Allegedly with Theo Von & Matthew Cole Weiss

Allegedly with Theo Von & Matthew Cole Weiss

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Two totally opposite friends -- comedian Theo Von and filmmaker/journalist Matthew Cole Weiss -- compete to see who has better "alleged" tales of celebrities, hilarity, trauma, dating, success and failure from their years living in Hollywood. Points will be given, winners will be chosen and careers will be altered forever...allegedly.



Who wants to hear the T? "RuPaul's Drag Race" judge and former girl band extraordinaire Michelle Visage drops in the studio this week and joins Matt and special guest host Kelly Berning from TMZ. Did you know Dr. Ray did her boob job? Or Belinda Carlisle was a bitch to her? Or she dated one of the guys from Milli Vanilli for 9 months? Or that that filmed three endings to this season's "Drag Race"? It's a T explosion.

Manika Ward  

She's collaborated with Tyga, gone on tour with One Direction, and hit the top 10 on the Billboard charts, but today Manika Ward is stuck in the "Allegedly" hot seat with Theo Von on one side and guest host "Big Brother" and QVC alum Will Kirby on the other. Why can't Tyga pay his bills? Which One Directioner would she marry, bang or kill? And does she fancy the ladies? Find out the answer to all this in between tales of Jessica Simpson's acne and banging a girl band member and find out who Manika picks to win it all on this episode of "Allegedly".

Adam Ray  

He's SLIMER from Ghostbuster's 2 as well as a star of the new MAD tv on the CW, rising star Adam Ray is in studio.

Melora Hardin  

She was Jan on "The Office"... Tammy on "Transparent"... and starred on pretty much every show ever aired since 1976 from "Little House on the Prairie" to "Murder She Wrote". But none of that compares to her amazing performance on... "Allegedly". Find out what it really feels like to lose at the Emmy's... which young famous actor she worked with and wanted to bang... and what it was like to ALMOST star in "Back to the Future". With a Broadway show tune competition in round 3, the pressure is on... Melora... to pick which voice was the best of the worst.

Courtney Stodden  

The always crazy and controversial Courtney Stodden is in the studio letting it all hang out - literally. The bosomed beaut talks all about her crazy marriage to "The Green Mile" star Doug Hutchison, including their recent miscarriage, their enormous age difference, and the problems that face their relationship. Find out what celebrity she hates, what celebrity she wants to bang, and why the hell she carries a sippy cup with her wherever she goes. But judge not lest thou be judged, as the hosts face Stodden who will ultimately pick the winner of the day.

David Spade  

The Rob Lowe Roastmaster DAVID SPADE is in studio, talking all the dirt behind the Roast. He talks Anne Coulter, Joe Dirt, Joe Dirt 2, and muchas mas. Theo has a story about sobriety, Matt talks about how Kerry Washington played his wingwoman. Its all here. Now. Allegedly.

Abby Lee Miller  

Love her or hate her, "Dance Moms" star Abby Lee Miller knows how to create amazing dancers... and endless controversy. In her first sit down interview since pleading guilty to bankruptcy fraud, the self-proclaimed Pittsburgh podunk Lifetime star brings her judging skills to "Allegedly" to pick a winner between Matt and guest host "Big Brother" all star Dr. Will Kirby. In between scoring, Miller opens up about her fears to go to prison... how things went wrong for her financially... who she's hooking up with these days... and how she can make a kid cry in 30 seconds flat. Hear the Dance Mom coach take responsibility for her actions in a candid way, proving that none of us are perfect.

Lance Bass  

Attention all NSYNC fans - Lance Bass is here to answer the question on everyone's mind - which Kardashian would he screw, marry and kill?! The man-bander sits in the hot seat to judge Matt and special guest co-host, "Big Brother" favorite Jeff Schroeder, as the regale tales of linebackers and Hollywood nights. Bass spills the T on JT, his thoughts on Lou Pearlman, his new "gay Bachelor" esque show, the possibilities of an NSYNC reunion, and which A Lister he hooked up with. Catch it all on "Allegedly"!

Jonathan Tucker  

He may play the agro Jay on "Kingdom", but Jonathan Tucker is nothing but a teddy bear in our studio! The veteran actor who has starred on "Justified" and "Parenthood" and classic films like "The Virgin Suicides" and "Sleepers" talks about his career, his marriage, and what Nick Jonas looks like naked. But the competition all comes down to an arm wrestle between the hosts that Tucker moderates... but who will be champion?!

Asa Akira  

We've got the funniest porn star in the game Asa Akira in the studio, talking about her new book 'Dirty Thirty'. Even if you dont like porn, you will love her. We learn about Matt's brief foray into the porn scene, how Theo peeped on his friend's sexual experience amidst gunfire, and how Asa doesnt even like watching straight sex. Also, we learn alot about comedic sidekick Ari Mannis. You'll love it. Listen. Subscribe!

Farrah Abraham  

Love her or hate her, "Teen Mom" star Farrah Abraham is in the house on "Allegedly" today, letting everyone know she ain't going nowhere. From her sex tape to her daughter to Nicki Minaj to Dr. Drew to politics, no topic is left untouched in this revealing chat with the reality star, and she even answers the question we all want to know - how thirsty is she?! Judging stories about pooping at open houses and getting emancipated at a young age, Abraham doesn't hold back in the least, even calling out the politicians who have offered her money for sex. You gotta listen!

Simon Rex  

It's time to play "Simon Says" with this week's guest, Dirt Nasty himself, Simon Rex! The model/actor/VJ/rapper/comedian sits in the hot seat and reminisces about some of the craziest experiences from his life in Hollywood. Simon says his two cents on dating Paris Hilton, working with Charlie Sheen, his infamous porn past and more in between stories of Burger King commercials gone wrong and abandoning friends in strange basements which leads to a tete a tete competition of the best (or worst) pick-up lines of all time. Who will leave victorious?! Listen up!

Alexander DiPersia  

The lights are shining on "Lights Out" star Alexander DiPersia when he sits in the infamous "Allegedly" hot seat to discuss the hit horror film. We get down and dirty discussing a recent massage incident he went through that involved the good old pineapple choke, as well as his pal Vito Schnabel's relationship with Heidi Klum, the crazy life of an art dealer, and the valuable art of horror film screaming. Which host will win and which will get the lights out... see what we did there?

Tom Stevens  

Canada gets it's due day on "Allegedly" this week when "Wayward Pines" star and true Canadian citizen Tom Stevens sits in the hot seat. Though he plays a young dictator on the show, he's anything but on "Allegedly" as he spills the beans about the final episodes of "Wayward" this season, his upcoming plans to get eloped in New Orleans, and why he read Mein Kampf... twice. In the end, the hosts have to pick five people to save in case of an apocalypse, leaving Stevens with all the power.

Nikki Ziering  

A favorite of Hugh Hefner, Bob Barker, and at one time Ian Ziering, former Playmate, Barker Beauty and reality star Nikki Ziering stops by and answers the obvious question "where have you been?!". Nikki gives us the update plus shares some of her favorite stories from her time in the spotlight involving Mick Jagger, Bruce Jenner, and Ian himself. Find out where Nikki's opinions lie when it comes to her ex these days, and would she ever do a nude spread again?

Dr. Drew  

Dr. Drew by Theo Von & Matthew Cole Weiss

Rob Burnett  

He wrote and produced "The Late Show with David Letterman" for decades, but now Rob Burnett is in the "Allegedly" studio to talk about his new film starring Selena Gomez and Paul Rudd, "The Fundamentals of Caring", as well as judge an on-going battle between Matt and Theo. Rob talks about Dave now, their relationship, whether he'll ever come out of retirement, and who the worst guest ever was. Oh, he also talks about Selena Gomez Face-timing his son's entire hockey team.

Claudia Jordan  

"The Price is Right", "The Celebrity Apprentice", "Deal Or No Deal", and "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" - today's guest is no stranger to the world of reality television. The model has sparked attention over and over again for her outspoken behavior on and off the TV screen, but today's she's REALLY going to spill it all - Khloe Kardashian, Donald Trump, the Housewives - Jordan spills the T for us all. So, who are your bets on for to take home this week's win? You gotta listen to play!

Kevin Pollak  

We've got Robert DeNiro in the studio... and Al Pacino... and Liam Neeson... all in the form of actor/comedian Kevin Pollak. The star of such classics as "A Few Good Men" and "The Usual Suspects" lends his talents to the competition this week, judging stories about Christopher Reeve and mushrooms, as well as some unique impressions from the hosts themselves. Pollak, who directed the upcoming film "Late Bloomer" shares his own tales about Tom Cruise, Michael Clarke Duncan and Christopher Walken, which may leave you shocked and... dying of laughter.

Brian "Head" Welch  

Things get powerful when Brian "Head" Welch, guitarist from the mega-huge band KoRn, stops in to discuss his new book "With Eyes Wide Open", his gut wrenching tale of drugs, family, faith, and forgiveness that led him to leave the band then rejoin it in 2013. You can't get any more candid or honest than Welch as he discusses hitting rock bottom, giving up a kid for adoption, tracking eight balls on FedEx and being joyful that he's even alive. But it's not all serious, the laughter comes in waves, especially with tales of vomit and dead skunks and a gospel sing off.

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