Allegedly with Theo Von & Matthew Cole Weiss

Allegedly with Theo Von & Matthew Cole Weiss

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Two totally opposite friends -- comedian Theo Von and filmmaker/journalist Matthew Cole Weiss -- compete to see who has better "alleged" tales of celebrities, hilarity, trauma, dating, success and failure from their years living in Hollywood. Points will be given, winners will be chosen and careers will be altered forever...allegedly.


Jay Chandrasekhar  

Attention all "Super Troopers" (and upcoming "Super Troopers 2") fans - the films writer, director and Thorny himself - Jay Chandrasekhar - is in the studio to talk about the cult mega hit and what to expect from the sequel. Chandrasekhar is also the author of the new book "Mustache Shenanigans" all about his journey in Hollywood, including fighting with Burt Reynolds, smoking with Willie Nelson, and being on drugs while selling a movie at Sundance. In the end, the win may go to whomever can pronounce his name right... or whomever has the best mustache shenanigans of their own.

The Dudesons  

They're the Finnish stunt group that has dominated YOUTUBE with stunts like putting a scorpion in their mouths and duct taping them shut... letting alligators bite their arms... and just about every other crazy thing you can think of. Part Roman Atwood, part "Jackass", part positive anarchists, The Dudesons have ruled MTV, their own film, and their top stunts on Youtube and Facebook. Jukka Hilden, head of the group, joins "Allegedly" with mousetraps and rubber bands to see how far the hosts will go to win. Who wants it the most - Theo or Matt? It comes down to the Dudeson Wheel of Fortune.

Orny Adams  

You may recognize him as Coach Bobby Finstock on MTV's hit show "Teen Wolf" or from that documentary he was featured in with Jerry Seinfeld "Comedian" or from his many, many talk show appearances and comedy specials... it's the one and only Orny Adams. Part Richard Lewis, part Gilbert Godfried, part Carol Channing, this stand-up comedian doesn't do many interview, but opened up to us about the documentary that killed his career, about the "Teen Wolf" upcoming series finale (and if he's seen Colton Haynes naked), and about the lowest and highest points of his life. But will it be Theo's story about accidental ejaculation or Matt's secret connection with Orny that put one of the hosts in the winner's circle? Listen up!


We're definitely not alone now today cause 80's icon pop singer Tiffany is in the hiz-ouse! And she's a pothead! Who knew? Theo can barely control himself when memories of her music in the school bus brings back all sorts of strange feelings back. Tiffany comments on everything from Debbie Gibson to denim jackets (she don't wear them no more) to almost getting killed by a stalker to missing prom to getting hit on by celebs. With her new album out, Tiffany proves she's way different from the pop star we remember, and she's got the stories to prove it. But who ends up alone now - Theo or Matt? LISTEN! RATE! REVIEW! AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, ENJOY TIFFANY!

Phil Keoghan  

We've got "The Amazing Race" host Phil Keoghan on, and we ask him the question everyone wants to know - as someone who's been around the world, which country is his favorite to masturbate in? (No, seriously, we asked). As season 29 of the hit reality show premieres this week, we grilled Keoghan on the new season twists, on getting mistaken for Jeff Probst, on his least favorite place in the world, on how he prevents chafing on his balls, and all the things "Amazing Race" groupies have done to get his attention. In the end, will it be Theo's rendition of "Amazing Grace" or Matt's pitching of himself to be on Season 30 that will win Keoghan over?

Sophie Simmons  

She started being featured on TV at the age of 11 on "Gene Simmons Family Jewels", but now Sophie Simmons has come into her own... singer, songwriter, actress, model and women's advocate! And the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree - at least when it comes to in your face honesty! Simmons spills all sorts of T on the podcast, calling out people like Katey Sagal, Britney Spears, and the Kardashians on their bad behavior, as well as discussing dating in Hollywood (she's single, sort of), the casting couch (she keeps screenshots, people), and what it's like being Gene and Shannon's daughter. Which host do you think she takes a shine to more?

John Henson  

The 90's are calling and former "Talk Soup" host John Henson is answering. Memba Skunk Boy, the OG Talk Souper turned "Wipeout" host? He's here with your boys to talk about the strippers he banged back in the day, his run in with Tom (and Suri) Cruise, and the size of his young son's penis. No, really. In the end, a fatal food mistake kills one host's chances, but everybody leaves a winner this time! Not really.

Bitsie Tulloch  

As the series finale of the hit NBC show "Grimm" looms, one of the show's leads for all six seasons, Bitsie Tulloch, is in the "Allegedly" studio to talk about the end of an era and the beginning of a new one, namely her upcoming marriage to co-star David Giuntoli (a "Road Rules" veteran just like Theo). Find out if they've ever banged on set (and where)... what the network thought of their relationship... and when they will finally walk down the aisle. Tulloch, a Harvard graduate, may have to lower her intellect just a bit to judge the competition that is Theo versus Matt, and in the end it all comes down to one single song.

Fortune Feimster  

She's Nurse Colette on "The Mindy Project", Dougie on "Life in Pieces", and one of the funniest comedians around - Fortune Feimster - and she's here on "Allegedly"! The lesbian laughster talks about Kaling, Handler, Aniston and Jacquelyn Smith - not the Angel, but her girlfriend! Sitting in the judge's chair, nothing is off limits for Feimster from bringing back the bush to coming out of the closet, but in the end, the she's got to pick which host she would most want to repopulate the Earth with in case of the apocalypse.

Tim Matheson  

Tim Matheson is in the house with some real animals now! Matheson, who played Otter in the classic "Animal House" and currently plays Ronald Reagan in the National Geographic flick "Killing Reagan" sat down with the hosts to discuss his long career working with greats like John Belushi, Lucille Ball, Michael Landon, Chris Farley, Chevy Chase, and so many more. Matheson let years of cinematic history spill - including roles he turned down, people he's feuded with and some good old fashioned tales of Hollywood sex, drugs, rock and roll. From Nancy Reagan's reputation to casting couches to the plot of the new "Jumanji", film, Matheson holds nothing back in this interview which has points flying all over the place, leaving the win decision down to the very end.

Aaron Carter  

He's back! Remember child star, singer, actor Aaron Carter? He may have disappeared from the public eye for a beat, but he was only working on his craft, coming back stronger than ever with his new album LOVE. Live the ups and downs of being a celebrity at such a young age, to traveling the world, to hitting rock bottom, to bouncing back with a vengeance. Carter updates everyone on his love life (he's ready for marriage and kids), his competition (look out Justin Bieber), his relationship with brother Backstreet Boy Nick Carter (it's getting back to normal), and even how his mother once sold his hair on Ebay. Using demerits instead of points, Carter takes charge of the competition, making both hosts work their asses off to pull in a win.

Brad Meltzer  

"Allegedly" takes on the New York Times Best Seller list for the first time when award winning thriller writer, children's writer, comic book writer, and Ted Talk-er Brad Meltzer sits down to discuss his new children's book "I Am Jim Henson". Find out which writers are too big for their own britches (not you Judy Blume)... which Kardashian he'd never write a book about... and what the award winning "Justice League" writer thinks about the upcoming movie version of the iconic comic. It's our most intellectual "Allegedly" yet, but but let's be serious, he just hires children in Nicaragua to write his novels these days (no seriously, he said it...).

David Weintraub  

The Geppetto behind some of your favorite reality stars - practically all of them - mega-manager and reality TV producer David Weintraub is here to get everything and anything off his chest. Ray Jay, Kim Kardashian, Scott Disick, Jonathan Cheban, Courtney Stodden, Jon Gosselin, Paris Hilton, Tori Spelling, Tara Reid, and so many more aren't safe when the former "Sons of Hollywood" star and "Hollywood Hillbillies" producer lets it all spill. Find out the secrets behind the Kardashians - Was Kris Jenner really behind the Kim K sex tape? Did Scott Disick cheat on Kourtney? Who the hell is Jonathan Cheban? How much does that sex tape rake in? All that and an epic competition between the hosts on this week's "Allegedly".

"Please Like Me" Stars Josh Thomas and Thomas Ward  

It's our first trip down under as the stars of Hulu's Australian hit show "Please Like Me", Josh Thomas and Thomas Ward, come in to talk kangaroos and didgeridoos... and Lena Dunham. The real life best friends fill us in on the new season (and why it's most likely their last), open relationships, dying boyfriends, Harry Potter and the joys of the uterus. With one straight guest and one gay guest each host has a cheerleader, but will that factor in on the ultimate win?

Adam Carolla  

It's about to get all bro up in here when podcast genius, "The Man Show" co-host and "The 24 Hour War" director Adam Carolla fills the guest's chair on "Allegedly". The former "Celebrity Apprentice" star weighs in on the Donald (and his Twitter feud with the Ah-nold), the Kimmel, and the Pinsky, while discussing his new documentary about the long standing Ford versus Ferrari feud. All this - and discover the mystery identity of a man named Brexit - on this week's episode. Who will be victorious?

Margaret Cho  

She's a comedy legend - just ask her - Margaret Cho - and she's here in the studio to dish about everything. She covers Golden Globes fashion, Tilda Swinton, Asian casting, orgies, Kevin Spacey, death by execution, and so much more! But her story about watching John Travolta eat an entire boysenberry pie in one sitting will go down in history as one of the best "Allegedly" stories of all time.

Best of 2016  

Its the BEST OF 2016, from Allegedly! Thanks for all of your support. Starring: David Faustino Jamie Kennedy Zachery Ty Bryan Dr. Drew Farrah Abraham Mark McGrath Cheri Oteri Ross Mathews Jerry O'Connell Abby Lee Miller Maksim Chmerkovskiy Heather McDonald

Stassi Schroeder  

Jennifer Lawrence just named her as her celebrity crush. She's been in the news recently after a very controversial episode of "Vanderpump Rules". And she's the girl everybody loves to hate - Stassi Schroeder is in the studio! Schroeder came in to clear up her recent "mental breakdown" tweets and why she's pissed at the show... to discuss Jennifer Lawrence's crush (although she doesn't pick Lawrence as her own celebrity crush)... to clear up rumors of her dating life... and to give all the T on Lisa (do Lisa and Ken really bang), Katie (and her box eating), Scheana (and her divorce), Jax (huge mistake she admits), and the rest. To top if off, you'll exclusively find out which celebrity tried to pick her up on a dating app with one word - "hey". Though he didn't win her heart, one of the hosts sure does with a surprise win in the end.

John Brotherton  

"Fuller House" is back - and we've got the show's hunky veterinarian John Brotherton! What's it like making out with Candace Cameron? Who would he bang, marry and kill - DJ, Stephanie or Kimmie Gibler? Which co-star has a flatulence problem? Get all your "Fuller House" dish, plus find out about how he helped recreate Paul Walker's character in the last "The Fast and the Furious" movie... if Bruce Willis is really as dick-ish as he seems... and who is the worst tipper he's ever met (hint: It's a Black-Eyed Pea).

Jeffrey Donovan  

Jeffrey Donovan, star of the new Hulu show Shut Eye, Burn Notice, Sicario, and Fargo joins us on Allegedly for some candid and hilarious discussions on his humble beginnings, living in LA, psychics, and he how he prefers RFK to JFK. Plus he picks this week's winner! Are you a psychic? Who's it going to be, Matt or Theo?

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