• EP 608: Tinitell Raises $4M, Ships 15,000 Units of Watch That Calls (No Phone Needed) With CEO Mats Horn

    · 00:20:48 · The Top Entrepreneurs in Money, Marketing, Business and Life

    Mats Horn. He’s the CEO and founder of the Swedish tech company, Tinitell. Together with a team of Scandinavian industrial designers, telecom experts and engineers, he developed one of the first wearable devices with cellular connectivity for voice and data. Tinitell wrist phone is an ingeniously simple wearable phone for kids with call and smart location features as well as an intuitive, one button, voice guidance interaction. Famous Five: Favorite Book? – Sapiens What CEO do you follow? –  N/A Favorite online tool? — Slack Do you get 8 hours of sleep?— Yes If you could let your 20-year old self, know one thing, what would it be? – Mats would tell himself to not be in a rush and take life as “unseriously” as possible   Time Stamped Show Notes: 01:31 – Nathan introduces Mats to the show 02:12 – Tinitell is a simple mobile phone that kids wear 02:20 – It’s a smart locator for parents 02:35 – Kids can make and receive calls 02:57 – Tinitell is independent from its smartphone administrators 03:03 – It is like a robot in a simple product 03:13 – The smartphone app is how the parents control what’s in it 03:36 – Tinitell needs to have a SIM card and it is already provided 03:50 – Tinitell is partnered with a telco 04:48 – Tinitell was launched in Kickstarter in 2014 04:54 – Shipping started after a year and a half 05:16 – Tinitell has shipped 15K units 05:30 – Tinitell sold 1,102 units in Kickstarter 05:41 – Tinitell has raised $150K in Kickstarter 05:51 – “It’s tough making the world’s smallest mobile phone” 06:03 – Tinitell has put it in additional $4M for funds 06:18 – “Most money came from VC companies” 06:25 – Tinitell has raised thrice 06:36 – All are equity rounds 06:53 – Mats shares why he raised in smaller rounds 07:35 – In doing smaller rounds, Mats and his team wouldn’t dilute themselves 08:03 – Mats was working as a consultant before Tinitell 08:25 – Mats realized that he wanted his own company 08:29 – Mat’s idea of Tinitell 09:15 – Team size is 30 09:25 – Average number of customers 09:43 – The critical numbers of Mats 10:12 – Mats looks at the conversion rate and general market activity 10:50 – Tinitell’s competition 11:20 – What people should look at in conversion rate 11:40 – Tinitell has 4 colors 12:03 – The bestsellers are the darker colors 12:36 – Markup vs. cost 13:49 – Mats shares about making a physical product  15:15 – Mats shares how he finds his suppliers 15:32 – “I knew I had to go to China” 15:48 – Mats has to have a network of suppliers 16:29 – Mats reached out to everyone he knows who could possibly help him 18:00 – The Famous Five   3 Key Points: Know your numbers and track them consistently. Your network can be your advantage in sourcing and creating your product. Enjoy life—take things slow and don’t be in a rush.   Resources Mentioned: Acuity Scheduling – Nathan uses Acuity to schedule his podcast interviews and appointments Drip – Nathan uses Drip’s email automation platform and visual campaign builder to build his sales funnel Toptal – Nathan found his development team using Toptal for his new business Send Later. He was able to keep 100% equity and didn’t have to hire a co-founder due to the quality of Toptal Host Gator – The site Nathan uses to buy his domain names and hosting for the cheapest price possible. Audible – Nathan uses Audible when he’s driving from Austin to San Antonio (1.5-hour drive) to listen to audio books. The Top Inbox  – The site Nathan uses to schedule emails to be sent later, set reminders in inbox, track opens, and follow-up with email sequences Jamf – Jamf helped Nathan keep his Macbook Air 11” secure even when he left it in the airplane’s back seat pocket Freshbooks – Nathan doesn’t waste time so he uses Freshbooks to send out invoices and collect his money. Get your free month NOW Show Notes provided by Mallard Creatives

  • EYK 3: Yoga App, Muscular Energy and The Best Yoga Mats

    · 00:45:22 · Elsie's Yoga Class l Inspiration l Alignment l Connection

    The voice mail that is played at the beginning of this episode is why I decided to do these episodes that I call Elsie's Yoga Kula. There is so much power to sharing your journey. This practice of yoga can take you to so many absolutely fabulous places, not only on the mat but off the mat. I know that my yoga practice opened up so much for me, in fact it was the catalyst for gigantic growth in my life, and I'm in no way talking about the poses. They are the icing on the cake :) They provided me with the first courageous steps towards something more! Thank you sooo much for sharing Jeanne (sp?) ! I am thrilled when I hear stories like yours, those that are all about stepping deeper into your self, to see the vast goodness that dwells within! NICE! Oh, and I would be honored to have you come to my class! Even though I only teach 1 public class a week...but more to come, promise! As you can hear, this message was actually sent 'quite' a while ago. I'm trying to go back and honor you guys that sent me messages long ago :) And if you haven't sent a message to share with me and the kula DO SO. I'd love to help all of us stay inspired and feel that we are truly part of a world wide community! So call me to share at 310 651 6238 Hello everybody and welcome to Elsie's Yoga Kula episode #3! Happy Autumn :) Oh man is Pittsburgh gorgeous when the leaves start to change! My most favorite changes, that of the ivy, it's like fire snakes climbing up trees and buildings. So beautiful! So much has happened this year it's unbelievable. truly. Last year right around this time I became a mother. Yep, my lovely Hunter is 1 year old as of October 2. Happy Happy birthday my baby girl! You have shifted me to become someone I honestly never knew was inside. I've gotten...sturdier, that's for sure :) I started to finally teach public classes, I was laid off of my job last November, man! and now I'm in the process of developing my own consulting business. As soon as I get all my stuff in gear I'll let you all know all about it. You can venture to YoGeek.Me, to see a gradual development of posts delving into the world of yoga and technology :) It has been an incredible fortifying year, full of everything you can imagine, calm, love, fear, angst, courage, meltdowns, you name it. I have LIVED! You guys have made this year for me a sort of life line. Your emails and messages and support have provided me with hope and strength. If you are listening to the podcast I now read an email from Maria Rose from Vermont :D and my response to her email! Listen to the Podcast! EYK News: Remember how I mentioned the cool personalized bottle from the company SIGG on EKY Episode 1? Well, I take that back. I used to love those bottles but the practices of their CEO has left me less than pleased. Here's the quick scoop: SIGG CEO Steve Wasik recently announced that SIGG water bottles did in fact contain the toxic chemical bisphenol A (BPA) in its liners until August 2008. That means that any bottle that you purchased before 10/08 contains BPA. They are allowing customers that purchased a bottle prior to this date (you would know by the bronze liner instead of the pale yellow liner that are the new ones) to exchange their bottles. But the Environmental Working Group is not satisfied with this. Here is letter sent by the President of EWG to SIGG: On behalf of the Environmental Working Group (EWG), I write to ask that you issue an unambiguous apology for misleading consumers and retailers about whether SIGG bottles contain the toxic chemical bisphenol-A (BPA). I further urge you to modify SIGG Switzerland CEO Steve Wasik's recent announcement of a SIGG voluntary bottle exchange program. Consumers should be able to take SIGG bottles that contain BPA to an authorized SIGG retailer and receive a refund for the full retail value of the product. The cost of the refund should be covered by SIGG. The announced exchange policy, which forces customers to accept a replacement SIGG bottle, puts them in the untenable position of having to trust Mr. Wasik and his team about the composition and safety of the replacement product. It is our view that SIGG's reputation will be difficult to restore while Mr. Wasik remains at the helm of the company. Sincerely, 
 Kenneth A. Cook
Environmental Working Group In case you want to exchange your product you can go to to read all about it. I'll post a link in the shownotes. Just last week I was interviewed by David Spark about my new iPhone App! It was such a cool experience. He's a really great guy. What was crazy about the whole thing is that I scheduled it specifically so that Hunter was in an optimal mood and she could keep herself occupied. The interview was supposed to take 10 min. Of course none of it went as planned. As we signed on in Skype, my camera decided not to work...ggrrrrrr. I had to trouble shoot for about 10 minutes! I did have an opportunity to see my lovely friend Inge's face as I had my mini freak out. I asked her to help me but at that time she had no solutions for me. I figured it out FINALLY! then of course, the moment that David started recording the podcast Hunter fell down and conked her head. yep, of course she did. anyway, the whole thing ended up going really well. I'll put a link in the shownotes for ya'll. Here's the article on David's Blog: Elsie's Yoga Class: Making Money From Podcasting Here's the larger piece on Mashable! 9 Successful Techniques For Making Money From Podcasting And speaking of my iPhone/iPod Touch app...Have you gotten a chance to buy it yet? It's $3.99 and what you get is the ability to stream all of my content, all 70+ classes without downloading anything at all, at the push of a button! Plus, I'll be adding a PDF of the sequences of my classes a little bit a time, so you can have it with you as you practice! Occasionally I may add little videos here and there and some other bits and pieces of content. Now, I have to clarify that if you happen to have an iPod Touch, the only time that you can stream the content is when you are connected via Wifi. Thank you Lisa for helping me be clear about this :) Full disclosure, there have been some issues with the 1st version of the app (the classes not streaming and the app itself not opening). The new version HAS been released which fixes the majority of the bugs. If you have downloaded the app and still experience problems, please feel free to contact me via email so we can get the issues resolved! If you have wanted to support this podcast, this is a wonderful way to do it. I do get a teeny bit of money from the sale of each app. I'd like to take the opportunity to thank all of you that have already downloaded the app, from the bottom of my heart, and I'd also like to thank all those of you that have donated to Elsie's Yoga Kula. I'll share that last months donations allowed me to make our car payment. It was a blessing. I've been doing this podcast for 3 years and I have never put up a donate button, until now. At this moment, I feel that I can and I have had requests from you guys, so it's helped me make the decision. If you'd like to donate to the podcast please feel free to do so, if you'd like to donate to the podcast in another way other than in a monetary way, I have put up a page telling you of all sorts of ways in which you can 'donate' that don't include money. Check it out. Any little thing totally helps and like the page says, Support the Podcast, support the family! We have another voice mail from a listener! So listen up if you wanna hear :) Here's Vanessa Best's Web site: The Spinal Space Thank you Juli from Atlanta! I know it was a while ago, but she very kindly sent me an email and told me that I had inadvertedly tagged episode 69 with an 'explicit' tag, YIKES! Totally did not want to do that. I went in there and fixed it as soon as I could, although I know that a few of you got that episode with an explicit tag, and of course there was nothing explicit about it... It's all about listener emails! Carli from Kansas My 16 year old son talked me into trying Yoga with him. He plays football and his coach got them started on Yoga. I am a runner and lift weights, I took a yoga class once but it never stuck. So I started looking for yoga podcasts and came across yours. I loved it. It was very hard for me to follow at first because I am not familiar with the poses. So I went online and found your website! I flipped out when I realized I can look at the poses to the episodes online and follow that way. I'm so stuck on yoga now! I love your classes and how you describe things. You Rock! Thank you so much Carli :) You know, I totally keep forgetting to tell you guys to come check out this site! The pictures are there, there are a couple of times where there are corresponding videos and extra links at times, especially when I mention an article or something like that in my theme :) oh, and the EYK episodes will be transcribed as a blog post (hence this post ;) ), so if you wanna read, what I said, then all you have to do is go to the corresponding blog post! Marie from Ol Miss Hi Elsie!I hope you are well. I've just started listening to your podcasts, and they are so great! I have a random question for you. What kind or brand of mat would you recommend to someone who is just beginning yoga? I have a mat that I have had for a long time, (I've started and stopped yoga a few times), but it is starting to kind of thin and I've found a few holes. Also, do you have any other advice for a newbie like me? Thank you so much and have a great weekend! Marie Here's my answer to Marie Hello Marie :) Great questions! Regarding the yoga mat...I'm a very big fan of the Jade Yoga Mats. At times they can bunch up a little bit off the floor, as they are not as 'sticky' as the yoga mats that you would purchase almost anywhere. My fave from Jade is The Encore because I like my mats to have a bit more substance when I practice. The Encore is the one that I have (at least I have the prototype as they sent it to me before it was released. Also love Beinjoy yoga mats. They are soooooooooooooooooo pretty :) That gets some bonus points from me. They feel very good. Also I own 2 Manduka ™ mats, the purple PROlite and the Black Mat PRO. They have some eco friendly versions that are also available, which I've been meaning to try. My purple mat has lasted me for about 5 yrs! and it looks almost the same as when I bought it. The only thing thats wrong with it now is that my kitties got to it and scratched the tar out of it ;) They also have a mat that supports an organization called 'off the mat into the world' which I think is pretty darn fabulous organization. Another company that I love is Prana. They have a FANTASTIC mat that I want to purchase the is wider than most mats out there. When I practice in order to have my shoulders properly aligned I honestly have to widen them so much that my pinky fingers end up being off the mat. I don't mind, but their new Revolution mat takes care of that! Plus it's eco friendly :) A lot of the mats that I have mentioned are pretty pricey, $60+ and UP! It is a lot of $ I know. You can get some mats from Prana, or Jade or even Lululemon that are eco friendly for between $35 and 40. I know that I have not needed another mat after buying my purple mat so long ago. I just like to try out other mats, and share about them :) Let me know if I can help you with anything else! As a beginner practitioner, I would merely say to take your time, to listen to yourself, and to choose to always be honest and open with yourself every time you get on the mat. Choose to step in deeper and enjoy your own body, with all it's 'limitations'. They make you the unique beauty that you are. If you get through a class and you haven't smiled....I would make that my priority :) Smiling and laughing truly allows for a deeper moving into your heart to see what really matters! Marie's answer: I ended up getting a Manduka Black Mat Pro and I love it!!! I've been practicing for three weeks and it has been really awesome to see how my body is responding. I also wanted to let yo u know that I started a blog about my yoga journey, I am wide open to any comments or suggestion :) Thank you so much for everything!! NICE! I do love the Manduka Black mat. That thing is hardy, the thing for me is that I now tend to leave that one at home as trekking around with that puppy on a bike, or a bus, or any amount of walking that isn't just a block or so, is soooooooo hard on my back. That mat is HEAVY :) Just to let you all know, there is a fantastic article by one of my Twitter/Facebook buddies, the mighty Nancy Alder and it's all about this same exact subject. It really gets in to more detail about the mats and especially pricing and it's a great read! Nancy Alder's article: Ecologically Minded Yoga Mats Meaghan Message :D Hello! How are you on this beautiful day?! I am a fellow yoga teacher, brand new, and IN LOVE with your site. It is so inspirational and moving and every detail means so much. Thank you for keeping us involved with your journey. I wanted to take a moment to personally invite you to take a peek at my website. I am training to run a half marathon to raise money for research towards Crohns, a disease incredibly close to my heart, which my boyfriend has struggled with for more than 20 years. My website is : The first ten people to raise 500 dollars in the next week will be matched 500 from a local company! So, if you are thinking you may be able to donate (any amount, big or small) -- now would be a perfect time! And, it is tax deductible . Lots of love and thanks, Meaghanxo I saw the other day mighty Meaghan or Megan ) sorry if I mispronounced your name that you reached your goal! Congratulations, and if any of you would like to donate to the cause follow the link above! and thank you so much for sending this along! Kate in Italy! Hi Elsie, I am a Canadian living in Italy and have just started using your podcasts for my daily practice. Thank you! You say the phrase "scissor your legs asymmetrically together" quite a few times and I am very confused what this it possible to get some clue about that? Thank you again for beaming your classes out for the world to access. In Italy classes are in Italian which makes English speaking me a little lost. Your classes are a big help. All the best. You know what I wanted to do to answer this question? I wanted to ask my students to tell me what that means to them, as often times I (I think all teachers) tend to relly on saying things one way, and you guys may just have 'better' ways of explaining this. OK, so here goes a bit of an explanation. Isometric movements according to wikipedia: Definition Isometric exercise is a form of exercise involving the static contraction of a muscle without any visible movement in the angle of the joint. This is reflected in the name; the term "isometric" combines the prefix "iso" (same) with "metric" (distance), meaning that in these exercises the length of the muscle does not change[edit] Isometric resistance Resistance in isometric exercises typically involve contractions of the muscle using: ▪ the body's own muscle (e.g., pressing the palms together in front of the body) ▪ structural items (e.g., pushing against a door frame). ▪ free weights, weights machines or elastic equipment (e.g. holding a weight in a fixed position) ▪ pressure plate type equipment that has a digital readout of maximal force. Depending on the goal of the exercise, the exertion can be maximal, or sub-maximal. Basically, you are engaging your muscles even though the poses are 'static'. There is an action that is involved always everytime that you are in a pose. In Anusara the principle that best describes isometric movement (or scissoring the legs together) is called Muscular Energy. Here's the definition according to the Anusara Teacher Training Manual....( you're just gonna have to listen as I'm NOT typing this whole thing out ;). One way that I teach these actions, I learned from one of my teachers Noah Maze, is by getting 2 folded blankets, placing them on a non carpeted floor, placing one foot on one blanket and the other foot on the other blanket. Once you're all set there, widen your feet apart and do a standing pose, like Warrior 2 for example. If you don't pull energy to the midline, I guarantee you that you will be doing the splits! It's a pretty cool exercise that teaches those actions, just for fun! Well, that was a bit of a long explanation! I hope that makes sense Kate! And reaching out to yoga teachers out there, how about you sending me some ways in which you teach pulling to the midline, or muscular energy? It would be awesome to share you wisdom with the Kula :) email me or send call me 310 651 6238 (put that number in your cellphone!!!) Ok, just 3 more things to address, as it looks like we're running a bit long! Ahhhhhh . I got an FB message from Isabella, she just wanted to say thank you to me, but she also mentioned that she was looking for a fan page for me. Well, I do have a Facebook Group! Search for Elsie's Yoga Kula, I haven't started a FB fan page....yet....I'm still figuring out what is best for me and for you guys. I know how crowded FB has gotten with soooooo many fan pages and groups and all sorts of other stuff, and I honestly don't want to add to all that. When I feel that creating a Page will add value, and I can honestly keep it up and have it be a place were you guys and myself can participate more fully I'll do it. I gotta really see how Fan Pages work. When and if I do that, I'll send y'all a little not in the FB Group, OR post something on my blog! This episode's art work is a class that a long time listener Tracee Sioux hosted at her Bookclub weekend getaway. How cool is that???? LOVED it! It was podcast #10 from El Salvador and it was all about authenticity. She said "We were touched and those of us out of practice or beginning were also a little sore. LOL" Thank you sooooo much Tracee for sharing that picture, and it really warms my heart to know that these classes are being used it such fantastic ways!!!! If you wanna know a bit more about Tracee, check out my blog post on my other blog YoGeek.Me. She's a pretty phenomenal woman with an incredible Web site calle The Girl Revolution, all about empowering girls, and I'm ALL FOR THAT!!! And lastly, I'm going to close by letting you know about an Affiliate that I'm working with. I will only work with people and organizations that I whole hearted believe in and whose products I absolutely USE AND LOVE. Floracopeia is one of the most incredible companies that I have had the gift of coming into contact with. I'll tell you more about the organization in a future episode, but right now I'd like to share with you 2 products that I use almost daily: Hormonal Essential Oil Blend Directly from the Floracopeia Website: For women who are interested in optimizing their endocrine health for long lasting vitality and radiance, the Hormonal Blend is a valuable addition to your every day pleasures. Two drops in the palms with a deep inhalation will deliver the healing benefit of this blend directly. In addition, the subtle floral perfume of this blend is a beautiful fragrance for any occasion. Its benefits include relaxant, aphrodisiac, anti-anxiety and mood enhancing effects. BUY THE HORMONAL ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND! Relax Essential Oil Blend Directly from the Floracopeia Website: Use the Relax Blend in times of stress or potentially stressful situations and environments. It is a lovely diffuser blend when you want to create a relaxing and pleasant environment in your home or elsewhere. It is a wonderful blend to diffuse around children, to apply on the car seat on long rides or the pillow before bedtime. Working people will gain great benefit from the Relax Blend and should consider it for use during the morning commute or before important meetings; there are rarely times when it is not useful. It has beautiful anti-axiety and mood enhancing effects that are subtle and intoxicating. BUY THE RELAX ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND! Do consider purchasing either or both of these products. They are amazing AND they go to support a MUCH larger vision. MUCH MUCH larger, so the purchase is not only supporting your health, me (a teeny bit) and also the world LITERALLY. I'll put links in the show notes so you can read a bit more about Floracopeia but do stay listening as I'll also have a special show sharing more about it myself! If you DO want to buy these products, please use the links provided in this post, as when you purchase via that link, I get a little support for the podcast :) Thank you guys for listening. I can't tell you how thrilled I am to have such a wonderful community!!!!! Please continue to give me feedback, questions, problems. I still have so many more questions to get to, I should do these more often...! phone number, email, FB (profile and Group) and Elsie's Yoga Kula!!!! It would be lovely if you'd consider leaving me a review in iTunes, those are deeply appreciated! Meet you on the mat later!

  • TSR 001: SOA Academy Day #5 Special

    · 00:44:51 · The SpectRoom

    This session represents the inception point of this podcast.  Nearly three years ago I interviewed a host of inspirational people at SOA Academy Day #5.  On this session you’ll hear from Mats and Trond from MIR in Norway, Adam Hotovỳ and Juraj Talcik regarding Corona Renderer, Peter Guthrie, Christiaan Klaassen from DBOX, and Pedro Fernandes from Arqui9.  Here’s a bit about each of the guests I talked to on this session.   MIR Located in Norway, MIR is a big source of inspiration to me in many aspects, not just in their visuals but in the way they go about doing their work.  They dedicate one week to each of their projects, which allows them to remain focused and undistracted, and to deliver a high-quality product on-time.  In my conversation with them, Trons and Mats describe this process, as well as their disciplined approach to their art, how they plan to develop their visualizations in the future, and what hopeful potential employees should do - and not do- to gain their attention.   Corona Renderer Corona is a high-performance photorealistic renderer software program based in Prague.  I talked with Adam Hotovỳ about some of the milestones Corona was working to meet at the time of SOA Academy Day #5- back in 2014.  Juraj Talcik also had plenty of great things to say about why he and Veronika Demovicova prefer to use Corona over other rendering programs.   Peter Guthrie At the time of this conversation, Peter Guthrie and Henry Goss were two days into their adventure at The Boundary.  The incredible success of their company is a topic that will be featured in a future session of The SpectRoom.   DBOX DBOX is a complete agency full service company, taking their clients from branding all the way to the publication of a project.  I’m talking here with Christiaan Klaassen about CGI, how synchronization happens with the whole team, and the incredibly detailed work they put into each project.   Arqui9 Based in the UK, Arqui9’s Pedro Fernandes stresses simplifying your portfolio and specializing in your greatest area of strength.  He also has some great tips for artists that are looking into going out on their own that you’ll definitely want to hear.   Key Takeaways  [:50] Mats and Trons from MIR describe their dedicated week-long creative process. [5:40] The fundamentals of MIR- not the latest techniques- are what contributes most to their success. [9:56] A glimpse at what makes Mats and Trons’ partnership work. [12:30] What should potential employees focus on to gain attention at MIR? [17:15] Juraj Talcik explains why he made the switch from VRay to Corona.  [20:50] Adam Hotovỳ calls his transition to Corona as a natural and necessary one.  [25:15] Peter Guthrie announces the inception of The Boundary. [29:13] Christiaan Klaassen talks about his favorite projects at DBOX. [34:50] Pedro Fernandes shares tips for artists that are looking into going their own way. [39:20] Does being an architect give you an advantage in visualization?  Pedro explains why definitely does.   Main Quotes “Quality before quantity in a portfolio submission.” — Mats Andersen   “You just press render and that’s it.  You’re there.” — Juraj Talcik   “The most important thing for our image is a narrative, it’s telling a story.” — Christiaan Klaassen   “Simplify (your portfolio) and choose only the best pieces.” — Pedro Fernandes   “Never, never, never feel down.  Just get knocked down, get back up.” — Pedro Fernandes   Software Mentions Corona Renderer VRay   Name Dropping  Trond Greve Mats Andersen MIR  Corona Renderer Adam Hotovỳ Juraj Talcik Peter Guthrie Christiaan Klaassen DBOX Arqui9 Pedro Fernandes The Boundary  

  • Avsnitt 30: Ett samtal med Mats Johansson om “Kalla kriget 2.1”, svensk säkerhetspolitik, tankesmedjor och svensk politisk historia

    · 01:11:18 · I Krig och Fred

    Nu kan du lyssna på det trettionde avsnittet av “I Krig och Fred”. I detta avsnitt hör du när jag pratar med författaren och journalisten Mats Johansson om hans bok "Kalla kriget 2.1: onda imperiets återkomst". Under samtalet pratar vi om en stor bredd av ämnen som innefattar alltifrån varför Mats skrev boken "Kalla kriget 2.1" och vad den handlar om till hur det kom sig att tankesmedjan Frivärld startades, och vi pratar även en hel del om hur viktigt det är att studera historien för att kunna förstå sin samtid och kunna försöka förstå och förutse den kommande händelseutvecklingen. Mats ger även sina personliga tankar och reflektioner utifrån att ha arbetat med journalistik, politik och opinionsbildning kring frågor gällande demokratiutveckling och säkerhetspolitik från den senare delen av 1900-talet och fram till idag.Mats Johansson är redaktör för Svenska Dagbladets ledarblogg "Säkerhetsrådet", ordförande för tankesmedjan Frivärld och har skrivit antal böcker varav den senaste är "Kalla kriget 2.1 - onda imperiets återkomst". Mats har även varit riksdagsman för Moderaterna under åren 2006-2014.I slutet av samtalet nämner Mats ett antal lästips som du hittar här nedan:"Tio år med Putin" av Boris Nemtsov och Vladimir MilovIngenting är sant och allting är möjligt : det nya Rysslands surrealistiska själ av Peter Pomerantsev"Till bröders hjälp" av Kungliga krigsvetenskapsakadien

  • 72: The Magical Mat that Lowers your Stress! The Shakti Mat Story with Jon Heslop

    · #MerryBiz

    We are SO super excited about today’s guest! We’ve been working with these guys for the past 2 months, showcasing their amazing product, Shakti Mats! Read our entire review here:    When our guest first tried out these magical mats, it was a random discovery on a trip to Thailand during University holidays… little did he know it would change his life forever!   Along with his best mate, they now sell the mats throughout New Zealand and Australia and are on a mission to spread the word even further!   We are SO excited to welcome Jon, from Shakti Mats to #MerryBiz!   “Shakti: the divine feminine creative power.” Some questions we asked… How did you discover the Shakti Mats? What were you doing before you started the Shakti Mat biz? How do the Shakti Mats actually work? How to they relieve stress and tension? Where did the Shakti Mats first come from? What’s next?  “Meditate for 20 minutes a day, unless you don’t have time, and if that’s the case, meditate for an hour.”

  • EP161 – Den med Mats Strandberg, Färjan och annan skräck

    · 01:35:09 · [NÖRD:IGT]

    Författaren Mats Strandberg gästar veckans avsnitt! Han är tillsammans med Sara Bergmark Elfgren ansvarig för Engelfors-trilogin med böckerna Cirkeln, Nyckeln och Eld. Panelen bestående av Malin, Peter och Niklas frågar ut Mats om framför allt hans bok Färjan och den kommande filmatiseringen, men även om barnboksprojektet om monstret Frank samt Mats passion kring skräck i allmänhet och Twin Peaks och Buffy The Vampire Slayer i synnerhet! Det blir dessutom en djupdykning ner i de lyssnarfrågor som kommit in till Mats om allt från Elm Street-filmer, Buffy-comics och att gå i Stephen Kings fotspår till skrivartips och vilken skräck-historia som Mats helst skulle vilja leva i! Stort tack säger vi till Mats och varmt välkommen tillbaka! Tack & förlåt. Puss hej!

  • EP131 — Den om Mats Raider, X-Wing the Miniature Game, Dying Light: The Following, American Truck Sim och Ready Player One

    · [NÖRD:IGT]

    Korvfest igen! Jonas, Niklas, Viktor och Mats samlas i en minimal och alltför varm studio för att snacka sig varma(re) om figurspel, böcker och spel.  Vi inleder med lite mail, en läsare har grävt fram en gammal PC Gamer där Mats pryder sista sidan som en Tomb Raider-actionfigur (!) och vår trogne fan Filip Pilthammar delar med sig av lite inspirerande bilder från Los Angeles Marathon, som han sprang iförd Superman-cosplay! Mats ger oss ett inlägg i vår sorgligt eftersatta fysiska spelsektion, i form av miniatyrspelet X-Wing: The Miniature Game. Om du någon gång drömt om att putta omkring läckert detaljerade små plastversioner av dina favoritskepp på ett spelbräde tillsammans med den trevligaste spelcommunity du någonsin stött på så är det här nog ett spel för dig. Definitivt ett Mats-spel.  Därefter raskt vidare till spelen. Viktor har spelat Dying Light-expansionen The Following, där man får åka bil igenom zombiehorderna istället för att parkoura fram högt över deras huvuden. Mats har njutit av solnedgången över Stilla havet i American Truck Simulator, och försöker än en gång förgäves övertyga panelen om varför det är så mysigt att köra lastbil utan att få betalt.  Slutligen snackar vi så spoilerfritt som möjligt om boken Ready Player One, som ska bli film i regi av Steven Spielberg. Niklas och Mats har läst den, Viktor håller för öronen, eftersom han nyss har börjat.  Tack och förlåt!    

  • #005 Mats Persson - Trummis/Percussionist

    · 01:12:12 · Jag Spelar för Livet - Musiker om Musik

    Mats har spelat och turnerat med så otroligt många artister och denna intervjun tar upp några av dessa. Men främst så framgår Mats oerhörda passion till att spela och lyssna till musik och att vara öppen för nya samarbeten och att aldrig bli blasé. Kort sagt; Mats spelar för livet! Mats har jobbat med: Roxette, Sven-Bertil Taube, Berlinda Carlisle, Lisa Nilsson, Östen Warnebring, Lasse Tennander, Meja, Kicki Danielsson, Toni Holgersson, Pernilla Andersson, Marie Bergman, Hoola Bandoola band, Mikael Wiehe, Anki Bagger, Peder af Ugglas, Pugh, Ola Magnell, GES, Eva Dahlgren, Louise Hoffsten, Jerry Williams, Björn Skifs, Magnus Uggla, Ted Gärdestad, Orsa Spelmän, Robyn, Lena Philipsson, Di Leva, Salem al Fakir, Björn Afzelius, Eric Gadd, Mikael Rickfors, Carola, Harry Brandelius, Thåström, Lill-Babs, Jennifer Brown, Mats Ronander, Jill Johnson, Tomas Ledin, Monica Törnell, Ratata, Thore Skogman, Yonder, Tommy Körberg, Dan Hylander, Hall & Oats mfl. mfl Länk till musiken som nämns i programmet. spotify:user:martin_frontman:playlist:1MJscAsFKdhzBJE8lpOzP1 Producent: Martin Frontman Andersson Ljudtekniker: Martin Frontman Andersson Signaturmelodi: The Ballroom Band - For the taste of her lips Övrig musik: Peder af Ugglas - Wedding GES - När vi gräver guld Foto: Hasse Lindén Tack till; Mats, Hasse, Pelle & Affe T.

  • #77 Ditt inre liv - hjärna och immunsystem, prof. Mats Lekander

    · 00:41:28 · Hjärnpodden - Kristina Bähr

    I det här avsnittet möter jag professor Mats Lekander som berättar om det förbluffande samarbetet mellan kroppens immunsystem och hjärnan. Vita blodkroppar påverkar vårt beteende och hjärnan kan påverka vårt immunsystem. Upplevelsen av hälsa och sjukdom påverkas av fler faktorer än bara vår inre tanke och föreställning av vad hälsa innebär. Hur kommer det sig att man kan känna sig sjuk fast man är frisk och uppleva hälsa fast man har en kronisk sjukdom? Kan man påverka sin framtida hälsa med sina tankar? Vem/vad tänker egentligen? Mats Lekander är psykolog och har ägnat hela sitt yrkesverksamma liv åt att utforska hur kroppens immunsystem påverkar vårt beteende och hjärna. Mats är professor vid Stockholms Universitet och enhetschef vid stressforskningsinstitutet och Karolinska Institutet och forskar tvärvetenskapligt på det komplexa med att vara människa i en komplex livsmiljö. För kontakt med Kristina maila till Mats Lekander hittar du via Stockholms Universitet och Karolinska Institutet.

  • #10 – Mats Berggren skildrar hedersvåld

    · Arbetarlitteratur

    Mats Berggren är en av Sveriges främsta ungdomsboksförfattare. Nu är han aktuell med Din syster måste dö. En bok om hedersvåld där en bror får i uppdrag att döda sin… Lyssna#10 – Mats Berggren skildrar hedersvåld Inlägget #10 – Mats Berggren skildrar hedersvåld dök först upp på Arbetarlitteratur.

  • "Jag kommer aldrig dölja min kippa"

    · 00:17:49 · Verkligheten i P3

    När Mats Selleis nioåriga son skulle berätta om judendomen i lågstadiet ritade någon hakkors på hans bänk och sa att förintelsen aldrig ägt rum. Efter den händelsen beslutade Mats att bära den judiska kippan på huvudet varje dag, fullt synligt. Det ska visa sig få konsekvenser. I år är det 70 år sedan befrielsen av förintelselägret Auschwitz. Där dödades flera av Mats släktingar. För tre år sedan bestämde han sig för att bära kippa på huvudet efter en händelse på sonens lågstadieskola.  När Mats gått på stan har han fått kramar och hejarop från främlingar, men också fått höra "död åt judarna" och "Heil Hitler". Vid ett tillfälle blev han nerslagen bakifrån när han skulle köpa pizza. För två veckor sedan ringde någon som sa sig komma från Säpo och tipsade att han kan dölja sin kippa på huvudet med en keps så blir han säkrare när han är ute på stan. Mats vägrade. Men nu menar Säkerhetspolisen att de inte ligger bakom samtalet och säger att Mats ska bära sin kippa "med stolthet".

  • Golf Mats - What you don't know can hurt you...

    · Golf Reviews

    Colin interviews the President of Fiberbuilt Golf Mats, Michael Hooper. They discuss how various golf mats are built and how hard surface turf mats can actually cause serious injuries to many golfers. I got one of these golf mats for myself and set it up in my backyard with a net. It's been a great way to practice - even better than hitting off real grass because their is no shock from impact. You can find the Fiberbuilt soft fiber mats as one of our top recommended training aids at

  • Avsnitt 44: Han kallas för ICA-Mats och är en känd Faluprofil

    · 00:23:53 · Falupodden

    Sedan många år driver Mats Andersson ICA Supermarket Slätta på ett framgångsrikt sätt. Att han skulle bli företagare, den tanken kanske inte fanns som ung, men Mats medger att hans egenskaper fungerar rätt bra i den rollen. Mats älskar den puls, det tempo, som finns i branschen. Mats gillar också att jobba med människor, och säger sig ha idrotten att tacka för mycket av sin filosofi idag. Programledare Pelle Marklund. Vinjettmusik Erik Jansson. Cirka 24 minuter.

  • Mats Persson

    · 01:01:53 · Sommar & Vinter i P1

    STATSVETARE. Jag ska prata om hur det är att gå på glödande kol med Storbritanniens premiärminister och vad som verkligen hände när britterna röstade för Brexit. Mats Persson berättar om sin gamla arbetsplats 10 Downing Street, i samband med att britterna röstade om sitt medlemskap i den Europeiska Unionen 2016. Mats Persson från Bankeryd bestämde tidigt att han skulle spela basket i USA. Basketkarriären gjorde honom till en bra lagspelare. När han kom till London arbetade han på en tankesmedja som skulle producera idéer om hur EU skulle kunna bli mindre klåfingrigt och mer demokratiskt. David Cameron fick upp ögonen på honom och han började jobba i hans stab. De skulle omförhandla Storbritanniens villkor med EU och behövde få de andra länderna med sig. - Finns det något att lära av den här historien, säger Mats, så är det vikten att hantera politiskt och demokratiskt tryck i en fråga innan det blir alldeles för stort. Han berättar även om när Stefan Löfven kom på ett möte till Downing Street 10. Om Mats Persson Handplockades av förre premiärministern David Cameron för att lägga upp strategin inför Storbritanniens förhandlingar om att reformera EU, som i den efterföljande folkomröstningen resulterade i Brexit. Förekom ofta i brittisk media och kallades för den två meter rödhårige vikingen. Räknades som en av Europas viktigaste opinionsbildare av politiksajten Politico. Masterexamen i statsvetenskap från London School of Economics. Tidigare chef för den Londonbaserade tankesmedjan Open Europe. Arbetar på konsultföretaget Ernst & Young med frågor om handel och EU. Har spelat collegebasket i USA. Producent: Henrik Johnsson

  • 118 Mats Uddin - regiondirektören som har bloggen som ett sätt att leda

    · 00:23:39 · Entreprenörsdriv

    Att blogga är ett ypperligt sätt att vara regiondirektör på, säger Mats Uddin. Vi talar om kommunikation i sociala medier och värdet av att blogga. -Alla borde börja blogga, tycker Mats, som själv bloggar två till tre gånger i veckan. Lyssna på det spännande avsnittet med Mats Uddin, regiondirektör i Östergötland, och vad han får ut av att lägga tid på bloggande och sociala medier. Läs bloggen från avsnittet här: Läs Mats Uddins blogg: Besök också

  • Avsnitt 5 – Intervju med Mats Nylinder

    · 00:58:43 · Skogspodden

    I avsnitt fem träffar Skogspodden Mats Nylinder. Mats är Professor emeritus på Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet inom virkeslära. Det blev ett intressant samtal med fokus på kvalitetsproduktion där vi får höra Mats syn på kvalitet och vad han tror om framtiden inom skogs- och sågverksbranschen.   Länk till Mats sida om världens sågverk ( En berättelse om […]

  • #21 - Mats Wilander

    · Tack Sverige - De största idrottsprofilerna berä

    I avsnitt #21 möter vi tennislegenden Mats Wilander. Mats Wilander besökte Stockholm 16-18 mars 2016 för att delta i Kings of Tennis. Tack Sverige var på plats och fick en pratstund med en av svensk tennis absolut största genom tiderna. Det blev ett samtal om hur Wilander ser på svensk tennis, om John McEnroe och Elias Ymer. Vi pratade om Maria Sjarapovas dopingfall, tennisen i USA, det speciella med svensk idrott och vad som krävs för att bli bästa i världen på tennis. Mats berättar även om sitt bästa idrottsminne, vem som är den bästa spelaren han har mött, om padeltennis och mycket annat. Han har vunnit 7 Grand slam titlar i singel och 1 i dubbel. Rankad 1a i världen och mästare med Sverige i Davis Cup 3 gånger. Han är född den 22 augusti 1964 i Växjö, Småland. Tyvärr har vi ingen auktion till förmån för välgörenhet den här vecka 13. In och buda på föregående veckas auktion där du kan buda hem en HV71 matchtröja signerad av Johan Davidsson. Länk: Auktion avslutas onsdag 30/3 klockan 20.00. Alla pengar går till Barncancerfonden. Mer info på hemsidan: Schema med hålltider Avsnitt #21 - Mats Wilander00:00 Välkommen, Kings of Tennis och McEnroe 04:00 Wilanders syn på svensk tennis 07:23 Svensk idrott & folkrörelse  10:39 Tennisen i USA 12:23 Maria Sjarapovas dopingfall 13:30 Wilander om framtiden 14:50 Wilanders bästa svenska idrottsögonblick & ideella ledare 16:44 Om padeltennis 17:45 Avslutning   God lyssning!     Följs oss gärna på:Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:   Hemsida:  #tacksverige

  • Program 19: Vampyrer(High)

    · SF-bokhandelns podcast

    Dagens tema är vampyrer! Jenny och Mats Strandberg (Färjan, medförfattare till Cirkeln-trilogin) diskuterar blodsugande skräckklassiker både på Östersjön och i övrig litteratur. Vi från bokhandeln pratar också om vampyrens utveckling och våra favoriter bland de romantiska, läskiga, snygga, och monstruösa bloddrickarna i bok och film: Buffy, Nosferatu, Vampire Academy, Hellsing, Interview with the vampire, Salem's Lot, The Strain och ur många andra verk. TÄVLING: Skicka in dina åsikter om vår podcast till senast den 11 mars och var med i utlottningen av en personligt signerad FÄRJAN av Mats Strandberg. Programupplägg: 00:00:00 Intro och tävling 00:01:19 Intervju: Mats Strandberg om Färjan I 00:11:15 Speltips: Fury of Dracula 00:14:14 Intervju: Mats Strandberg om Färjan II (Spoilers!) 00:24:28 Diskussion: Buffy & vampyrernas utveckling 00:37:28 Boktips: Vampire Academy 00:41:00 Intervju: Mats Strandberg om vampyrer 00:55:14 Diskussion: Monstruösa vampyrer 01:01:53 Krönika: Vårt liv i rymden 01:07:43 Avslut & nästa program Länk: Faculty of Horror -

  • Mats Nilsson #11

    · Lundapodden

    Lundabandet Verklighetens folk skickade sin trummis Mats Nilsson för att prata om deras musikaliska genré Villapop. Mats pratar om det där om att få publiken att komma i konkurrens med parmiddagar, bandyturneringar och vinterkräksjuka. Vi pratar spelningar, replokaler och om att köra motorcykel i hotellkorridorer. Hur har det gått med de inskickade bidragen till Melodifestivalen? Vilka... Läs mer: Mats Nilsson #11

  • EP117 - Den om Star Wars Battlefront, Soma, smaksättning av ostar samt mängder av spel

    · [NÖRD:IGT]

    Denna vecka består panelen av Jonas, Mats, Tove och Niklas med Vikarie-Viktor som ett starkt extra inslag – Vanne och Peter flyttar antingen barn eller kartonger, vi lyckades aldrig riktigt komma fram till vilket.Veckans enda lyssnarmail inleder starkt och leder till en diskussion om hur långt man egentligen kan gå när man smaksätter ostar. Och hur man GÖR när man smaksätter ostar. Samt annat ostrelaterat och orelaterat snack. Och vi påminner än en gång om att vi kommer att spela in [NÖRD:IGT] live på Comic Con Gamex –  Lördag 31 oktober kl. 14:30 på Scen 3 på Friends Arena. Och självklart vill vi att alla går in och röstar på oss i båda de kategorier vi är nominerade till Svenska Podcastpriset – i podden får du lite handfasta tips på hur du kan göra det på mer eller mindre kreativa vis.Mats ger semi-comicstipset att den legendariske tecknaren Jean-Claude Mezieres är i Stockholm på fredag, klockan 17:00 signerar han och snackar om både nya Linda & Valentin-albumet samt den kommande filmen på Science Fiction-bokhandeln. Han är bara innerligt ledsen att han inte själv kan gå dit och köpa ett signerat ex.Tove tar upp såväl kommande filmen Pride and Prejudice and Zombies som den nyligen släppta trailern till Sherlocks julavsnitt. Alla är överens om att det förstnämnda åtminstone har världens bästa namn.Därefter vidtar den långa och yviga speldelen. De av er som klagat på att vi snackar för lite spel får ert lystmäte denna vecka, i en sektion som inleds med Mats nyhets-potpurri: Multiplayer i Sir, You Are Being Hunted (världens mest brittiska överlevnadsspel), svindyr expansion till Farming Simulator 15 samt en hel del om kommande Far Cry Primal.Niklas, Jonas och Viktor har spelat den öppna betan av Battlefield: Star Wars. Förlåt, Star Wars: Battlefront ska det vara. Intrycken är blandade, men Viktor, som spelat mest Battlefield är mest positiv, och det säger väl en hel del. Tove och Mats har spelats Frictionals undervattensskräckis Soma – har de tagit sig vatten över huvudet? Och slutligen berättar Mats exakt varför du ska spela ett fängelse-managementspel som ser ut som ett gulligare South Park: Prison Architect.Bättre än så här blir det inte! Åtminstone inte förrän nästa vecka. Tack & Förlåt, Puss Hej!