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Listen to in-depth interviews twice a week from adventure sports enthusiasts from around the globe. You'll hear from outfitters, guides, instructors, authors and many more who live their lives to the fullest. Not only will you enjoy shows about your favorite adventure sports, but you'll also discover activities you may decide to try as well. Come learn about amazing people and how their organizations provide incredible benefits to society.


Ep. 237: From Attorney to Mountaineer - Grace McDonald  

Grace McDonald found herself working all hours as an attorney in Canada. However her desire to climb the world's greatest mountains got the best of her. She traded in her long hours in law work for a pair of crampons and hit the ground running (well trekking really). She hasn't looked back since. We caught up with her to have her fill us in on what she's been up to and what kinds of experiences she's had from the summits.




Ep. 236:  Winter 14er Mountaineering - Jeff Golden  

Jeff Golden of the Colorado Mountain Club rejoins the Adventure Sports Podcast today to visit about climbing Colorado's 14ers again, but this time in the winter! Why wait for the short summer season? Winter mountaineering is beautiful and can be done safely with a little training and the right gear. Jeff does a fantastic job of explaining all about it on today's show. Winter climbing rocks -- er, SNOWS!


Ep. 235: Mountain Biking and the Arizona Trail - Matt McFee  

Matt McFee founded AZT Expeditions out of Sedona, Arizona. He's here to talk about mountain biking the desert southwest on the Arizona Trail.



Ep. 234: World Adventure & Thru Hiking - Matt & Julie Urbanski  

What happens when two thru hikers get serious about exploring the planet?  What happens when they decide the 8 to 5 is not the road for them?  What happens when they are also ultra runners and also have a one-year old son?  All sorts of enriching experiences, that's what!  Matt and Julie Urbanski are really making it happen exploring the planet on their terms and what a great ride it is!  Don't miss this one.  Adventure travel, thru hiking, and raising their infant son to boot!

Check out more at:



Ep. 223: Summiting and Camping on top of Every Colorado 14er - Jon Kedrowski  

Colorado native, Jon Kedrowski has stood on the summit of Mt. Everest, skied 20 volcanoes in the Cascade mountain range and has earned his PHD in Environmental Geology among many other accomplishments. But the adventure he is here to talk about today is his successful attempt at summiting every one of Colorado's 14,000 ft peaks AND sleeping on top of each of them in the process. Listen in to be inspired!


Sleeping on the Summits: Colorado Fourteener High Bivys

Skiing & Sleeping on the Summits: Cascade Volcanoes of the Pacific Northwest


Twitter: @DrJonKedski

Ep. 232:  Life-Changing Adventures Holiday Flashback - Tom Smith  

Happy New Year! Enjoy this holiday flashback! Tom Smith is the Executive Director of Summit Adventure. Want some life-changing adventures and college credit to boot? Summit might be for you. Listen in as Tom tells of stories of impactful travel, cultural immersion, mountaineering, and more. Tom is an avid tele skier, climber, and mountain biker who has made his passion for adventure sports into a career helping others with life-changing experiences—and it is not just for college students. Check it out!

Book: Hold Mine Hand

About Summit Adventure:

Participants throughout the years have told us that their experiences have been truly transformational, whether domestically in Yosemite, Joshua Tree and Death Valley or internationally in Ecuador, Mexico and Israel. Summit Adventure works with a wide range of groups, including youth (age 12+), college students, parents, adults and individuals with physical and mental disabilities. Although every course is different, typical course components include backpacking, rock climbing, mountaineering, rappelling, orienteering, trekking, cultural immersion and service.

Ep. 231: Whitewater Rafting Holiday Flashback - Eric Bader  

A holiday flashback episode with Eric Bader, founder of the Boulder Outdoor Center in Boulder, CO. Eric talks to us today about the awesome aspects of whitewater rafting and the various adventures available to our listeners.

Visit the Boulder Outdoor Center and save 10% when you book online!

Ep. 230: Biking the Length of the Americas Holiday Flashback - Danny Beech  

Great holiday flashback for you about biking the length of the Americas!  In July 2015, Chris Lally and Danny Beech attempted a new world record for riding the Pan-American Highway from the farthest north point of the Americas to the farthest south. Listen in on this grand adventure with Danny on today's show. Great stories! If you love cycling, travel, and chasing big dreams, then this show is for you!

Ep. 229: Storm Chasing & Global Exploration Holiday Flashback - George Kourounis  

Since a young boy, George Kourounis has been intrigued with Earth's forces of nature and the amazing weather patterns it throws at us. His adventurous life has landed him in the middle of tornadoes, deep inside caves 900 ft below ground, hurricanes, forest fires and erupting volcanoes. George shares his passion for this way of life as the host of Angry Planet and has filmed various documentaries including some for the National Geographic Channel, CNN and the BBC.

Ep. 228: SCUBA Diving and Adventure Travel Holiday Flashback - Scott Taylor  

How about some sunny beaches and SCUBA for the holidays? Today's holiday flashback episode takes us there! 2/3 of our world is water. Why only explore 1/3 of it? Scott Taylor provides an exciting introduction to the wonderful world of SCUBA, adventure travel and the joys of SCUBA for adaptive adventurers! Thanks, Scott for a great show!

Ep. 227: Mountaineering and the 7 Summits Holiday Flashback - Al Hancock  

Al Hancock talks about mountaineering, summiting the highest peak on each of the 7 continents and his Big 14 Challenge project where he's working on becoming the first Canadian to climb the 14 tallest peaks in the world. Happy Holidays!

Ep. 226: World-Class Mountaineering Holiday Flashback - Chris Warner  

Welcome to this holiday flash back!  Chris Warner has been a professional climber since 1983 leading over 200 international expeditions. He has summited at over 19,000 feet more than 120 times! If you want to know more about mountaineering, this is the episode for you. Listen in today as he describes a lot about climbing and a lot about leadership and building great teams. Chris is also a keynote speaker and the owner of Earth Treks climbing gyms. If you have heard this, it is definitely worth another listen, but for those of you who have not heard, this will be a real treat.

Ep. 225: Day Hiking the American West Holiday Flashback - Bryan Snyder  

Adventure Sports Podcast friend Bryan Snyder left upstate New York in 1995 and has spent two decades teaching natural sciences at various outdoor schools across the country, from Maine to Hawaii.  He received his masters in Environmental Education and Administration from Prescott College and is the author of the outdoor adventure book, "Off the Map: Fifty-five Weeks of Adventuring in the Great American Wilderness and Beyond". Currently, he teaches at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History and the Gaviota Tidepool School.


Get Book 2! Further Off The Map: Fifty-Three Tales of Adventure Along the Rougher Edges of American Wilderness (Volume 2)
Free book:

Ep. 224: Biking, Heli Skiing, Ziplines, Surfing and More - Jonathan Eastwell  

Jono loves adventure!  Jonathan Eastwell has created an adventure focused life that is really inspiring.  Teaching surfing in Hong Kong, heli skiing in northern Canada, biking across Canada from sea to sea, and helping to run a MASSIVE SUPER zipline course are just a few of his adventures.  This show is a hoot!  Keep it up, Jono!


Ep. 223: Surviving a Plane Crash in the Mountains - Brian Brown  

Brian Brown, along with his wife and one of his daughters, flew out of northern California in their personal plane, a Cessna 172, with plans to visit their oldest daughter in Mountain Home, ID. The trip was going well until weather started filling in the skies directly in their path. After diverting to an abandoned airfield to wait out the storm for a while, they saw what they thought was their chance to continue on. It didn't take long before their plans were drastically changed. The plane was engulfed in low-level clouds making it impossible for safe visual flight. In attempt to find a solution, the plane with the three family members aboard, slammed into the side of a mountain in Idaho. The book is: "Rescued: One Family's Miraculous Story of Survival"

Get the Book




Ep. 222: Thanksgiving Special - Climbing & Thru Hiking - Junaid Dawud - Rewind  

As if climbing a typical 14,000 ft mountain is isn't enough of an accomplishment, Junaid and his buddy Luke successfully summited every one of the Colorado 14ers in a single trip. Listen in to this Thanksgiving special rewind and get inspired!



Ep. 221: Thanksgiving Special - Mountaineering - Jeff Glasbrenner Rewind  

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Today's show is a holiday replay of Jeff Glasbrenner's show about mountaineering and making the most out of life!  Jeff reminds us all that life is a gift and inspires us to go for it! This is worth a second listen if you have heard it before and certainly worth the first listen if you have not.

Jeff shares his story of climbing Mount Everest and his personal story of overcoming adversity.

Ep. 220: Canoeing All the Way to the Hudson Bay - Sean Bloomfield & Colton Witte  

How about 49 days canoeing 2,200 miles from Chaska, MN all the way to the Hudson Bay? Great story! Great guys! Great book! Sean Bloomfield and Colton Witte join us today to share their amazing story. They were 18 years old. They had a BIG dream. They made it happen. Courage, tenacity, and a dose of blind why not? Sean and Colton show us how to get OUR adventure on too! Listen to the show. Then buy the book. Thanks, guys, for sharing with the rest of us!


Adventure North

“Adventure North fits the bill as a lively, entertaining and stirring account of teenage exploits in the natural world rarely sought out for, much less experienced, by today’s youth. In truth, however, it is an inspirational narrative for all ages on personal growth through pushing past one’s comfort zone, reliance on others, and most importantly, friendship. While the title indicates the route taken by the pair, it easily symbolizes the upwardly character development that results.”

– Charles Friedbauer, Outdoors Reporter, Writer, Chaska, Minnesota

Ep. 219: Ultimate Biker Challenge - Warren Pole  

Warren Pole is back to talk about his crazy adventures while filming the Ultimate Biker Challenge TV series. Listen is as Warren describes riding in the insane Erzberg Rodeo, competing in the Montee Impossible Hill Climb in France and even a story about touring across South America in a Rolls Royce Phantom.

Ep. 218: Winter Mountaineering in Scotland - Christopher Sleight  

Winter is just around the bend, but that does not stop Christopher
Sleight from mountaineering. Actually, he thinks that is just
when the climbing starts to get good. Chris is a winter
mountaineering enthusiast who lives and climbs in Scotland. He
has also climbed in the Alps, Nepal, and the Canadian Rockies.
But winter mountaineering in Scotland is a major focus for Chris.
If you like to climb, this is a great show for you. If you like
adventure travel, this one will scratch that itch too. Chris is
also the host of the Mountain Podcast where he shares more of his
great stories.

From Chris’ site:

“Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are
beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home;
that wildness is a necessity”

― John Muir, Our National Parks

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