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Ep. 5: So You Wanna Go Pro? Surprises, Progress and Matt’s Wife, Lauren, Chimes In  

For past episodes of “So You Wanna Go Pro” (No. 1-4) click here. On this show we’re joined by not only Matt Bach this time, but also his wife, Lauren Bach, for an exciting update: Matt’s Santa Cruz 70.3 experiment and result More health testing: 4-point Cortisol test Fresh blood labs with new, improved testosterone numbers […]

Dave Asprey: Can You ‘Bulletproof’ Endurance Training? Plus: ‘Hacking’ Your Diet Beyond Low-Carb  

Recently we attended the Bulletproof Conference in Pasadena, Calif., to learn about the latest and greatest in biohacking, self-quantification and self-enhancement. (Tawnee will be sharing some of the top things she learned over at lifepostcollective.com.) Our friend and frequent podcast guest Dr. Tamsin Lewis was in attendance, and together with Tawnee they had the chance to sit down for a quick […]

ATC 220: Tapering with MAF, What Else to Add to Your Training Log, More Recovery for Masters Athletes, and More  

On this episode of Ask the Coaches with Lucho and Tawnee: Study: The Influence of a Personal Trainer on Self-Selected Loading during Resistance Exercise. Takeaway: people did “more” when a personal trainer was there and didn’t cut corners so to speak. We can probably assume the same for those with a coach for endurance sport […]

Kona Special: Race Recap of the Record-Breaking Day at The 2016 Ironman World Champs with Thorsten Radde  

It was a record-breaking day in more than one way! So much excitement and surprises went down at the 2016 Ironman World Championship. On this Kona Special, we recap the pro men’s and women’s race with Thorsten Radde providing his commentary and stats from the day, and Tawnee giving her highlights and point of view from what she […]

Kona Special: How To Race Well in the Heat, a Few ‘Tricks’ To Stay Cool and a Giveaway with Paul Laursen, PhD  

Paul Laursen, PhD, is back already to discuss how to race well in the heat and avoid detrimental heat stress especially at a race like the Ironman World Championships in Kona. Paul is an adjunct professor at Auckland University, reseracher and has published more than 100 refereed manuscripts in moderate-to-high impact exercise and sports science journals, and […]

Kona Special: ‘What it Takes’ To Qualify With Alan Couzens  

For this Kona special we are making about you. We all have dreams and many of us have that dream to Kona Qualify. Well we have back with us Alan Couzens, MS, to present real-life data on what separates those who qualify for the Ironman World Championships in Kona from those who don’t. These are every day […]

Kona Special: The 2016 Ironman World Championship Race Preview with Thorsten Radde  

Our annual Ironman World Championships preview featuring expert Thorsten Radde of trirating.com. If you want the full guide to this race, download Thorsten’s 2016 Kona Rating Report. On this show we give you all the important need-to-know info to be dialed in for this year’s race taking place on Saturday, Oct. 8: Last year surprises or […]

ATC 219: Do Better Than ‘Just Stretching,’ How to Go From All MAF to a Sprint Race, Programming Interval and Repeat Workouts, and More  

On this episode of Ask the Coaches with Tawnee & Lucho: Clarification from ATC 218 on glycogen depletion: Yes, with MAF and being fat-adapted you are more able to spare glycogen and avoid glycogen depletion, but with harder/longer efforts (racing, long bricks, intensity, and 2-6+ hour days) we tap into glycogen for fuel more, thus we deplete more and […]

Dr. Phil Maffetone: MAF Principles for Healthy Children, Guide to the Long Run and Long Bike, and Case Study On Helping a Female Pro Triathlete  

Martin: How does the MAF Method apply to kids? I have 2 very active boys aged 3 and 6. Tim Noakes seemed to backtrack a bit with his lchf for kids details (perhaps for political reasons but it didn’t feel like he was putting out what he really wanted to) saying that carbs for kids […]

Brad Kearns: Reminiscing About The Old-School Triathlon Days, Life Transformations and Lessons Learned  

Brad Kearns runs Primal Blueprint Publishing, is co-author of Primal Endurance (a book we love and recommend!), and works closely with Mark Sisson. What you may not know is that Brad was once one of the best professional triathletes in the world back in the day and remained pro for nearly a decade. Among his career highlights: In ’89 he recorded the […]

ATC 218: Know The Signs of Overtraining, Ultra Crewing, Building Efficiency with Foot Strike, Shoe, Frequency and More  

  Research discussion: The Prevalence of Nonfunctional Overreaching and Overtraining in Young English Athletes Running efficiency Is it best to be a midfoot/forefoot striker and not a heel striker when doing the MAF method? Why? What type of running shoes are best when putting in effort to change foot strike? Maximalist, minimalist, etc? Transitioning from long-haul backpacking (PCT) […]

Sports Nutrition 235: The Most Important Pre-Race Meal, Ideal Aid Station Fare, Beta-Alanine as a Lactic Acid Buffer, and More  

Ben Greenfield is back for Sports Nutrition 235: Neurofeedback training Alpha beta imbalances Decreases distraction More focus Like meditation (but way more expensive) Check out: Peak Brain Institute and Dr. Andrew Hill Maffetone’s 2-week test to test carb intolerance (CI). What does it mean when you have some positive outcomes such as less bloating and more focused, […]

Stacy Sims, PhD: The ‘Everything’ Guide for Female Athletes  — How to Navigate Your Menstrual Cycle, the Menopause Years, Cortisol and Stress, Nutrition Needs, and More  

Stacy Sims, PhD, joins the show for a second time to talk all about women, and how female athletes can maximize their potential by understanding their bodies, and how women function differently than men. Stacy recently released a new book co-authored with Selene Yeager titled ROAR: How To Match Your Food And Fitness To Your Female […]

ATC 217: How To Plan Concurrent Training For Max Aerobic Gains, Overcome Pre-Race Anxiety, HRV-Guided Training Proven Effective, MTB for Ironman, and More  

On this episode of Ask the Coaches #217 with Tawnee and Lucho: Wanna run Ragnar SoCal with the EP crew? Email us at events@enduranceplanet.com. Have a question for any of our shows? Send to questions@enduranceplanet.com. HRV-guided training for athletes being studied, and it works! “The number of moderate and HIT sessions was significantly lower in HRV […]

Paul Laursen, PhD, and Dr. Phil Maffetone: Rethinking The Role of Fat Oxidation At High Intensities, Plus Practical Diet and Training Applications To Yield Results and More  

Dr. Phil Maffetone returns along with a new special guest, Paul Laursen, PhD, an adjunct professor at Auckland University and performance physiologist who leads the Performance Physiology Team at High Performance Sport New Zealand, which helps Olympic athletes and hopefuls. Paul has published more than 100 refereed manuscripts in moderate-to-high impact exercise and sports science journals, and […]

ATD 5: New Findings on Post-Race Oxidative Stress, What are ‘Lipopolysaccharides’ and Why You Should Care, Iron-Deficiency Anemia, and More  

We are back with Dr. Tommy Wood for another edition of Ask the Doc. Three major areas covered in this episode: Monitoring of the oxidation reduction potential or redox status of ultra runners post-race Discussion on oxidative stress focusing on this new study: “Variations In Oxidative Stress Levels In Three Days Follow-Up In Ultra-Marathon Mountain Race […]

The Sock Doc: Is Vitamin D Over-Hyped? How To Assess Your ‘D’ Needs, Plus More on Vitamins A, E, K, and Being Discerning of the Supplements We Take  

Back on EP is our friend, The Sock Doc, aka Dr. Steve Gangemi, to discuss the real deal with Vitamin D–yes, it’s super important, but are we over-hyping its importance and the need to supplement these days? It turns into quite the discussion! Before that we catch up with The Sock Doc on his new book, The […]

ATC 216: When Race Weight Goals Backfire (and A Better Approach), Do You Have a Chance to Kona-Qualify, In-Depth MAF Test Analysis, and More  

Wanna run Ragnar SoCal with the EP crew? Email us at events@enduranceplanet.com. Have a question for any of our shows? Send to questions@enduranceplanet.com. Discussing Tawnee’s MAF Test and “starting from scratch.” Takeaways for YOU in your own testing and analysis with the MAF Method. Get full details on Tawnee’s MAF test on her blog here. On […]

Dr. Tommy Wood and Chris Kelly: How to Use the Autoimmune Paleo Diet and Other ‘Elimination’ Strategies for Gut Healing, Performance Benefits, and More  

Dr. Tommy Wood and Chris Kelly of Nourish Balance Thrive join to discuss how athletes can go the next step in healing and bulletproofing their guts and bodies. On this show we cover: Exploring the Autoimmune Paleo Diet (AIP) and cutting-edge concepts to gut healing What is AIP? Foods removed are those with anti-nutrients, protease […]

Sarah Piampiano: On Managing Hashimoto’s Like A Pro, Chasing Dreams, and Launching ‘The Habit Project’  

Since going pro after a career in finance, Sarah Piampiano‘s accumulated multiple 70.3-distance wins, an Ironman win and many other podium performances, as well as a 7th place finish at the 2015 Ironman World Championships in Hawaii. This year she’ll return to Kona. Last year she launched The Habit Project, an online community geared toward helping supporting positive habit […]

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