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The original Arsenal podcast - coming to you twice a week (Mondays and Fridays) with news, interviews, analysis, special guests, jokes and occasionally some really terrible songs.


Arsecast Extra Episode 167 - 27.03.2017  

On this week's Interlull show we speak about the horrible injury sustained by Seamus Coleman at the weekend and why football needs to do more to prevent these things happening in the future. That applies to authorities, officials and pundits. We look back at Arsenal involvement in internationals, discuss the possibility of Thierry Henry becoming the manager of the club when Arsene Wenger decides to step down, scouting in France, weird smells, pub dogs, and James showcases his array of amazing accents and impressions.

Episode 422 - In conversation with Donald McRae  

I don't know about you, but I genuinely couldn't face another conversation about what's going on, or not going on, at the club right now. I don't think there's anything I could add to what James and I spoke at length about on Monday's Arsecast Extra. So, with that in mind we have something a little different for you today. Joining me to talk a little bit about Arsenal, but much more about himself, writing, the art of interviewing, what makes a good interview, books and lots more is the brilliant Donald McRae. I'm sure many of you read his interviews in the Guardian, or might well have enjoyed one of his 11 books – two of which have won the William Hill Sports Book of the Year award. We chat about growing up in South Africa, how he became an Arsenal fan, and lots more.

Arsecast Extra Episode 166 - 20.03.2017  

On this week's show we discuss the dreadful defeat and performance against West Brom at the weekend. Dereliction of defensive duties, sterile football, not a shot on target in the second half and all the rest. Then there's the manager saying he knows what his decision will be without telling anyone else, more conspicuous silence from the board, their role in offering Arsene Wenger a new deal, and the general state of chaos and uncertainty that surrounds the club right now. There are more questions about the manager, players, performances, and loads more before we come to the conclusion that Arsenal is a bit of a freak show right now.

Episode 421 - A zone of danger  

Joining me this week for a very interesting discussion about one of the men tipped as a potential Arsene Wenger replacement is Paolo Bandini. We talk about Juventus boss Max Allegri, his career and how he might fit in at Arsenal. We also chat about the failure of English clubs to progress in the Champions League this season and more. I also celebrate what is a very special day in this household, there's some press conference stuff, and a grand dollop of the usual waffle.

Arsecast Extra Episode 165 - 13.03.2017  

On this week's show discuss the FA Cup quarter-final win over Lincoln City, the sad case of Lucas Perez, terrible commentary and punditry, and who we might draw in the cup semi-finals. We then answer listener questions about Mesut Ozil's role in the team and the midfield set-up, protests and planes, Aaron Ramsey belting in a goal from close range, and lots more before we finish with a chat about the most important issue of all – the best bar snacks.

Episode 420 - The Arsenal environment  

it's another long one so prep your ears. I'm joined by James Olley of the Evening Standard to talk Bayern, Wenger, Gazidis, Kroenke and more, before we get some perspective on Saturday's FA Cup quarter-final from Richie Bates, an Arsenal fan who also happens to be Commercial Director with Lincoln City. I'm then joined by Clive Palmer to chat more about the current situation at the club, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, the Arsenal environment and plenty more besides. There's a chunk of the usual waffle, as well as the winner of the Kick Off Revival game from last week.

Arsecast Extra Episode 164 - 06.03.2017  

On this week's show we try and get to grips with the fall-out from the Alexis Sanchez stuff over the weekend. The team selection, the training ground bust-up, the source of the story, the consequences it had for the team and the manager, and ultimately the 3-1 defeat to Liverpool at Anfield. The questions are mostly about the future direction of the club, the players, and Arsene Wenger, and we touch on the board, their responsibility (or lack of), a ludicrous suggestion from Josh Kroenke and more. It's a bit of an epic so strap in, and enjoy.

Episode 419 - Can we smash the 'smashers?  

On this week's show to discuss the shake-up at youth level and the departure of Andries Jonker, Im joined by Jack Pitt-Brooke from the Independent. We chat about the Dutchman's time at the club, as well as talking about Arsene Wenger and his future in the wake of his press conference comments. We also have a chat about the Liverpool game at the weekend, before I'm joined by the Mugsmasher for more in-depth waffle about that particular game – which he predicts will be high scoring. There's also a chance for you to a win PS4 version of Kick Off Revival, the classic football game, revived and available now for Playsation, as well as all the usual waffle.

Arsecast Extra Episode 163 - 27.02.2017  

On this week's show we deal with the fact there's no Arsenal news by talking about a dream in which a giant James features, more Gunnerblog acclaim from the general public, the EFL Cup final, Claudio Ranieri, and some brief Arsenal U23 action. We then touch on the 15th birthday of the site, left-backs and whether Luke Shaw might be an option this summer, some of the changes in the game for good and bad, and finish up by discussing which condiments and sauces are appropriate with chips.

Episode 418 - 606  

This week's Arsecast was a little bit experimental. Sound and technology issues meant that my co-host for the evening, Andrew Allen, makes only a very brief appearance as I field calls from Arsenal fans from all over the world to discuss the goings-on, the ins, the outs, the shake it all abouts, the manager, players, transfers, media landscape, and lots more. There's also a fantastic recipe for soup.

Arsecast Extra Episode 162 - 21.02.2017  

On this week's show we discuss the storming 2-0 win over Sutton United in the FA Cup, the so-called magic of the cup itself and how Arsenal, at least, managed to provide some with a great gesture. It's 100 goals for Theo Walcott, Lucas Perez keeps banging on Arsene Wenger's door, and we answer questions about the current situation involving the manager, Rob Holding's impressive display, a boardroom role for Edu, the sinister powers of Alexis Sanchez and lots more.

Episode 417 - Come in number 67, your time is up  

Time now for this week's Arsecast and given the week that's in it, there was really only one topic of discussion: the Bayern result and what it means for Arsene Wenger. To get some differing perspectives on it, I'm joined by James from Gunnerblog, Daniel Storey from Football 365, chief football writer for the Independent Miguel Delaney, and the Man from East Lower. We talk about the manager, his future, the structures of the football club, the board, and pretty much every aspect of the situation. I also chat with Kurtis Powers from Arsenal NYC about a cool event involving Liam Brady, and as you might expect there's not a lot of the usual waffle under the circumstances.

Arsecast Extra Episode 161 - 13.02.2017  

On this week's show we take a look back at the difficult 2-0 win over Hull, the goals from Alexis, the handballs, the performance, Theo Walcott's aggression and the rest of the weekend's Premier League action in the context of that result. With Bayern Munich in midweek there are questions about Mesut Ozil and the possible team selection for this one, talk of succession plans, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain's role in midfield, Hector Bellerin, and we end the show by wondering what to feed ducks and how to make pigeons explode.

Episode 416 - The one from the Holiday Inn  

On this week's show, recorded in a hotel room in Camden, I chat with Hugh Wizzy about the state of play at Arsenal, Arsene Wenger and his future, the boardroom state of play which is contributing to our on-pitch issues and lots more. I'm nervous ahead of an exciting gig, and there's a bit of the usual waffle including some extra waffle at the end. Enjoy.

Arsecast Extra Episode 160 - 06.02.2017  

On this week's show we look back at the 3-1 defeat to Chelsea which has ended our title chances for another year. We dissect the performance, the consequences, what it means for this season, and what the future holds. We discuss the assault on Hector Bellerin for the opening goal and the strange media coverage of it, before taking questions on what lies ahead for Arsenal and Arsene Wenger; is the club ready to make a change; what would constitute a successful season at this point; the Ox's accidental Twitter like and lots more.

Episode 415 - It's all down to Josh  

To discuss the last week and the game against Chelsea this weekend, I'm joined by Philippe Auclair. We talk Watford and the disappointing defeat, the lack of midfield options going into the crunch clash at Stamford Bridge, whether or not Aaron Ramsey fits into the team, and then the future of the club and the manager based on a couple of hypothetical scenarios as to where we might finish in the league this season. It's good chat, minimal waffle, and you should listen.

Arsecast Extra Episode 159 - 30.01.2017  

On this week's show we go double-barrelled as we look at the 5-0 win over Southampton in the FA Cup, goals from Danny Welbeck and Theo Walcott, the midfield-midfield and how well they played, and what was a thoroughly enjoyable game to witness. We then answer listener questions about our myriad striking options, which of the youngsters-youngsters is most likely to make the grade, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain's future and lots more, as well as interruptions from delivery men, drills and loan-shark moles. It's all in there today!

Episode 414 - There is a devil coming  

Time now for this week's Arsecast, and to chat about the Premier League title race, China, the rampant commercialism of the game, player hashtags, Arsenal's season, and tons more is Ken Early from Second Captains. It's a fairly in-depth chat, so there's not as much of the usual waffle but there's still a bit of the usual waffle, a brief Southampton preview, and some Holy God FM.

Arsecast Extra Episode 158 - 23.01.2017  

On this week's show we look back on the remarkable 2-1 win over Burnley, and the final few minutes which saw the game turn on its head twice. We discuss the penalties, the red card for Granit Xhaka, the referee's decisions, and a team that has once against earned points late on. We then answer questions about Xhaka and his disciplinary record, whether this win can prove a fillip to the side in the pursuit of Chelsea, how we might cope with an Arsene Wenger touchline ban, a depleted midfield, penalties and Petr Cech's record, and lots more.

Episode 413 - Fantastic vegetables, man ...  

On this week's show I'm joined by Tayo Popoola to shoot the breeze about Arsenal, Theo Walcott, Alex Iwobi's backside, current form and more. Then I chat to photographer Jason Ilagan about his excellent project Humans of the Arsenal, how it came to be, where it's taken him and the doors it has opened. There's a brief look ahead to Burnley, Arsene Wenger is asked some silly questions, and a level teaspoon of the usual waffle.

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