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Weekly podcast starring the outrageous and outspoken Jason Ellis with Michael Tully in an in-depth, no-holds-barred conversation with a hand-picked celebrity guest; Jason and Mike vow to bring their unique attitude to topics ranging from sexual liberation to UFC and everything in between- you won’t hear this stuff on SiriusXM!


Donald Schultz  

Jason and Tully discuss a woman who went to elaborate and horrifying lengths to terrorize her grandchild, plus an 8 year-old driver at the McDonald's drive-through window. Then old friend Donald Schultz joins the show to talk about animal conservation, making snake anti-venom, and pushing the boundaries of reality. Sponsor link: Onnit.com/Ellis

Apocalypse Now?  

Staring down the potential end of the world, Ellis and Tully discuss fake TV news, North Korea, the United doctor, wedding dresses, The Babadook, Jaws II, and Jason's upcoming appearance on the Howard Stern Show, plus take a call from a confused Spanish-speaking fan. Sponsor links: Onnit.com/Ellis http://www.casper.com/ellistronics Code ellistronics

Rob Parsons  

When Rob Parsons suffered a paralyzing moto accident, he didn't let it get him down - he conceptualized, created, and personally manufactured a drift car to suit his new needs. And he's never looked back since. Hear Rob's inspiring story on a new episode of Ellistronics. Then go to Onnit.com/Ellis and receive up to 10% off at checkout & go to ProFlowers.com and enter Code: Ellistronics to get $10 off your purchase of $29 or more

Ellis & Tully - Alone Again (Naturally)  

Last week's episode had a great reaction, so Ellis and Tully roll sans guest for the second week in a row, covering such topics as Dan Bilzerian's potential MMA career, a scorned wife who unleashed the fury, and whether Tully should eat his son's pet fish. Sponsored links: BlueApron.com/ELLISTRONICS Onnit.com/Ellis

Ellis and Tully Ride Solo  

In a wide-ranging conversation, Ellis and Tully discuss the youngest moms in history, breakdown a hypothetical fist fight between Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and contemplate the pros and cons of living out their days as mermen.


Jesse Ridgway - AKA McJuggerNuggets - describes his brief past as a professional gamer, his rise to viral glory on YouTube, and the challenges of sustaining success in the digital age. Sponsored link: Onnit.com/Ellis

Joanna Angel  

Ellis and Tully go deep inside Joanna Angel in a probing conversation about family, porn, drugs, and the Burning Angel empire. Sponsored links: ProFlowers.com Show Code: Ellistronics Onnit.com/Ellis

Brandon Sneed  

Author Brandon Sneed joins Ellismate and Tully, talking about the innovative approaches to mental training and conditioning detailed in his new book "Head in the Game: The Mental Engineering of the World's Greatest Athletes." Support the show by going to BlueApron.com/Ellistronics and onnit.com/Ellis

Nick Curson  

Sports performance specialist Nick Curson joins Ellis and Tully to shed light on the tools and techniques that go into training such championship athletes as former UFC Lightweight Champion Rafael dos Anjos. Sponsored links: Audible.com/Ellistronics Onnit.com/Ellis

The Dingo  

The Dingo tracks his backstory - from his childhood and snowboarding in Australia to running with Young Hollywood, straight through to his present day work helping young people across America - in this illuminating and surprisingly emotional episode of "Ellistronics." Sponsored links: casper.com/ellistronics (code ellistronics) Onnit.com/Ellis.

Dominick Cruz  

Dominick Cruz discusses losing his UFC bantamweight belt in December, and more importantly, how he plans on getting it back. Dominick also shares advice on championship-level diet, exercise, and mental fitness. Support the show by going to Onnit.com/Ellis and BlueApron.com/Ellistronics.

Emily Morse  

"Sex with Emily" host discusses balancing a busy professional life talking about sex with actually having sex, visiting group sex parties, improving communication between sex partners, and...well...sex. Sponsored by Onnit.

Emily Morse  

"Sex with Emily" host discusses balancing a busy professional life talking about sex with actually having sex, visiting group sex parties, improving communication between sex partners, and...well...sex. Sponsored by Onnit. Support the show by going to BlueApron.com/Ellistronics

Daniele Bolelli  

Daniele Bolelli is an Italian-born writer, teacher, philosopher, and martial artist. In this thoughtful and far-ranging conversation, Ellis, Tully, and Daniele discuss life, death, religion, the mental underpinnings of combat sports, and more. Sponsored by Onnit.

Isabella Sinclaire  

Isabella Sinclaire talks about balancing the challenges of motherhood with being the world's most sought-after dominatrix, plus shares behind-the-scenes stories from a two decade plus career in pain and degradation. Sponsored by Onnit.

Jake Ellenberger  

UFC veteran Jake Ellenberger joins Ellis and Tully for a frank discussion of his controversial recent TKO at the hands of Jorge Masvidal, former coach Edmond Tarverdyan, and the mental game. Sponsored by Onnit.

Covino & Rich  

Covino spotted the "Alaskan Wolf Call" hanging in the studio wall, just as recording began....and just like that a wide-ranging, freewheeling meeting of the minds commenced between Ellis and Tully and the two hosts of SiriusXM's long-running "Covino and Rich" show. Sponsored by Onnit.

Conor "Dropkick" Mangan  

Conor Mangan is a man on a mission: To become the first Irish-born NFL player in over 30 years. On this episode, Conor talks about discovering American football - and discovering that kicking one is harder than it looks - and in the process acquires a new nickname. Sponsored by Onnit.

John Joseph  

John Joseph is an author, an Iron Man competitor, an advocate for plant-based nutrition, and a bona fide punk rock legend. In this episode, he touches on all those subjects and more as he recounts one of the craziest life stories you are ever likely to hear. Sponsored by Onnit.

Jude Angelini - PART 2  

By popular demand, a quick turnaround on the second half of Ellis and Tully's sit-down with Jude Angelini, covering Jude's first brush with fame on "Jenny Jones," his descent into tooth decay, and his subsequent rise to radio glory. Sponsored by Onnit.

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