Alohomora!: A Global Reread of Harry Potter

Alohomora!: A Global Reread of Harry Potter

United States

A product of rigorous and excited discussion between a few MuggleNet staff members, Alohomora! was crafted to fill the void left in the aftermath of the final Harry Potter movie release. Led by the rotating voices of the podcast, fans can now re-read the books alongside thousands online and share all their new insights on the show, as well as on the companion section. The project is entirely produced by fans, for fans.


PS/SS 5 Revisit: Treat Yo' Self  

On Episode 219 we discuss...

→ Chapter episodes return!
→ Tornadoes, Wardrobes and Leaky Cauldrons
→ What does your Diagon Alley look like?
→ We miss old Pottermore!
→ Foreshadowing Alley
→ Hagrid: The Native Informant
→ Where's Voldemort?
→ Draco the Braggart
→ The Gringotts vaults are full
→ Let's go shopping!
Join us in Diagon Alley on September 1st!

Recap: Episode 217  

On this recap we discuss...

→ The next generation reads Potter
→ Ron the Seer
→ Crookshanks's secret identity

PS/SS Movie Watch: Male Breakout Star (Live)  

On Episode 218 we discuss…

→ Host views on the film
→ History of the film
→ We talk awards, production, & premiere
→ How the actors became a part of the film
→ Deleted scenes
→ We talk to fans about specific movie moments
→ Our Final Thoughts on the film
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Lupin is James, and Other Such Fun Oldskool Theories  

On Episode 217 we discuss...

→ What could have been, and what still could be? The potency of theories that still remain plausible
The book that started it all, for some of us...
→ How Harry Potter's mystery genre enables many different outcomes as possibility
→ Neville's memory, Peter's hand, and Harry's Gryffindor ancestry
→ Snape, the Overgrown Bat-shaped Man
→ is James Potter trapped inside Remus Lupin's body? (Yes, and here's why)
→ Ron Weasley is Dumbledore, Mark Evans is relevant and Dumbledore IS. NOT. DEAD.
→ False book titles, dropped plot threads like that dreaded red-headed Weasley Cousin and other such things that might have been!

Recap: Episode 216  

On this recap we discuss...

→ The inherent danger in all classes, not just Hagrid's
→ Difficulty of Muggle Studies
→ Cultural influences on schools of magic worldwide
→ Medieval tactics
→ Teachers' continued areas of study

Wizarding Education: Flitwick ROCKS  

On Episode 216 we discuss...

→ Similarities between Hogwarts O.W.L.s, N.E.W.T.s and Muggle aptitude tests
→ The ever-increasing difficulty of Charms, Transfiguration and Potions in the series
→ Omission of regular school subjects such as math, language, etc.
→ Tertiary education - the lack thereof? - in wizarding society
→ The benefits of *Independent Magical Study*
→ Those who teach! Is Lupin the best? What about Flitwick?
→ The importance of trust for learning in an educational setting
→ Students who got jobs immediately after Hogwarts. There are more than you think!

Recap: Episode 215  

On this recap we discuss...

→ The flexibility of Time a.k.a. Schrodinger's Snape
→ Does Jo regret calling Cursed Child canonical?
→ Delphi's redeeming qualities
→ Alison and Eric face off (and come to an agreement!)

Cursed Child As Canon: #BreakTheCurse  

On Episode 215 we discuss...

→ The curse moves to NYC
→ Can canon be bias-free?
→ Rowling’s fingerprints
→ Entitlement or constructive criticism?
→ Canonizing Non-Canonicity
→ Choose Your Own 19 Years Later
→ “Let’s make a baby! I love you, Bellatrix!”
→ What we miss from the missing characters
→ What's your canon?

Recap: Episode 214  

On this recap we discuss...

→ Harry, Riddle and moral grayness
→ Relevance and timelessness
→ Rowling's responsibility
→ Reading Potter with the next generation

Life Lessons & Themes: All Sorts of Lessons  

On Episode 214 we discuss...

→ Harry’s Cinderella moment
→ “You will be independent because I demand it!”
→ The weird connection of Moaning Myrtle and Ginny
→ Beware nice words and pretty people
→ What’s Prisoner of Azkaban’s secret ingredient?
→ The shock of Goblet of Fire
→ Teachers of the revolution
→ The empathy of Luna Lovegood
→ Dumbledore’s diary
→ The essential sacrifice
→ What has Harry Potter taught you?

Recap: Episode 213  

On this recap we discuss...

→ A lesson in paper sizes
→ Who’s chasing the Marauders?
→ MockingPhoenixJay
→ James and Sirius support the Moutahora Macaws
→ Can we spot Rowling’s writing?

James & Sirius Prequel: A Mark Evans Thing  

On Episode 213 we discuss... 

Read the Prequel!
→ What time of year did this escapade take place?
→ Are James & Sirius in the Order of the Phoenix already?
→ Who exactly is chasing them on brooms?
→ Alternate theories on what is happening
→ WHY James & Sirius?
→ Who else would we want a little prequel about?
→ Elvendork - only appropriate as a Tolkien reference

Recap: Episode 212  

On this recap we discuss... 


Ilvermorny - Choo-Choose It!  

On Episode 212 we discuss...

→ Ilvermorny: A (Brief Recap) History
→ No one got the Salem Witches' Institute joke
→ Connections to the British wizarding world
→ What is Ilvermorny Castle like?
→ Controversy with using Native American culture
→ Are classes different at Ilvermorny?
→ Quidditch and Quadpot and wizard lacrosse!
→ Symbolism of the Gordian Knot
→ "We choo-choose it!"
→ Sorting, wands, and Rappaport's Law
→ Ilvermorny vs. Hogwarts Houses
Welcome to Ilvermorny (art)

Recap: Episode 211  

On this recap we discuss...

→ Raise your wands in memory of John Hurt
→ Did Dumbledore repair Hagrid's wand?
→ Twins and their wands
→ Harry's Horcrux messes up everything again

Wandlore - More About Yew  

On Episode 211 we discuss...

→ Our wands say interesting things about us
→ Ollivander's Bespoke Wand Selector questions are fascinating
→ American wand makers vs. Ollivander wands
→ Can you order custom wands?
→ How are wands made? (Magic)
→ Magical affinities between wands and wizards
→ Are wands alive?
→ Inherited and passed down wands
→ Muggles and wands
→ Priori Incantatum: unicorn and dragon edition
→ Characters and their correlations with wands

Recap: Episode 210  

On this recap we discuss...

→ Ghosts as punishment
→ Luna's spirituality 
→ Neville, Luna, and Ginny as a trinity
→ Draco: a Judas parallel? 

Religion and Fate - Into the Unknown  

On Episode 210 we discuss...

→ Predestination vs. free will in prophesies
→ Magic as religion
→ Is there a Wizard God?
→ Wizards reconciling magic and religious belief
→ The stigma of Christians against Harry Potter
→ Resurrection: a common element
→ Are Horcruxes a perversion of religious symbols?
→ The importance of choices
→ Even Quidditch has religious imagery!
→ Trios and the Trinity
→ Repentance and Redemption
→ Ghosts and the afterlife

Recap: Episode 209  

On this recap we discuss...

→ Did the diadem bring the DADA curse?
→ Why murder is the thing that splits the soul
→ A different take on the food/soul theory
→ Piggy bank Harry

Horcruxes - Voldy-Bits  

On Episode 209 we discuss...

→ Making a Horcrux: How Do You Even?
→ Horcrux pies and chocolate bars
→ Body and soul
→ The first kill
→ The Seven Horcrux Sins
→ Hot-Demort
→ Did Grindelwald make a Horcrux?
→ Rowling's least favorite Horcrux question

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