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CNET Special Features (HD)

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Watch CNET's Special Features for an inside look at how we use the latest gadgets and technology along with discussion about the current state of tech and culture.


Red iPhone 7 Plus unboxing: Checking out the red of Product Red  

Apple's newest color iPhone has a metallic finish. Here's what's in the box.

US nuclear test films restored and declassified  

Experts at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory are working to preserve archival footage of the above-ground nuclear tests they have conducted in the past. By analyzing the restored footage, the team hopes to provide new data that ensures the stockpile continues to serve as an effective deterrent to the use of nuclear weapons.

'Life' exclusive clip: 250 miles away isn't far enough  

In this exclusive clip from upcoming film "Life," we see that in space, nothing as is easy as it seems.

CNET asks New Yorkers: How do you Venmo?  

We visit Grand Central Terminal with Venmo's co-founder to quiz folks about the payments app.

We get weird with Nintendo's 1-2 Switch  

We gathered some folks from around the office to play the new party game, 1-2 Switch. (If only we'd been drinking.)

The Mill Blackbird can morph into any car on the spot  

This customizable vehicle can be transformed into any car in real time using CGI to the viewfinder of a camera.

MWC 2017: No Galaxy S8, but nostalgia and 5G-everything  

The year's biggest phone trends get their start at the huge Mobile World Congress show.

Nokia 3310 versus an iPhone in a real city battle  

We took to the streets of Barcelona to see whether the cute new 3310 can cope with the demands of today's phone users.

New Nokia 3310 versus old Nokia 3310  

We compare the original feature phone with its modern throwback -- and wow!

Nokia 3310 and BlackBerry KeyOne: CNET editors react  

Two has-beens mount a comeback at the exact same time. Which one did it best?

LG G6: CNET editors react  

LG's superphone preemptively strikes out at Samsung Galaxy S8.

Fonts have theme songs now, because internet  

New York composer Miriam Daly pondered the question "What would a font sound like?" Then she wrote and recorded a bunch of theme music for her favorites.

Google wants to mimic iMessage's magic with Android Messages  

In the battle of texting apps, Google has a plan to create a unified, interactive texting experience across all Android devices using RCS and the Android Messages app. But not everyone is being a team player.

These robots are coming for your children  

Playtime is being invaded by a new generation of toy robots, such as the lifelike Luvabella baby doll. We find some new mechanical friends at Toy Fair 2017 in New York.

Let's unbox the Nintendo Switch and some of its accessories  

Out March 3 for $299, the Nintendo Switch is the company's brand new hybrid console. Here's what's in the box.

The best mobile games of 2017 (so far)  

Counting down in no particular order the best mobile games in 2017 so far.

I built a Lego mosaic of my face and you can too  

Lego's mosaic maker turns a picture of your face into a sculpture that will make your friends jealous.

Rock climbing gets a tech twist with augmented reality  

Using a projector and a laptop, rock climbing gets transformed into a video game

'The Lego Batman Movie' Batmobile and Scuttler sets ooze eccentricity  

Lego Batman's two biggest vehicles are tricky to build and have lots of fiddly stickers. But they're packed with minifigures, super playable and completely crazy.

A Concorde gets a new home  

Concorde Alpha Foxtrot was the last of her kind to fly. She will now be on display at a new aviation museum at Bristol Filton Airport in southwest England.

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