BBC Learning English Drama

BBC Learning English Drama


Dramas for English language learners from BBC World Service. Improve your English with retellings of stories classic and new. Each episode is between 6 and 10 minutes long.


A Christmas Carol: Part 4  

The third of three spirits

A Christmas Carol: Part 3  

The second of three spirits

A Christmas Carol: Part 2  

The first of three spirits

A Christmas Carol: Part 1  

Marley's ghost

Alice in Wonderland: Part 8  

Croquet with the Queen

Dick Whittington and his cat  

Welcome to the BBC Learning English pantomime!

Alice in Wonderland - part 10  

Alice is at the trial of the Knave of Hearts - and she is taller than ever before.

Alice in Wonderland: Part 6  

Someone inside the Duchess's house is angry - but who?

Alice in Wonderland: Part 9  

Who stole the tarts?

Alice in Wonderland: Part 8  

Croquet with the Queen

Alice in Wonderland: Part 5  

Advice from a caterpillar

Alice in Wonderland: Part 4  

The White Rabbit's house

Alice in Wonderland: Part 3  

Alice meets all sorts of creatures as she swims around in a pool of her own tears. She joins in a Caucus-race: but how can you win a race with no rules?

Alice in Wonderland: Part 2  

Alice can't stay the same size for more than a few minutes! When she's big, she cries a pool of tears. What will happen to her when she gets smaller again?

Alice in Wonderland: Part 1  

Alice is an ordinary girl, until the day a white rabbit runs past her, saying "I'm late!" She follows him down a rabbit hole, and a Wonderland of adventures begin…

Frankenstein: Episode 10  

The Creature reappears in the Arctic and boards the boat which has rescued Viktor Frankenstein

Frankenstein: Episode 9  

Viktor Frankenstein gets married and is happy again. But will it last long?

Frankenstein: Episode 8  

Viktor Frankenstein is in the Arctic trying to find a monster.

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