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  • Agriculture Today is a daily program hosted by Shelby Varner and distributed to radio stations throughout the state. It features K-State agricultural specialists and other experts examining agricultural issues facing Kansas and the nation. Kansas State University has produced daily, ag-related broadcasts since KSAC radio first went on the air in 1924.

    Send comments, questions or requests for copies of past programs to [email protected].

    K‑State Research and Extension is a short name for the Kansas State University Agricultural Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension Service, a program designed to generate and distribute useful knowledge for the well‑being of Kansans. Supported by county, state, federal and private funds, the program has county Extension offices, experiment fields, area Extension offices and regional research centers statewide. Its headquarters is on the K‑State campus in Manhattan.

  • John, an American playwright, and Magnus, an English author- talk about things from all across the pop culture spectrum, with a queer bent. Just two gay men chatting about: things that they hold dear, why they endure or flame and flicker out so briefly, those that at times frustrate/disappoint them, and relive some favorite pop culture shows and moments for all to enjoy. Pour yourself a mug of tea and join us!

    Bonus: Currently, a month after premiere- episodes are being archived to youtube to help create community. Join us!

  • 本節目是由飛碟電台主持人Maggie 邀請吳福河老師與聽眾分享天文古今話題。

  • 成大人社中心「臺灣學」計畫系列活動之一,

    Hosting provided by SoundOn

  • The National Security Science podcast is a spin-off of National Security Science magazine at Los Alamos National Laboratory. We bring you stories from the Lab’s Weapons Program—stories that show how innovative science and engineering are the key to keeping America safe. Or, as we like to say, better science equals better security.

  • 【21世紀小獵犬遊記】單元-正式上線!!
    從2007年開始思考如果人人都不老這個世界會是怎們樣的呢?目前已經累積了數十集 EP.,歡迎一起來討論!

    🚀 每週六:更新【21世紀小獵犬遊記】or【如果人人都不老】
    🚀 不定期:更新【人人都來聊】

    Email:[email protected]
    商業合作贊助:[email protected]

  • Welcome to the podcast from the journal Addiction hosted by Dr Rob Calder - the social media editor for Addiction - alongside Ben Scher, Chloe Burke and Dr Elle Wadsworth. The podcast includes interviews with Addiction authors about their work, details about publishing in the journal, and other topics of interest to the field of addiction. This podcast is for researchers, clinicians, students, people with lived experience, and anyone with an interest in the topic.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • 三個愛喝的海子,相揪一起喝、一起聊海洋!每一次酒標上的各式海洋元素,總能激起三個人滔滔不絕地討論著各自對海洋的看法。歡迎大家邊聽邊來開一瓶,跟我們一起聽海!聊海!徜徉酒海!

    《揪嗨 Beer Sea Talks》跟著大海的大小潮,期待每個月的初一十五,與你分享跟海洋有關的事。Let’s dive into the Beer Sea!


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  • The Baylor College of Medicine Resonance Podcast is a student-run podcast aimed at showcasing the science at Baylor through the eyes of young professionals. Each episode is written and recorded by students who have a passion for research and the medical community. Guests on the show include both clinical and basic science research faculty who are experts in their fields. We hope that whoever listens in gains new insight into the exciting world of biomedical research.

  • The CHEST Pulse podcast, from the American College of Chest Physicians, provides clinicians practicing in the pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine fields with the information they need to provide the best patient care.

  • Sensations of Science delivers summaries of scientific findings featured in Nature Magazine through simple conversations. It leads listeners to explore the magnificence of Science and the joy of learning English. So come and feel the Sensations of Science with us right now!

    The information in our podcast is from Nature Magazine, while the music in our podcast is from

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  • How far should we rely on science to make political decisions? What makes a good science advisor — or a good science advice system? What do we do when the evidence is incomplete or controversial? What happens when science advice goes wrong and how can we fix it? We explore these questions, and many more, in conversation with the researchers, policymakers and communicators who make science advice happen around the world.

    The Science for Policy podcast is produced the Scientific Advice Mechanism to the European Commission and hosted by Toby Wardman. The many and varied opinions expressed on this podcast are those of the guests themselves. They do not necessarily represent the views of SAPEA or the European Commission.

  • A podcast about Healthcare Interoperability presented by Ed Hammond and Diego Kaminker

  • 🐷#畜牧大講堂 ,給你知識免徬徨!
    🐔#牧 場動物事,你我一同來分享!
    🐮#大 大的讚賞,用心向學一級棒!
    🐥#講 來給你聽,所有阮攏袂暗崁!
    🌾#堂 堂都精彩,追蹤訂閱不漏忘!

    「 P o d c a s t 節目 #畜牧大講堂 」
    👏👏👏 ( 拍噗仔鼓勵一下 ) 👏👏👏



    每個月中與月底鎖定 #畜牧大講堂
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  • 無名老師很高興能與大家在這分享與討論紫微斗數及世界各種未解之謎,如您有興趣請訂閱此頻道,持續關注這個頻道,也可以留言互相討論。
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  • The Shifting Lens podcast brings together a team of anthrozoologists critically questioning our narrow, human perspective and seeking to shift the lenses through which we view our multi-species world.

  • Headwaters is a show about how Glacier National Park is connected to everything else.

  • 喝啦喝啦喝啦,

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  • 嗨,這是一個我個人在身心靈的學習上,遇到的一些有趣的人事物,或者我常遇見的有趣問題,一起來用輕鬆快樂的方式,找到生活中的正能量吧!!祝福大家越來越好運~


  • An exploration of careers and research all having to do with the glorious STEM.