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The original Arsenal podcast - coming to you twice a week (Mondays and Fridays) with news, interviews, analysis, special guests, jokes and occasionally some really terrible songs.


Arsecast Extra Episode 176 - 22.05.2017  

On this week's show we look back the final day of the season, the win over Everton, the Koscielny red card, injuries to Gabriel, Alexis and Xhaka, and discuss the prospect of Europa League football next season. We chat about anti-Stan Kroenke chanting from fans, Arsene Wenger's press conference and his situation in general, the boardroom issues, and Alisher Usmanov's bid for Kroenke's shares. We answer questions about moments of the season, dropped points, what kind of defence we might see for the FA Cup final, potential signings, Danny Welbeck's CHAOS MODE and lots more.

Episode 430 - Is it bonkers?  

With me on this week's Arsecast, to discuss the season as a whole, is Amy Lawrence. We chat about the managerial situation, boardroom stasis, whether the off the pitch stuff has affected things on it, what we might do with players like Sanchez, Ozil and Wojciech Szczesny, and we try and make some sense of what has been a generally underwhelming Premier League campaign. There's a chance to win a *boilk* mug, a quick look ahead to the weekend, and a dose of the usual waffle.

Arsecast Extra Episode 175 - 17.05.2017  

On this extra Arsecast Extra we look back on Tuesday night's 2-0 win over Sunderland, how goalkeeping heroics kept us at bay before Alexis found a way through, all the empty seats on show and how Arsenal should react. We also discuss how vital it is to keep Sanchez at the club, before answer questions about summer transfer plans, which positions are most important, our goalkeeping options, changing the rules for certain teams, Alex Iwobi's development, pineapple on pizza and lots more.

Arsecast Extra Episode 174 - 15.05.2017  

On this week's show James battles manfully through a sore throat as we talk about the very enjoyable 4-1 win over Stoke at the weekend, the ever increasing love for Rob Holding, a great Mesut Ozil goal, some laughter at Shawcross and Arnautovic, plus the weekend's other Premier League action. We then answer listener questions about whether more points this season would be improvement, what can be read into Alexis Sanchez's celebration, the goalkeepers, the Europa League and lots more.

Episode 429 - Change-a-doodle-doo  

Time now for this week's Arsecast, and with me to discuss the week that was, with two wins, two clean sheets, and all the rest is Jim Campbell from The Football Ramble. We chat about on and off the pitch goings-on, boardroom stuff, Arsene Wenger and more. There's also a bumper sized lot of the usual waffle including the manager pretending not to know what a Director of Football is, musical earworms, more *boilk* mug competitions and some Holy God FM.

Arsecast Extra Episode 173 - 08.05.2017  

On this week's show we enjoy a goodly morning as we discuss the 2-0 win over Man Utd, defeating Jose Mourinho and his DNA sucking evil, laughing at Ander Herrera, and basically enjoying the fact that we won a big game that we really needed to win. We chat about the formation, the goals, Danny Welbeck celebrating, and all the rest, before answering listener questions about our wing-backs for the future, dead cats bouncing, whether Arsene Wenger should take a leaf out of the Nelson Vivas handbook, Alexis and his dodgy Instagram soundtracks and lots more.

Episode 428 - New impressions  

On this week's show I'm joined by the Man from East Lower to discuss all the latest exciting, exhilarating goings-on at the Arsenal, including this weekend's game with Manchester United. After that I chat with United fan Musa Okwonga about that match, but also some of the other less pleasant things that have been going on in football this week - racist incidents, and the issue of mental health among footballers. There's the winner of the Mesut Ozil book competition, a chance to win a *boilk* mug and all the usual waffle.

Arsecast Extra Episode 172 - 01.05.2017  

On this week's show we discuss the 2-0 defeat to Sp*rs, the team selection, the performance (or lack of it), and try and make some sense of what's going on. We'll be up front with you, we don't come to any kind of EUREKA moment conclusion, but there's a lot going on with manager, players and board. Then we answer questions about Olivier Giroud, other managers, transfer activity, scouting, Arsenal origins and more. It's not the cheeriest episode of all time, but we can only work with what we're given, and what we were given was a bit rubbish.

Episode 427 - NLD  

Ahead of a North London derby I chat with Arsenal journalist Layth Yousif about his thoughts on the big game, the midweek game against Leicester, empty seats and more. We also hear from the other side with Harry Hotspur, Wembley waffle, there's a chance to win Mesut Ozil's book and lots more.

Arsecast Extra Episode 171 - 24.04.2017  

On this week's show we discuss the 2-1 FA Cup semi-final win over Man City, the performance, the system, individual displays and the prospect of the final next month against Chelsea. We chat about how James being ill was the true catalyst for change, as well as answering questions about The Ox, Hector Bellerin's hair, the possibility of a top four finish, what a listener should call his adorable new puppy, some fantastic sounding FA Cup final scenarios, and lots more.

Episode 426 - The Wright Stuff  

This week's Arsecast is a pretty special one because yesterday I went to London to sit down for an hour with the one and only Ian Wright. I don't need to give you any bumph about who he is or what a legend he is, so I'll just tell you that we chat about his Arsenal career, his work as a pundit and how hard it is for him to separate the professional and personal when he watches this team play, what's going on at the moment from the manager to the players to the boardroom and beyond, and lots more. It's a great chat, full of passion and love for the Arsenal, but he doesn't hold back either. Big thanks to @DJTayo for helping us find a place to record yesterday, and of course to Ian for taking the time to come and talk to me.

Arsecast Extra Episode 170 - 18.04.2017  

On this week's show James joins us from sunny Mallorca where he's eating all the Jamon Ruffles to discuss the 2-1 win over Middlesbrough on Monday night, the decision to go with a back three for the first time in 20 years, and how we still kind of made hard work of it. We ask whether the back three is going to be a long-term thing, especially with an FA Cup semi-final on Sunday, before answering listener's questions about Sead Kolasinac, the players post-game reaction and messages to the fans, who might benefit most from the new system, and why we need to get James to see the Supervet for the sake of all that's good about the human race. All that and more.

Episode 425 - "The Nighthawk (in the day)"  

Time now for this week's Arsecast and I'm joined by lots of people who called in yesterday to chat about Arsenal and other things besides. We had fans from all the world get through and we discuss Jack Wilshere, Arsene Wenger, the board, Alexis Sanchez, writing letters to David O'Leary and lots more. There's also a bit of the usual waffle and some poetry from Tony Adams.

Arsecast Extra Episode 169 - 11.04.2017  

On this week's show we discuss the 3-0 defeat to Crystal Palace, what the consequences should be, what the consequences are likely to be, the manager, the board, the fans, the players and how all those relationships are being damaged by what's going on at the moment. We try and make sense of as much of it as possible before we answer some listener questions about Mesut Ozil, the so-called 'British core', Alexis being shifted to the left, what is the club these days, power ballads and more. We both also just want to say thanks to everyone for listening and sticking with us through difficult times, when the temptation would be to just switch off, so 'thanks everyone'.

Episode 424 - The Sixth Sense  

Time now for this week's Arsecast and to discuss training ground protests, a possible boardroom power struggle, but more importantly an actual win in a football match after we beat West Ham I'm joined by Charles Watts from Football London. We also talk Granit Xhaka and goalkeepers, before briefly previewing the Crystal Palace game which is on Monday (booo!). The winners of the *boil* mugs competition are announced, we ask 'do we see dead people?', and there's a heap of the usual waffle.

Arsecast Extra Episode 168 - 03.04.2017  

On this week's show we discuss the 2-2 draw with Man City that stopped the rot to an extent, but still leaves us a long way from the Champions League places. We chat about the performance, the defending, midfield issues and beyond. We then answer listener questions about the managerial situation in respect of comments made by Ivan Gazidis and his so-called 'catalyst for change', we look ahead at our upcoming fixtures and try to predict what's going to happen in each of them, fans fighting each other inside and outside of the stadium, and lots more besides.

Episode 423 - A Perry interesting one  

Time now for this week's Arsecast, and my first guest is former Gunner Perry Groves who has an interesting suspicion about why there's been such a delay in announcing whatever needs to be announced when it comes to Arsene Wenger's future. We chat about the current situation, whether or not that is affecting the players on the pitch, Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez and the Man City game on Sunday. Perry also provides details about how you can Play With A Legend, so check it out. Then I chat to Tim Stillman about the manager, VAR (Video Assistant Referees), and there's more on the City game. We have some vintage news, a chance for you to win a *boilk* mug and a healthy serving of the usual waffle.

Arsecast Extra Episode 167 - 27.03.2017  

On this week's Interlull show we speak about the horrible injury sustained by Seamus Coleman at the weekend and why football needs to do more to prevent these things happening in the future. That applies to authorities, officials and pundits. We look back at Arsenal involvement in internationals, discuss the possibility of Thierry Henry becoming the manager of the club when Arsene Wenger decides to step down, scouting in France, weird smells, pub dogs, and James showcases his array of amazing accents and impressions.

Episode 422 - In conversation with Donald McRae  

I don't know about you, but I genuinely couldn't face another conversation about what's going on, or not going on, at the club right now. I don't think there's anything I could add to what James and I spoke at length about on Monday's Arsecast Extra. So, with that in mind we have something a little different for you today. Joining me to talk a little bit about Arsenal, but much more about himself, writing, the art of interviewing, what makes a good interview, books and lots more is the brilliant Donald McRae. I'm sure many of you read his interviews in the Guardian, or might well have enjoyed one of his 11 books – two of which have won the William Hill Sports Book of the Year award. We chat about growing up in South Africa, how he became an Arsenal fan, and lots more.

Arsecast Extra Episode 166 - 20.03.2017  

On this week's show we discuss the dreadful defeat and performance against West Brom at the weekend. Dereliction of defensive duties, sterile football, not a shot on target in the second half and all the rest. Then there's the manager saying he knows what his decision will be without telling anyone else, more conspicuous silence from the board, their role in offering Arsene Wenger a new deal, and the general state of chaos and uncertainty that surrounds the club right now. There are more questions about the manager, players, performances, and loads more before we come to the conclusion that Arsenal is a bit of a freak show right now.

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