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Ace On The House

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Before becoming a comedian, Adam Carolla was a hammer-swinging, ditch-digging carpenter. Now, Adam's bringing that knowledge to you in Ace On The House, a weekly home improvement podcast. Joined by childhood friend and general contractor Ray Oldhafer, the guys take your calls and answer your e-mail questions with an informative, hilarious twist. From contractors to novices, Ace On The House is sure to keep you coming back every Saturday to get your weekend dose of Adam.


OTH: Every Kick Beings with K  

Ray and Stromer talk about kitchen cabinets, cracked hardwood stairs, and how to repair some damaged stucco. They also discuss celebrity encounters with the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

OTH: A Lot of Dumb People Doing A Lot of Thinking  

Ace and Ray discuss how to prep for the next big earthquake, and who to hire when doing a garage remod. They also talk about car lifts, moldy showers, and their Thanksgiving weekends.

OTH: If The Crayon Don't Fit, You Must Acquit  

Ray and Stromer talk about their recent dinner together, and a confusing interaction with Nick Nolte. They also discuss how to hone your home improvement skills, and respond to an email question about a nasty bathtub.

OTH: Nuts in the Sink  

This week, Adam talks with Ray about how to improve the look of your front door. The guys also chat with callers about drilling holes through brick, building a sawhorse, and painting a cracked concrete floor.

OTH: Stop Objectifying My Mouth  

Ray and Stromer talk to the staff about their bathroom habits at the studio, and help fans hang pictures, and patch cracks in drywall.

OTH: Math Me!  

Adam and Ray chat with callers about radiant barrier vs. attic fans, installing a wainscoting board, and keeping the shower pressure from dropping when a toilet flushes.

OTH: Know Your Roller  

Ray and Stromer play a new game based on a section of Nick Offerman's new book. The guys also help fans resolve issues surrounding leaking bathrooms, the order of a full remod, and mounting a flat screen onto a stone wall.

OTH: Nick Offerman Returns  

Nick Offerman returns to discuss fun times at the Offerman Woodshop, urban milling, and the hip new breed of woodworkers.

OTH: Get in the van. No pants.  

This week, Ray and Stromer discuss rotting stairs, custom doors, and looking for floor studs. They also catch up on their Halloween festivities, and why Ray needs a dietician.

OTH: Wonder at the Wonderment  

Adam and Ray talk to callers about good flooring for big dogs, what to do with a used band saw, and the proper way to lay plank flooring. They also attempt to play a Home Improvement Game, as hosted by a caller.

OTH: Bonus Pelt  

Ray and Stromer discuss how to build a garage over a well, and how to get rid of texture on a wall. The guys also chat about being naked, hazing, and the importance of helping the children.

OTH: Press 1 For Tears  

This week, Adam and Ray discuss getting a good toilet, fixing a leaky basement, and trying to stop bricks from pulling away from the house. Adam also rants about Alice Cooper.

OTH: Bevy of Nonsense  

Ray and Stromer are back! This week the guys talk about construction based nightmares, cutting your own hair, and how to repair a cracked stairway.

OTH: The Golden Butterfly Net  

Ace and Ray talk to callers about painting on linoleum and how to hang heavy items from a thin wall. Plus, Adam and Ray get into a hilarious fight over Ray's radio instincts.

OTH: The Lasagna Never Stops Cooking  

This week Adam and Ray chat about cheap flooring solutions, maximizing your return, and how to avoid being upsold on your kitchen remod.

OTH: CATS! You'll Love It!!  

Rat traps, cat trees, and sex swings... just your average home improvement show with Ray Oldhafer and Eric Stromer.

OTH: Nature's Clamp  

Ace and Ray talk with a caller trying to pick one of his dead grandfather's tools to keep. Adam also rants about Home Depot runs, paint confusion, and a missing labeler.

OTH: There's A New Sheriff In Town  

Ray and Stromer chat about maintaining a warehouse floor, getting doors to close properly, and the best type of smart lighting controls for your house.

OTH: Mark of the Amateur  

This week, Adam and Ray take calls about a railing system for a back porch, what to convert a spare bedroom into, and how to hang a screen door.

OTH: It's Tough To Get Anything Out Of Crazy  

Ray shares stories of his various battles with landlords, and Stromer flashes back to his bartending days. The guys also discuss how to hang a 25 lb. mirror, and what to do with an old breaker box.

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