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Join Griffin McElroy and Nick Robinson as they create a new video game every week – with your help. Got an idea for a game you'd like us to explore? Send it to for a chance to hear it on the show!


Episode 44: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim  

The boys set a new landspeed record for crime confessions in a video game podcast, before diving into a Mario Party 6 microphone reboot, a Santana-driven baseball game, and a Skyrim toilet game.

Episode 43: December  

It's a Valentine's Day special — and, whoops, we made a Christmas game.

Episode 42: The Lodge  

Two words: cryptid MMO.

Episode 41: Yelp!  

This week, the boys devise a haunted NES Classic, take a few stabs at a Carmen Sandiego reboot, and ultimately create a first-person horror game based on 1-star Yelp reviews.

Episode 40: Silent Soap  

A survival horror Ikaruga, Super Mario Brother Maker, A Chumbawamba tumbler, and Fieri Emblem.

Episode 39:  Hide and Chic  

Whoops: we tried, but we couldn't resist just talking about the Nintendo Switch for the entire episode. Sorry!

Episode 38: Alan Twodiscs  

New year, new us! This week, Griffin and Nick kick off a 2017 "pawncast" rebrand, quadruple their game output, and explore some potential 2K17 launches: games like FuddBorne, Ninten_Dogs, Burnout 3: DMCA Takedown and more.

The 2016 Spike TV Video Game Awards  

Griffin and Nick set aside the jokes and finish off 2016 with a recap of all the greatest video games that came out in this wonderful, wonderful year.

CGI Jr: Dis-ho-ho-honored  

Deal or No Deal but with mimics, Doctor Robotnik's Nice Rice Device, Scribblenauts: The Lost Words, and so much more.

CGI Jr: Burnout, With Horses  

Griffin graciously takes some time out of his paternity leave to make an appropriately baby-sized episode of CoolGames Inc, where we explore a small but delightful selection of ideas — including a horse-based Burnout clone.

Episode 37: OLD PERSONα (& Knuckles)  

OlliOlli Oxenfree, Urine Danger, Mr. Bean x Hitman, and so, so, so much more.

Episode 36: Death Stranding: Ground Zeroes (feat. Dan Ryckert)  

Super Mario Moonshine. Darrenfall. Steal Me I'm Perfect. Mario & Sonic Judge the Olympic Games. Dan Ryckert guest stars.

Episode 35: Foreverteenz: Pencils Down! Motor  

This time around, we finally — finally! — give Waluigi his own game, before ditching that idea and creating the ultimate teenage driving exam simulator.

Episode 34: Dale's Crossing / Spaghetti Trouble  

To celebrate the announcement of the Nintendo Switch, Griffin and Nick attempt to do an all-Switch episode. It does not go well for them.

Episode 33: Stacks on Stacks on Stacks (feat. Austin Walker)  

This week, we non-confrontationally enforce theater etiquette, remake Danganronpa with Adam Sandler characters, create a 5-vs-5 Voltron-style mech game, and build a bizarre VR noun-stacking game that harbors a terrible secret. Waypoint editor-in-chief Austin Walker guest stars.

Episode 32: Yummy & Wild  

Griffin and Nick go on a Trophy Nut Flavor Adventure, create a game about stealth vaping in class, devise a Gran Turismo game but for wheelbarrows, and reimagine Lucky & Wild as a 3-on-3 competitive food truck simulator.

Episode 31: Dr. Robotnik's Dinner Blasterz  

We kick off October with a full-length eppy, which means it's time to grapple with some Halloween-themed Twitter display names, a Mary Berry weed review show, a Shenmue-style game set in an early-2000s gaming comic, and pinball with a hunk of raw meat.

CGI Jr: Time-Travelling Prank Wizard  

This week on CoolGames Inc, Griffin and Nick learn a valuable lesson about why you maybe don't record 4 back-to-back episodes of a podcast: because you might end up running out of good ideas. As a result, this final installment of CGI Jr includes such gems as Night at the Bad Dragon Museum, an Applebee's equivalent of Chex Quest, Rainbow Six Siege for surprise parties, and some sort of dumb game about hiding a Bop-It Extreme thousands of years in the past. Enjoy!

CGI Jr: Anime Food (for VR)  

In the episode 3 of our 4-part SPECIAL PODCASTING EVENT, Griffin and Nick briefly flirt with an all Shrek the Third-themed episode, explore an asymmetrical Olive Garden game, and then settle on an idea that's poised to change everything: for anime food.

CGI Jr: Why Hasn't Anyone Made a Video Game About the TV Show "Monk" Yet?  

For week 2 of CGI Jr Month, we explore games for olds: a MUCH easier Dark Souls, a game about Wonder Trading phone apps with your dad, and an-depth industry expose about the glaring lack of Monk video games.

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