Design Matters with Debbie Millman: 2009-2015

Design Matters with Debbie Millman: 2009-2015

United States

Design Matters with Debbie Millman is a thought-provoking internet podcast, which profiles industry-leading graphic designers, change agents, artists, writers and educators. 


Tucker Nichols  

Debbie talks to artist Tucker Nichols about his art, and the quality of the art he loves.

Doug Powell  

On this episode Debbie talks to Doung Powell about how designers can use their skills beyond the confines of the profession.

Eli Horowitz  

Debbie talks to editor and digital novelist Eli Horowitz about the virtues of collaboration + more

Tobias Frere-Jones  

Debbie talks to type designer Tobias Frere-Jones about his career and why typefaces are like the air we breathe.

Scott Clemons  

Debbie talks to Scott Clemons about one of the great printers and designers of all time.

Su Mathews Hale  

Debbie talks to Su Matthews Hale about her efforts to bring more attention to female designers

Simon Sinek  

Debbie Millman talks to author Simon Sinek about the fruits of good leadership.

Robin Petravic + Catherine Bailey  

Debbie talks with Robin Petravic and Catherine Bailey about running Heath Ceramics.

Michael Bierut  

Debbie talks to Design Observer co-founder Michael Bierut about why he thinks graphic design is so cool.

Timothy Goodman  

Debbie talks to Timothy Goodman about how, after barely getting through high school, he went on to a very visible career that he is still in the process of defining.

Tiffany Shlain  

On this episode, Debbie talks to Tiffany Shlain about her films, about starting the Webby Awards, and about the growing presence of technology in our lives.

Jonathan Fields  

Author and entrepreneur Jonathan Fields on his previous careers as a lawyer and personal trainer, and on The Good Life. "The Good Life is not a place at which you arrive, it’s a lens through which you see and create."

Design Matters From the Archive: Clement Mok  

Debbie talks to designer Clement Mok about the early days of Apple computer, the heady days of the software bubble, and the joys of working for Steve Jobs.

Design Matters From the Archive: Bob Gill  

Debbie talks to legendary designer Bob Gill about coming up in the profession in the 1950s, about working with the Beatles, and the problem with many designers today.

Design Matters from the Archive: Michael Donovan + Nancye Green  

Michael Donovan + Nancye Green on their partnership in marriage and design.

Design Matters From the Archive: Michael Arad  

The designer of the 9/11 memorial—Michael Arad— on the process of design.

Design Matters From the Archive: Chip Kidd  

Debbie talks to book designer Chip Kidd about why his TED talk turned into the most terrifying 19 minutes of his life, and about his book of graphic design for children.

Design Matters From The Archive: Marion Deuchars  

Debbie talks to illustrator and author Marion Deuchars about the expressiveness of hand-lettering, about how drawing is an intense form of looking, and the limited value of technology in teaching art to children.

Design Matters From the Archive: Louise Fili  

Debbie talks to Louise Fili about designing book covers, designing for restaurants, about why she prefers working for small businesses, and about the importance of sketching.

Design Matters From The Archive: Massimo Vignelli  

Debbie talks to Massimo Vignelli about his favorite typeface, his fight against vulgarity in his design, and what he means by forceful design.

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