Another Round

Another Round

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Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton cover everything from race, gender and pop culture to squirrels, mangoes, and bad jokes, all in one boozy show.


Episode 40: Blacker History Month (with Marlon Wayans)  

We present some Little Known Black History Facts, clap back on behalf of Zora Neale Hurston, and invite Matt Bellassai on to honor some heroes of White History. Plus: Marlon Wayans stops by for a Pew Pew Pew that Tracy's mom should probably skip.

Episode 39: The Betrayer of the Patriarchy (with Anil Dash)  

A little commentary on White Privilege II, a little What Had Happened Was, then a long conversation with Anil Dash about mangoes, representation on screen and in tech, and teaching his son about feminism (with a little tangent about Bee Movie).

Episode 38: Let Black Girls Be Funny (with Janelle James)  

We premiere a new segment called White Devil's Advocate, Tracy finds an unexpected Google result during Stacy's Career Corner, and we chat with comic Janelle James. "Hit Me On The Buzz" courtesy of Soul Creator:

Episode 37: The Room Where It Happens (with Valerie Jarrett)  

We go to the White House and talk to Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to President Obama, about everything from gun control to Hamilton to Kendrick Lamar.

Episode 36: U Mad? (with Margaret Cho)  

We kick off 2016 with clapbacks, "rememberlutions," and the great Margaret Cho.

Shot #7: Blackation  

We have lots of advice to give on this edition of On The House.

Episode 35: Heben & Tracy's Kwanzaa Spectacular  

Grab a slice of Sandra Lee's Kwanzaa cake and celebrate with Drunken Debates, Tracy's Joke Time, Stacy's Career Corner, Jean Grae, Gene Demby, Stacy-Marie Ishmael, Jazmine Hughes, Ashly Perez, a ~surprise celebrity guest~ and more. This episode has been condensed and edited from two live recordings, at the Jerome L. Greene Space on Dec. 2, and the Bell House on Dec. 5. Watch the entire first night's performance and the Kwanzaa cake video at or

Shot #6: Yung Hieronymus  

A quiz about Flemish proverbs, based on a painting by the Netherlandish artist Pieter Bruegel. (No really.)

Episode 34: The Most Introverted Sasha Fierce (with Aparna Nancherla)  

In honor of BuzzFeed's Mental Health Week, we talk through a beginner's guide to starting therapy, and interview comedian Aparna Nancherla about how she makes depression funny. Find all of BuzzFeed's Mental Health Week content at

Episode 33: Pick A Slay (with Uzo Aduba)  

Heben quizzes Tracy on collective nouns, Stacy's Career Corner returns, and we talk to Uzo Aduba of Orange Is The New Black and NBC's The Wiz Live, about how she's "making up for lost smiles" and is obsessed with the Real Housewives.

Shot #5: Space Turkey  

Tracy shares her essay "On Thanksgiving, Caring For Those Who Cared For Us."

Episode 32: The Yum Center (with Melissa Harris-Perry)  

Heben saw something she needs you to know about. Then "America's foremost public intellectual" Melissa Harris-Perry joins us for a wide-ranging chat about hair, surrogacy, Rachel Dolezal, chickens, and much more.

Episode 31: You Gon' Get This Blackness (with Shani O. Hilton)  

BuzzFeed News' Shani Hilton talks black colleges and universities (HBCUs), and Tracy tells a joke. Check out BuzzFeed's Black College Issue at

Shot #4: You Are Beautiful  

On this edition of "On The House," we answer an email from a listener who is feeling insecure about her beauty and her blackness. Please take our listener survey! We want to know your thoughts about the show:

Episode 30: Frimfram Fittlesworth (with Lena Dunham)  

A British round of Heben's White Guy Name Quiz, and Lena Dunham is game for a segment called "White Women Gotta Do Better."

Episode 29: What's On Your Reparations Tab? (with Ta-Nehisi Coates)  

Tracy tells the story of a bad flight. We add some things to the reparations tab. And we talk to Ta-Nehisi Coates, the recently anointed genius and author of "Between The World and Me."

Episode 28: Madam Secretary, What's Good? (with Hillary Clinton)  

We interview Hillary Clinton about Black Lives Matter, reparations, sexism in politics, The Good Wife, squirrels, and so much more.

Episode 27: No New Friends, My Squirrel Dude (with Alexis Wilkinson)  

Is This Real Life? Great Wall Edition, Tracy's Joke Time, and an interview with Alexis Wilkinson, who was the first black female president of the Harvard Lampoon and now writes for Veep.

Episode 26: Stay In Your Lane (with Dr. Adrienne Keene)  

The debut of 'Is This Real Life?', the return of 'What Had Happened Was,' and an interview with the writer and scholar behind Native Appropriations, Dr. Adrienne Keene.

Episode 25: Stop Telling Women To Smile (with Tatyana Fazlalizadeh)  

The return of Men Gotta Do Better (you know how males be). Tracy quizzes Heben on southern phrases. And an interview with Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, the artist behind the Stop Telling Women To Smile street art project.

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