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Basic Brewing Radio is a weekly chat about homebrewing - brewing the best beer and mead in the world in your own home.


06-02-16 NZ Kelly Ryan of Fork and Brewer  

Roving reporter Will Gallaspy picks the brain of Kelly Ryan, brewer at Fork and Brewer in Wellington, New Zealand.

05-26-16 NZ Brewing Pioneer Ben Middlemiss  

Roving reporter Will Gallaspy catches pioneering New Zealand craft brewer Ben Middlemiss and talks to him about how good beer came to the Kiwis.

05-19-16 Homebrew All Stars  

Denny Conn and Drew Beechum, authors of Homebrew All Stars, divine which category of brewer Steve and James fit into.

05-12-16 Chris Colby NZ Keynote  

Chris Colby, editor of Beer and Wine Jounal, dives into the details on foam – how it's created and the positive and negative factors affecting it.

05-05-16 John Palmer NZ Keynote  

John Palmer, homebrew guru, shares his top five brewing priorities in his keynote presentation at the New Zealand Homebrew Conference.

04-28-16 Chris White NZ Keynote  

White Labs Yeast founder, Dr. Chris White, shares some yeast science and practical homebrewing advice at the New Zealand Homebrew Conference.

04-21-16 NZ Sour Panel  

In this panel from the New Zealand Homebrewers Conference, pro and home brewers share advice and experience in brewing delicious sour beers.

04-14-16 How Enzymes Work  

Chris Colby, editor of Beer and Wine Journal, dives deeply into science as he describes how enzymes work on a microscopic level and how that applies to your mash tun.

04-07-16 Brulosophy Vorlauf and Cold Sparge  

Ray Found from shares two experiments: one on the effects of spent grains in the boil and another on sparging with room temperature water.

03-31-16 Common Sense Brewing  

James moderates a panel from NZHC with Tasty McDole, Will Gallaspy and Nick Wiseman on brewing with common sense.

03-24-16 Nelson Marchfest Brew-Off  

We head to New Zealand for the first homebrew conference in Nelson and take part in a brewing demonstration.

03-17-16 Episode 500  

While James, Andy and Chris head to New Zealand, we celebrate our first 500 episodes with this look back.

03-10-16 More Sour Hybrids  

Homebrewer James Sites shares another round of his tasty sour beer and wine hybrids fermented with his own house sour culture.

03-03-16 Springtime Hop Care  

James Altwies of Gorst Valley Hops give us some excellent advice on making sure our homegrown hops get a good start on the season.

02-25-16 Fading Alpha Acids  

Chris Colby, editor of Beer and Wine Journal, talks about how time affects the levels of alpha acids in hops and how to slow their fading.

02-18-16 Quality Management  

Mary Pelletieri, author of Quality Management: Essential Planning for Breweries, joins us to talk about how to bring quality management practices into our home breweries.

02-11-16 Bentonville Brewing Company  

We continue our introductions to northwest Arkansas breweries as we visit with Katie and Beau Boykin of Bentonville Brewing.

02-04-16 Bronzed Brews  

Peter Symons joins us from Sydney to talk about Bronzed Brews, his new book exploring the history of Australian brewing.

01-28-16 Sugar Staggering Experiment  

Malcolm Frazer of shares his experiment comparing the results of adding sugar to the fermenter all at once vs staggered over time.

01-21-16 Hitting Original Gravity  

Chris Colby, editor of Beer and Wine Journal, shares tips on hitting original gravity if things go awry during the brew day.

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