Allegedly with Theo Von & Matthew Cole Weiss

Allegedly with Theo Von & Matthew Cole Weiss

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Two totally opposite friends -- comedian Theo Von and filmmaker/journalist Matthew Cole Weiss -- compete to see who has better "alleged" tales of celebrities, hilarity, trauma, dating, success and failure from their years living in Hollywood. Points will be given, winners will be chosen and careers will be altered forever...allegedly.


"Hollywood Medium" Tyler Henry  

He's the psychic to the stars, "Hollywood Medium" star Tyler Henry, and while Theo is out of town, he comes into "Allegedly" to spill some psychic dirt to Matt and co-host Dax Holt of "TMZ", "Access Hollywood", and "Live with Kelly". AND SHIT GETS REAL when he talks meeting the ghost of Biggie Smalls, that time he felt one of his clients was going to kill his wife, and of course - THE KARDASHIANS! The hosts eventually get to the question on everyone's minds... not "does he make this stuff up?" (though the question was asked), but more importantly "do ghosts watch us bang?!". Find out now!

Madeline Zima  

Twin Peaks Anxiety?! Madeline Zima has come a long way since her starring role in The Nanny and now see her in David Lynch’s Twin Peaks! Also Matt dives into Theo’s dream about Micheal Landon and along the way Madeline discusses nudity, dating musicians and the famous role she thankfully didn’t land! FIND OUT WHY! LISTEN, RATE, REVIEW!

Tony Hinchcliffe  

KILL TONY! Not the podcast, the comedian. The mastermind behind the famed podcast, comedian Tony Hinchcliffe joins us for some insane stories about living in LA, everything ranging from meeting Roger Waters to getting into an insult war with an old man driving a “FUCKING Prius!” and Matt tells us the benefits of hosting your own podcast and Theo reveals which group of women have finally caught up to podcasting! Find out who on this week’s episode of Allegedly! LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT, REVIEW!

Maz Jobrani  

Jimmy Vestvood is back! Comedian Maz Jobrani stops by the Allegedly Podcast studio where he dives into his early career as a stand up and dealing with immigrant parents. Along the way, Maz talks dodging plant hoes in Vegas, the trials and eventual success of the “Axis of Evil” comedy group, the shame of being a father after several missed basketball shots for charity and also breaking down his approach to writing and staying relevant in comedy. THE MAZ ATTACK!

James Van Der Beek  

The Beek from the Creek is in the house! James Van Der Beek who plays Diplo in the new Viceland series "What Would Diplo Do" stops by and tells us what it's like playing the infamous DJ. In the process, he drops a big "Dawson's Creek" bomb - he never saw the finale! Listen and find out his favorite "Varsity Blues" line to get yelled to him by fans, and why he wanted to have at least one ginger baby in the family. LONG LIVE THE BEEK!

Gus Kenworthy & Colton Underwood  

Dreams do come true - for Matt at least. "Allegedly" goes for the gold with Olympic skiing medalist, ESPN Body Issue model and star of MTV's "The Challenge" (as well as Matt's dreams) - Gus Kenworthy! The out and proud (but taken... or is he?) stud, along with guest co-host Josh Peck, and football's (and formerly Aly Raisman's) Colton Underwood proves too much for Matt who literally has to tap out due to the hunk overload. Kenworthy opens up to the boys about his relationship, making out with Miley Cyrus, banging in the Olympic village, and refusing to go to the White House. Though the competition between Matt and Josh heats up in the last sports themed round, the real question becomes - will Matt get Kenworthy's number? What do you think?

Cassie Scerbo  

In 3 weeks, "Sharknado 5: Global Swarming" arrives, and Nova Clarke herself, Cassie Scerbo, is in the studio doing her first interview about the new installment in the franchise! Find out the movie's twist (there's a SHARKZILLA) and cameos (FABIO as the POPE?), how the hell she acts with flying sharks, and what "Sharknado" fans are really like. But the big question - would Scerbo ever mate with a part man, part shark creature? And did you know sharks have two penises? Take the "Shark Week" vs. "Sharknado Week" along with Cassie, and hear the hosts deliver two cheers in homage to her "Bring It On Role". But who's gonna take home the spirit stick?

Charlie Weber  

Happy 4th of July! Due to the holiday, we decided to release this one the day after so you can enjoy it in whatever hungover state you're in. Charlie Weber, star of the hit show "How To Get Away With Murder" and the new film "Ex-Patriot" (currently out now), joins host Matt and special guest co-host the always hilarious "Superstore" star Lauren Ash (as Theo was away for an amazing charity event). Weber talks about playing a CIA agent in this Trump era environment... touching Viola Davis's awards... the up-coming season of "HTGAWM"... and for the first time, the new love in his life, "Murder" co-star Liza Weil. Lauren and Matt duke it out hardcore for the win, but once Matt discovers Weber was an Abercrombie and Fitch model, all bets are off.

Haley Joel Osment  

EPISODE 100!!!! It's finally here - after nearly two years of "Allegedly" - the boys present their 100th episode with special guest "Silicon Valley" star Haley Joel Osment! He's back in the spotlight - years after "The Sixth Sense", "Forrest Gump" and "AI" - playing Keenan Feldspar on the hit show and the guys get to the bottom of all the Joel Osment mysteries. What does Paul McCartney's armpit smell like? Why is TJ Miller leaving the show? Is he ready to have kids of his own? All that and more on "Allegedly" 100! "I see Theo Von, walking around like regular people"...

Josh Peck  

Newlywed Josh Peck - that chubby kid from Nickelodeon's "Drake & Josh" who turned out to be a hottie boombottie - stopped by the studio days before his big wedding to talk to the boys about the big day, the new wifey, and the plans for the future! But if you think the hosts let it stop there, you don't know "Allegedly"! They got Peck to spill the beans on how he lost his VIRGINITY, his wild years of partying and drinking, how Nickelodeon got him his school "degree", what he thinks of former co-stars Amanda Bynes and Drake Bell, and most importantly, what it's like having John Stamos's phone number (better then you ever dreamed). LISTEN! LIKE! RATE! REVIEW! ENJOY!

Jim O' Heir  

He is a killer? I mean a comic. I mean an actor. I mean, he may be all three. From 'Parks and Rec' and his new movie ‘Middle Man’ (and just about every other show imaginable) its the one and only John O’Heir. John dishes on coming up through the acting ranks, which tv show was the worst to work on, and what it was like to get really really close to Chris Pratt. With Matt Weiss in Africa, comedian guest host Ari Mannis fills in perfectly, as John’s role in Middle Man is a comedian who picks up a hitch hiking manager on his way to vegas and gets alot more than the new career he is aiming for. Listen and then go see the film!

Al Madrigal  

Al Madrigal, takes us behind the scenes of Jim Carrey's new hit Showtime series "Im Dying Up Here". Al talks about comedy in the 70's, what its like working with Carrey, and why this new dark comedy is exactly what comedy needed. "Im Dying Up Here" (Sundays, 10pm EST, Showtime) Set in the celebrated and infamous L.A. stand-up comedy scene of the '70s, where the careers of most comedy superstars began, "I'm Dying Up Here" delves into the inspired and damaged psyches that inhabit the hilarious, but complex business of making an audience laugh. The series is based on William Knoedelseder's book of the same name.

John Brenkus  

John Brenkus has spent the last decade studying and popularizing the unique characteristics of the world's greatest athletes. He produced the Emmy Award-winning program Sport Science on ESPN, which has helped millions of viewers understand the "Why" behind the "Wow" of their favorite athletes and sports moments. He also created the groundbreaking series Fight Science for National Geographic, and has his new weekly podcast "Brink of Midnight" (available everywhere now) where he interviews athletes and entertainers to find the specific moments of their journeys that changed their lives. Matt Weiss is in Africa so Theo Von cohosts with Ari Mannis. Wow the cat is away the mice will play... with John Brenkus. Enjoy!

Clark Duke  

You know him from "Kick Ass", "Hot Tub Time Machine", "Sex Drive", "Greek", "Bad Moms" and the upcoming "I'm Dying Up Here" on Showtime, it's funny man Clark Duke in the house. What it's like going to Jim Carrey's house? What does Aaron Taylor Johnson smell like? Which of the "Bad Moms" would F, Marry and Kill? But most importantly, who parties harder than anyone he's ever met in this town? Find out the answer to all these questions and more on this week's "Allegedly".

Alexandra Paul  

The "Baywatch" movie is around the corner, but we've got an OG "Baywatch" babe - Alexandra Paul - aka Stephanie Holden from the series. And she's here to spill it all - why she was left out of the film, what kind of partying was going on with the Hoff, why were there no black lifeguards? Along with stories about being a Lifetime TV movie queen, how she blew her "Flashdance" audition, and which producer tried to do coke with her, the beautiful and honest Paul shows you just how classy Hollywood can really be. But who's pitch for a new Lifetime movie will she pick to be victorious - Theo or Matt? Listen! Rate! Review! ENJOY!

Jo Koy  

Hot off his Netflix comedy special 'Live from Seattle' its Jo Koy talking about sacrificing fatherhood to keep his comedy dream alive. And how his latest special has changed his life. Touching and hilarious.

Dule Hill & Elise Neal  

While the cat's away, the divas will play! "Logan" star Elise Neal steps in for Theo who is out and about making people laugh across the country, and she and Matt interview the star of the new movie "Sleight" (and soon to be seen on "Suits") - Dule Hill! From the producers of "Get Out" comes this movie about magic and mayhem, and Hill fills us in on making the film, getting engaged, and possibly meeting Prince Harry! Neal talks about breaking the internet with her hot 51-year-old bod, what kind of a man she's looking for, and even sings us some "Hustle and Flow". The competition gets out of control when each person is out for themselves, including Matt, to take it all down! You know it's hard out there for a pimp...

Jay Chandrasekhar  

Attention all "Super Troopers" (and upcoming "Super Troopers 2") fans - the films writer, director and Thorny himself - Jay Chandrasekhar - is in the studio to talk about the cult mega hit and what to expect from the sequel. Chandrasekhar is also the author of the new book "Mustache Shenanigans" all about his journey in Hollywood, including fighting with Burt Reynolds, smoking with Willie Nelson, and being on drugs while selling a movie at Sundance. In the end, the win may go to whomever can pronounce his name right... or whomever has the best mustache shenanigans of their own.

The Dudesons  

They're the Finnish stunt group that has dominated YOUTUBE with stunts like putting a scorpion in their mouths and duct taping them shut... letting alligators bite their arms... and just about every other crazy thing you can think of. Part Roman Atwood, part "Jackass", part positive anarchists, The Dudesons have ruled MTV, their own film, and their top stunts on Youtube and Facebook. Jukka Hilden, head of the group, joins "Allegedly" with mousetraps and rubber bands to see how far the hosts will go to win. Who wants it the most - Theo or Matt? It comes down to the Dudeson Wheel of Fortune.

Orny Adams  

You may recognize him as Coach Bobby Finstock on MTV's hit show "Teen Wolf" or from that documentary he was featured in with Jerry Seinfeld "Comedian" or from his many, many talk show appearances and comedy specials... it's the one and only Orny Adams. Part Richard Lewis, part Gilbert Godfried, part Carol Channing, this stand-up comedian doesn't do many interview, but opened up to us about the documentary that killed his career, about the "Teen Wolf" upcoming series finale (and if he's seen Colton Haynes naked), and about the lowest and highest points of his life. But will it be Theo's story about accidental ejaculation or Matt's secret connection with Orny that put one of the hosts in the winner's circle? Listen up!

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