Because News from CBC Radio

Because News from CBC Radio


Host Gavin Crawford and a hilarious panel of smart alecks parody the news of the week, discussing the breaking stories Canadians cared about, the ones they didn’t - but probably should have.


Kids do Trump, genderless pronouns and moose-eating grizzlies  

Comedian Mary Walsh, Big Brother Canada's Arisa Cox and author Tom Howell take this week's news quiz.

Opera star Ben Heppner sings Trump, Disney goes to Halifax and millennial menstruation apps  

Opera star Ben Heppner joins comedians Ashley Botting and Kris Siddiqi on the news quiz.

Beer-chucking manhunt, your tuna's online history and happy Dumpsgiving  

Comedians Ashley Botting, Craig Lauzon and Jan Caruana take this week's news quiz

Boycotting Häagen-Dazs, lame provincial anthems and the Peeper Creeper  

Comedians Seán Cullen and Aisha Alfa meet newspaper columnist Barbara Kay in this week's news quiz

Licensing Quebec's karaoke singers, political candies and we get a national bird  

Opera singer Measha Brueggergosman, ex-lexicographer Tom Howell, and comedian Kris Siddiqi take this week's new quiz

Trump's 'extraordinary' health, self-driving Ubers, and Italians won't have babies.  

Comedians Scott Thompson, Candy Palmater, and author Tom Howell take this week's news quiz.

These things used to be fine, now the news says they're not  

Quiz! A game to test your knowledge of this week's surprising news stories

Giant pandas, men with bras, and the maple syrup cartel  

Comedians Scott Thompson, Rebecca Northan and Aisha Alfa take this week's news quiz.

Best of: Back to school  

Because News reflects on stories about education - featuring Rick Mercer, Arlene Dickinson and Tom Power.

Happy birthday internet! AustrEnglish, and giving EpiPen a dose of its own medicine  

Comedians Aurora Browne, Kris Siddiqi and Jan Caruana take on this week's news quiz.

Guess the Tragically Hip lyrics, unBEARable final moments, and a horny rhino in Calgary  

Kris Siddiqi, Tom Howell and Rebecca Northan take this week's news quiz.

Olympic sexism, Snoop Dogg's show, and wedding season news  

Comedian Leslie Seiler, author Tom Howell, and actor Grace Lynn Kung take on this week's news quiz. Featuring guest host, Ashley Botting.

Get ready for Rio 2016, this week in Trump, and why you should stop flossing  

Comedian Kris Siddiqi and actors Chris Lauzon and Rebecca Northan take on this week's news quiz.

Best of: When science makes the news  

We look back at the year's news stories about science - featuring Scott Thompson, Jann Arden and Steve Patterson.

This is your captain drinking…  

Two airline pilots are turned in by their own crew and charged for being too drunk to fly.

Justin shows his youth initiative  

Sources say he wanted to spend more time with his peers...

The Republicans' Conventional Circus, Trudeau's Youth Council, and Air Transat woes  

Stand-up comedian Aisha Alfa, broadcaster Tom Howell and funny-man Jean Paul take a crack at this week's news quiz.

The Tenors' apology tour, Pokemon Go, and Barbara Kay inhales helium  

Guest host Ashley Botting steps in for Gavin Crawford this week as the host of Because News. Featuring panellists Barbara Kay, Carolyn Taylor and Jean Paul.

The other Deepak Chopra, unfortunate horse names and fake fireworks  

Comedians Rebecca Kohler, Scott Vrooman and actor Anand Rajaram take this week's news quiz.

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