Ciquizza: The Fix Podcast

Ciquizza: The Fix Podcast

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Do you like game shows? Do you like politics? Whatever, you will LOVE The Ciquizza anyway. Each week the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza will put two supposedly smart guests to the test with questions on news, politics, entertainment. The winner will be covered in glory. The loser will be subject to public shaming. For real.


The one with the two millennials  

ESPN's Clinton Yates and WaPo's Michelle Lee try to name "Saturday Night Live" presidential impersonators, puzzle over who said Trump snorts and battle over how an EZ Bake oven gets hot.

The one with two Internet reporting stars  

Washington Post’s David Fahrenthold and former NPR staff Andy Carvin engage in a battle of wits over famous political cities, celebrity endorsements and diphallic terata.

The one with the two internet nerds  

Tech reporting legend Walt Mossberg and Internet person Caitlin Dewey figure out who is on Trump’s Mount Rushmore, guess the original price for a Kindle and wonder what Jeb Bush’s real name is.

Elahe Izadi vs Joe House  

Legendary eater and 'Shackhouse' co-host Joe House faces off against WaPo pop culture writer and resident stand-up comic Elahe Izadi. And, yes, one of the questions mentions Lake Titicaca

CNNs Brianna Keilar vs. Washington Posts Neil Greenberg  

Brianna ‘all the polls’ Keilar and Neil ‘fancy stats’ Greenberg try to outwit each other over golden toilets and The Big Lebowski

Cook Political Report's Amy Walter vs. Washington Post's Carlos Lozada  

A political nerd and a book nerd face off in a battle of wits and wisdom. They debate debate moderators and try to name all the states where Donald Trump owns hotels.

The second question is ...  

Have you ever said “In the words of Friedrich Nietzsche?”

The first question is ...  

Do you like feeling better than other people? Welcome to Ciquizza. The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza will put his guests to the test with questions on news, politics and entertainment. It’s launching September 8, so don’t forget to subscribe.

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