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Weekly podcast starring the outrageous and outspoken Jason Ellis with Michael Tully in an in-depth, no-holds-barred conversation with a hand-picked celebrity guest; Jason and Mike vow to bring their unique attitude to topics ranging from sexual liberation to UFC and everything in between- you won’t hear this stuff on SiriusXM!


Jake Ellenberger  

UFC veteran Jake Ellenberger joins Ellis and Tully for a frank discussion of his controversial recent TKO at the hands of Jorge Masvidal, former coach Edmond Tarverdyan, and the mental game. Sponsored by Onnit.

Covino & Rich  

Covino spotted the "Alaskan Wolf Call" hanging in the studio wall, just as recording began....and just like that a wide-ranging, freewheeling meeting of the minds commenced between Ellis and Tully and the two hosts of SiriusXM's long-running "Covino and Rich" show. Sponsored by Onnit.

Conor "Dropkick" Mangan  

Conor Mangan is a man on a mission: To become the first Irish-born NFL player in over 30 years. On this episode, Conor talks about discovering American football - and discovering that kicking one is harder than it looks - and in the process acquires a new nickname. Sponsored by Onnit.

John Joseph  

John Joseph is an author, an Iron Man competitor, an advocate for plant-based nutrition, and a bona fide punk rock legend. In this episode, he touches on all those subjects and more as he recounts one of the craziest life stories you are ever likely to hear. Sponsored by Onnit.

Jude Angelini - PART 2  

By popular demand, a quick turnaround on the second half of Ellis and Tully's sit-down with Jude Angelini, covering Jude's first brush with fame on "Jenny Jones," his descent into tooth decay, and his subsequent rise to radio glory. Sponsored by Onnit.

David Clark Produced  

David Clark is the author of a book called "Out There: A Story of Ultra Recovery." Hear the inspirational story of David's past battles with addiction, his present-day participation in ultra marathons, and his future as 45 year-old newcomer to the MMA arena. Sponsored by Onnit.

Jude Angelini  

"Hyena" author and SiriusXM host Jude Angelini talks about doing radio and doing drugs...but mostly just doing drugs. Sponsored by Onnit.

Will Pendarvis  

Will Pendarvis recounts his rise to glory, from humble rabbit mascot to the mastermind behind SiriusXM's Faction channel, along the way discussing dopesickness, mullets, and his radio rivalry with Opie and Anthony. Sponsored by Onnit.

Thomas Haden Church  

An attempt at a career-spanning interview with Thomas Haden Church - star of HBO's "Divorce" and the new film "Cardboard Boxer" - quickly devolves into a free-wheeling discussion of movie stunt work, oral herpes, on-stage nudity, dick pics, and street fighting. Sponsored by Onnit.

Rebecca Bender  

Rebecca Bender is an advocate for victims of sex trafficking. And she speaks from experience. In this eye-opening conversation, Rebecca recalls her almost six years of forced prostitution in Las Vegas, her liberation, and her ongoing efforts to educate and raise awareness for a problem that is closer to home than most people imagine.

Carey Hart  

Moto legend Carey Hart joins Ellis and Tully to discuss the challenges of entrepreneurship, life on the road with wife Pink, and the steps two busy successful professionals take to put family first.

Eddie Jackson & Kevin Kraft  

On the eve of Ellismania 13, Jason and Tully sit down with Jason's trainer Eddie Jackson along with Kevin Kraft to talk boxing tactics for the whole lineup of Ellismania bouts plus basic strategy for first-time fighters.

Aubrey Marcus  

If it wasn't for Aubrey Marcus, the Ellistronics podcast might never have existed. In this insightful hour, the Onnit founder shares practical everyday dietary fixes to start you on the road to Total Human Optimization.

Making Dr. Drew (Almost) Cry  

Dr. Drew Pinsky is a busy man. But he spent a rare free afternoon discussing his own workaholic tendencies, the state of Jason's various issues, and why podcasting is an integral part of his social life.

Anden Lee  

Anden Lee is a man's man - a logger by trade who in his spare time enjoys moto, hockey, and more. But he was born the second of two daughters to a family in British Columbia. Jason and Tully share a revealing conversation with Anden about his life as a transgender man and about issues affecting the transgender community in general.

Making Brendan Schaub Cry  

What it takes to be a high level athlete & Buisness man with former UFC fighter and co-host of The Fighter and The Kid, Brendan Schaub.

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