Decoding Westworld

Decoding Westworld


David Chen (@davechensky) and Joanna Robinson (@jowrotethis) recap each week's episode of HBO's WESTWORLD, discuss the best/worst moments, and speculate if these violent delights have violent ends


Decoding Westworld S1E04 - Dissonance Theory  

Joanna and David recap the fourthy episode of Westworld's first season, "Dissonance Theory." Read up on the Man in Black's approach to gaming here:

Decoding Westworld S1E03 - The Stray  

Joanna and David recap the third episode of Westworld's first season, "The Stray." Read Joanna's recap of this episode here: Go here to see 5 theories about Arnold:

Decoding Westworld S1E02 - Chestnut  

In this episode, David and Joanna review the second episode of the first season, "Chestnut."

Decoding Westworld S1E01 - The Original  

Joanna and David discuss the first episode of HBO's WESTWORLD, "The Original." Find more episodes at and email us at Thanks to for helping us with our podcast album art. Read more Westworld theories here:

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