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Christopher Titus Podcast

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Comedian Christopher Titus along with Bombshell Rae and Willie "Jello" Johnson take no prisoners as they try to make sense of out of the insanity behind today's headlines. Titus takes a smart, aggressive stance that is never unbiased, always unbalanced and unhinged. Check the itunes reviews.


WTF?! #203  

The Titus Podcast returns after a two week hiatus.  Titus goes into detail about what Trump has been up to which includes: Boy Scout loyalty, The Mooch, the opioid, and his work to golf ratio.  In the news we discover that America is slowly turning into a Disney movie where animals do human things.  Also Titus falls asleep on a toilet.

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This is the Titus Podcast!

BEST OF TITUS PODCAST: Smells like Somebody's Putin  

Considering recent events we feel as though this BEST OF Podcast is necessary.  Titus called it THREE YEARS AGO!

From March 2014:

The Russians are coming, well actually they are just staying longer, Super Villain/Super hero, Vladmir Putin gets Titus all riled up. Bombshell falls in love with the Russian and Willie explains its just like the bloods and the crips. The worlds a joke, we just prove it. This is the Titus Podcast.

BEST OF TITUS PODCAST: Playboy Goes Amish  

The Titus Podcast Crew is busy this week so we bring you a CLASSIC.

From October 2015:

Playboy Magazine is no longer putting naked women in the magazine! Did the Taliban buy Playboy? Titus, Bombshell and Fetus go over the amazing availability of porn and the damage and joy it causes. Fetus tells us his most embarrassing moment doing "Hand stuff". This one embarrassed all of us. 


Free at Last!!!  

O.J Simpson is finally out of prison and is moving to...smell that? Florida!  Titus talks about the sad state of affairs America's justice system is in.  Hey guess what?  If you're a minority and/or poor you're screwed!  Bombshell and Fetus learn some interesting insight into the "rubber sheets" of Titus' past.


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You've got's from the Russians  

Titus proves that dumb is genetic after Don Jr. admits to the world about collusion with the enemy. Bombshell breaks down why it's important and Fetus and Titus go at each other over American Exile and Powders cousin Edward Snowden. Who are we America?

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This is the Titus Podcast

Hapee Birfday Murica!  

Titus, Bombshell and Fetus discuss the thinking behind not thinking. Why is "stupid" an epidemic and why are people okay with it? We prove how teamwork can ruin progress and how being alone can make you Steve Jobs. we meet a new character "Phil." and a man shoots himself in the penis by sitting on his gun.

"Fight Stupid Or Stupid Thinks It's Right" 

This is the Titus Podcast

Opie Saves the Galaxy  

Who should you call on to direct one of the biggest movie franchises in the world?  NOT the guys who did the Lego Movie!  Titus and the gang discuss why the new Han Solo Star Wars movie is better off with Ron Howard at the helm.  Bombshell divulges why she only tolerates movies for Titus' Popcorn.  Fetus has the occasional word.

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You wont believe this, but if you do, you're an idiot.  

Titus finds out that the satanic child sex ring pizza place guy is going to jail. The crew tells their shystiest shyster stories and Fetus tells us about Dr. Y. Alex Jones is attacked and we meet Shirley who speaks Chinese. Also the Special Unit release date is announced. 

Fight Stupid or Stupid thinks it's right, this is the Titus Podcast

Taken Out at the Ballgame!  

New week, new podcast, new shooting!  Titus shares his thoughts on the crazy gunman who attacked a bunch of baseball practice! Bombshell gets praised for her on point eyebrow game and tells a riveting tale that'll have you pulling your hair out in excitement.  

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Vacation or Cancer?  

Over 53 Billion dollars worth of unused vacation time is wasted every year in the US.  Titus takes on why you people need to TAKE A BREAK or die.  Bombshell decides she wants to take a vacation to Fetus' home town to experience "Winter Carnival" and win the frying pan toss.  It's a HOOT! In the news theres new competition for 7/11 in the form of 6/ bedbugs...gross.

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This is the Titus Podcast.

"F The Earth"  

A President who thinks a Taco Bell, taco bowl is Mexican food, makes a decision about the world climate agreement that could actually kill millions in a climate change fueled Armageddon. OR we're just gonna have to wear more sunblock and flippers. Kathy Griffin is called out for cutting off her own balls, Obi Wan Kenobi is a racist and Bombshell's Grandma is the best person in the world.

FIGHT STUPID! Or stupid thinks it's right. This is the Titus Podcast.


Thoughts of Manchester  

Titus takes on ISIS, who have finally decided that they're tough enough to take on a bunch of 12 year old girls.  When will the violence end? Is this the world's shitty new norm?  Bombshell talks about her Dad and his riveting storytelling ability.  Fetus admits he's a ballet connoisseur, and in the news there are a lot of strippers.

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Touch My Internet and I'll Write a Nasty Comment!  

Today Titus takes on NET NEUTRALITY!  Well...Fetus attempts to convince Titus to take on NET NEUTRALITY!  Bombshell is left wondering why we care more about Netflix than feminism.  In the news people pay for Polar Poo, China fits too many people in a van, and Titus has trouble pronouncing words.

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Love is RETARDED!  

This week a young FBI employee finds her true love...a German rapper named Deso Dogg who ALSO just happens to work for ISIS.  The Titus Podcast crew breaks down this strange unlikely relationship and Bombshell gives her opinions as to why women make crazy choices like this. Oh and Hitler somehow gets brought into the conversation, along with some of Bombshell's stellar life hacks.  PLUS, Titus selects his CONTEST WINNER!  PIN A POST!

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First Hunert Dayz! FORE!!!  

Titus showcases Big Oranges first 100 days as President. Bombshell recounts her wedding and some memorable moments in her past involving some dangerous, "Purple Drink".  Fetus tries his hand at promoting, much to the chagrin of Titus.

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Wha' Cha' Thinkin' Psycho?  

Thinking about murder is not the same as committing it. Titus, Bombshell and Fetus discuss the crazy thoughts we all have (Bombshell is lying) and how they fit into the insane, brilliant thing we call human being. We call out Aunt Jemimah, Bombshell throws down a challenge for tickets to our Prince party. And Fetus tell yet another embarrassing story that didn't have to be.

Fight Stupid Or Stupid thinks it right" This is the Titus Podcast

Give Up Your Seat or Get Your Ass Beat!  

If you have even flown United Airlines you may have a story. If you're Asian elderly and a doctor you have the best/worst story. Titus, Bombshell and Fetus discuss and decimate the horror of the most recent United debacle. The CEO of United speaks (through Titus) and the excuses fly. Bombshell is on point and the TitusPodcast is at full strength.

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Is The World Really This F'd Up?  

Comedian, friend and political ranter Jimmy Dore guests and things get hot between Titus and Dore. Fetus of all people, puts his foot down and mediates a great debate on the state of America. Fight Stupid Or Stupid Thinks It's Right. This Is The Titus Podcast.

Chill Whitey Chill...  

Titus goes off on a Nazi who tries to deny that he's a Nazi...even though he's totally a Nazi.  Bombshell talk about the lost art of Vinyl DJing as well as the family fun time known as "House Clubs".  Fetus dives into more detail on his really weird small hometown traditions.  In the news theres a drunk teacher, Trump T-Shirts, and a coroner who got fired.

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This is the Titus Podcast!

Opinions are like....  

Why do people think performers shouldn't have a political opinion? After receiving a letter from a fan, Titus responds, and uses his response for the Armageddon Update. Then he talks about the reason he's stopped drinking for the second time in his life  and the wisdom it took. Bombshell informs us where Stand up comedy came from. Fetus, frankly, does what he does. 

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                 This is the Titus Podcast

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