Episodes of The Irrelevant Show from CBC Radio

Episodes of The Irrelevant Show from CBC Radio


A weekly romp of original, biting, ridiculous, outrageous and ultimately hilarious sketch comedy from a crack team in Edmonton.


Boxing Day Carol, Pick a Hemsworth, Lozenge Heights, Man Returns 3 Beers, Call Drop and more  

Scrooge visited by three spirits who teach him true meaning of Boxing Day. Movie fan to Hollywood: pick a Hemsworth Chris or Liam. And man demands refund on first two beers in six-pack, claiming they didn’t work as advertised.

Self-appointed Martyrs, Russ Howard Song, Scones, Casual Hang and more.  

Self-appointed martyr honoured for saving TV finale until partner can watch too. Russ Howard’s curling prowess and foghorn voice inspire Tom Jones style song. And a woman who’s never seen a scone before unable to believe she’s supposed to eat that thing.

Alien Heartbreakers of Malorkia, Fit Bit Song, E-meal.  

Earth’s leaders terrified that alien invaders will turn us into country music planet. Fit Bit getting really sick of being lied to by owner. And e-meals take vaping to the next level.

Mom Downloads a Podcast, Gitch or Gotch, Crazy Socks, Fruit Fly, Boyfriend with Benefits Song and more.  

Son makes heroic attempt to talk Mom through downloading a podcast. Man sincerely believes colourful socks demonstrate how fun and creative he is. And ‘gitch’ or ‘gotch’ controversy tears family apart.

Dad Message, Spaguana, Phantom of Rexall Place, Too Tired to be Bad Song and more.  

Dad forgets what century it is, leaves voice mail message. Pet lizards and reptiles receive spa pampering at Spaguana. Phantom of the Opera becomes obnoxious hockey dad in Phantom of Rexall Place.

Batman, Vasectomy Song, Sensory Deprivation Tank, I Love Jar Jar and more.  

Newcomer to Gotham can’t understand why guy dressed as bat is considered scary. Man who yearned for peace of sensory deprivation tank panics after 15 seconds without his phone. And a song about the snip.

Tiny Moose Lake Chronicles, Ethel Merman Lullabies, Failure Movie Trailer.  

Town’s entire self-worth at stake as 9-year-old hockey players face 9-year-olds from other town. Ethel Merman releases poorly advised album of lullabies. And honest movie trailer prepares viewer for series of letdowns.

Our first show in Kelowna! Fun Kelowna Facts, Darth Vader Performance Review, Bobsleigh Conversaton, Vegas Trip, Montreal Song and more.  

Mayor of Kelowna Colin Basran presents fun facts about city’s best and worst features. Bobsleigh competitor in midst of race decides time is right for heart-to-heart conversation with teammate. H.R. guy asks Darth Vader to consider killing fewer minions

Stuart McLean’s Vancouver, Tiny House, Tax Song, Canadian Serial, Panda Soap Opera, Yankee Doodle and more.  

Stuart McLean makes even Vancouver’s most infuriating indignities sound charming and delightful. Young Vancouver couple thrilled to find 4 square foot condo to call their own. Tax song turns frustration, rage of last-minute tax filing into operatic aria.

Duelling Texts, Coach Carlson Romeo and Juliet, Music of Your Life, Jocelyn Ahlf song I Want My Back Back and more.  

Woman derails text conversation by sending back-to-back questions. Football Coach Carlson draws up intricacies of Romeo and Juliet on chalkboard. And Sistine Chapel employee’s feelings hurt when Michelangelo doesn’t use his great ideas in famed fresco.

Our first Vancouver show! Fun Vancouver Facts, Extreme Wedding, Chemainus Song, Steve 2.0 and more.  

Bungee wedding that seemed like awesome idea quickly descends into confusion, shouting. Chemainus’ yard sales, bed and breakfasts, and two pubs have been immortalized in a song by Kieran Martin Murphy. And more.

CSI: Medieval England, Best Steak, Escape Room and more...  

Medieval Crime Scene Investigators unable to figure out how Ann Boleyn’s head became detached from her body. Radio restaurant reviewer offers spectacularly unhelpful descriptions of food. Escape room brings out the smug idiot in local man.

Benedergency Cumbertact, Nine More Ten Commandments, Movie Lessons and more  

Winnipeg woman who designated Benedict Cumberbatch her emergency contact doesn’t fool anyone with her string of “accidents.” New Ten Commandments codify laws for Reply All and microwaving. A Guru attains enlightenment by watching tons of action movies.

Matthew McConaughey ads, Extreme Cat Café, Calendar! Kiosk and Success 5000 sings about wanting to everything.  

New Matthew McConaughey ads extol coolness of mini-vans with embarrassing names. Extreme Cat Café offers scrumptious snacks and terrifying adventure among feral beasts. And a sad calendar kiosk in mall offers even more obscure themed calendars.

Liam the Sarcastic Dog, Sam Elliott Ads, Dishes Standoff, Cher Retirement song and more.  

Liam the Sarcastic Dog shares what many dogs really think about walks, dog food and human snacks. And voice of truck and beer commercials Sam Elliott releases new ads for yoghurt, collectible plates and tampons.

Inside the House, E-Cig Man, Oh Nooo!, Future Review: Spiderman, 6-Year Old Wedding, Song: Cool at 72 and more.  

Man with E-Cigarette bewitches café-goers. Wife unconvincingly claims husband’s hideous furniture and clothing were stolen by very selective burglars. Movie critic reviews upcoming Spiderman reboot, despite fact that it doesn’t exist yet.

Live Forever, Too Many Ryans, “My Type of Guy” song, Internet  Café, Grocery Mart Affair, Song: My Type of Guy and more.  

Guru offers key to eternal life: listen to drum solos. Internet Café offers experience of working from home, without the comfort and hygiene. And a company forced to lay off 50% of workers named Ryan.

Kieran Martin Murphy song “Vacation Jorge”, Power Outage, Beat Poetry Parents, Puntervention, Shock Jock and more.  

A man believes he becomes exciting version of self on all-inclusive vacation. Another man faces personal apocalypse as apartment power goes out for a few minutes. And your mom and dad perform beat poetry and it wouldn’t kill you to listen.

Nap Coach, Helium Leak, Sleep All Night Long Song, Millennial Mail, French Fry Lie  

Edmonton Oilers hire nap coach to help young stars not be ‘sleepy bears’. Breaking news: possible helium leak at plant in Helium, Ontario. And in sexy Barry White style song, middle-aged man promises wife blissful night of uninterrupted sleep.

Walkup Music, Warranty, Mom Sounds, Why Do I Still Live Here Dance, Sexy Halloween for Him, Jean Grey and more.  

Players on small-town baseball team write, perform their own crowd-stirring walk-up music. An album offers ‘Mom Sounds’ for people wanting more maternal moments in their lives. And a fashion designer creates line of “sexy” Halloween costumes for men.

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