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Stories about Gay and Lesbian people doing good things in the world.


Andrew Boyle: Being of Service - Part 2  

In this part of our chat Andrew talks about what being of service means to him and, how he's applied this philosophy in many areas of his life. A fascinating chat with Andrew Boyle.

Andrew Boyle: The Early Years - Part 1  

Andrew Boyle grew up in outer eastern Melbourne. He came to realise his same sex attraction when he was eleven and all that entailed thereafter - both the ups and the downs. A move to Sydney to follow his passion for music resulted in attending his first pride march and truly honouring his sexuality as part of his identity. Part 1 is a truly fascinating chat with an incredibly interesting man.

Peter Dutton: Part 2 - His Musical Heart  

Part 2 of my chat with Peter Dutton kicks off with a big plot twist in his life which in an odd kind of way, placed him on the musical path at the WA Academy of Performing Arts. This was followed with a move to Melbourne and establishing himself as a much loved singer and performer. The gentleman that is Peter finishes this interview with some sage advice for anyone questioning or worrying about their sexuality.
A truly engaging and thought provoking chat with s little treat at the end.

Peter Dutton: The Early Years - Part 1  

Peter Dutton is a well known cabaret performer in Melbourne. Known for his powerful voice and gentle demeanor, he started life out on in a farm in rural WA. A shy kid who didn’t feel like he belonged anywhere found his people in music and subsequently in Melbourne. He hasn’t looked back since.

Jessi Lewis: Finding His Way - Part 2  

In this part of our interview Jessi talks about his journey to finding acceptance of himself and his desire to create works of movement art that have meaning to him. He also offers some great advice to people who might be questioning or worrying about finding their place in the world.

Jessi Lewis: The Early Years - Part 1  

Jessi Lewis landed in Melbourne as a fresh faced 18 year old. He planned to stay the weekend but found his tribe and never went home. This is his story of coming out, HIV and finding expression through performance.

Leith Marshall: Finding your tribe - Part 2  

In this part of our interview we talk about Leith's passion for media and how he came to work at Channel Nine. We also cover everything from Brexit, to Donald Trump and Marriage Equality.

What is most exquisite about this chat with Leith is his advice for people questioning their sexuality and finding their tribe.

Leith Marshall: The Early Years - Part 1  

Leith Marshall grew up in Tasmania during a time when it was still illegal to be gay. In this part of our interview he shares the experience of growing up gay in Tas and some of the difficulties he faced. He also shares a beautiful story about coming out to his parents - its a bit of a tear jerker but one that's worth the tissues.

Andrew Prior: Embrace and Celebrate - Part 2  

Finding the drag scene in Sydney and all the heady days that went with it eventually lead Andrew to a passion for food which culminated in two auditions for Masterchef. He didn't make the cut the first time so he auditioned again, successfully this time, which he attributes to simply being himself. His instinct to be himself was spot on because this is who Australia fell in love with. Masterchef was not without its tribulation however and it was his moment of adversity that lead him to finding greater success in creating food tours and working in, and falling in love, with Paris.

Andrew Prior: The Early Years - Part 1  

Andrew Prior burst onto our screens as a contestant on Masterchef and quickly became known for his wit and charm but it wasn't also smooth sailing. In Part 1 we're chatting about how does a kid from Wollongong who's the child of a family who all worked on the railways explore the world of drag and end up in Paris making a living from food.

Gillian Bartlett: Growing Old Disgracefully - Part 2  

How do our stories change as we get older and who wants to hear our stories? In part 2 of this interview we discuss why aren't we seeing better content for baby boomers who paved the way for sex, drugs and rock and roll. Gillian talks about her passion for storytelling and the concept of growing old disgracefully. She introduces her new project that focuses on telling stories for people who don't want to be invisible or forgotten just because they're getting older.

Gillian Bartlett: The Early Years - Part 1  

Growing up in the UK as the only child of a Sergeant Major, Gillian found happiness living in rural Wiltshire and clambering over the stones at Stonehenge. She shares her story of integrating the knowledge of her sexuality and also unpacks the notion of cereating her emotional repertoire that was unltimately, in conflict with the pressure of maintaining a stiff upper lip - Brit style.

Rick Morton: Finding Your Superpower - Part 2  

Moving to Sydney introduced Rick to the world of online publishing and preceded his transition across to working as the Social Affairs writer for The Australian. In this segment we talk about gay and lesbian reportage bias, the plebicite and the advice he has for young people who might be questioning or worrying about their sexuality.

Rick Morton: The Early Years - Part 1  

How does a shy kid living on in a macho driven Qld outback station come to grips with being gay? Rick Morton, Social Affairs writer at The Australian, walks us through his story on getting clear on being queer.

Michelle Sheppard: Finding Her Anchor - Part 2  

In the second part of our interview Michelle speaks about her journey towards transition and how finding someone that could anchor her became the cornerstone of her journey. She also introduces a new business that cab assist employers to promote a more integrated model of best practice for GLBTIQ employees. 

Michelle Sheppard: The Early Years - Part 1  

Amazing Gays is proud to introduce our first transgender guest, Michelle Sheppard.

Raised in the bible belt of middle America, Michelle's journey to realise her gender identity was fraught with many challenges. She shares her story of coming to terms with her gender identity, becoming part of the gay community and the journey of transition to living her truth.

Anna Taylor: The Helping Heart - Part 2  

In Part 2 of this interview Anna reveals how her earlier experiences shaped her desire to help people, to reject traditional ideas of labelling and to truly see the person.

Anna Taylor: The Early Years - Part 1  

When Anna Taylor was a teenager she was in a serious car accident that she probably shoudn't have survived - she was also told she shouldn't have kids.

Since then she's had two children and achieved a great deal in the face of adversity. When she refers to coming out she prefers to see it as 'coming clean'. A fascinating chat with Anna Taylor.

Luke Devenish: The Queer Condition - Part 2  

In part two of this interview Luke talks about the queer condition and how this shapes us as people. The queer condition is in all of us - it exists in our stories. He offers some wonderful advice to anyone struggling with finding their way and, we also do a shameless plug for his new book The Secret Heiress - available in all good book stores and a lot of the bad ones too.

Luke Devenish: The Early Years - Part 1  

Growing up as a young gay in Perth Hills in Western Australia Luke found his armour and strength in words and stories.  Finding his tribe and his voice allowed his natural gay to flourish. A great chat about the early years of writer, playwright, academic and TV writer Luke Devenish.

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