Be Here For A While

Be Here For A While


Rachael O’Brien is a stand-up comic and actress. Currently Rachael can be seen on Bravo’s hit TV show Vanderpump Rules, which recently aired its new season. She has toured all over the world and this past fall she embarked on a 3-week European tour through Germany, The Netherlands, and Belgium doing stand-up for the troops. She has shared the stage with comedic household names including Jeff Ross, Judd Apatow, Heather McDonald, Ron White, and Nick Kroll. "Be Here for A While" is a comedic look into the world as Rachael and her notable comedian and entertainment industry friends see it.


Industry legend Barry Katz on making it in the business  

Rachael sits down with industry legend Barry Katz who is universally known for helping launch the careers of some of the most extraordinary comedy artists int he business - including Dave Chappelle, Anthony Clark, Nick Swardson, Tracy Morgan, Bill Burr, Darrell Hammond, Whitney Cummings, Jay Mohn, Dane Cook, and Louie CK. Rachael soaks up all the advice Barry has to offer about finding your niche, navitaging distraction, and the different definitions of "making it" in the business. Check out Barry's very successful podcast, "Industry Standard", a one-of-a-kind weekly inspirational podcast that features an insiders look at Hollywood from a totally different perspective, featuring behind-the-scenes A-list players who candidly reveal the risky decisions they made that led to the most groundbreaking internet, television, radio, music, and film content in the world.

Comedian/ghost aficionado Andy Kozel and Rachael dissect the paranormal world... of comedy in LA  

Comedian/radio host/ghost aficionado Andy Kozel and Rachael share the same love of grocery store samples, among other things. Andy is the host of Ghostline, a lighthearted, weekly one hour radio show, about all things paranormal. Andy shares creepy (cool) stories about his haunted apartment in Hollywood -- including how famous actor Errol Flynn lived there as a young man. They discuss hauntings on the Queen Mary, the story of the Cecil Hotel, and the Ebell Theater, among others. Rachael interviews Andy about how he got started in comedy and we learn his backstory. They bond over their love of stand up and chat about how one stays competitive as a comedian in LA today. Are you Type A or Type B? Rachael and Andy breakdown the personality types (they're both Type B) and how it reveals itself in their evolving comedy careers. We learn that Andy is a fan of Vanderpump Rules and the two end on discussing the upcoming comedy scene in Las Vegas and Rachael's military tour. 

It's all happening... with Vanderpump Rules' Scheana Shay  

It's National Taco Day and Vanderpump Rules' Scheana Shay is here for girl talk with Rachael. Rachael starts off with quickfire questions that get Scheana to reveal some info you might not know about her by watching the show, including her favorite current TV shows (spoiler: Keeping Up With The Kardashians), her go-to coffee order, and her latest Amazon purchases. Rachael and Scheana talk about addressing misconceptions on social media and her journey to Vanderpump Rules -- including growing up in LA and being a regular extra on Entourage. They end with a fun game, assigning their Vanderpump Rules castmates alternative reality shows. Another spoiler: Kristen for Catfish.

Rachael and her broken sock puppet hand are back from Charleston and excited about the Will and Grace revival  

In her latest solo podcast, Rachael recaps what it's like to live life with one hand, her experience auditioning for a Carl's Jr. commercial, and her latest trip to Charleston, South Carolina with Vanderpump Rules' Stassi Schroder to meet the cast of Bravo's Southern Charm. She retells the story of their trip as they explored Charleston with Southern Charm's Danni Baird, Naomie Olindo, and Craig Conover -- including spending the day on Danni's yacht and enjoying some delicious meals. Rachael geeks out over the remake of Lethal Weapon on FOX and is very enthusiastic after watching the pilot. Finally, Rachael is so excited about the Will and Grace revival (as the whole world should be). Stay tuned to Debra Messing's twitter and she'll be doing the same. 

Sh*t is getting real with Vanderpump Rules' Katie Maloney Schwartz  

Rachael's favorite newlywed Katie Maloney Schwartz is here! Before diving into the deep stuff, Rachael and Katie discuss last weekend's TV highlights -- football and The Emmys. Rachael didn't realize her friend's brother, Jimmy Kimmel, was hosting until the day of. Also, one of Katie's besties, Steph Corneliussen (from Mr. Robot) made Vogue Magazine's best dressed list! Katie dishes on married life with her Bubba, Tom Schwartz, and shares valuable relationship advice with listeners. Rachael and Katie discuss her evolution on Vanderpump Rules through each season and Katie tells a significant and very personal life-changing story that you might not already know, even if you're an avid viewer of the show. Sit back and enjoy girl talk at it's finest.

Rachael and Jackie Schimmel on how Jackie Schimmel became Jackie Schimmel  

Queen Bitch Jackie Schimmel, creator of blog turned podcast The Bitch Bible, is here to make Rachael feel better about her delusions of grandeur and reveal her life story. From working on Chelsea Handler's Chelsea Lately and After Lately to walking away from arguably the best desk job Rachael's ever heard of, we learn how Jackie made her way to her elevated podcast/bitchy blog status and her plans for the future. 

Rachael and Vanderpump Rules' Kristen Doute on the past, the present, and the future  

The one and only Kristen Doute stops by the Sunset Marquis Hotel to keep Rachael company as she's recovering after her hand surgery. They answer listeners' questions about past seasons and the upcoming season of Vanderpump Rules, chat about her exciting upcoming projects and, of course, recap the finale episode of Bachelor in Paradise. Highlights include how Kristen and Rachael first met (and reunited), their run as certified Fleetwood Mac groupies, and much more!

Rachael and Heather Woodbridge recap RHONY in Martha's Vineyard  

Rachael is in Martha's Vineyard with John's family and chatting with his sister in law, Heather Woodbridge (and her little daughter Hadley!). They chat east coast wealth, how Heather met John's brother William and fell in love fast, and the girls recap the latest episode of Real Housewives of New York. They dive into the woes of parenting and how Heather gave wine to her children's teachers as gifts. 

Impressionist Amy Phillips brings Bravo's Real Housewives into Rachael's living room  

Master Bravolebrity impressionist Amy Phillips brings the likes of Ramona Singer (Bravo's Real Housewives of New York) and Vicki Gunvalson (Bravo's Real Housewives of Orange County) into Rachael's living room, tells Rachael about the booming Detroit comedy scene, and how she got started with Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Lives. 

Rachael roasts her college roommate Dhyani Bella, who's here to tell the story of how she coined "WINNING" before Charlie Sheen  

Nobody knows Rachael better than her college roommate Dhyani Bella and she's here to get roasted! Dhyani discusses her sordid dating past, living with Rachael's drunk antics (which have indeed existed since day 1), and why W stands for WINNER, not whore. Sugarfish, Ice Cream, and Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles pretty much sums up Dhyani's personality completely (and all of those items exist on her rider).

The girls dive into a couple unbelievable stories about why Dhyani's been accused of selective hearing by psycho exes, why she probably shouldn't be dating athletes anymore, and how she is now a cougar. Moral of this podcast: LISTEN.


Rachael and Aussie comedian Jim Jefferies ramble at each other as only comics could  

You'll never have to wonder what it's like to be a fly on the wall as you get a glimpse into this entertaining, rambling exchange between two new friends who happen to also be stand up comedians. Australian comic, Jim Jefferies joins Rachael for Be Here For A While, poor shaming her before she can even intro him properly! Laugh along with these two as they discuss comedy, living in LA, and pick on each other a big. Catch Jim's comedy special Freedumb, now on Netflix! 

Rachael and comedian/writer Kate Casey discuss everything from reality TV to their love of crazy people... so, still reality TV  
Comedian/writer Kate Casey joins Rachael in a jam packed episode! They cover everything from reality TV to their love of crazy people, so…still reality TV! Kate and Rachael dig into some off-the-wall stories about Kate's journey and they discuss comedy, The Bachelorette, and (of course) Vanderpump Rules. Rachael somehow compares being a drunk to being a mom. All of this on this week’s episode of “Be Here For A While.”


Rachael discusses walking in LA, goals for her upcoming NOLA bachelorette trip, and her attempt at producing music  

Comedian Rachael O’Brien discusses “walking" in LA, goals for her upcoming New Orleans bachelorette trip, and her attempt at producing music for her very own podcast intro. 

Rachael joins Jaclyn Marfuggi at her parents' Malibu beach house to discuss dating, finance, and Rachael’s “Drunk Uncle” perspective on both topics  

Jaclyn Marfuggi returns for a special Malibu beach house episode of “Be Here for A While,” kind of like Saved By The Bell but Rachael just crashes Jaclyn’s family beach house. They talk comedy (of course), dating, and the high price of happy hours and uber.

Comedian Mark Serritella joins Rachael to chat standup, famous comedy fans and accidental brothel run ins in Europe.  

Rachael’s comedy soulmate Mark Serritella stops by to recap stories from their tour in Europe. Which includes more than one accidental run in with a brothel. They discuss the highs and lows of being comedian -- one of the highs being Paul McCartney seeing Mark do standup 3 times and buying him a drink (...insert Rachael’s jealousy here)

It’s a family affair when Rachael’s sister Talia Childers stops by for a visit  

It’s like being a kid again when Rachael’s sister, Talia, stops by to discuss teaching Rachael “important lessons”, sibling car rivalry, and Rachael’s tricks for convenient living (aka Task Rabbit). Talia doesn't hold back, calling Rachael out for being a fat kid and giving us a glimpse into their childhood antics in Oregon.  

Rachael gives up on looking cool, exchanges her charity gift for Guns and Roses tickets and gets hit by karma.  

Rachael gives up on looking cool the moment she catches herself walking down the street in loafers and workout shorts, sipping cough syrup straight from the bottle. Later, at a charity fundraiser, Rachael and Kristen Doute exchange a charity raffle prize for Guns and Roses tickets, only to find out the concert falls on the same day as her friend's wedding. And Rachael gets hit by the karma bus after complaining about taking care of her sick boyfriend over the weekend. 

Rachael gives Stassi Schroeder credit where credit is due (sort of...)  

Back to where it all began Rachael and Stassi Schroeder discuss alcohol and food shaming, pool parties, and Rachael tries to be hip in the pop culture game.

Rachael and Kevin Farley drink Tito's and talk comedy  

Actor and comedian Kevin Farley stops by to talk about his new show "Still The King" on CMT and the documentary he produced called "I Am Chris Farley" about his brother, SNL alum Chris Farley. Rachael and Kevin also discuss the life of being a comedian, show business, and how his career began.

Rachael on how Lady Gaga thwarted her stalking plans  

Rachael's plan to become BFF's with her workout instructor were quickly thwarted by none other than Lady Gaga. An audition experience also reveals that Rachael's true Irish roots can come out at the worst times. 

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