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  • A sonic escape into the world of three diverse Kenyan women. We are young professionals, braving the urban landscape of Kenya's capital city and growing our friendship as we go along. Sharing our experiences as millennials living in the most dynamic continent; AFRICA. From Nairobi to Lagos, Kampala to Johannesburg, Dakar to Accra, NewYork to London, and that one guy from the Maldives (we saw you in our analytics- LOL);You're all welcome to join in on the fun! Africa to the WORLD; KARIBUNI SANA!Hosted by Muthoni Muchiri, Julia Gaitho & Sharon Machira.

  • The Egyptian Guy hosted by Refaie, A Podcast that explains software and discusses tech stuff in a simple way, Not only software and tech topics but we talk about random and entertaining stuff too.

  • F**kface is shooting yourself in the foot for a laugh. Host Geoff Ramsey is joined every week by long time friend Gavin Free to talk with Andrew Panton, a guy with no social boundaries and too much time on his hands. Together they break down Andrew's endless exploits, their own stupid realizations, and confess to things they probably shouldn't.
    New episodes release Wednesdays at 2 AM Central.

  • Get your two hours worth of a movie in an hour's worth of podcast. Bryan and Eliza are two students from New Zealand with Letterboxd and recorded conversations available every Monday. Have a laugh and a learn while you have a listen.

    Send your adoration to 2hoursperhour@gmail.com. We adore you too.

  • At a time when our nation is portrayed as increasingly polarized, media often ignore viewpoints and stories that are worthy of attention. American Thought Leaders, hosted by The Epoch Times Senior Editor Jan Jekielek, features in-depth discussions with some of America’s most influential thought leaders on pertinent issues facing our nation today.

    #politics #government #donaldtrump #trump

  • [법륜스님의 즉문즉설] 공식 팟캐스트입니다.

    *저작권법에 의해 보호를 받는 저작물이므로 무단전재와 복제를 금합니다.

  • This show explores some of the more difficult to solve cases in the Southern Ontario (Canada) area, which remain unresolved to this day.

    Join your host as she explores the community and facts surrounding each case. Each case features a unique site visit description and various interviews with either friends, family members, law enforcement or specialists.

    Follow us on Instagram @truecrime_realtime_podcast.

    Tips on any of the cases can be emailed to: truecrimerealtimepodcast@gmail.com

  • 여행을 위한, 시험을 위한 그리고 취미 생활을 위한 모든 프랑스어와 프랑스 문화를 함께 해요! https://blog.naver.com/finalperfect

  • Macroeconomics has never been so ... delish! Macro and Cheese explores the progressive movement through the lens of Modern Monetary Theory, with hot and irreverent political takes, spotlights in activism, and the razor sharp musings of Real Progressives Founder and host Steve Grumbine. The cheese will flow as experts come in for a full, four course deep dive into the hot queso.

    Comfort Food for Thought!

  • 주말 아침의 로맨틱한 만남, 스윗랑데뷰.
    오전 7:00-9:00시, DJ 손태진이 감미로운 목소리와 보석 같은 플레이리스트를 장착하고 청취자 여러분을 찾아갑니다. 크로스오버에서 대중음악에 이르기까지 폭넓은 장르의 엄선된 선곡으로 여러분의 주말을 편안하게 시작해보세요.

  • Creating a home culture in another country can be a LOT- so let's do it together! Join me each week as we have short, practical, encouraging conversations about living and thriving abroad.

  • RETAIL REVOLUTION is a unique podcast that features in-depth conversations with guest experts in omni-channel retailing with myriad perspectives: technology, consumer engagement, data analytics, merchandising and more. We pay special attention to current socio-political issues and challenges and their implications on fashion retail, as well as opportunities to innovate and rethink retail's future.

  • 오늘도 힘차게, 즐겁게, 뜨겁게, 행복하게, 그리고 맛있게~ 캐나다 밴쿠버에서 어딘가에서 풍요롭고 행복한 삶을 위해 끊임없이 노력하는 7만 밴치버를 위한 일상공감, 자기계발, 경제교육 팟캐스트 입니다.피곤한 몸을 이끌고 집으로 향하는 퇴근길에, 미뤄뒀던 빨래와 청소를 하는 나른한 주말에, 고구마 남편 때문에 빡쳐서 술 한잔 하고 싶을 때, 혹은 세상에 덩그러니 나 혼자 남은 것 같이 외로울 때, 언제 어디서든 여러분의 편한 친구가 되어 드릴게요. 저와 함께 10년 뒤 밴쿠버 내집 장만의 꿈을 함께 이뤄봐요! 고민/사연 신청, 소통 언제나 환영합니다! 밴치버들이 소통하는 공간, 밴치버 페이스북 그룹https://www.facebook.com/groups/vanchiever

  • This is a podcast where I cover missing persons, unsolved cases and cases where the conclusion still raises questions involving people of color. Bringing light to the stories that are often pushed to the side or left untold and uncared for. Welcome to Cases of Color.

  • 사랑과 용기를 듬뿍 담은 낭독방송 이슬아가 쓰고 읽는 라디오 '이스라디오'! 이슬아의 '이스라디오'는 이슬아의 말과 글로 채워지는 방송입니다. EBS가 함께 만듭니다. 교육방송에 아슬아슬하게 걸맞는 수위로! 이슬아가 날마다 쓴 글을 소리내서 읽고 거기에 덧붙여서 그동안 책에서는 이야기 하지 않았던 후일담을 말해보는 시간, 말하자면 ‘일간 이슬아’ 별책부록, 비하인드 스토리 혹은 번외편입니다. 아주 가끔씩 직접 노래를 부르기도하고 좋아하는 게스트와 등장할지도 모르겠습니다. 일주일에 두 번씩(화, 목) 찾아뵙겠습니다.

  • RETRO REPLAY is a comedy gaming and talk show featuring modern-day industry icon Nolan North. Join us Tuesdays and Wednesdays for new episodes of Retro Replay and Advice From Uncle Noly as Nolan and special guests play games, tell stories, and more often than not have a good laugh.

  • The ABA Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs (CoLAP) has a mission to assure that every judge, lawyer and law student has access to support and assistance when confronting alcoholism, substance use disorders or mental health issues so that lawyers are able to recover, families are preserved and clients and other members of the public are protected. This mission is carried out by supporting the work of state and local Lawyer Assistance Programs (LAPs) as they provide hands-on services and support to those in need of their assistance.

  • 뉴스공장에서 못다한 이야기. 이제 뉴스하청공장에서 들어보세요!