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Learn how to make a six figure income or more using the power of the internet and what works in today's economy. It's easy to do if you know the right steps to take. In less than six months we sold over $300,000 netting $100,000. We show you how to do it from the comfort of your own home with a step by step approach that's will help you succeed. You'll learn from two long time successful internet marketers who've sold millions over the internet. Kerry Lutz of the Financial Survival Network Co-Hosts the show once a week. Investing in an Online Business like Amazon has never been easier.


Mike Gazzola--New Amazon Review Policy  #3361  

Black Friday was a big hit raising sales up to $551,000 and the store goes on and on. Mike discussed the new Amazon Product Review Policy or change to the terms of service as it's called in the trade. What this means is that Amazon now provides that sellers cannot furnish free or discounted products and require the recipient to write a review. This assures that the buyer's review is genuine and not simply the result of barter. In addition, the disclaimer requirement embedded in the review stating that, "This product was received for free or at a discount, " has been eliminated. Overall it's a net positive because these types of reviews will have more credibility. 

Mike Gazzola--His Store Just Broke $500k  #16  

Mike and Matt have done it. They just passed the $500,000 mark just 10.5 months. Now it's on to bigger and better things. More products, more sales and more students. He's looking forward to the next China trip too. While starting the store on Amazon it's going to be a lot bigger than that. Lots of great info here. 

Scott--China Trip Wrap-Loads More Products To Market!  

Scott has been looking for something different. He was tired of the rat race and wanted a business that made money while he slept. While Scott was very impressed with the China Trip and how find and source products, he's confident that Mike and Matt will help make him a great internet marketer. He's looking to market silicone ice trays. They have a great margin but Scott also found many other silicon products. He found some cool baking products and much, much more. He's thrilled about visiting China and everything he learned in the process. Especially the contact with the Product Sourcing Agent that he was introduced to on the trip! 

From China--Amazon Master Seller Jake Gets Educated  

On our recent China visit I interview Jake, someone who sells 10's millions of products to Amazon yearly. He's astounded by what he's learned on the trip Yiwu and can't wait to get his own store set-up. It's interesting how you go along your daily job thinking you know everything and then you take a trip to the world's largest wholesale goods market and you find out how much you really don't know. Listen to Jake's epiphany. 

How To Build Your Own 1 Million Dollar Business PASSIVELY  

In this episode, you will see how so many of the students from Easy Residual Income are currently succeeding building their own passive income...

This process is not for everyone, but those of you that take massive action based on the teachings of Mike & Matthew will understand what it takes to build your own 7 figure business...

You may be wondering how this podcast is #1 in all of business but the truth is, people that take action and truly want something different out of life have the blueprint to actually accomplish this massive feat...

Again most will fail due to their mindset and willingness to try something different but the select few that take massive action will see their lives change.

Thanks so much for listening to this show and there are so many more shows that will impact your life if you are simply open minded and trainable.  Most importantly willing to listen to a couple guys that have already gained massive success implementing exactly what we teach you to do.....



You Can Never Have Enough Inventory #15  

 Status Report as of: October 20, 2016

Date business started: January 27, 2016 

Total sales to date: $462,718

Total units to date: 13021

Yesterday's sales  $3021

30 day sales: $81,608

30 day unit sales: 2501

Current Number of Products: 7

Current Number of Listings 11


Sales at Mike and Matt's Amazon Store are still extremely strong, despite the fact that they've ran out of inventory on their two hottest items. But these are good problems to have. After all, they're selling three times more products than they expected. So while they've lost thousands in sales, in a way they've become a victim of their own success. But not to worry, they have over $500,000 of inventory on hand and this problem will never happen again. 

Live From China with Matt and Mike  

Since starting their amazon business in January 2016, Matt and Mike are at nearly $500,000 in sales to date. They've been so successful on Amazon that they are now teaching others their secrets to success. 

We are here in YiWu China with a group of their students. We just toured the largest Wholesale General Merchandise Mall in the world. It was amazing. Thousands of product ideas for the students to take away. 

Until you've been to China, you really have no understanding of what's going on in the world. 

Find out more at amazonsecrets.net

On The Bullet Train To Amazon Sales   

I'm with Matt Behdjou and we're riding a train at 200 miles per hour to the commercial center of YiWu. It's an amazing experience. There's 12 of us attending an intensive course on how to sell on Amazon and online. Mike and Matt have been doing it since January of 2016 and have netted nearly $250k. And that's just the beginning. There's amazing this taking place in this group. Friendships are being make and life long business associations. It's a very special time and I'm so excited to be a part of it. 

Mike Gazzola--Three Phases of Starting An Amazon Business  #13  

Status Report as of: September 22, 2016

Date business started: January 27, 2016 

Total sales to date: $387,329

Total units to date: 10720

Yesterday's sales  $4274

30 day sales: $107,763

30 day unit sales: 2925

Current Number of Products: 7

Current Number of Listings 11


 The three phases of starting an Amazon Business. Phase 1, launch your product and get 10 reviews and 10 sales per day. You'll be giving away products to get reviews and to bring you to the first page. Phase 2 you start tweaking your listing and adjust your key words. Try some different key words. You don't to throw money at it. Phase 3 means you've arrived. Your product is selling pretty well on its own and you're getting lots of sales. Now you've arrived and it's time to introduce the next product. It's that easy!

A Simple Technique To Provide Residual Income For Your Family  

In this episode we talk about how to use the power of Passive Income to provide for both your retirement and for your Children's entire education.

In the last 30 days we have generated $375,512 in sales using the Amazon platform starting with NO EXPERIENCE.  Go to www.AmazonSecrets.net and enter just your name and email address to get our 3 best marketing techniques in 2016.

Mike Gazzola--Finding Profitable Products Quickly with Jungle Scout  #12  

Status Report as of: September 8, 2016 3pm

Date business started: January 27, 2016 

Total sales to date: $334,753.44

Total units to date: 9250

Todays sales as of 11:04 am $2,730.21

30 day sales: $90,691.17

30 day unit sales: 2453

Current Number of Products: 7

Current Number of Listings 11


You've been asking how to figure out what products are the most profitable to sell on Amazon. As usual Mike delivers and then some. Jungle Scout is the ultimate Amazon sales analysis tool. Just do a product, click the button and it instantly tells you approximate dollar sales for the past month, unit sales, ranking and reviews. From there, just figure out how much the product costs to make, your soft costs and you'll know if you have a winner or not. There's a lot more to successful selling on Amazon  and the internet. Mike's been doing it for over a decade. Just go to:


Mike Gazzola – FREE TRAINING – Making Residual Income in Today’s Economy – Sept. 6th at 9pm EST  

Get a free training session with Mike Gazzola this coming Tuesday at 9pm Eastern Time. Mike will be showing you how to market on Amazon and on the Internet as well. He's been doing it successfully for 12 years and has sold millions in real estate and other products. It's time to get other income streams going. 

Sign up now at amazonsecrets.net

Latest states as of 9-1-16 on Mike's Amazon Store

Total sales to date: $309244

Total units to date: 8562

Yesterdays sales $5097.31

30 day sales: $83582.91 

30 day unit sales: 2249 

Current Number of Products: 7

Current Number of Listings 11

On the Way to $1 Million in Sales…How Did He Do It?  Show #11  
Status Report as of: August 24, 2016 12:00 PM

Date business started: January 27, 2016
Total sales to date: $265,021
Total units to date: 7,858
Yesterday’s Sales: $3,132
30 day sales: $75,450
30 day unit sales: 2061
Current Number of Products: 7 products 11 

Mike and Matt started the business on a whim. They were at a branding conference and a Russian fellow was telling them how he was making $2000-3000 per day selling on Amazon. Mike leaned over and told Matt they were going to start their own Amazon store. And the rest is history. At this rate, over the next 12 months, if things continue the way they’re going, they’ll easily break the $1 million dollar sales mark. And even if Amazon went out of business tomorrow, the skills they’ve learned will enable them to keep on selling. And the profit margin on these sales is enormous, over 50 percent! 

For the latest sales update and to find out more go to AmazonSecrets.net

Mike Gazzola – Free Products for the Asking!  Show #10  

Status Report as of: August 18 2016 5pm

Date business started: January 27, 2016
Total sales to date: $265,021
Total units to date: 7,374
Yesterday’s Sales: $2,437
30 day sales: $78,015
30 day unit sales: 2009
Current Number of Products: 7 products, 11 listings

How to get product for free, list it on Amazon and sell it for an infinite return on your non-existent investment. It’s really a simple matter. Please will send you virtually unlimited amounts of product in exchange for reviews. There are hundreds of products listed on various sites around the internet. All you have to do to receive them is agree to review them. It’s that simple. Obviously the better your reviews, the more likely you are to get more free products.

For the latest sales update go to AmazonSecrets.net

Amazon--White Labeling vs Retail Arbitrage  Show #9  

Status Report as of: August 11 2016 11:53am

Date business started: January 27, 2016

Total sales to date: $248,848 

Total units to date: 6,924

Yesterday’s Sales:  $3313

30 day sales: $73,152

30 day unit sales: 1861

White labeling your own products versus retail arbitrage. You can always go out and look to buy existing brands at a discount, whether going to sales retailers or close-out specialists. This can result in a lot of work. The alternative is to create your own brands. It’s much easier than you every dreamed possible. You find a product that’s already succeeding in the market, possibly make some simple improvements upon it, create your own brand and then market it. That’s what Mike and Matt have been doing to great success and that’s what they’ll teach you how to do.

For the latest sales update and to find out more go to


Mike Gazzola--Still Mining The Amazon Mother Lode  

When we last spoke with Mike Gazzola he had just broken the $200k mark in sales. Here's the latest results since he started his Amazon Store at the end of January 2016

Total Sales: $232,000

Total Unit Sales: 6472

Sales on 8-3-16: $3935

Past 30 day sales: $71,427

Past 30 unit sales: 1839

These would be amazing numbers for any small business start-up, but consider that Mike and Matt have zero employees, no receivables, minimal inventory and put in just $6,000 in start-up capital and haven't put in one cent more and it's all the more amazing. And what's even more amazing is that you can learn how to do it too and get started almost immediately. 

I'm about to start my own store selling a stainless steel drink tumbler and an electronic lighter. I can't wait to get start. 

We're off to China in early October with a group of students, in search of killer products. Join us! 

To get absolute proof of the above numbers:

Go to www.AmazonSecrets.Net



6 and 7 Figure Incomes On Amazon And How Not To Fail Show #8  

Success selling on Amazon is pretty simple, but there are roadblocks and pitfalls. Yes anybody can sell almost any legal item on the marketplace, but doing it in the most optimal way possible is a whole different ball game. You have avoid falling into a rut. You've always got to be looking to improve your game. This will help you move up on the search page and increase your sales. This isn't a game for lazy people. Even if you're successful, don't rest on your laurels. Improvement takes place around the margins. Then you take the lessons you've learned and apply it to your next new product. Then it's rinse and repeat. Over time you'll wind up being successful and you'll be extremely effective.

So get started now at AmazonSecrets.Net!


Mining The Amazon Mother Lode  Show #2  

You heard from Mike Gazzola before about his recent discovery about how easy it is to start a 6 or 7 figure business on Amazon. Now his partner Matt Behdjou appears with him and they talk about some of their successes and their blunders and how they can teach just about anyone to replicate their success. When we first spoke they had just broken the $150k mark. A few short weeks later and they’re closing in on $200k, pulling in over $2000 per day. All this in less than 6 months of operations. If I didn’t know these two guys personally, I wouldn’t believe it was possible! Listen in and tell me what you think.

Mike Gazzola – Striking Gold on Amazon.com  Show #1  

Mike Gazzola has always been ahead of the curve. After the real estate crash in 2008-09, he headed down to Florida and made a veritable killing, betting most of his capital on Lee County foreclosures. His bet paid off big time, leading to massive profits, even before the real estate turn-around. Never one to rest on his laurels, Mike has been busy searching for new opportunities and he’s struck gold yet again! He’s become a high profit Amazon seller in less than six months. He shares some of his secrets and so far it looks even better than his real estate business. The initial investment is small and the returns have been huge. The amazing part is that virtually anyone can spend just a few hours per week and realize a six figure income in the process. Skeptical? So was I, but Mike as always has irrefutable proof.

Where To Get Your Products At The Best Possible Price And Quality  Show #7  

After 6 months and $180,000 in sales, Mike is now an expert in acquiring products and pricing them. If you're selling products that are ingestibles that are going into the body, then you want them manufactured in the USA. For tangible goods, then China is probably the place. Mike has found Sourcing Agents in China who can find any product any place within the country. The key is not to be satisfied with the thing they give you. Keep going back for more and you'll see the quality keeps getting better. Become an expert in quality products. White labeling is okay, but always try to add value and you'll be creating a real brand that will last. 

So get started now at AmazonSecrets.Net!


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