Creating Our Own Lives

Creating Our Own Lives

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We’re called to create a better world, but what about the more immediate task of creating our own lives? Each week, you'll hear a different person think through how they create their lives. Series topics include: running as spiritual practice, humor as a tool for survival, and movies as church, to name a few. Creating Our Own Lives is hosted by Lily Percy. On Being Studios is the producer of On Being, Becoming Wise, Creating Our Own Lives, and more to come.


#11 Running is an Inherent Good | Mike Stavlund  

“When I'm running, I'm in my body, with all of its limitations but with all of its capabilities at the same time.” Mike Stavlund is the author of "A Force of Will" a memoir about the death of his 4-month-old son.

#10 ChiRunning: A Sitting Meditation | Justin Whitaker  

“If you watched me run, you wouldn’t think I was sitting or thinking about sitting.” Justin Whitaker is a writer, a ChiRunner and a Buddhist. For Justin, running is a part of his spiritual practice.

#9 Active Freedom | Sarah Khasawinah  

“When I'm running, I feel like I’m actively expressing gratitude.” Sarah Khasawinah works in the Senate to improve policies for older Americans. Her work requires focus and discipline, something that she also finds in her spiritual practice of running.

#8 [Running] Preparing for Both the Run and the Prayer | Roger Joslin  

“I began to notice that my running life and my meditating life were beginning to merge.” Roger Joslin is an Episcopal priest and the author of "Running the Spiritual Path," a how-to guide on running as meditation and prayer.

#7 [Running] I Always Think of My Mom When I'm Running | Mallary Tenore  

“My love for running started with me running towards my mom.” Mallary Tenore’s mother, Robin Jo, introduced her to one of the defining practices in her life: running — which has been equal parts destructive, spiritual, and healing.

#6 [Running] A Simple Way to Shatter Stereotypes | Simran Jeet Singh  

“Running challenges people to see me from a different perspective.” In Sikhism there is a duty to “hone the spiritual body in the same way that we hone our spiritual selves.” Simran Jeet Singh holds that in his practice as a runner.

#5 [Running] I Want to Be God's Feet When I Run | Christy Marvin  

“I cannot even begin to push myself to the extent that God can help me to push myself.” Christy Marvin is the mother of three boys and a mountain runner. She’s won six different Alaska mountain races. For Christy, running is a spiritual practice.

#4 [Running] My Best Conversations with Men Happen While Running | John Cary  

“You're running often side-by-side, or one person in back of the other, rather than looking somebody in the eyes as you're being vulnerable with them.” John Cary is an architect, a father, and a marathon runner. For him, running is a spiritual practice.

#3 [Running] The Blessing is Outside Your Comfort Zone | Ashley Hicks  

“Running has helped me become more present.” Some people turn to prayer or meditation or yoga as a way to slow down and make sense of their lives. Ashley Hicks, the co-founder of Black Girls Run!, found that in running.

#2 [running] My Body Can Do Things | Christina Torres  

"What else have I been lying to myself about? What else have I been hiding from 'cause I was scared?" Teacher, writer, and Mexipina Christina Torres on how running helps her deal with anxiety, body image, and understanding her deepest sense of self.

#1 [running] Olympians Are Chosen by the Gods | Billy Mills  

"The number one objective of my Olympic pursuit was to heal a broken soul." Gold medalist Billy Mills set a world record in the 10,000-meter race at the 1964 Games. He shares how running created a refuge for spirituality and personal growth.

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