Denzel Washington is the Greatest Actor of All Tim

Denzel Washington is the Greatest Actor of All Tim

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Comedians W. Kamau Bell & Kevin Avery are absolutely certain of one thing: Denzel Washington is the greatest actor of all time. And every week they will prove it as they talk Denzel with guests, share the latest “Denzel News” and review every Denzel movie in alphabetical order (mostly).


101 Wilma (w/ David Alan Grier)  

This week, friend of the show David Alan Grier fills in for Kamau as guest-host to explain the wheels of color to Kevin. We hear a classic Prince story and what makes Facebook live worth following before they get into the 1977 television movie "Wilma." David tells of the film's impact on him as a young actor and his relationship with Denzel. The two discuss the importance of seeing Denzel on screen for the first time, why the movie is about family at its core, and finally, give the film an official Denzel rating.   ***WARNING: WESTWORLD SPOILERS***   This episode is sponsored by Sock Club ( code: DENZEL), Harry's (, and Blue Apron (

100 Omar Dorsey of Queen Sugar  

Actor and friend of the show Omar Dorsey fills in as guest host with Kevin this week to talk up the latest in Denzel news. Omar dishes on working with an extremely talented cast in "Queen Sugar" while he and Kevin plot to nab an invite to Oprah's Montecito home. Then, in honor of the podcast's 100th episode, they take a walk down memory lane, discussing preferred director's notes and why you don't call "cut" on Denzel all while revisiting show highlights from the last two years.

99 Hard Lessons (w/ Cassandra Freeman)  

Actress Cassandra Freeman returns to perform co-hosting duties on this week’s Denzel! They’ll dive into the 1986 Denzel TV Movie “Hard Lessons: The George McKenna Story” and discuss Cassandra’s roles on Atlanta, Luke Cage, and The Real MVP. Plus, Cassandra & Kevin have some coffee.

98 The Mighty Quinn  

Kevin and Kamau reunite this week to discuss the 1989 thriller "The Mighty Quinn." Before getting into the movie, they discuss Donald Glover landing Lando and evaluate the hotness of comedic men. Then they take care of Denzel Business and talk goal-setting before diving into an analysis of "The Mighty Quinn." They address the film's introduction of Denzel as a sex symbol, explain the high concentration of Denzelisms throughout, and finally, give the film an official Denzel rating.

97 The Siege (w/ Vernon Reid)  

This week, musician Vernon Reid fills in as guest host for Kamau to chat about Trump's defense tactics and Seth Meyers' band with Kevin. Then they tackle the 1998 thriller "The Siege," covering items such as Denzel as a positive authority figure and Lance Reddick's physicality. Finally, they talk Tony Shalhoub's quippability and why it must have been hard to make this film before 9/11 before rating "The Siege." This episode is sponsored by Tribeca Shortlist.

96 The Birth of a Nation  

This week, Kevin and Kamau get into a whole bunch of business. They fondly recall Kevin's days making ethics videos for corporations before listening to a post-Emmy chat about the experience of winning the award. Then they get into a discussion about the Nate Parker film "The Birth of a Nation." They cover the importance of historical accuracies, what lessons the film could have taken from its own trailer, and the controversy surrounding the director.

95 Chris Chalk of Gotham  

Actor Chris Chalk (Gotham) returns to inspire some feelings this week with Kevin and Kamau. They discuss the latest Denzel news and talk about Kamau's pie-baking hobby before checking out the new trailer for Denzel's movie "Fences." Then they share perspectives on Nate Parker's "Birth of a Nation" and the recent controversies surrounding it. This episode is sponsored by MVMT Watches and Harry's.

94 The Magnificent Seven (w/ BlogXilla)  

Acclaimed internet personality BlogXilla joins Kevin and Kamau as they return this week to talk about Denzel's new western flick "The Magnificent Seven." They check out snippets from Xilla's exclusive Denzel interview before hearing about his rise in the blogosphere and Denzel's reaction to becoming a meme. Then Xilla lists his Top 5 Denzel Movies, and the gang dives into a discussion on "The Magnificent Seven," praising the workability of the ensemble cast and notable points of Denzelishness in the film.

93 Return Of Keverything: Emmy Edition  

The boys bring you this special mini-episode to celebrate Kevin's brand new Emmy! Denzel Washington Is the Greatest Actor of All Time Period will be back to its regular schedule on September 29th.

91 Super Denzealots  

This week, Kevin and Kamau pay it back to their listeners by dialing up diehard Denzelegates on the show. They ask their fans questions about how they found the podcast, the moment they became Denzel converts, and what the listeners think are the best 5 Denzel films of all time. This episode is sponsored by Blue Apron and Harry's.

90 2 Guns (w/ Negin Farsad)  

Comedian, actress, and writer Negin Farsad joins Kevin and Kamau this week to discuss the 2013 film "2 Guns." Negin explains how she ended up majoring in African-American Studies, what it was like to grow up Iranian in Palm Springs, and the inspiration for her new movie "3rd Street Blackout." Then they take "2 Guns" to task over its multiplicity of villians and unnecessary urination scenes before investigating Mark Wahlberg's checkered past. This episode is sponsored by Blue Apron.

89 The Preacher's Wife (w/ Jonathan Braylock, Jerah Milligan)  

This week, Kevin is joined by two of the hosts of the podcast Black Men Can't Jump, Jonathan Braylock and Jerah Milligan. They discuss making early connections at the Upright Citizens Brigade, the mission statement of their podcast, and why you should never trust a happy Denzel. Then they pick apart the 1996 romantic comedy "The Preacher's Wife," evaluating the place of religion in the film and praising Denzel's angelic performance. Lastly, Jonathan and Jerah count down their Top 5 Denzel Movies before explaining why Denzel is one of the few black actors to get the "swirls." This episode is sponsored by Blue Apron.

88 John Q. (w/ Damien Lemon)  

Writer, actor, and comedian Damien Lemon returns this week to talk about his work on "The Night Of" and "Comedy Knockout," as well as why it's so tough to pick out gifts for kids. Then they get into some Denzel news before grilling Kamau about his recent Emmy nomination, and they dive into a discussion on the 2002 film "John Q." They address the use of the young precocious black archetype, as well as the two main through-lines of the movie and how the hospital crowd pulls the audience in. This episode is sponsored by Audible and Harry's.

87 Ato Essandoh of Jason Bourne  

Actor Ato Essandoh joins Kevin and Kamau this week to talk about Ato's alleged death while filming "Django Unchained," transitioning from a chemical engineer to a performer, and the process of getting cast in the new Jason Bourne movie. Later, Ato counts down his Top 5 Denzel Films, and the gang analyzes the Denzelishness of the 1991 film "Mississippi Masala".

86 Chris Chalk of Gotham  

Intrepid film, television, and theater actor Chris Chalk joins Kevin and Kamau for this week's episode, where they talk about DC comic diversity and what it was like working onstage with Denzel in Fences. They get into the racial specifics of various hot sauces before diving into a double-Denzel countdown with Chris's Top 5 Denzel Films/Performances. This episode is sponsored by Harry's.

85 The Pelican Brief (w/ Phoebe Robinson)  

Actress, comedian, and writer Phoebe Robinson of the podcast "Sooo Many White Guys" joins Kevin for a discussion on the 1993 thriller "Pelican Brief." They do some mild humblebragging and watch the new trailer for Denzel's new movie "The Magnificent Seven." Later, they examine the "90s realness" of "The Pelican Brief" and rate its overall Denzelishness. Check out Phoebe's new book here:

84 American Gangster (w/ Toure)  

Writer, journalist, and television host Touré joins Kamau to discuss "American Gangster" along with the rest of Touré's Top 5 Denzel Movies. They talk about what's wrong with having different awards for Best Actor and Best Actress, getting paid for movies you don't have to make, and Denzel's dedication to the ideal of black manhood. Plus, Touré tells the story of his fateful interview with Suge Knight. Starting July 27th, listen to Touré's Love City podcast mini-series on Howl. For one month FREE: go to and use promo code LOVECITY at check out.

Bonus: Introducing Fake the Nation  

Check out the first episode of the brand new Earwolf show Fake the Nation! Hosted by Negin Farsad, Fake the Nation is all the comedy about politics without any of the politics about politics. Every week Negin and a cast of her funniest, smartest and most politically astute friends gather ‘round the political roundtable to break down the news, make you laugh, think, and deliver a gut punch to the American political system. 

83 Joe Morton of Scandal  

Actor Joe Morton joins Kamau for this week's episode where they discuss Joe's new play "Turn Me Loose" as well as the challenge of starting out as a black actor in the 1970s. Later, they talk about how to turn a money job into an artistic process, the evils of Joe's character on Scandal, and the transition between television and film acting. Plus, Joe reflects on working with Denzel on American Gangster and gives his Top 5 Denzel Roles.

82 Denzel Washington vs. James Earl Jones  

With the filming of the Denzel Washington directed Fences being complete, we ask the question, "Who played Troy Maxson better on Broadway? Denzel or James Earl Jones?" Plus, Kamau and Kevin discuss Grey's Anatomy actor and activist Jesse Williams' powerful BET awards speech.

Check out the clip of Denzel and James Earl Jones in Fences here:

This episode is sponsored by Blue Apron and Loot Crate.

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