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Images speak for themselves: the most striking pictures from around the world, unedited, with original sound: draw your own conclusion


Crossing into Colombia  

Tens of thousands of Venezuelans streamed across the border from the town of San Antonio del Tachira into Cucuta, Colombia on Sunday (17 July) to stock up on food, home goods and medicine that are in short supply at home. Although the border was heavily patrolled, the crowds were mostly orderly amid an atmosphere of tense excitement.

Magnificent Matsuri  

One of Japan’s biggest and oldest events, the month-long Gion Matsuri summer festival is in full swing in Kyoto. The city hosts a parade called Yamaboko Junko where residents and tourists gather in downtown Kyoto to see the 23 decorative floats. The festival started as a sort of purification ritual for the appeasement of Gods to protect them from fire, floods and earthquakes – which Japan is highly prone to.

Indian teenagers dice with death  

Railway tracks in India’s northern Uttar Pradesh province have become a deadly playground for teenagers performing dangerous stunts. Amateur video showed seven boys waiting on a railway bridge and jumping into a river seconds before a oncoming train goes past. The boys were filmed in the state’s Ghaziabad district on Thursday (July 14).

Ferocious mountain torrents destroy houses in Hunan, China  

Video footage captured mountain torrents destroying a row of wooden houses in a village China’s central Hunan Province. Heavy rains triggered the land and mudslides on Sunday morning in Hunan’s Guzhang County, with precipitation reaching as much as 199.1 mm in Morong Town, where the scenes were captured.

Turkish army and supporters of Erdogan in face off  

Supporters of the Turkish president take to the streets to show their fury against putchistes.

Anti-Theresa May protesters want new election  

People dressed as Theresa May parade outside the incoming British prime minister’s soon-to-be home of 10 Downing Street, dancing and singing in protest to call for a new general election.

Poland: dancing nuns go viral  

Polish nuns dance to encourage young faithfuls to take part in World Youth Day at the end of July. The Sisters of St. Faustina Order from Mysliborz in West Pomerania recorded a video of their antics, which soon went viral on the Internet.

China: Trucks running into water  

A dozen trucks carrying heavy rocks were driven into the flood to help block a dyke in central China’s Hunan Province. The local residents were evacuated immediately while emergency repair was conducted to seal the breach. But the rapid flood flow soon washed away the rocks put into the water and the breach expanded fast. Water conservancy experts decided to have trucks carrying rocks driven into the flood.

Portugal's Euro 2016 champions return to Lisbon  

Tens of thousands of people greeted Portugal on arrival in Lisbon on Monday, a day after the team won the European Championship for its first major trophy. Dozens of airport staff gathered on the tarmac to cheer on the players as they arrived from France just after midday. Captain Cristiano Ronaldo and coach Fernando Santos held the cup up to great cheers on stepping out of the plane. Thousands of people packed the streets around the airport to greet the team, which travelled in an open-topped, double-decker bus to the Belem presidential palace to meet Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

Russia: Annual cow dung slinging festival at Urals village  

The village of Krylovo in the Urals region of Russia celebrated its national day with a cow dung slinging competition. According to organizers, the competition is growing every year and 100 people participated in the 2016 event.

World's 'largest orchestra' performs in Germany  

The world record for the largest orchestra has been broken, according to the German Institute for Records. The Institute said 7,548 musicians gathered in a football stadium in Frankfurt to play for 45 minutes, conducted by Wolf Kerschek. That was over 300 more than in Brisbane, Australia, where the previous record was set.

Spain: four injured in fourth San Fermin bull-run  

Four runners were gored in the fourth bull-run of Pamplona’s San Fermin festival in northern Spain. Among the many towns holding festivals featuring bull-running this summer, San Fermin in Pamplona is the most famous internationally and attracts thousands of revellers from around the world. There are four more bull-runs still to come at the festival.

Prince George steals the show  

Britain’s Prince George was the star attraction on Friday at the Royal International Air Tattoo, billed by UK media as the world’s largest military air show. The two-year-old prince toured aircraft with his parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, at the evet, held at a Royal Air Force base in Gloucestershire, England from July 8 to 10.

First bull run of San Fermin Festival in Pamplona  

The first bull run in Spain’s San Fermin passed off with only a few minor injuries reported. The bulls from the Fuente Ymbro breeder raced through the streets for two minutes and 28 seconds.

Messages of love around the world in Eid prayers  

Sunni and Shiite Muslims in Baghdad hold a memorial vigil for the estimated 250 killed in a massive suicide bombing, the worst to hit the city since the 2003 U.S.-led invasion. Muslims gathered at mosques across Pakistan on Wednesday morning to perform Eid prayers, marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan. Muslims in Malaysia gathered at the national mosque in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday to perform Eid prayers to mark the end of the holy month of Ramadan. Devout Muslims gathered at Cairo’s Mostafa Mahmoud mosque in the early hours of Wednesday (July 6) for Eid prayers.

Innovative Iraqi dancer killed by truck bomb in Baghdad  

Videos of Adil Faraj practising his debut dance routine on stage at the Al-Hussein Cultural Center in Amman, Jordan Adil Faraj died in the attack on the Iraqi capital’s Karada shopping district , the deadliest single car bombing since the 2003 US-led invasion.

Devastation of Ramadi shown from the air  

Rare aerial footage gathered by the ICRC shows the once-prosperous central Iraqi city of Ramadi now in tatters – a ghost town. Explosive remnants of war are scattered across the city and most people are too afraid to return home. It will take months, if not years, to make the city safe again and to rebuild houses and damaged water and electric systems.

Wife carrying world championship in Finland  

This year some 50 couples from 12 countries took part in the race in Sonkajärvi, Finalnd, a small town of 4600 inhabitants. This year Russian couple Dimitriy Sagal and Anastasia Loginova clocked the fastest time. The winning couple take home the coveted liquid trophy: the weight of the winning wife in beer.

'I can't live without EU'  

Ten of thousands of people showed their support for the European Union in London on Saturday (July 2). The rally came just over a week after the nation voted in a referendum to leave the bloc. London was among the prominent areas, which also included Scotland and Northern Ireland, to vote against Brexit.

Locust influx causing concern in Russia  

Swarms of locusts have invaded parts of Russia, including Sochi, which hosted the Winter Olympics in 2014. Emergency services say the number of vermin is on the increase due to the migration of the Moroccan locust species from the south of the country. Authorities assure that the insects are harmless to people, although they pose a serious threat to agriculture.

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