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Back to the Bible is a worldwide Christian ministry dedicated to leading people forward spiritually. Using media and technology, Back to the Bible meets people at their own spiritual level and walks with them daily into a living, growing and passionate relationship with Jesus Christ by equipping and motivating them to engage Scripture daily.With every 25-minute study, you'll gain a better understanding of what the Bible says, what it means and how to apply it to everyday life.


God's Severe Mercy  

As John's vision in the Book of Revelation continues, we see stars fall, water turn to blood and horrible locusts let loose on the earth. As believers today, we can praise God we'll never have to experience that. But as Ron Moore explains, it should also motivate us. As we look at these dark days, we'll look at ways we can shine the light of Christ in our world today.

Mercy in the Midst of Judgment  

As chaotic as the descriptions of the end times can be, one fact remains clear throughout: God is in control. More than that, God continues to protect and provide for those who love Him. Bible Teacher Ron Moore continues our study of Revelation with a look at the mercy and power of God we can cling to in the chaos of our own lives.

Judgment Begins  

From a glimpse of the majestic throne of God, the Book of Revelation turns to a look at incomprehensible horror taking place on earth. As Ron Moore explains, this is where we see evil unrestrained and running rampant on the earth. As we consider these tragic events, we'll consider what they can teach us today.

The Worthy One  

As we continue our study of Revelation, all eyes turn to Jesus. As Ron Moore explains, He is the only one found worthy in all of creation to carry forward God's plan for the future. Why is that? We'll learn five reasons why Jesus is such a crucial figure and why we as Christ-followers can boldly and confidently proclaim that Jesus is truly the Worthy One.

A Heavenly Picture  

Bible Teacher Ron Moore continues our study of Revelation with John's first glimpse of the throne room of Heaven. As we look through the apostle John's eyes at the majestic sights of God's presence, we'll be reminded of God's glory, holiness and the love He shows us. We'll be encouraged to live our lives today with eternity in mind.

The Church at Laodicea  

Complacency and apathy are two of the biggest threats to passion and motivation. And when they seep into a believer's life, the result is a tepid lukewarmness. This is the situation the Church in Laodicea found itself in. Join Ron Moore as we look at the dangers of complacency and the ways we can motivate ourselves to a life of passion for Jesus Christ.

The Church at Philadelphia  

If you've ever experienced isolation, either relationally or geographically, you've maybe wondered if anything you do matters on a larger scale. Ron Moore continues our study of Revelation with a look at Jesus' words to the small Church of Philadelphia. As small and isolated as that church was, it still mattered to God and had a significant role to play in the Body of Christ.

The Church at Sardis  

The Church at Sardis had it all: Comfort, wealth, prestige. Yet they lacked one vital thing. Ron Moore continues our study of Revelation by examining Jesus' letter to this church that was healthy on the outside, but dead on the inside. We'll see how to revitalize our walk with Christ when it starts becoming stagnant.

The Church at Thyatira  

It's easy enough to identify the truth in the face of outright lies. But what if the truth is mixed with just a little bit extra that makes it seem even better? Bible Teacher Ron Moore takes us to the Book of Revelation and a closer look at Jesus' words to the Church of Thyatira. We'll see how we can avoid mixing truth with fiction in our Christian faith.

The Church at Pergamum  

As terrible as persecution is, the subtle lure of compromise can present an even greater threat to our witness as Christians. Ron Moore takes us to the Book of Revelation to show how this was true in the Church at Pergamum. We'll see what it takes to avoid the slippery slope of compromise and learn how stand back up if and when we fall.

The Church at Smyrna  

Life for Christians in America today is vastly different from life in Smyrna in the first century. But these early Christians set an example we can follow today. Ron Moore shows us four principles from the letter to Smyrna found in the Book of Revelation to help us center our mind on Jesus and our eternal reward no matter what difficulties we are facing today.

The Church at Ephesus  

The Book of Revelation begins with a message from Jesus to the Church of Ephesus. And the commendation and correction Jesus offers is relevant to the Church today. Ron Moore takes us through this message to Ephesus and helps us see how to maintain our fire for serving God.

Jesus: The First and the Last  

As the Book of Revelation gets underway, the author turns our attention to the glorious, resurrected Jesus. Ron Moore helps us see Jesus in this new yet familiar light and shows us how His presence at the end of days will be a comfort to those who believe and terrible to those who don't.

The Revelation of Jesus Christ  

Frightening and confusing are just two of the words often used to describe the Book of Revelation. But what about encouraging and enlightening? Bible Teacher Ron Moore begins a new study on the last book of the Bible by showing how a study of the end times can impact our lives today.

Picking a President  

America is looking for a leader with the right stuff, but first we have to ask ourselves, what is the right stuff and how will we know when a candidate has it? Ron Moore offers seven cardinal virtues to look to as we draw near to election day.

Failing Forward: A Second Chance  

Anyone who has followed Jesus knows the path He leads us on isn't always easy. All too often, we stumble and fall. How can we face Jesus after a failure? Ron Moore takes us to John 21 where we find Peter in exactly this situation. His encounter with Jesus will both challenge and encourage us as we move forward in our relationship with Him.

Radical Repentance  

Sometimes we talk about becoming a Christian as a "life-changing" experience. That was certainly true for a man named Zacchaeus. Bible Teacher Ron Moore takes us to Luke to examine this encounter at the sycamore tree. We'll be encouraged by Zacchaeus' generosity and challenged to consider our own relationship with Jesus.

On My Terms  

There are two types of Christian: those who love the Christian lifestyle, and those who love Christ. The difference is subtle, Ron Moore explains, but important. As we study the Gospel of Luke, we'll look at three people more in love with the idea of being a Christ-follower than they were with Christ Himself. We'll learn how to focus our eyes on Jesus and serve Him alone.

Counting the Cost  

When it comes to your relationship with Jesus, are you trying to dictate the terms of that relationship? Ron Moore takes us to the Gospel of Mark and introduces us to a young man who approached Jesus with just that idea. We'll see how we can follow Jesus on His terms and learn of the blessing awaiting those who accept those terms.

In His Footsteps  

Is it wrong to ask God to prove his presence and power in your life? Bible Teacher Ron Moore takes us to the Gospel of Luke and shows us how Jesus proved Himself to the first disciples. We'll be reminded that throughout scripture, God consistently proves Himself to those He calls. Being assured of our calling, then, we'll be encouraged, like the disciples, to follow Jesus.

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