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The Agora Podcast Network is s a marketplace of the mind where intelligent, independent podcasts meet curious and discerning listeners.


Popin' Fresh on Agora  

In this very special episode, Steve from the History of the Papacy Podcast, Thom of the American Biography Podcast and journalist Steve Sterling of the New Jersey Star Ledger about the recent visit of Pope Francis the First to the United States. We look at the history of Papal visits to the United States and then get a firsthand perspective of the Papal visit and the whole experience from Stephen Sterling.

50 Shades of Great: Washington v Bonaparte  

Two men born to impoverished petty noble families at the fringes empire at the twilight of the established world order. Two men who would command revolutionary armies and lead revolutionary civil governments. But there can only be one "greatest" so now a panel of Agora podcasters: Zack Twamley, Stephen Guerra, Travis Dow and Thomas Daly will try to answer the question of who was greater, George Washington or Napoleon Bonaparte? Musical attribution: opening and exit music by Brandon Liew (edited) used under a Creative Commons license (link below). Collection 1 (Brandon Liew) / CC BY 4.0

The Exchange - EP. 2 - History of the Papacy Podcast  

Steve Guerra, host of the History of the Papacy Podcast discusses his show.

We Are Agora  

We hope you enjoy this collection of brief descriptions about the podcasts which make up the Agora Podcast Network!

The Exchange - EP. 1 - When Diplomacy Fails  

A review of Agora member podcast "When Diplomacy Fails" and an interview with its host Zack Twamley.

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