Ciquizza: The Fix Podcast

Ciquizza: The Fix Podcast

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Do you like game shows? Do you like politics? Whatever, you will LOVE The Ciquizza anyway. Each week the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza will put two supposedly smart guests to the test with questions on news, politics, entertainment. The winner will be covered in glory. The loser will be subject to public shaming. For real.


The one where Chris leaves  

Chris makes a bittersweet announcement.

The one with the champions  

Ciquizza alum and former champions go head to head in a battle that includes past DNC chairs, solving news haiku and president attacking rabbits.

The one where the media reviews the media  

Two of WaPo's media columnists, Margaret Sullivan and Erik Wemple face off in a competition of quotes about the media, politics at the Oscars and ... Jelly Bellys?

The one where Chris sings too much  

The Hill's Reid Wilson battles WaPo's Matea Gold over baby pandas, Presidential facial hair and fruity anagrams.

The one with the fact checkers  

Lauren Carroll of PolitiFact and WaPo's Michelle Ye Hee Lee put their fact checking skills to the test as they try to figure out real or fake headlines and who said which quote.

The one with Elizabeth Warren  

Host of Press Pool on Sirius XM, Julie Mason goes against WaPo's Dana Milbank. They try to figure out Betsy DeVos's real first name and bond over their mutual love of CNN's Jake Tapper.

The one with the critics  

Two of WaPo's critics, Alyssa Rosenberg and Chris Richards, try to name the performers for Trump's inauguration, decide if some headlines are real or fake and figure out who Donald Trump has called a low life on Twitter.

The one with Donald Glover  

CNN's Mary Katherine Ham goes against WaPo's Wesley Lowery in a battle where Donald Glover is almost always the right answer, the orange guys win and nobody is exactly sure which president is on the $2 bill.

The one with the Harvard grads  

Top Hillary Clinton aide Brian Fallon and WaPo's Abby Phillip try to figure out who had Washington's biggest PR nightmare this week and call Chris out on his presidential facial hair knowledge.

The Holiday one  

For the holidays we turn the tables and Carol quizzes Chris on reindeer, menorahs and the history of the New Year's Eve ball.

The one with the frienemies  

The duo behind Politico’s Playbook, Anna Palmer and Jake Sherman, face off. They try to puzzle out news haikus, sort the real headlines from the fake ones and try to name some dead presidents.

The one with the tie breaker  

Politico's Eliana Johnson and WaPo's Carlos Lozada learn how bubble wrap was invented and try to name everything Donald Trump has called disgusting in a tweet.

The one with Lorelai Gilmore  

Stu Rothenberg, publisher of The Rothenberg & Gonzales Politcal Report goes against Capital Weather Gang's Jason Samenow. They solve haiku riddles and put their presidential history knowledge to the test.

The one on Thanksgiving  

In a special Thanksgiving themed edition with WaPo's Dave Weigel and soon-to-be WaPo's Ashley Parker guess how many feathers a full-grown turkey has and prove to know an awkward amount of information about Gilmore Girls.

The one where Chris and Neil rap a lot  

It’s a vicious intrasquad game between Wapo-ers Neil Greenberg and Allison Michaels. The Post duo debate how old Thomas Jefferson would be, how many reindeer pull Santa's sleigh and who is on the $500 bill.

The one we taped on election day  

Politico's Julia Ioffe and WaPo's Joel Achenbach try to figure out where Porkopolis is, which president was the first to see the Pacific Ocean and who is older Kim Kardashian or Chris Pratt?

The one where Alex tries to win. Again.  

WaPo's Alex Petri is back and tries to win back her dignity against Daily Caller's Matt Lewis. They duel over presidential duels and that one FBI director that liked to dress up as a woman.

The one where Fun-employed becomes a thing  

Former NBC dude Luke Russert and WaPo's Danielle Paquette try to figure out Adam Sandler's hometown, decide whether Shaq really bought a Krispy Kreme franchise and name as many 'Racing President's' as possible.

The one with the two millennials  

ESPN's Clinton Yates and WaPo's Michelle Lee try to name "Saturday Night Live" presidential impersonators, puzzle over who said Trump snorts and battle over how an EZ Bake oven gets hot.

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