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Before becoming a comedian, Adam Carolla was a hammer-swinging, ditch-digging carpenter. Now, Adam's bringing that knowledge to you in Ace On The House, a weekly home improvement podcast. Joined by childhood friend and general contractor Ray Oldhafer, the guys take your calls and answer your e-mail questions with an informative, hilarious twist. From contractors to novices, Ace On The House is sure to keep you coming back every Saturday to get your weekend dose of Adam.


OTH: Do That, and the Dont Blame Us  

Ray and Stromer discuss A/C condensation run off, what materials to use for a backsplash, and how to waterproof your crawl space. Plus, the return of Just The Tip!

OTH: Ahead of the Game in the Wrong Direction  

CJ Wiley lends her finish carpentry expertise in an episode about tiling in a basement bathroom, building a house from scratch, and how to avoid flooding in the crawl space.

OTH: Ill-prepared, But Lucky  

Ray and Stromer chat about nasty sewage problems, black mold concerns, and how to make the most of your beautiful property.

OTH: Don't Say Everything You're Thinking  

This week, Ace and Ray discuss matching textures, installing plank ceiling, and whether a divorced former homeowner should just go back to renting. Adam also rants about airline announcements, and yells at Ray for not understanding what an audio podcast is.

OTH: You Deserve Better  

Ray and Stromer help a caller replace their bathroom vanity. They also respond to video questions about cracked tiles and water collection, and the guys have a heart to heart about porn addiction.

OTH: You Will Never Undo What You Do  

Adam and Ray spend time discussing the issues that may come up while setting up a 75" TV on an articulating mount. The guys also argue about how to fix a leaking door seal, and Adam describes the new projector system he's working on.

OTH: Be Smarter Than The Toilet  

Ray and Stromer return to discuss battling moths and ants, how to be respectful of your contractors, and finding studs in the wall to install a drop down cabinet.

OTH: Get Out, and Take Your Warm Comfort With You  

Adam and Ray take tons of calls on today's show, answering questions about Dutch door installations, which tool to use to cut drop-ceiling tiles, and the best way to seal your windows in colder climates.

OTH: Daddy's Getting a Bobcat  

This week, Ray and Stromer help callers with a master bathroom cabinet that fell off its mount, and give tips for building furniture and refinishing a staircase.

OTH: Wait, I Don't Pay You Enough To Own  

Adam gives an update on the sewage smell in his house, and the guys complain about all of the leaks during the rainy season. They also chat with fans about a cracked concrete pad, and drainage issues with a PVC pipe.

OTH: Get A Haircut, and Do Not Tell Them Your Life Philosophy  

Ray and Stromer chat about getting old, saving lives, and their booze drinking preferences. They also help fans with their wood flooring, mold issues, and using a drop ceiling for noise cancellation.

OTH: Serial Builder  

Scott Harris joins Adam and Ray for a podcast about working with Ed Begley Jr., thoughts on modern architecture, and poorly timed dog vomit.

OTH: Roarin' Like A Baby Lamb  

Stromer talks to Ray about his possible concussion over the break, and the guys answer home improvement questions about fencing, leaking showers, and garage door issues.

OTH: Can I Buy A Vowel?  

Adam and Ray chat with callers about what parts of the house to fix up before selling, table saw safety, and how to make painting an enjoyable experience.

OTH BEST OF: It's Like Superheroes!  

Adam, Ray and Stromer- all together in the same room. Listen in awe as Ray recalls falling off of scaffolding, Adam makes fun of the guys' trucks, and Eric discusses his recent trip to NY.

OTH: Phil vs. The Lounge Chairs  

Last new show of the year! Adam and Ray talk with a caller about converting the space above their garage into a livable area. Adam also rants about his dog Phil destroying everything, and chats with Ray about his recent visit to Ed Begley's house.

OTH: Spit.  

Ray and Stromer share their excitement for the holiday season and discuss creaking floors, smart home installation, and running a cat behavioral consulting business.

OTH: Blue Tape Everywhere, Every Time  

Adam and Ray respond to a video question about installing a peephole on the front door, and removing calcium from the shower drain. The guys also argue about The Clash, and take a call about a cracked ceiling rafter.

OTH: Big Friday Night  

Ray and Stromer offer holiday advice for putting up Christmas lights; including ladder safety, and using the right extension cords. Ray also brags about painting without a respirator, and Gary chimes in with a little Tech Talk.

OTH: Adam Makes A Face  

This week, Adam and Ray talk to callers about creaking floorboards, flooded stairs, and very loud pipes in the walls. Adam also talks about allowing your parents to rent from you, and rants about cleaning ladies.

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