Classic Loveline with Adam and Drew

Classic Loveline with Adam and Drew

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Relive the chemistry that made Loveline one of the greatest and longest running radio shows of all time and find out how when it comes to love, sex and relationships . . . some things never change.


#612 No Guest 02/02/1998  Classic Loveline  

CLL #612 (feat. Michael McKean) - 02/02/1998 - Monday Night Show Source - Dr. Marcel Board Captured Tape. Adam says Drew is on the slopes and Dr. Marcel is filling in for the second night in a row. There is some good talk about the movie Spinal Tap. Adam says that Ben Folds Five will be on tomorrow night. Michael says he is a big fan of them. A caller says he has some Adam drops on his computer and wants to send them to the show. Adam is amazed when Michael says you can attach audio to emails. He then has engineer Mike play some OOC Drew drops and teases the Dr. Drew shuffle. Adam criticizes his dentist for sending him the happy reminder card with Linus and Snoopy on it. A girl brings up Edgefest. That is where Adam did the infamous Korn yell. Adam says he has an audition for a Michael Keaton movie tomorrow. After the Bittersweet Symphony bumper is played, the 10 second time out is taken. Michael then leaves because he could only stay for the first hour. A girl asks how Adam's puppy is doing. He says it's doing good but it is a poo machine. She then says she wants to watch a dog lick her boyfriend. Producer Ann then chimes in and asks what she does for a living. After she hangs up because her cell phone starts ringing, Ann says she had an annoying laugh and wanted to slap her. Adam has Dr. Marcel clear up some breast cup size confusion. Ben Folds Five will be in tomorrow followed by Crystal Method the next night and Blink 182 on Thursday. A Penelope Ann Miller intro is played. Adam says she got pissed off at him because he told her that one of her movies (The Shadow?) was the worst movie ever made. Dr. Marcel talks about listening to Drew's opera when they lived in a condo together. He says he once saw him sing opera in a diaper. A caller talks about Adam's column in the magazine Cosmo as being a "He said, she said" sort of column. When a caller says she gets off in the tub, Adam says she should pay a nickel each time she does so because producer Ann has the technique copy written.

#611 No Guest 02/01/1998  Classic Loveline  

CLL #611 (feat. Dr. Marcel) - 02/01/1998 - Sunday Night Show Source - Dr. Marcel Board Captured Tape Dr. Marcel's first of two nights filling in for Drew in 1998, This one started with a funny 50 second countdown by engineer Mike as he was capturing this directly from the board for Marcel. Adam introduces Dr. Marcel and says Drew is on vacation for the week. Dr. Marcel says he met Drew back in medical school and has some good stories to tell about him. Adam says instead of having his kids go through a bar mitzvah at age 13, he will chain them up to a radiator, even though his house doesn't have radiators. He plans on having one installed just for this purpose. A 60 Minutes special is brought up where a family of 13 kids did not believe in using any kind of medicine. They instead pray on their medical problems. Two of these 13 children died because of this retarded logic. Adam asks producer Ann is she's "real sloppy down there." Adam talks about his 1989 BMW. He says the previous owner didn't use it very much. Marcel talks about having to remove foreign objects from people in the emergency room. A couple examples of these objects would be light bulbs and plaster of Paris. Michael McKean, Ben Folds Five, Crystal Method and Blink 182 are all going to be guests on the show soon. Adam brings up his deviated septum and describes not being able to sleep with his mouth closed. This turns into him talking about wanting to sock Drew in his face for saying he falls asleep as soon as he gets home at 12:30. Engineer Mike plays the Dr. Drew Shuffle and the Dr. Drew Boogie back to back. The Dr. Drew Boogie has a nice alternate ending. The 10 second time out doesn't have a station ID because it was recorded by engineer Mike. On the TV show an unknown guest was hitting on Diane Farr and she said that Adam was her boyfriend to get him off her back. The guest then apologized to Adam even though he had no clue what was going on. There is a joke about buying a transcript of this show. When a girl named Tia, who has a weird family calls in you can hear her step dad or someone yelling at her from the other room. Her dad is in prison, her mom had her at 15 and her boyfriend used to beat her. Adam brings up his plan to have Bill Cosby and Phylicia Rashâd raise kids from broken homes in Australia and have their parents put down. Adam praises the Cherry Poppin' Daddies when a bumper of theirs is played. A guy calls in and claims to be the boyfriend of caller Tia who was heard earlier in the show. Adam's dog (the one that died shortly after he got it?) and phone screener Sherry's dog are both in the studio. The last call of the night, 14-year-old Sara requests Adam to fart on her head. Adam says she doesn't fit the profile because of her age.

#610 The Eels 01/29/1998  Classic Loveline  

CLL #610 (feat. The Eels) - 01/29/1998 - Thursday Night Show Source - Kevin Tape with JBJ Tape Patches This is the final appearance by the band, they have at least one previous episode during the Adam era, they even joke about the old bumper featuring a missing band member, Drew gives a little bit more info about the IVF campaign he and his wife decided on, Adam and Drew have a sadly accurate reenactment during a young woman's call.

#609 Shaun Palmer 01/28/1998  Classic Loveline  

CLL #609 (feat. Shaun Palmer) - 01/28/1998 - Wednesday Night Show Source - Kevin Tape with Spinfly Tape Patches This is the first of two known appearances for Shaun, he returns again in Feb. of 1999 with another episode possibly lost in the archive. Adam has a bunch of killer one liners, Shaun is somewhat reserved and a phone screen flashes Adam, lots of shutting off Drew's microphone in this episode.

#607 Ali Landry 01/26/1998  Classic Loveline  

CLL #607 (feat. Ali Landry) - 01/26/1998 - Monday Night Show Source - Kevin Tape with Spinfly Tape Patches This is Ali's first of 4 appearances on Classic Loveline, she returns in April of 1999 with a lost episode that we might still recover from the Kevin tapes, another visit in March of 2000 and a final appearance in June of 2002. Ali proves to be a divisive guest for this episode and some listeners are more critical of Adam and his reactions, listen and decide for yourself. Ali also has at least one appearance on the MTV version of the show as well, MTV-Loveline - 1998-04-03 - Ali Landry.

#605 Salt-n-Pepa 01/22/1998  Classic Loveline  

CLL #605 (feat. Salt-n-Pepa & Spinderella) - 01/22/1998 - Thursday Night Show Source - Kevin Tape with Spinfly Tape Patches This is the only appearance by the group, they do have one of the most infamous cancel/rebooking dramas in the history of CLL, but not for this visit. The women are all very engaged and fun, really solid guests who also appeared on the MTV version of Loveline for MTV-Loveline - 1998-02-13 - Salt-N-Pepa.

#604 Rider Strong 01/21/1998  Classic Loveline  

CLL #604 (feat. Rider Strong) - 01/21/1998 - Wednesday Night Show Source - Kevin Tape + JBJ + Spinfly Tapes. This is the first and only known appearance of Rider Strong on Classic Loveline, he has a great rapport with the guys and despite just being 18yrs old at the time he has one of the most mature demeanors of any guest on the show let alone the guys of his age range typically promoting their band or TV Series. Adam is of course a big fan due to his dedicated TGIF viewing and love for 'Boy Meets World' which is heavily woven into the early years of dating his wife Lynette Carolla as they would always watch it together on his night off.

#603 Just the Love 01/20/1998  Classic Loveline  

CLL #603 (feat. The Love Between the Two Hosts) - 01/20/1998 - Tuesday Night Show Source - Kevin Tape Adam gets a tarot card reading, originally shared online as a 22min clip entitled "Sloppy Joe Night" now in full with a new source that has never been shared online, enjoy the missing 70min.

#602 No Guest 01/19/1998  Classic Loveline  

CLL #602 (feat. The Love Between the Two Hosts) - 01/19/1998 - Monday Night Show Source - Kevin Tape + JBJ Tape Fallout from the previous episode and James phone call, a caller tells them about listening to the show form jail. Adam names his puppy Lotzi, the dog is peeing and pooping all over the place and is all over the show, very reminiscent of current era episodes of The Adam Carolla Show and his new (2016) dog Phil. The episode closes with another controversial call and some spirited debate between the hosts and producer.

#601 Doggy Night 01/18/1998  Classic Loveline  

CLL #601 (feat. James The Zoosexual) - 01/18/1998 - Sunday Night Show Source - Board Captured Cassette Transfer from Engineer Mike Originally labeled as "Loveline - 1998-01-18 (Doggy Night) (HQ)" this file was distributed by Engineer Mike, only one other legendary show was also captured and distributed by him and that is the 1999 Pennywise Incident, Anderson's first night on the show. One of the most infamous episodes in LoveLine history, mostly pertaining to caller James and his proclivities with his dog and the reactions from the staff in response to his call.

#600 Poe 01/15/1998  Classic Loveline  

CLL #600 (feat. Poe) - 01/15/1998 - Thursday Night Show Source - Kevin Tape, Spinfly Tape Patches and final chunk from a TobyDog Tape Adam has even more puppy stories about his beloved 'Lotzi' and Poe once again proves why she's such a beloved guest of this era of the show. Poe returns to the show in 2001 with her brother Mark Z. Danielewski for her final appearance.

#599 Michelle Phillips 01/14/1998  Classic Loveline  

CLL #599 (feat. Michelle Phillips) - 01/14/1998 - Wednesday Night Show Source - Kevin Tape, Spinfly Tape Patches and final chunk from a TobyDog Tape. Adam brags about his new German Shepherd puppy 'Lotzi' and they welcome Michelle to the show after the first break. They discuss 'The Mamas and The Papas' Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction. Adam seems to be infatuated with Michelle and even has a great motivational moment later in the show, they have a great gambling call, all around a terrific episode with a very kind and thoughtful guest.

#598 Mia Korf 01/13/1998  Classic Loveline  

CLL #598 (feat. Mia Korf) - 01/13/1998 - Tuesday Night Show Source - Kevin Tape w/ JBJ tape This episode features a special one night only phone number, Mia Korf makes her debut and only known appearance on the show. Adam and Drew speak to what might be their first "Transracial" caller, there is an intense adoption discussion and some wonderful calls. The opening of the show features perhaps Adam's most gruesome and horrific description of oral surgery in the show's history, be warned! Adam brags about his latest movie part, as 'Mike's Stupid Boss' from past guest Greg Araki's upcoming film 'Splendor'. Adam also talks about his work in the movie 'Hairshirt' aka 'Too Smooth' with past guest Neve Campbell. Adam has a great Hobo bobsled team idea too.

#597 Just the Love 01/12/1998  Classic Loveline  

CLL #597 (feat. The Love between The Two Hosts) - 01/12/1998 - Monday Night Show Source - Kevin Tape w/ TobyDog Patches This show features yet another update from Katie in Tuscon and the 500$ head farting bounty offered by Adam, Adam laments his upcoming dental work tomorrow that will greatly impact that episode, be warned. The talk about finishing the Adam and Dr. Drew book and Adam has Drew tell the "Chinatown Pinsky Boy" condom buying story. Adam talks about seeing Drew catch air while pulling out the parking lot last night and a producer announces her intent to put a kibosh on the fart comedy from Adam.

#596 Kennedy 01/11/1998  Classic Loveline  

CLL #596 (feat. Kennedy) - 01/11/1998 - Sunday Night Show Source - Spinfly Tape, the Only Known Source Kennedy is promoting her work with the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics, Adam tells the Tim the Russian Rapper story and Kennedy confesses her fandom for the show and how she's always tempted to call in. A really fun episode with Kennedy once again proving why the boys always loved her so much.

#595 None 01/08/1998  Classic Loveline  

CLL #595 (feat. The Love Between The Two Hosts) - 01/08/1998 - Thursday Night Show Source - Brand New Kevin Tape + Spinfly + JBJ tapes used for patches of missed content. This is a great early 1998 Episode of CLL, Adam considers becoming the spokesman for 'Fiber One' brand cereal, drops a solid fart and jokes about his impoverished upbringing. Drew requests that Adam start introducing him as a 'Board Certified Internist' which happens at least one more time later in the show's run due to licensing renewal. Drew makes the ominous proclamation that all men eventually get prostate cancer.

#594 Jeremy McGrath 01/07/1998  Classic Loveline  

CLL #594 (feat. Jeremy McGrath) - 01/07/1998 - Wednesday Night Show Source - Kevin Tape, A newly recovered lost show, oddly enough Jeremy has over 15 different fan tape copies of another appearance but this one was lost for 18 years, literally transferred less than 72hrs ago, enjoy!

#593 No Guest 01/06/1998  Classic Loveline  

CLL #593 (feat. Adam's Farts) - 01/06/1998 - Tuesday Night Show Source - Kevin Tape with JBJ Tape Patches Adam has a huge gas night, no guest and a new source tape, this one is off the charts hilarious!

#592 Phil Buckman 01/05/1998  Classic Loveline  

CLL #592 (feat. Phil Buckman) - 01/05/1998 - Monday Night Show Source - Kevin tape from the 2015 batch and some small patches from a 2014 Melissa Tape. A completely restored lost episode, using two relatively new sources both never shared before and now restored to the archive. This is Phil's only known solo CLL appearance, though he may have appeared with a band previously. Phil is promoting his role in 'American Werewolf in Paris.' Phil tries to edit Adam's notes early on and there is some strange back and forth not typically aired.

#591 Just the Love 01/04/1998  Classic Loveline  

CLL #591 (feat. The Love Between The Two Hosts) - 01/04/1998 - Sunday Night Show Source - TobyDog Tape, This episode starts roughly 10min into the show and ends about 10min early, with poorly defined commercial breaks but it's a fantastic lost show, newly restored and post processed to remove a horrible buzzing sound, you can now finally hear the lost 1997 Christmas Cruise ship story in full, and it's a gem! This is the first new episode of 1998, a best of episode aired as #590 on New Year's Day.

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