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Comedian Christopher Titus along with Bombshell Rae and Willie "Jello" Johnson take no prisoners as they try to make sense of out of the insanity behind today's headlines. Titus takes a smart, aggressive stance that is never unbiased, always unbalanced and unhinged. Check the itunes reviews.


Rigging The Election  

Titus breaks his promise and does an epic rant about Trump claiming "The election is rigged."

We discuss the broken system, "Is it fair or not?" is asked by The Fetus and then we find out how many times Titus has made Fetus cry. Bombshell talks bout a 102 year old woman who get arrested for her bucket list and man asks the cops for his cocaine back.

"Fight Stupid or stupid thinks it's right" This is the Titus Podcast.



This will hopefully be the last time we talk about the pumpkin colored Hitler, but at least for this week Titus goes off on why he think Donald Trump has gotten this far. Spoiler Alert: it's because of stupid people.  In the news Bombshell returns to tell us the most adorable penis story ever, and Fetus has uncontrollable laughter after some of Titus' more...interesting impressions.

Never Unbiased, Always Unbalanced. This is the TITUS PODCAST!

How to Piss off the Reaper  

This week the Titus Podcast has YET ANOTHER guest.  Fitness guru Alvin Presto joins Titus and the Fetus to talk about how staying fit and active can extend your life.  Titus talks about how the phrase "3 more" haunts his dreams and what to do if you're nervous about starting a workout routine.  In the news Fetus awkwardly stumbles through telling stories about sex with dinosaurs, the worst con of all time, and why clowns are a major debate to America's police officers.

Never unbiased, always unbalanced...THIS IS THE TITUS PODCAST

American Food, TUMOR-LICIOUS!  

Fetus here doing the podcast write-up thing while Bombshell is away!  To replace her this week we have cancer survivor and documentary filmmaker Lourdes Colon.  She beat cancer once, then got it back just to show you how to get rid of it again.  Listen to this week's episode to find out how.  Also, in the news we have chess drama, "I'm sorry for tazing you" cake, and a sexual experience with a van!


Never unbiased, always unbalance. the Titus Podcast.

Letter To The Dumb  

There is a point where stupid has to be stopped even if you gotta call it on yourself . Titus calls out the dumb-asses and vows to stop being one himself. Bombshell admits she has black friends and Ryan tells us how "Friends" made smart people losers. Never Unbiased and Always Unbalanced this is the Titus Podcast

BURRITO DRONES, Armageddon is nigh!  

We are done with politics for a bit. Instead the crew updates you on the most important thing since vicidin, Burrito Drones! We call Fetus' parents live and bring in the new girl Erica for a Ass-trology reading. It is so not as cool as you think. Bombshell updates on Momshell's new treatment. It's a big one. Never Unbiased and Always Unbalanced, this is the Titus Podcast

Why I Should Be President  

Trump, Clinton, or....Titus?  This week on the Titus podcast the Titus makes a compelling argument as to why YOU should vote for him to be the next leader of the free world!  He also recalls some of America's most influential Presidents, such as President Flim Flam.  Bombshell gives us a Latin lesson on rape, and Fetus tries not to get yelled at.

Never Unbiased, Always Unbalanced, This is the Titus Podcast!

Gene WIlder...Apologies  

Titus begins the podcast by giving a heartfelt reminiscence of beloved comedian, writer and actor Gene Wilder. Then Fetus foolishly brings up the Colin Kaepernick flag debate and all hell breaks loose.  Bombshell hands Fetus his ass on a silver platter, then Titus follows suit.  Fetus does not agree with the previous sentence.  Also, there are more stupid criminals sending selfies in the news.

Never Unbiased, Always Unbalanced...this is the Titus Podcast

Best of Titus Podcast: If it Kills Us, Put a Label on it!  

Back in June 2014, Titus decided to take a stand on something else that will never change.  Here's the legacy podcast description:

IF YOU HAVE ENOUGH MONEY, YOU CAN KILL AMERICANS! Titus, Bombshell and Willie go down the list of things that lobbyists have paid our politicians to green-light: food, drugs, chemicals, pollutants, cigarettes, alcohol, and whatever destroys human beings. All things our elected officials make legal, as long as there are enough zeros on the check. Cue National Anthem!

Never unbiased, always unbalanced! This is the Titus Podcast! 

The Worst Year Ever...LIVE!  

The Titus podcast makes does its FIRST EVER live performance at Flappers Comedy Club for the Burbank Comedy Special.  In front of an energetic group Titus rips apart those people who say 2016 is the worst year ever.  At least they're not being eaten alive in the streets by wild dogs.  Titus also brings on special guest and fellow comedian Jackie Flynn, who plays his ex-partner in the upcoming movie Special Unit!  Bombshell slams Fetus during the entire show, and he does his best not to turn too red.

Never unbiased and always unbalanced, this is the Titus Podcast...LIVE!


Titus sends Donald a very nice, well thought out audio letter asking which "Great America" Trump wants to take us back to. It's actually not that nice... Willie comes back out of the witness protection program to scare Fetus a little and Bombshell tells us how to hide cocaine in your foreskin. Never Unbiased and Always Unbalanced, This is the Titus Podcast

Best of Titus Podcast: How to Buy a Car  

As Titus enjoys the sweet sweet relief of vacation the podcast must go on!  This week we're bringing back one of the Titus Podcast's all time best episodes.  Back in 2013 the description read:

"At a listeners request Titus goes through his car buying procedure and the damage it leaves in its wake. Nerd punk and Bombshell give their sane versions of how to do it. This one will make you laugh and make it so you don't get raped at the Kia dealership. How embarrassing is that?"

How much of his advice is still relevant? That's for you to decide.

Never unbiased and always unbalanced. This is the Titus podcast!

Here's What I'm Not And Always Won't Be  

Titus announces his Presidential bid in the Armageddon update and denounces...everyone. Fetus tells ANOTHER awkward story about interacting with another human and Bombshell gets beaten on a Melania Trump joke. Cuz, Titus is a Gunslinger.

Never Unbiased and Always Unbalanced. This is the Titus Podcast

Armageddon Acceleration  

We took a week off and all hell broke loose! BLAH BLAH BLAH, SO MAD! Dallas, Nice, Baton Rouge, The Republican Convention, Armageddon feels no longer like a concept. Bombshell and Titus uncork on the Fetus and "Pokemon Go" can get you killed. Never Unbiased and Always Unbalanced, this is the TITUS PODCAST...I got you.

Goodbye Momshell, Welcome Back  

Sometimes life throws you unexpected twists.  Titus discusses a scary event that happened to Momshell a few weeks ago, and how we all need to be more careful with our meds.  In the news Bombshell tells of penis scanners and weird pubic fasion.  Fetus is present. 

Never unbiased, Always unbalanced this is the Titus Podcast.

From 3 Years Ago: Summer or Death!  

Happy 4th of July Bitches! We've had requests to put up this older episode from 3 years ago.  Get inspired, LET'S DO THIS!

What do you want for your life? What are you doing about it? Titus, Bombshell and Nerd Punk go all Tony Robbins meets Gary Busey in this angry inspirational episode. Have a killer summer bitches!


Never unbiased, Always unbalanced this is the Titus Podcast.

From the Bleachers,  

What are you going to do to make it better? Titus faces that he just bitches from the bleachers so he calls his congressman and now may be on a "watch" list. Bombshell and Titus then learn about "The Raven Room" from Fetus. Who is now rapidly becoming super geek. "Never Unbiased and Always Unbiased" This is the Titus Podcast.


HERE WE GO AGAIN! After Orlando's shootings this weekend Titus can barely contain himself. Hope you enjoy this. To the people of Orlando, we are so sorry for your loss and proud of the way you handled the aftermath. From Titus, Bombshell and the Fetus, stay strong. Never Unbiased and always Unbalanced This is the Titus Podcast

Why Aren't You the Greatest?  

After a valiant attempt to honor the late great Muhammad Ali, the Titus Podcast totally goes off the rails.  Bombshell and Fetus catch Titus contradicting himself, Bombshell destroys Fetus in verbal arguments, and Titus eventually goes silent and watches to see how the Podcast would go if he weren't the host.  Also, we learn about how we live in the matrix...where there are now apparently fully nude restaurants.

Never Unbiased, Always Unbalanced, This is the Titus Podcast!

Go Rilla Killa!  

If your three year old tells you he is going to go swimming with the gorilla, BELIEVE HIM! Titus, Bombshell and Fetus discuss the recent shooting of an endangered species because somebodies Mom couldn't stop tweeting. We discuss Johnny Depp and women who falsely claim abuse. Then we help promote a way to lick your own cat and that's not a metaphor, Never Unbiased and Always Unbalanced this is the Titus Podcast.

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