Awesome Etiquette ® – Infinite Guest Podcast Ne

Awesome Etiquette ® – Infinite Guest Podcast Ne


Lizzie Post and Daniel Post Senning of the Emily Post Institute answer your questions about etiquette in the 21st century. Awesome Etiquette guides listeners through everything from traditional etiquette quandaries to newly emerging issues in the modern world. Part of the Infinite Guest network from American Public Media.


111: Handshake Anxiety  

Germophobes may be anxious about shaking hands, especially during the cold and flu season. Is there ever a polite way to deny a handshake?

110: Standing Up For Your Baby Name  

You’ve been open about your quest to find the perfect baby name. A friend hears your tentative choice and sends you another list of names to consider. Is she being helpful, or is something else at play?

109: Mother/Son Political Polarization  

A mother and son with opposing political views can work it out by agreeing not to discuss them. But what happens when the mother violates that agreement by posting her strident opinions on her son’s Facebook wall?

108: Dealing with Unwanted Advances  

Let’s say you’re repeatedly hit on at a club or bar. You’re not interested, but you’re also not one to humiliate the prospective suitor. Your friends want you to be more aggressive. What’s the best way to say no?

107: Cat/Car Quandary  

We need listener input on this one. A woman generously loans one of her parking spots to a neighbor, who then complains about the woman’s cat sitting on a car the neighbor is trying to sell. What to do?

106: Accidental Overexposure  

An exhausted, multi-tasking mom greets her nice, new neighbors at the door...underdressed, let's say. Should she apologize, or just let it go?

105: Birthday Neglect, Family Tension  

Your brother and his wife have a wonderful gift-giving tradition to celebrate your twin daughters’ birthday. But this year they forgot and didn’t even send a card. Should you respond in kind when their kids’ birthdays roll around?

104: Divorce Drama at the Annual Campout  

Handling divorce drama at your annual campout, resolution on the "too much perfume at the office" issue, and more.

103: Not Enough Cooks in the Kitchen  

You’re used to dining out with friends, but then they invite you over for a home-cooked meal. You learn pretty early into the appetizers that they aren’t the most skilled in the kitchen. In fact, it’s pretty bad. Do you say anything to them?

102: Etiquette in Action!  

Ever been floored by someone’s perfume/cologne/scent? What about at work, where you can’t get away? Dan and Lizzie go deep with a demonstration of their 5-step etiquette process when they help out a young woman in the above situation.

101: Consideration, Respect, and Honesty  

Want to know how Lizzie and Dan come up with the answers to the variety of questions on the show? On this episode, they break down their process of applying consideration, respect, and honesty to situations in the world so you can do it yourself.

100: Episode 100!  

On the centennial episode, Lizzie and Dan give the definitive answers to some classic etiquette topics – thank you notes, wedding gifts, dining settings and utensils, and dealing with other people’s bad etiquette.

99: More Like the Friendship Episode Than an Episode of Friends  

Friendship! Lizzie and Dan talk all about it with questions like this: Friends are telling lies about another friend…so what’s an appropriate response?

98: Thank You Very Little  

Someone has asked you to do them a big, last-minute favor to get them out of a major bind. You do your best, but instead of an enthusiastic thanks, you get criticism of the work you did. What do you say back?

97: I’ve Got the Next Round  

You’ve got a friend who loves to be a part of the crowd. But you’ve noticed that whenever it’s their turn to buy the next round, they’ve suddenly had enough for the night, or have to go somewhere. Should you call them on it, or butt out?

96: The Clean Plate Club’s Only Member  

You’re at a restaurant, and you’re the first person to finish your meal. Everyone else is still enjoying theirs and chatting. Should the server come and get your plate immediately, or wait for the rest of your party to finish?

95: Let’s Never Do This Again Sometime  

You’re out with an acquaintance you don’t see very often. You suddenly hear yourself say “That was fun … we should do it again soon.” But you know you don’t mean it. Are you just following accepted social custom, or are you being rude and disingenuous?

94: Rent Asunder  

The paint is still fresh on the walls, and some unpacked boxes are still sitting in the corner, but you are already getting the dreaded question: 'Nice place … how much are you paying?'

93: You Are What You Eat  

Eating with dietary restrictions can be tricky when you aren’t cooking for yourself. On the show this week, Lizzie and Dan tackle a range of questions about food choices.

92: Forever Hold Your Peace. Please.  

Everyone has an opinion about your wedding. And you’ve tried being nice. So how do you get people to keep their ideas to themselves and let you enjoy your engagement?

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