American Mythology

American Mythology

United States

A bi-weekly podcast that explores the mythology at the core of American identity, ideology, and history. Each episode examines a unique aspect of American mythology in an attempt to discover who we are and define who we want to be.


Episode 06 - Every Hero has a Villain  

America has faced many enemies in our past, and they often reveal more about us than they do about themselves. Does America need an enemy to accomplish great things, or can it rally around positive outcomes by overcoming the influence of fear?

Episode 05 - George: Part II  

Underneath the mythology and embellishment of George Washington is an audacious leader of valor and wisdom. He embodies our need to glorify and memorialize heroes. In the face of another Presidential election, what can we learn from the legacy of Washington in selecting our next leader?

Episode 04 - George: Part I  

Within the history of every country and culture are legends, heroes, and deities. In America, the highest honor goes to a man known affectionately as the Father of America, whose legend is larger than life. At what point did the man end and the myth begin? (Part 1 of 2)

Episode 03 - Star-Spangled Banner  

The American flag is a symbol of our freedom, independence, and union that has changed history. But do we live up to the values it represents, and is it so sacred that we’re willing to deny the rights of others in order to preserve it?

Episode 02 - The Caucus  

Is America so enchanted by democracy that the veil of it is enough to elect a President? This episode explores the origins of the presidential primary system and its representativeness today.

Episode 01 - The American Dream  

We all know and seek the American Dream. It is at the core of our mythology and national ethos. But it has changed drastically over time. Does the dream still exist? And what is the role of government in setting conditions for the dream to thrive?

Episode 00 - More than a Myth  

There is a mythology at the core of American identity, ideology, and history. It can interfere with our ability to achieve good self-government, or it can inspire real solutions. The choice is yours.

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