BBC Learning English Drama

BBC Learning English Drama


Dramas for English language learners from BBC World Service. Improve your English with retellings of stories classic and new. Each episode is between 6 and 10 minutes long.


Jamaica Inn: Part 6  

Mary goes to the horse market with Jem, but things don't go to plan...

Jamaica Inn: Part 5  

Mary gets lost on the moor, but she meets a man who offers to help her. Who is he - and can he be trusted?

Jamaica Inn: Part 4  

Mary finds herself attracted to a visitor to Jamaica Inn. But who is he - and can he be trusted? Meanwhile, another visitor discovers some suspicious objects in an upstairs room

Jamaica Inn: Part 3  

Mary sees something strange going on outside her window. What's going on and why is someone talking about murder?

Jamaica Inn: Part 2  

Mary arrives at Jamaica Inn and meets her Aunt Patience and Uncle Joss. Immediately she discovers what a mean and scary man her uncle is

Jamaica Inn: Part 1  

When Mary's mother dies, she goes to live with her aunt and uncle who run the Jamaica Inn. On her journey there she is warned to keep away. But why?

The Race: Episode 10  

Do Phil and his crew make it back to London in time? Or will he fail in his challenge?

Multiple careers  

Are the days of a job for life over?

The Race: Episode 9  

Plain sailing: Captain Phil takes charge - but does he know the ropes?

The Race: Episode 8  

Heave-ho: How do lobsters leave Phil sailing the yacht on his own?

The Race: Episode 7  

Shipwrecked: Will the crew be stuck on a desert island forever?

The Race: Episode 6  

Find our yacht! Could this be the end for the round-the-world adventure?

The Race: Episode 5  

Land ahoy! Where have the crew sailed to now?

The Race: Episode 4  

Find out how Phil’s journey is going as he continues his round-the-world trip

The Race: Episode 3  

Batten down the hatches! How will the crew weather the storm?

The Race: Episode 2  

Will it be plain sailing for Phil in his 80 day challenge?

The Race: Episode 1  

Meet Phil. His life is about to get a lot more exciting!

Goldilocks and the three bears  

What happened when Goldilocks visited the three bears' house?

A Christmas Carol: Part 4  

The third of three spirits

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