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Ctrl-Walt-Delete is a new show from The Verge featuring legendary tech reviewer Walt Mossberg and Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel. In each episode, Walt and Nilay will dive into the modern tech landscape using Walt’s extraordinary depth and experience to tell stories in entirely new ways. There will also be jokes.


Walt and Nilay have too many apps  

Eight years after the app store has opened, Walt and Nilay discuss the use of smartphone apps today. Walt deleted tons of apps, and it seems to have turned out for the best. With smartphone users downloading an average of zero apps a month, has the glamour of using apps faded away? And if so, what is the next step for smartphone software? Also, Nilay reads a review from Walt about the time the Apple app store first opened.

Walt and Nilay dial over Wi-Fi  

Wi-Fi calling in the United States has hit an all-time high and Republic Wireless — a small, renegade phone carrier — has taken advantage of this. Walt and Nilay discuss Walt's review of Republic in length, as well as the convenience of Wi-Fi on the go, with an insight of what Steve Jobs was thinking back in the early days of the iPhone.

Walt And Nilay Drown In Notifications  

Nilay and Walt lament the growing barrage of messages and notifications from services that don't interoperate. They call on OS owners Apple and Google to give users better tools to deal with the mess. There might also be t-shirts.

Walt and Nilay find their earbuds  

As the rumors about the disappearing headphone jack continue to surface, Walt reviews new earphones that still take advantage of this classic technology but adds a new twist. This sparks a new conversation about the powered audio jack and how it benefits existing technology.

Walt and Nilay plug in  

After Walt's review of the HP Spectre, Nilay and Walt pick up where the review left off and dig into how the laptop compares to its direct competitor, the MacBook. They also look back at Walt's review of the Lenovo Yoga, which, back in 2012, had tablet-like features — something Walt compliments the Spectre for not having. Additionally, the duo go into Nilay's recent article about replacing the 3.5mm headphone jack from phones, in response to the rumors about Apple's next iPhone.

Walt and Nilay randomize their data  

The Worldwide Developers Conference presented new software from Apple for the Mac, the iPhone, and everything in between — and some of the features are a big deal. What is Apple planning on doing with them in the long run? And how is a company that's still all about hardware going to go toe-to-toe in AI, one of the hottest topics in technology the last few months? Walt and Nilay sit down and dissect what came out of WWDC this year, and what it means for products present and future.

Walt and Nilay spin the flywheel  

Back from Code Conference, Walt and Nilay discuss what they took away from interviews with Jeff Bezos, Sundar Pichai, and others, and dive into the state of the companies they belong to. Also, WWDC is just around the corner and we have some exclusive details on what's next from Apple.

Walt and Nilay talk to Siri  

With companies like Google and Microsoft introducing new technology like bots and VR, Walt and Nilay stop and look at Apple; can they make a shift to re-dominate the industry they locked in for the past 15 years? Apple may not be perfectly positioned for the next big thing and there's no clear winner in the game so far but it might be the last possible minute for them to step on the gas. Listen to this week's episode of Ctrl-Walt-Delete for up-to-date info before WWDC 2016 in the coming weeks.

Walt and Nilay google Google  

With all the news that came out of Google I/O 2016, Walt and Nilay look at the big picture and discuss the future of the industry. Google is playing catch up with big announcements of AI, an Amazon Echo competitor, and video and messaging apps, but will they win over users? And with Google's brain integrated into almost everything you do online, what is the privacy sacrifice you will be making? Dive into this week's episode of Ctrl-Walt-Delete to hear what our experts think.

Walt and Nilay brand themselves  

With Facebook becoming a part of nearly everyone's life, Walt and Nilay discuss the repercussions of this; interaction with brands on Facebook and "trending" topics that appear on your home page. Is this method of advertising and news consumption inherently good or bad? Listen to this week's Ctrl-Walt-Delete to find out.

Walt and Nilay scan your email  

After Walt's review of the email app EasilyDo in this week's column, Nilay and Walt dissect the world of e-mail today.

Walt and Nilay dial up  

With the introduction of The Verge's new gadget blog Circuit Breaker and the release of Apple's Q2 earnings report, Walt and Nilay discuss the importance of gadgets in the tech world today, the separation of smartphones from the gadget world, and also look back at the golden age of gadgets in the 1990's.

Walt and Nilay slack off  

This week on Ctrl-Walt-Delete, Walt's column about Slack intersects with news of new Facebook features. Chat bots and messaging are seeing a resurgence, but their roots can be traced back to the days of AOL’s dominance. Meanwhile, Facebook is pushing Live video, hoping it will attract a new class of creators like YouTube did. Walt and Nilay debate on the positives and negatives of these services.

Walt and Nilay save the web  

This week on Ctrl-Walt-Delete, the new web browser Vivaldi arrives in a world of mobile use; which sparks the debate of web versus apps, as well as looking back at the recent history of browsing the web. Walt and Nilay take their sides on one of the most interesting conversations in tech.

Who's older: Walt or Nilay?  

This week on Ctrl-Walt-Delete, we continue the talk on the iPhone SE and the iPad Pro 9.7 after Walt's review of the products and then dive into what came out of the Microsoft Build Developer Conference.

Walt and Nilay update the iPhone  

This week on Ctrl-Walt-Delete, we briefly review the Apple event from this week and then discuss what Apple needs to do next as competitors step up.

Walt and Nilay open up  

This week on Ctrl-Walt-Delete, Walt and Nilay take on the long running dispute of the public opinion on open source tech, and whether there actually is a hard definition of "open" and "closed"

Walt And Nilay on the Edge  

As Samsung releases the Galaxy S7 and the S7 Edge, our two experts talk about the design of the new products; the sleek hardware of the phone as well as the software that doesn't necessarily compliment it.

Walt and Nilay find a loophole  

This week, the duo talk privacy and security pertaining to technology. With two-factor authentication and Apple not giving a backdoor to phone encryption, should you feel safe keeping your data in the cloud? Let our experts go into detail about this issue and clear things up.

Walt and Nilay reset your router  

After Walt's review of the Eero, the duo discuss in detail the usage of wireless systems and the surprisingly numerous devices one uses in the household with a Wi-Fi internet connection.

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