Camp Tech Podcast with Avery Swartz

Camp Tech Podcast with Avery Swartz


In this digital age, staying connected online is good business. But many people find tech intimidating. Tune it to the Camp Tech podcast where host Avery Swartz will help you navigate the digital world in a beginner-friendly way. Hear tech industry professionals give expert insight into the digital opportunities available to business owners today. You will learn practical tips and discover how to make the web work for you - no previous technical knowledge required.


015: Custom Domain Names Tips and Tricks  

I decided to switch things up this episode and forgo having a guest. Instead, I briefly discuss how to set up a vanity e-mail and how to create branded short domains. These are great things to know about for both personal and professional reasons. Once you know how to set these up, you can also help friends and relatives do the same; it’s that easy! 

Episode Highlights:  

How to create a vanity e-mail address  Picking a memorable domain name  Changing DNS settings  Hooking up your mail server to the domain name  Branded short domains  Picking a short domain  Changing your A Record  


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Google’s G Suite 

 The MX records for Google’s G Suite 

How to setup a custom branded short domain with Bitly 

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014: Digital Marketing for Small Business  

On today’s episode, fellow Camp Tech colleague Tara Wilkins and I discuss digital marketing for small businesses. Since small businesses are often operating on a shoestring marketing budget, Tara talks about techniques and strategies to increase brand awareness without breaking the bank. We also get into ways the success of a marketing campaign can be measured.  

Tara got her start in fashion, but became a volunteer at Camp Tech in order to pivot her career towards digital marketing. Her plan worked and now she is Camp Tech’s Marketing and Admin Manager. Tara also teaches a course about digital marketing on a tight budget. During this podcast, she shares her learned expertise about marketing strategies. This is a great episode, especially if you are a small business owner looking for marketing tips and tricks.   

Episode Highlights:  

Tara’s professional journey  The marketing challenges small businesses face  The importance of having a plan  What a small business marketing plan might look like  How to measure the effectiveness of a marketing strategy  Creating brand awareness  When to hire a professional  


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Brock Murray’s Camp Tech podcast episode 

Traction book by Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares 

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013: Website Accessibility  

On today's episode, my guest and I discuss the often overlooked issue of website accessibility. Returning guest Linn Oyen Farley is a Web Developer and Designer, who is not only a fellow Camp Tech instructor, but also someone with whom I’ve created websites.  

Accessibility is an issue that can be overlooked when developing websites. Linn and I explain what web accessibility is, the technology that increases accessibility, and where that technology is headed in the future. If you are developing a website, it is always important to consider how different types of people will be able to access your content. Listen in as we explain accessibility and some strategies for making the web open to all.  

Episode Highlights:  

What does “Accessibility” mean in terms of the web?  Barriers to accessing online content  Technology that enables accessibility  The parties responsible for making the web more accessible  Legislation of accessibility  Ways to detect potential accessibility issues on your website  Screen Reader tips  Design considerations for accessibility  Accessibility Plug-ins  Questions to ask during website development  


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Stats on People with Disabilities in Ontario 

Ontario's (Canada) AODA Website Accessibility regulations 

Section 508 Standards (USA) 

Section 508 (USA) Quick Reference 

WebAIM's Wave Website Accessibilty Checker 

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Guidelines 

WCAG Quick Reference 

Color Oracle 

Web Accessibility Initiative 

How People With Disabilities Use the Web 

Google's Annoucement About Intrusive Pop-Ups on Mobile Websites 

012: How to Get the Most Out of Working with a Web Developer with Dara Skolnick  

Today, I sit down with Dara Skolnick, a Web Developer and Designer. We discuss everything from the definitions of each job to how to communicate effectively with them (especially if you are not technically savvy).  

Dara is unique in that she is both a developer and a designer. This rare combination has allowed her to open her own business, which has been running smoothly for the past three years. She has a fresh perspective on how to deal with both clients, developers, and designers. Listen in as we get into the meatier issues of website creation.  

Episode Highlights:  

Difference between a Web Developer and Web Designer  Being an effective communicator  The easiest websites to make  The technical aspects of building sites  Important questions to ask Web Developers and Designers  Things to consider when hiring Developers and Designers  How to get the most out of your relationship with Developers and Designers  How developer culture has improved  


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Website Accessibility Test 


011: Using LinkedIn Like a Pro with Leslie Hughes  

On today’s episode, I get to chat with Leslie Hughes, LinkedIn aficionado, about the best ways to use the networking site. LinkedIn is a great way to market yourself and expand your professional circle. Leslie explains ways to boost your visibility and amp up your profile.  

Leslie Hughes is not only a LinkedIn expert and instructor at Camp Tech, she is also a Principal at Punch! Media, where she works as a strategist. As if this weren’t enough, she is also a part-time Professor of Social Media. Join us as Leslie explains this often-misunderstood professional networking site.  

Episode Highlights:  

The three key areas of your LinkedIn profile on which to focus  Considering your “searchability” on LinkedIn  Taking advantage of the free month of premium services  Building professional relationships  The etiquette of “connecting” with other people on LinkedIn  The fear of others poaching staff members and connections  Using the blog feature in LinkedIn  The best qualities of LinkedIn  



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Simon Sinek’s “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” Talk 

010: Writing Killer Web Content with Spencer Callaghan  

On today’s episode I get a chance to speak with Spencer Callaghan, a writer and digital content strategist. He lets me know what makes killer web content and how others can create exciting material for their organization’s websites and digital presence.  

Spencer Callaghan is an Account Director for Thornley Fallis, an integrated communications agency which helps their clients with PR, web content, and social media management. Having worked on accounts for an array of for and non-profit organizations, Spencer has some great insights to offer in terms of creating and maintaining awesome web content.  

Episode Highlights:  

Writing for the web  Appealing to both humans and SEO  Measuring the appeal of your content  Whether to outsource or self-produce content  Niche marketing  Web content mistakes  Crafting your message  Who creates great content  


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Thornley Fallis 

Spencer’s Blog on Yummy Mummy Club 




009: Social Media Tips with Dani Gagnon  

Today, I get a chance to speak with Dani Gagnon about social media platforms and how businesses and organizations can use them to their advantage.  

Besides being one of the earliest hires at Camp Tech, Dani also runs Dani G. Inc, which specializes in social media management. For the last seven years, her company has helped to create and maintain the social media accounts for numerous for-profit and non-profit businesses. Listen in as Dani lets us know how to use social media and effectively grow your following.  

Episode Highlights:  

Most popular forms of social media  Demographics of social media platforms  Facebook’s evolution and current popularity  Users’ resistance to change  How platforms’ algorithms work  How businesses can get started on social media  Best advice for creating content for your business  Using HootSuite to manage profiles and tweets 


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The background of the “Boaty McBoatface” story 

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008: Remarketing Digital Ads with Brock Murray  

Today, my guest is Brock Murray, co-founder of seoplus+, a digital marketing agency. Together, we discuss remarketing (or retargeting), which is the ability to target your site visitors via ads after they have left your site.   

Brock got his start in high school where he created online games using PHP. His continued interest in programming and graphic design, led him to create websites for family and friends. From there, he went on to co-found seoplus+. Brock exhibits his expertise and explains not only how remarketing works, but also how you can make it work for your business.  

Episode Highlights:  

How the technology behind remarketing works  Where to get started with remarketing  The cost of clicks or impressions  Which platforms are available  Different ways to remarket  The importance of cookies and ad-blockers  Image ads  Frequency capping  Setting up conversion tracking with Google Analytics 


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Geek vs Nerd infographic 

Remarketing through Google AdWords 

Remarketing through Facebook 


Google Analytics 

Conversion Tracking with Google AdWords and Analytics 

7 Retargeting Case Studies That’ll Boost Your Current Campaigns 

Remarketing Tips from a Paid Ads Expert 



007: Domain Name Registration, Website Hosting and Email with Linn Oyen Farley  

On today’s episode, I get a chance to speak with Camp Tech’s very first instructor, Linn Øyen Farley. Linn is here to explain the basics about domain name registration, e-mail, and website hosting. 

Linn runs a web studio where she designs and develops websites. As such, we have collaborated on a number of projects together. Her insight into the basics of creating a web presence will prove useful to those seeking to promote personal projects or professional services alike. Listen in as we chat about some need-to-know topics! 

Episode Highlights: 

Basic needs in terms of web presence  Domain names  Pointing  Differentiating between domain name extensions (.com’s, .org’s, etc.)  The cost of domain name registration  Avoiding lengthy hosting contracts  Website hosting and what it means  Which type of hosting service/package to use  Shared vs. Managed hosting  E-mail hosting explained  Hosting bundles  


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006: How to Successfully Monetize a Website with Wendy Kam Marcy  

On today’s show, I talk to Wendy Kam Marcy, a lifestyle blogger and digital marketer, about online advertising and how to successfully monetize a website. 

Wendy co-founded the popular lifestyle blog “Hip & Urban Girl”, as well as Adfluent Media, an ad agency that specializes in digital strategy and affiliate marketing. She has worked with over 50 big-name brands and has a long list of connections in the advertising world. As both a blogger and a marketer, Wendy has keen insight into what it takes to advertise websites via different methods and platforms. Listen in as we discuss different approaches to monetization. 

Episode Highlights: 

Starting her blog for friends and family about a love for food and travel in Toronto  Affiliate Marketing  Paid social media marketing  Sponsored content: how it works, and how to attract sponsors  The morality of sponsored content  The dilemma of turning down a lucrative sponsor  Writing what you’re passionate about  The importance of consistency  Seeking out sponsors and being proactive  Google AdWords and how it works  Ways to advertise your products and services  Is professional marketing help necessary?  Common mistakes people make when trying to promote their sites 


Hip & Urban Girl 

Adfluent Media 

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“It’s a lot of work, but like a lot of things in life, you get what you put into it.” -Wendy Kam Marcy on Sponsored Content 

“When it comes to working with bloggers…I know who is influential.” -Wendy Kam Marcy 

“Always create content that is valuable and relevant to your audience.” -Wendy Kam Marcy 

005: Vivienne McMaster on Smartphone Photography  

On today’s episode, I sit down with photographer Vivienne McMaster and discuss ways to take awesome photos with nothing other than your camera phone. Obviously, camera phones have greatly improved since their advent, but there are still ways to improve upon composition and style.  

Vivienne is a professional photographer and Camp Tech Vancouver instructor. She also teaches a popular workshop series called “Be Your Own Beloved” which helps people learn to embrace their own self-image via photography. During this episode, she outlines great tools and tips for improving your skill as an amateur photographer. This is a great listen for tourists, shutterbugs, and Instagrammers alike. 

Episode Highlights: 

How cameras on cell phones have improved  Tips for shooting with any camera phone  Lens attachments for smartphones  Useful photo apps for smartphones  Storage and backup options  Favorite places to share photos online 


Be Your Own Beloved Course Information 

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Ollo Clip 


Mixtures App 

Diana Photo App 

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004: Jeff Goldenberg on Self-Publishing and Crowdfunding a Book With Kickstarter  

On today’s episode, I discuss the steps to producing a successful Kickstarter campaign, as well as methods for self-publishing. My guest is Jeff Goldenberg, a startup vet and growth marketer who co-authored the book, “The Growth Hacker’s Guide to the Galaxy”.

Jeff is currently the head of growth and development at Borrowell, an online marketplace for personal loans. His experience co-authoring and self-publishing his book is sure to prove him a useful resource for listeners looking for further insight into becoming self-starters. Listen in as he breaks down exactly what made his Kickstarter campaign and ensuing product such successes.

Episode Highlights:

Reasons for self-publishing Figuring out how to successfully self-publish Making connections Kickstarter and the pressure to perform Why Kickstarter vs. other fundraising platforms Steps to launching a Kickstarter Campaign The need for a back-up plan


Jeff Goldenberg’s Blog


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003: Producing Online Courses with Marie Poulin  

On today’s episode we discuss the production of online courses with Marie Poulin. Marie is a former designer who became a digital strategist and co-founded the course-building site, Oki Doki. As an experienced guide, Marie walks us through the stages of online course production.  

In discussing the production of online courses, we cover all the important steps one must take to be a successful instructor. Marie drives home the importance of market research (i.e. is your course topic in demand) and also the steps to building a product that fully engages your customers. Marie and Avery also discuss the pros and cons of hosting with user-friendly, customizable sites or going it alone. After this episode, listeners will be ready to set forth and create interactive, in-demand, and unique courses with confidence. 

Episode Highlights: 

Check your motives: Are they altruistic or simply about the money?  How to build a product customers need  Market research steps  Focusing on your strengths as an instructor (are you best with audio, video, or written content?)  Levels of course interactivity  Where to build and host your course  Beta testing  Promoting your course 

If you would like to work with Marie Poulin, you may contact her at or go straight to her company’s website, OkiDoki.  


18 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Build an Online Course by Breanne Dyck 




Creative Live 

Wish List 

Member Press 


Course Cats 






001: Creating and Maintaining Secure Websites with Shawn Hooper  

On today’s show, I speak with Shawn Hooper, the CTO of Actionable Books, a startup in the learning and development space.  Shawn is also a Camp Tech instructor. He fills us in on the current state of website security, as well as ways to prevent hacks and remedy your website once it has been compromised.  


Hacking has become a widely publicized problem and is on the minds of most sites that operate businesses on the web; website security is an important facet of this. However, it is often overlooked or neglected simply out of ignorance. Whether you are hosting your own site, your site is hosted by an inexpensive service, or you’re working with Wordpress, there are always things you can do to beef up your security. Shawn soothes our fears and outlines extremely simple ways to not only avoid a hack, but also how to make sure that your website stays up and running in perpetuity.   


Episode Highlights: 


Why security matters  Wordpress’ unfortunate reputation and the benefits of hosting on that site  Why would someone hack your site?  Steps to preventing hacks  How to recognize a hack  What ransomware is and why it’s a growing concern  How to fix a site once it has been compromised 


Shawn works from Camp Tech’s Ottawa location. To learn more about WordPress and the other things he is involved with, check out our Camp Tech website.  Shawn blogs about web technology and WordPress at 




Backblaze cloud storage 

Succuri website security 

Lastpass password vault 

1Password password vault 

Actionable Books 


002: The Future of Fashion Tech with Amanda Cosco  

Fashion is becoming smart and technology is becoming fashionable. A quick review of runways, museum exhibits, and even celebrity performances shows that fashion/tech collaborations are very now. Our guest Amanda Cosco is an expert on the future of fashion tech. During today’s episode we discuss how the future goes far beyond the tech hiding wearables we know to include textiles that will revolutionize how we interact with the world. 



Amanda Cosco is a journalist, speaker, and enthusiast of all things fashion tech. She’s spoken on topics such as wearables for women and next gen retail at a variety of industry events. Amanda founded Electric Runway as a base for her love of fashion technology. She describes her topic of choice as “the intersection of fashion and technology.” 


Episode Highlights: 


How will technology be integrated into our everyday clothing?  The exciting future of techie textiles.  Examples of collaborations between fashion designers and engineers.   Amanda’s thoughts about the progression from runway to closet.  How is the Maker Movement inspiring design for consumers?  What one fashion tech item does Amanda covet? 




Electric Runway 


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Oura Ring 


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