CNET Special Features (HD)

CNET Special Features (HD)

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Watch CNET's Special Features for an inside look at how we use the latest gadgets and technology along with discussion about the current state of tech and culture.


'Star Trek: Discovery' actors geek out about phasers, just like us  

We talk to the cast of "Star Trek: Discovery" at SDCC 2017 to find out their favorite parts of being officially part of Trek canon.

Orlando Jones gets ordained, marries geeks at Comic-Con  

Jones ("American Gods") puts aside promotion at Comic-Con 2017 for one of the coolest gigs at the show: marrying off lovebirds at a Syfy wedding chapel.

Baobab's "smart" animation gets into your head  

Virtual-reality studio Baobab knows how to trick your brain to pull you into its stories.

Watch CNET's biggest sci-fi nerds review the film 'Valerian'  

Luc Besson's newest movie "Valerian" is not a bad movie, it's just not a good one.

How Sideshow created its epic Thanos on Throne Maquette  

We talk to the Sideshow Collectibles team about how technology and traditional methods blend to create its iconic piece, the Thanos on Throne Maquette.

Google, Apple and the California dream  

An exhibit at London's Design Museum shows California's influence on technology and design. Take a tour with CNET.

This iPhone case looks and feels like a butt  

We asked a few friends their opinions on a particularly suggestive-looking iPhone case.

'Star Trek: Discovery' producer Alex Kurtzman promises 'unique story'  

The new Trek TV show will both hark back to the original series and surprise fans -- and the producer expects heated fan debate.

Here are the coolest robots from UK Robotics week in action  

Robots in your office, robots in hospitals, robots at home. Is there anywhere robots won't be in the future?

Bringing 'War for the Planet of the Apes' to life  

Stars Andy Serkis, Steve Zahn and Amiah Miller join director Matt Reeves revealing the technology behind the astonishing performance capture in the Planet of the Apes films.

These crazy robots serve you at this Korean BBQ restaurant  

Conveyor belts are so 2016. Gen Korean BBQ is changing the Korean BBQ experience with robots that deliver you your food.

'Homecoming' director feels Spider-Man's great responsibility  

With great power over the latest Marvel movie comes great responsibility for up-and-coming director Jon Watts.

Candy Crush goes really, really, REALLY big in its TV debut  

The massive touch screen displays created for CBS's "Candy Crush" game show were custom-built from scratch; now, they've captured a Guinness World Record.

The fun and frenzy of reviewing the first iPhone  

Ten years ago, CNET came together to review the original iPhone the night it was released. Editor Kent German remembers what it was like.

How Samsung's new Galaxy S8 voice app stacks up to Siri, Google Assistant  

See how Samsung's Bixby Voice compares to what Google and Apple offer when it comes to basic commands and phone controls.

OnePlus 5 vs. iPhone 7 Plus: Dual-camera shootout  

We tested these dual-camera wonders around San Francisco shooting portraits, street scenes and low-light locales to see which one is better.

'The Batman' could have a Hitchcock influence  

"Planet of the Apes" director Matt Reeves gives a hint of his vision for Ben Affleck's solo outing "The Batman."

Watch two Boeing jetliners perform synchronized flying  

Boeing released video of a 787 Dreamliner and a 737 MAX 9 flying in unison ahead of the 2017 Paris Air Show.

Rad dads of sci-fi and fantasy: A Father's Day tribute  

Father knows best. Well, sometimes. They might put you in a spaceship to escape a planet that's about to be destroyed, or cut off your hand in a lightsaber fight, but at the end of the day they're still dads -- and deep down, they love you.

Step inside Julian Assange's office  

I confined myself in a replica of the WikiLeaks founder's tiny office to find out what five years of self-imposed exile feels like.

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