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'Balenciaga was the master of haute couture'  

Cristobal Balenciaga was at the height of his fame in the 1950s and 60s with famous clients including Jackie Kennedy. An exhibition devoted to his work is about to open at London's Victoria and Albert Museum. Curator Cassie Davies-Strodder and designer Molly Goddard discuss the relevance of Mr Balenciaga's influence on women's fashion. (Image: Design on display. Credit: V&A)

'How dare he tarnish the names of British Libyans'  

The Manchester attack has put the spotlight on the British Libyan community where the suspected bomber, Salman Abedi, was from. The areas of Manchester raided by police since the attack include those where the government's anti-terrorism strategy Prevent have been active but there are claims that warnings about Salman Abedi extremist views, voiced 5 years ago were ignored. Reporter Sangita Myska has been talking to British Libyans in Manchester. (Image: Multi-faith vigil. Credit: AFP/ Getty Images)

Manchester attack: The US leaks  

The UK government and police have reacted with anger after a US newspaper published photos apparently showing the scene of the Manchester bomb attack. Counter terror police chiefs have said the leak of information on the Manchester bomb attack to the US undermined their investigation and victims' and witnesses' confidence. Former commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Lord Blair, security correspondent Frank Gardner and former home secretary Lord Blunkett discuss how the UK should deal with the US leaking information. (Image: Evidence from the scene of the attack. Credit: Getty Images)

Thursday's business with Dominic O'Connell  

Shares in Marks and Spencer rose although its annual profits fell sharply. Investors showed confidence in a revival plan set out by the chief executive, Steve Rowe (Image: Marks and Spencer on Oxford Street, London. Credit: Press Association)

Manchester attack: 'It is likely suspect was not alone'  

Home Secretary Amber Rudd has said it may be "likely" that the terror suspect had not acted alone in the Manchester concert attack. When asked about information being leaked from the US the home secretary said that it was "irritating" but she said she had been clear that leaks should not happen again. (Image: Amber Rudd. Credit: Reuters)

Manchester attack: The aftermath  

Albert Square in central Manchester was the scene of a vigil attended by thousands of people yesterday evening after a terrorist attack took place in Manchester Arena. Mishal Husain spoke to Manchester Islamic School for Girls head teacher Mona Mohamed, poet Tony Walsh and musician Peter Hook to find out how the attack has affected them and the people around them. (Image: Manchester vigil. Credit: Getty Images)

Wednesday's business with Dominic O'Connell  

The members of Opec meet tomorrow - and they are expected to try and push up the price of oil with more cuts in production. Photo credit: Getty Images

Micromastery: A hidden path to happiness?  

Nobel Prize winners are fifteen times more likely than ordinary people to dabble in all sorts of creative activities according to author Robert Twigger's new book. Mr Twigger, author of Micromastery: Learn Small, Learn Fast and Find the Hidden Path to Happiness, says that focusing on several creative tasks can help people to excel in their chosen field. (Image: Handwriting. Credit: BBC)

Election 2017: Is our voting system broken?  

Nearly third of under 34s are not registered to vote in the general election, compared to only 5% of over 55s. What can be done to improve the level of registration and what lies behind the apparent lack of engagement in the political process? Former deputy prime minister Nick Clegg says the "archaic" voting system is partly to blame. (Image: Polling station. Credit: Getty Images)

Election 2017: Who will Remainers vote for?  

When Theresa May strode out of the door of Number 10 to call this election she claimed it was all about Brexit and not about her desire for her own mandate and a bigger Commons majority. So how important is Brexit to the average voter? Last week Nick Robinson heard from people in Halifax who voted Leave in the EU referendum. This week he shares a Thai takeaway with seven people who voted Remain in the Conservative marginal seat of Bedford. (Image: Remain voters. Credit: BBC)

Election 2017: Northern Ireland and the border  

The election campaign has a distinct flavour in Northern Ireland because it is inseparable from the collapse of the power-sharing assembly. How will that affect the vote in the general election? James Naughtie spoke to chancellor Professor Cathy Gormley-Heenan, DUP MP Gavin Robinson, Sinn Fein's leader Michelle O'Neill, columnist Alison Morris, UUP leader Robin Swann and SDLP's Claire Hanna. Justin Webb spoke to John O’Dowd, a former Sinn Fein education minister. (Image: Stormont Parliament. Credit: AFP/ Getty Images.)

Monday's business with Dominic O'Connell  

The markets news today includes questions surrounding the future of the boss of carmaker Ford Photo credit: Getty Images

Will the fans sell Portsmouth FC?  

To sell or not to sell? That is the question for supporters of Portsmouth Football Club after the former Disney chief executive Michael Eisner offered to buy the club for £5.6m. Portsmouth was recently crowned as League Two champions and is the largest football club in Britain owned by a fan club. Mr Eisner has given supporters until Friday to decide whether to accept or reject his bid. The BBC's Jonathan Legard reports (Image: Portsmouth FC fan credit: BBC)

The 'unexpected survivors' of war  

Medical treatments for injured soldiers developed so significantly during the war in Afghanistan that a new term had to be created – “unexpected survivors”. These are people who have lived through such extreme injuries on the battlefield, that only 10 years ago they would have been considered completely beyond saving. Emily Mayhew is historian in residence at the department of bio-engineering at Imperial College London. Her new book, A Heavy Reckoning: War, Medicine and Survival in Afghanistan and Beyond, Harry Parker is the author of Anatomy of a Soldier and is a former Army captain who lost his legs in Afghanistan. (Image: injured soldier in hospital bed; Credit: Getty Images)

Friday's business with Dominic O'Connell  

Businesses in the Midlands hope the election will bring some clarity about the Brexit negotiations - but those who use migrant workers are worried that might all be coming to an end. Dominic O'Connell is in Nottingham and he has been asking local employers what they think (Image: Malcolm Hall, the founder and managing director of Hall-Fast Industrial Supplies Ltd. Credit: BBC)

Girl Guides: The revamp  

Girlguiding is planning a major overhaul of its badge programme. Classic badges will be replaced by new ones more relevant to the 21st century, such as app design, vlogging and upcycling. Janie Hampton, author of How the Girl Guides Won the War and a Girl Guide in the 60s, says the "core values" of the Girl Guides have stayed the same since 1910 but they continue to "move with the times". Elena Veris Reynold, 17-year-old Girl Guide advocate, says the best thing about the programme is that it's so varied and that "whatever you're into" there will be a badge or an activity for it. (Image: Girl Guides in the 1940s. Credit: Getty Images)

Election 2017: The Tory social care plan  

One of the key measures contained in the Tory manifesto is a plan to tackle the social care crisis which the prime minister describes as a "declaration of intent" to tackle the "great challenges of our time". The plan involves the cost of care being taken from a person's estate - if it is worth at least £100,000 - when they die. Jeremy Hunt, the health secretary, says it is "not a death tax" because it is "not a tax". (Image: Jeremy Hunt. Credit: Getty Images)

Election 2017: Scotland's pivotal role  

Scotland is playing a fascinating and perhaps pivotal role in the election. 59 Scottish constituencies will be contested in the election with hopes from Labour, the Lib Dems and the Conservatives, of eroding the dominance of the SNP. Today’s James Naughtie reports from the territory that explains, best of all, why that is. (Image: Scottish flag and Union jack)

Thursday's business with Katie Prescott  

Financial markets have seen big falls as political controversy surrounding President Trump grows. Image credit: Reuters

Election 2017: A winning manifesto  

This week sees all the major parties launching their election manifestos - what are the key points for both Labour and the Conservatives? Owen Jones, Guardian columnist and Labour supporter, says the Labour manifesto is "pretty moderate, common sense" as "95 percent of people won't pay any more tax". Camilla Cavendish, journalist and former head of Number 10 policy unit under David Cameron, says there Theresa May is trying to "occupy the centre ground and reward hard work". (Image:Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn Credit: Reuters/Getty Images )

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