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  • AppSec Builders features practical and actionable conversations with application security experts and practitioners. Topics range from understanding and solving classes of vulnerability, building protections to efficiently scale with your business, and core best practices to strengthen your security posture. AppSec Builders is hosted by Jb Aviat, CTO and co-founder at Sqreen and former Apple Red Team member where he was a reverse engineer, pentester, and developer.

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  • Traitez-nous de fanboy est un podcast qui donne régulièrement la parole au fan de produits Apple. On parle de leurs produits, de leurs usages et de leur passion pour la marque.

  • A podcast by madewithlove where we hang out with interesting product leaders that found their way (back) to Europe, or have discussions about a variety of topics related to engineering or product management, just between us.

  • Security Unlocked explores the technology and people powering Microsoft's Security solutions. In each episode, Microsoft Security evangelists Nic Fillingham and Natalia Godyla take a closer look at the latest innovations in threat intelligence, security research, and data science, with a special focus on demystifying artificial intelligence and machine learning. Be sure to listen in and subscribe!

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  • Discussions with industry-leading CISOs about building successful security programs, succeeding in your career, and creating amazing teams. Guests from Cruise, Splunk, Gusto, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Airbnb and more!

    Hosted by Michael Coates, former CISO of Twitter and CEO of Altitude Networks.

  • Integrated solutions from Fluke Reliability are built for the present and the future.

    Our products and services are designed for the assets and team you already have in place. We “meet you where you are” and deliver rapid results on your current challenges.

    On top of that, our Accelix IIoT platform enables you to add new solutions that can be instantly integrated with your existing technology.

    In this way, we provide you a practical roadmap for greater IIoT leverage as your maintenance program evolves.

  • In De Digitale Route, brengen we verhalen over waarom en hoe bedrijven digitalisering aanpakken. Want in elke sector of bedrijfstak, van retail tot wealth management, van sales tot human capital, dreigt dezelfde spanning: wie niet investeert in digitale transformatie, raakt achterop. In deze nieuwe podcastreeks van Salesforce en Tijd Connect kom je te weten hoe je technologie vandaag best inzet voor de groei van morgen.

  • Fortinet’s cybersecurity podcast provides highlights and commentary about securing the largest enterprise, service provider, and government organizations around the world.
    Join Fortinet’s top experts as they discuss today’s most important cybersecurity topics.

    The Fortinet Security Fabric platform addresses the most critical security challenges and protect data across the entire digital infrastructure, whether in networked, application, multi-cloud or edge environments. Both a technology company and a learning company, the Fortinet Network Security Institute has one of the largest and broadest cybersecurity training programs in the industry. Learn more on the Fortinet Blog.

  • The world of immersive technology is always in a constant state of flux, continuously advancing with the rule book being written by the second. We’ve teamed up with Accenture XR to explore this wonderful world, with specialists from across the world providing their insight and view on where we are heading next.

  • Cybersecurity Architecture podcast is a nonprofit podcast that aims to help security professionals to rethink their approach to infosec design and simplify their decision making process while they face the overcrowded innovative cybersecurity market.

  • BTC Sessions is the easiest way to get your daily dose of Bitcoin news in 30 minutes or less! Support this podcast:

  • Geek Author presents educational series covering computer organization, computer architecture, and embedded system design. Each episode is a concise step taking the listener on a journey from the foundations of digital logic up to computer architecture and finally to system level input and output. The series is presented by engineer, author, and educator David Tarnoff. After a career in industry designing motherboards and BIOSes, David began teaching hardware concepts to students of computer science. Twenty-five years later, he’s taking that content and providing it to anyone with an interest in what makes a computer tick.

  • Brought to you by Insider Pro, each month, Tech Career Ladder offers practical ideas and actionable advice on advancing your technology career. Hosted by longtime tech journalist Maryfran Johnson, each episode helps you climb a different rung on your career ladder. Whether your goal is the CIO’s office, a role at that hot startup, or advancing in cybersecurity, enterprise architecture or cloud management, Tech Career Ladder is here to explore those possibilities with you -- one rung at a time.

  • Hey Podcaster! It's time to get serious about monetizing your show. There are so many ways to make money with your podcast and if you aren't making a dime, it's time to change that once and for all!

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  • The Futurized podcast goes beneath the trends, tracking the underlying forces of disruption in tech, policy, business models, social dynamics, and the environment. Futurist Trond Arne Undheim, PhD, author, and serial entrepreneur, interviews smart people with a soul. Every week, founders, authors, executives and other thought leaders come on the show to discuss the societal impact of deep tech (e.g. AI, blockchain, IoT, CRISPR, nanotech, 3D printing, quantum, robotics) and the emerging future of work, markets, business and society.

  • A podcast about personal productivity, getting more done with the time you have, avoiding procrastination, and being more efficient. We separate the hype from productivity tools and talk about ways to use your email and task list to become more productive.

  • GeePaw is a software development coach with over 30 years in the field. His unique understanding of how to enact lasting change among teams has established him as a leader of the agility concept known as "Change-Harvesting". Here you can find his weekly podcasts.

  • [Reality Capture Network] is a podcast and video series hosted by Nexus 3D Consulting President and CEO Matthew Byrd, created as a way to share his passion for 3D technology!Matt interviews experts and leaders across multiple industry sectors, and cover topics such as business, 3D laser scanning, surveying, UAV/drones, point clouds, virtual reality, BIM, AI, computer hardware / software and the uses within every industry! Support this podcast:

  • Двое андроидщиков, двое Вов и иногда два разных мнения. Каждый подкаст мы обсуждаем новые статьи и просто новинки в мире андроида и программирования. Делимся мнениями, опытом и иногда пытаемся несмешно шутить.