Everyday Ethics

Everyday Ethics


Provocative weekly debate on moral, religious and ethical issues. From BBC Radio Ulster


The poverty index and the journey of the Methodists  

Roisin and guests discuss the poverty index - what does it mean being poor mean these days? And from anti-Catholic to ecumenical - the journey of the Methodists

The Road towards Equality for Women, and Atheist Children in Faith Schools  

Are women still less than equal? Should faith schools make more provision for atheists?

No.1 Hit for Dementia Sufferer, Similarities between Faiths, Prison Week  

Singing for the brain, similarities between faiths and prison week

Is this the Real Life? Or is this Just fantasy?  

On Everyday Ethics with Audrey Carville this week - the post-truth society, is truth an irrelevance? Plus near death experiences - explained? And the importance of wine in religion.

Jeremy Corbyn, Syria, Brangelina  

Can Jeremy's principles transform society? Brangelina break up - do we care too much?

The essence of being human  

Plus the Paralympian who is planning her own death and new guidelines on communion

Christianity & Infertility and Reflections from Terry Waite and Rev Ken Newell  

Elaine McGee and guests debate Christianity and how it relates to infertility, Terry Waite on 25 years since his release and the rise of ISIS, and Rev Ken Newell reflects on 15 years since he witnessed the 9/11 attacks.

Conscripting the Young, 70 Years of AA and Finding Beauty  

Debate on conscripting the young, 70th anniversary of AA and a walk around an exhibition

What is Success, Dwindling Church Attendance, and Frei on Trump  

On this week's Everyday Ethics with Roisin McAuley - just what is success? Money, promotion, celebrity or just plain contentment with your lot? Church attendance is falling - can the decline be halted? And on the campaign trail with Trump - Matt Frei gives his verdict.

Forgiveness, Consumerism vs Nature and the Keening Tradition  

Michaella McCollum came back to Ireland this week after being released from a Peru prison earlier this year. She returned to a barrage of media attention and condemnation. The Reverend Cheryl Meban looks at the wider issues surrounding this story - are women not as easily forgiven as men? Fr Sean McDonagh, Professor Jane Falkingham and the Reverend Chris Hudson debate another hot issue - how consumerism is eating up the earth's resources faster than ever - but can we really fix the environment if we don't control our reproduction levels? And crying out for lost souls - Marie-Louise Muir and Conor McKay explore why the sound of keening is no longer heard.

Music, Ministry and Persecution  

On this week's Everday Ethics, with Roisin McAuley, harmony out of chaos, saving Iraq's teens with classical music. Ministering in economic uncertainty, the role of the workplace chaplain. Plus we we examine the persecution of Ahmadiyya Muslims.

Honours,Syrian Civil War, Science and Wonder  

Is the British honours system fit for purpose? Humanitarian catastrophe in Aleppo. Science and Wonder.

Churches & Sanctuary, Happy Marriages and Irish Singing Imam Style  

On this week's Everyday Ethics with Roisin McAuley, a place of sanctuary - or a place of safety? The dilemma for churches after the murder of Father Hamel. Alain de Botton tells us how to have a happy marriage, and the Muslim Imam embracing the world of Irish Traditional singing.

Where did the Church go Wrong? Pokémon Go and Debate on Competition  

Audrey asks why the fall in church numbers? Religion & Pokémon, & competition after drugs

Is Christianity A Byword For Niceness? Youth Of Today And Revival Of Faith Movies  

Is Christianity a byword for niceness? Youth of today and Hollywood faith films

Chilcot Report, Medical Ethics and Jim Muir  

Chilcot Report response, medical ethics and Jim Muir reflects on career in Middle East.

Brexit, Apostles and Passage Graves  

Europe after Brexit, the Apostles who changed the world and passage graves.

Battle of the Somme Centenary Special  

On Everday Ethics with Audrey Carville, as Northern Ireland prepares to commemorate the Battle of the Somme just how should we remember? And war poetry - was it the ethical response?

War Poetry; Remembering the Somme 100 years ago  

Audrey presents a special show from the Royal Ulster Rifle Museum commemorating the Somme

Health Spending, Human Remains and Papal Medals  

The health budget here is now almost five billion pounds - and there's a constant demand for more money - but do we have a moral responsibility to look after ourselves and reduce the burden on the state? The ethics of human remains in museums - whether for research or observation - do we need to examine our conscience when it comes to their public display? Still hitting the top notes - a Belfast centenarian (who took a while to realise he was a Catholic) gets a medal from the Pope.

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