvindelig imam: Er islam den primære årsag til terror? Professor MSO ved Teologisk Fakultet på Københavns Universitet, Thomas Hoffmann, er i studiet for at gøre os klogere på islams hellige tekster. Teksterne bliver nemlig ofte brugt i terrorsammenhænge for at legitimere jihadisters handlinger.   Islam er den primære årsag til terror. Sådan udtaler Marie Krarup, folketingsmedlem for Dansk Folkeparti. Hun mener blandt andet, at det er meget vigtigt at muslimer i Danmark tager afstand fra alle islamiske terrorangreb, men betyder det, at alle muslimer har ansvar for terror? Det diskturer vi i dag. Hvordan forholder Koranen sig til terror? Det beder vi Danmarks første kvindelige imam, Sherin Khankan, give sit bud på.Værter: Ida Herskind & Kaare Svejstrup

  • Er islam den primære årsag til terror? (2)

    · 24syv Morgen

    I dagens udsendelse spørger vi en række politikere, forskere, journalister og lyttere: Er islam den primære årsag til terror? I lørdags blev syv mennesker dræbt ved et terrorangreb i London. Vores reporter Tinne Hjersing Knudsen er taget til London, hvor hun i går deltog i mindeceremonien. En ceremoni hvor der også deltog en masse forskellige muslimske organisationer, som ville vise, at de tager afstand fra terror. Terrorister definerer sig via islam, og derfor er islam også én af årsagerne til terror. Men det er ikke hele grunden. Sådan siger folketingsmedlem for De Konservative, Naser Khader. England alene har været ramt af tre terrorangreb på tre måneder, men faktisk foregår langt størstedelen af verdens terrorangreb i muslimske lande. Vi taler med journalisterne Anne Alling og Sune Engel Rasmussen, der er bosat i henholdsvis Irak og Afghanistan. Vi spørger dem, hvordan indbyggerne i disse lande ser på islams rolle i forbindelse med terror.Værter: Ida Herskind & Kaare Svejstrup

  • RdMCast – #78 O Terror e o Oscar

    · 00:50:03 · República do Medo

    Fala Galera! Hoje é dia de falar de prêmios, citar podcast e chorar por nossos filmes favoritos no nosso episódio sobre o Terror e o Oscar. Dessa vez, os membros do RdM se reuniram para fazer um apanhado de toda a participação do terror na história da premiação, bem como tentamos explicar um pouco como [...] O post RdMCast – #78 O Terror e o Oscar apareceu primeiro em República do Medo.