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Ace On The House

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Before becoming a comedian, Adam Carolla was a hammer-swinging, ditch-digging carpenter. Now, Adam's bringing that knowledge to you in Ace On The House, a weekly home improvement podcast. Joined by childhood friend and general contractor Ray Oldhafer, the guys take your calls and answer your e-mail questions with an informative, hilarious twist. From contractors to novices, Ace On The House is sure to keep you coming back every Saturday to get your weekend dose of Adam.


OTH: Bevy of Nonsense  

Ray and Stromer are back! This week the guys talk about construction based nightmares, cutting your own hair, and how to repair a cracked stairway.

OTH: The Golden Butterfly Net  

Ace and Ray talk to callers about painting on linoleum and how to hang heavy items from a thin wall. Plus, Adam and Ray get into a hilarious fight over Ray's radio instincts.

OTH: The Lasagna Never Stops Cooking  

This week Adam and Ray chat about cheap flooring solutions, maximizing your return, and how to avoid being upsold on your kitchen remod.

OTH: CATS! You'll Love It!!  

Rat traps, cat trees, and sex swings... just your average home improvement show with Ray Oldhafer and Eric Stromer.

OTH: Nature's Clamp  

Ace and Ray talk with a caller trying to pick one of his dead grandfather's tools to keep. Adam also rants about Home Depot runs, paint confusion, and a missing labeler.

OTH: There's A New Sheriff In Town  

Ray and Stromer chat about maintaining a warehouse floor, getting doors to close properly, and the best type of smart lighting controls for your house.

OTH: Mark of the Amateur  

This week, Adam and Ray take calls about a railing system for a back porch, what to convert a spare bedroom into, and how to hang a screen door.

OTH: It's Tough To Get Anything Out Of Crazy  

Ray shares stories of his various battles with landlords, and Stromer flashes back to his bartending days. The guys also discuss how to hang a 25 lb. mirror, and what to do with an old breaker box.

OTH: We Know Everything  

Adam and Ray chat about only working for people you like. Adam also rants about the curbs in his neighborhood, and the guys help callers with their leaking basements and cracked walkways.

OTH: You Live By The Rat, You Die By The Rat  

Ray and Stromer return to discuss having organs removed, working with people who throw you under the bus, and how to get rid of mice in your ceiling.

OTH: The Final Shakedown  

Adam and Ray take fan phone calls about pocket doors, settling foundation, and drainage needs for a large cement driveway.

OTH: Help is Help, Bro  

Ray and Stromer talk about a Lazy Boy recliner that scratched up a floor, a shed that's gathering moisture, and how Stromer's house has changed since dropping his son off for college.

OTH: Through The Years  

This week, Adam and Ray talk about a potentially cut support beam, how to get rid of cigarette smell, and how easy it is to install rubber flooring. Adam also rants about his family getting locked out of the house, and his assistant's attempt at selling a car on eBay.

OTH: It's Like Superheroes!  

Adam, Ray and Stromer- all together in the same room. Listen in awe as Ray recalls falling off of scaffolding, Adam makes fun of the guys' trucks, and Eric discusses his recent trip to NY.

OTH: Technology is Overwhelming  

Eric Stromer talks to Ray cross-country from a swanky hotel room in New York. The guys still take your calls, and discuss the devastating earthquake in Italy.

OTH: I'm With You on the Penetrating  

Adam and Ray discuss Adam's new garden plan, Ray's latest projects, and their history with cats. They also respond to home improvement questions about a bathroom remod, and preserving your deck.

OTH: You're A Lover, Not A Fighter  

Ray and Stromer help fans with their pocket doors, porcelain sinks, and squeaking shower handles.

OTH: No Can Hang  

This week, Ace relives finding his 'don't touch' cup on the floor, and the time Ray peed on his friend Alex. The guys also help callers with their whole house fans, rooftop decks, and rotting posts.

OTH: Were You Not Entertained!?  

Ray and Stromer discuss laminate flooring, deck staining, and the drywall business. They also chat about free t-shirts, drinking, and other jobs they'd want to have.

OTH: Down Like A Mole  

Adam talks to Ray about building drawers, and rants about guys not treating valuable pieces with respect. They also talk to a caller remodeling their kitchen, and chat about foundation clips that are spalling.

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