Ear Goggles with Jeremy Aaron and Stacy

Ear Goggles with Jeremy Aaron and Stacy

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What's the best decision you ever made? We're still thinking but meanwhile we ask celebrities for answers and enjoy poor choices. (Formerly The Sibling Rivalry Podcast)


Malicious Mischief - Episode #603  

Jeremy explains why we're ending the show, Aaron's nationwide strip club tour continues, and Stacy plays in the dark for one last float tale. And we say farewell to you, the best podcast family we could have imagined. Thank you all for your words and support, we will miss you. Think of us whenever you use the hotel coffee maker...you're welcome.

Perfect Day - Episode #602  

This show is mostly about poop and fiddles. Now sit down in that chair right there and let me show you how it's done.

Of Mice and Men - Episode #601  

Trouble fills in for Aaron to talk concert plans, living with mice, some place called Tuggies and movies that scared us. That's why it's awesome.

Doll Tools - Episode #600  

Like the mysterious "baller" squirrel, we dance for you in another centennial episode! Jeremy's not funny but he is stealthy, Stacy sees Heat, and we love a good hardware experience. Hi Kathy, I'm just here to smell the hammers.

Brentwood Hello - Episode #599  

Donald Trump is a thing, The X-Files ends, people have disturbing porn habits, and Aaron's dad stars in a brand new segment, The Art of Living. This show will wake you up like a creamy surprise.

Front Tongue - Episode #598  

Stacy floats again and it's crazier than last time but still sexual. Get the ice cream ready. Plus weirdos stick things up their butts. It's clean!

2 Fast 4 U - Episode #597  

Jeremy gets stranded on a mountain and wishes he could watch OJ tv all day. Plus, Stacy encounters a road creep and we share helpful poop solutions! No one likes splatter.

Nickelback in Black - Episode #596  

Stacy goes to AC/DC with Trouble despite dire warnings, Christopher Walken should sell everything, and some football game happened. Plus Nickelback karaoke! This episode has pizzazzzzzzz.

Ball Gag - Episode #595  

Jeremy enjoys a successful birthday party but the rest of the weekend goes to hell, a terrorist gets what he deserves, and we feel sorry for Jeb Bush. Please clap

Fancy Things - #594  

Jeremy embraces the finer side, Stacy runs away from the doctor, and
Aaron gets searched at the airport. Lovey, we're out of couscous!

Donut Slapper - #593  

Jeremy won't stop eating donuts, Aaron wants to communicate with hillfolk, and Stacy checks the wrong box on her dating profile. There are so many unanswered questions, but one thing is certain...we love bread.

Splatter Pattern - Episode #592  
Jeremy and Stacy get "roofied" at the Andy Kindler show, but not before interviewing him in the hallway! Then Aaron cleans up the aftermath of a sleepover gone wrong. This episode is messier than puking in wicker. Nice going, Debbie...that basket is ruined.


Dyn-o-mite! - Episode #591  
Aaron misses a flight after running the whole way in snow and Jeremy is fed up with the fancy salon because a good head massage is hard to find. It's fine, we're pretty sure the truth is out there. Hey, that'll be two bits for the hair thickener.


Feeling Jesus - Episode #590  

Last time Stacy went to church the Pope quit so she puts on her fancy
pants and goes again. Then Aaron pays the price for driving too fast.
Is that a python in your pocket or are you happy to see me?

Find Me That Squirrel - Episode #589  

Jeremy has to choose between football and Star Wars, then Aaron sacrifices harmony for dental hygiene. If I'm not wearing pants, I probably won the lottery.

Magical Cleaning Rag - Episode #588  

Stacy gets new glasses and has a birthday but nobody cares, then an angry old man tries to ruin her Christmas. Plus helicopter parenting reaches new heights. Let's all meet at Star Wars Land for a coke-fueled orgy.  

Lake Flacid - Episode #587  

There's fantasy football drama, vacation drama, diet drama and Stacy dates a listener which actually went quite well. It's ok, nine fingers are enough.

Some Country for Old Men - Episode #586  

We have problems. Stacy deals with a medical mystery, Aaron's knees are shot, and Jeremy probably still has Star Wars boner. Plus, kids make terrible decisions and fart violence! Hey guess what, I'm leaving you in Cuba.

Happy Endings - Episode #585  

Star Wars inspires profound emotions for Jeremy and Aaron, but mostly a lot of weeping. Plus, fantasy football playoffs are in full swing, hippie eggnog is disgusting and goats sing the holiday hits. Like that handsome stormtrooper once said, do you have any Force in you? Would you like some?

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