Can't Live Without.

Can't Live Without.


Are you all about making your home life better? Finding the small joys and little luxuries to escape the everyday? This is a glimpse into the lives of Australia's lifestyle experts. From celebrity chefs to home stylists, Mel Buttle is on a mission to track down the team from Foxtel Lifestyle Channel and find out the things they can't live without. How do you make a house a home? What's the one item that can transform a living room? And mostly, what are the cool gadgets we need to buy? This is the go-to podcast for anyone who wants shortcuts to the best in life.


What Shaynna Blaze Can't Live Without  

This woman knows exactly where to scatter a cushion, where to unfurl a rug, and the perfect way to bring a room together. As an expert interior designer, there's not a housing trend Shaynna Blaze hasn't seen. The author, presenter of Selling Houses Australia and judge on The Block lets us into her home life. We talk the psychology of cushions, the one brilliant design item every house needs, why her wardrobe style never changes, and how she never goes anywhere without a cup of tea.  

You can see more of Shaynna Blaze on her new show, Deadline Design, only on Foxtel’s Lifestyle.

This podcast was hosted by Mel Buttle.

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What Matt Moran Can't Live Without  

The best knife. The best pans. And why you should always choose lunch over dinner. Matt Moran, celebrity chef, spends his life in the kitchen. So what are his go-to kitchen essentials? And what's the most impressive dinner meal for when you have guests? He tells us the secret to getting the perfect roast chook, why every house should have a vegie patch, and the reason he always smells delicious.

This show is hosted by Mel Buttle

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