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Back to the Bible is a worldwide Christian ministry dedicated to leading people forward spiritually. Using media and technology, Back to the Bible meets people at their own spiritual level and walks with them daily into a living, growing and passionate relationship with Jesus Christ by equipping and motivating them to engage Scripture daily.With every 25-minute study, you'll gain a better understanding of what the Bible says, what it means and how to apply it to everyday life.


Let's Honor Our Differences, Part 2  

The old joke is that men and women come from different planets. While the differences may not be that extreme, men and women do have unique needs. Ron Moore takes us through these needs and shows, with examples from the Bible, how those needs can be met in a godly way within the marriage relationship.

Let's Honor Our Differences, Part 1  

If the two become one in marriage, what becomes of individual identity? And what does the Bible mean when it says the woman must submit to her husband? Ron Moore takes us to the Book of Ephesians for a look at one of the best descriptions of the marriage relationship in the Bible. We'll also find clarity on the specific responsibilities God has placed on men and women in marriage.

Let's Fight Fair, Part 2  

Ron Moore continues his look at the sources and solutions to conflict in marriage. Specifically, we'll look for signs of those hidden issues that tend to lurk out of sight. When we can identify the warning signs, we'll know better how to bring the real issue out into the open and deal with it in an appropriate, and biblical, manner.

Let's Fight Fair, Part 1  

Conflict in marriage is not a matter of if; it's a when. So, how do we foster peace and understanding in our marriages when anger and resentment arise? Ron Moore takes us to the Book of James to find the source of conflict and shows us many practical ways to resolve the tensions before lasting harm is done.

Let's Talk  

Of all the things that can harm a marriage, poor communication is the most damaging. But, if approached in a proper and godly way, good communication can carry a marriage through the most difficult of times. Ron Moore takes us to the Bible to find the keys to open, honest and loving communication.

Let's Do This Together, Part 2  

The relationship we form with our spouse is probably the strongest, most resilient relationship any of us will ever know. But, as we know all too well, even that bond can be broken. Ron Moore looks at the pattern for marriage God established for us way back in Eden and helps us identify the habits and attitudes that can drive a couple apart.

Let's Do This Together, Part 1  

"I now pronounce you man and wife!" This and similar phrases have launched millions of marriages throughout the ages. And behind those words lies a deep, spiritual truth--one that not only reveals the heart of the marriage relationship, but the heart of God as well. Join Ron Moore for a series focused on God's purpose for marriage.

Tower of Babel  

What happens when humanity decides to ignore God's command? How will God respond when mankind builds a memorial to itself? Ron Moore takes us to Genesis 11 to look at the Tower of Babel. As we consider this feat of ancient engineering, we'll be reminded of the dangers of pride and learn how to use our gifts for God's glory and not our own.

The Flood  

As kids, we marvel at the ultimate zoo floating over a flooded world. But as adults, it's hard not to wonder how God could bring such a terrible judgment. Bible Teacher Ron Moore takes us back to the days of Noah where we'll see wickedness unrestrained and God's light shining in even the darkest days.

Adam to Noah  

What can you learn from a genealogy in the Bible? Quite a bit actually. Ron Moore takes us to Genesis to look at the early branches in Adam's family tree. As the human race begins to grow we'll see the influence of sin grow also. Through it all, we'll see the evidence of God's grace at work in all the generations of Adam.     

Cain and Abel  

What was life like in the early days of the fallen world--in the first days outside of Eden? Ron Moore takes us to Genesis four to show us the contrast in the lives of Cain and Abel. Through their example we'll learn the proper way to approach God and the proper way to respond to our sin. And through it all, we'll see the grace of God shining bright.

The Fall  

In Genesis chapter three, paradise is lost; Adam and Eve disobey God's command and are expelled from the Garden forever. And every generation after has been born with a sinful, rebellious heart. But, as Ron Moore explains, God's grace abounds even here. We'll learn how to recognize the patterns that lead to sin. And we'll see that even in our sin, God's love for us upholds and sustains us.

Adam and Eve  

If chapter one of Genesis shows the immense, almighty, unapproachable God, in chapter two, God comes down to our level. Ron Moore shows us in these verses how God takes a hands-on approach to forming man and woman. As we learn about God's personal relationship with mankind, we'll learn how to include God in every aspect of our life.


Do you have project due in a week that's stressing you out? Is life a chaotic mess? Do you just need a moment to breathe? Ron Moore takes us back to the days of creation where we'll see God call life out of nothing, and bring order to chaos. We'll take a special look at the Sabbath rest and how that important concept applies to believers today.

The Beginning  

Genesis is a book of beginnings, of introductions. Here we meet God for the first time, we see the first family begin and witness the birth of a nation. Join Bible Teacher Ron Moore as we begin an in-depth study at this foundational book of the Bible. In particular, we'll look at several of the many names of God used in this Book, and discover what they can teach us about our Creator God.

'Twas the Day After Christmas  

In Ephesians, Paul describes believers as "God's workmanship." Ron Moore examines this new identity of believers. We'll learn about God's work in our lives to transform us, and we'll find out how God plans to use us as we reflect His love to the world around us.

The Light of Majesty  

Follow Ron Moore on a journey with the wise men who travelled far to present the young Jesus with costly gifts. Their reverence stands in bold contrast to the jealousy shown by Herod and the indifference of his scholars. Through their examples we'll learn the importance of having a relationship with Jesus, and not just knowledge of Him.

The Light of Truth  

It was during a nighttime meeting that Nicodemus came face-to-face with the Light of the World. And it was in that conversation that Jesus made a world-changing proclamation of God's love for mankind. Ron Moore helps us understand what it means to be "born again," and offers us the opportunity to have our own encounter with Jesus Christ.

The Light of Knowledge  

Perhaps no one appreciated the wonder of light as much as the man born blind who was miraculously healed by Jesus. Ron Moore takes us to John for a closer look at this important encounter. Through this man's life we'll see a powerful example of how Jesus seeks out the lost to offer a new life in Him.

The Light of Life  

"Light" is an important concept in the life of Jesus. Not only is He described as a light shining in the darkness, Jesus describes those who believe in Him as shining cities on the hill. Ron Moore helps us see how we as Christians can use our light to glorify God and point people to the true Light.

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