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Everyday Ethics


Provocative weekly debate on moral, religious and ethical issues. From BBC Radio Ulster


Slavery, Angela Davis and Monastic Life  

Angela Davis on social justice; monastic life; are we complicit in modern slavery?

Russian Religion, Respect and Tuam  

How Russia treats religion, do we need respect and a reflection on the horrors of Tuam.

Stem Cell Research, Belfast Muslims and The Monk from the Met  

The ethics of stem cell research and what it's like to be a Muslim in Belfast

Science, Love and Theology of Poetry  

On this week's podcast with Audrey Carville. Science - is it a creator or a destroyer? We discuss its role in society and if it has a social conscience - with Dr Norman Apsley, Rev Prof David Wilkinson, Maggie Philbin and Rev Dr Norman Hamilton. Hunter Davies on life and love after the death of his wife Margaret Foster. And Malcolm Guite on the theology of Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Prisoner of War Camp, Catherine Howard & the Election Campaign  

On this week's Everyday Ethics podcast with Roisin McAuley - Growing up in a prisoner of war camp - we hear two remarkable stories of the search for truth and reconciliation with the past from Basil Scott and Bill Maul. We ask if it’s possible to have an election campaign that isn't brutal? With Rev Steve Stockman, Rev David Clements and Fr Martin Magill. And Saintfield author Gareth Russell tells the tragic story of Catherine Howard in the Court of Henry VIII.

The Reformation 500 years on and Fr Tony Flannery  

A seminal point in world and Christian history - in this the 500th anniversary year of the Reformation we're examining its impact and its relevance. And a modern day reformer or just another troublesome priest? Father Tony Flannery confronts the Vatican.

The moral compass of Donald Trump; Loneliness; Sexual Violence in the Congo  

The ethics of Donald Trump and the Congo civil war in which a principal weapon is rape.

Sen. George Mitchell; Parity of Esteem; A New Father's Manifesto for the World  

Sen. George Mitchell on the Northern Ireland political impasse. Parity of esteem – is it achievable in politics? A new fathers manifesto for the world.

Is the World a Better Place?, Polish Mass in Newry and the Film 'Silence'  

Bianca Jagger, Gordon Bridger and Christine McCartney from Oxfam Ireland discuss whether the world has really improved in the last 100 years. Bishop John McAreavey outlines why mass is being said in Polish in Newry. Fr. Alan McGuckian and Former Presbyterian Moderator Dr. John Dunlop give their view on the new Scorsese film 'Silence', about Jesuit missionaries in Japan.

2017: Christianity; Hope; Reflection  

Audrey Carville in the company of Reverend Cheryl Meban, Father Martin Magill, Reverend Adrian Dorrian and Dr Fergus O'Farrell consider the future of Christianity, the highs and lows of 2016, their hopes for 2017, and dip into newly opened cabinet papers with Dr Eamon Phoenix spanning 1975 to 1990.

Ash For Cash - The Ethics of the Renewable Heating Initiative  

The moral response to the Renewable Heating Initiative and the nightmare of Aleppo. Plus, can we trust history?

Standing Rock, the ethics of Brexit, and Tony Macauley on his father's suicide  

Journalist Amy Goodman on the Native Americans protecting the earth at Standing Rock

Child Abuse, The Relevance of Advent and the Origin of Genocide  

You can't open a newspaper, hear, or see a news bulletin these days without encountering a story about child abuse. The latest series of revelations come from the world of football. Allegations have been made. Names published. Does this make it more or less difficult to get to the truth? And can we be fair to both the accusers and the accused? Our guests - child safety expert and former policeman, Jim Gamble; theologian and sociologist, Elaine Storkey; and Michael Connolly, a survivor of sex abuse. Former Presbyterian Moderator Rev Ken Newell, discusses the relevance of Advent as Christmas approaches, and law professor and human rights expert Philippe Sands, tells us about his new book 'East West Street - On the Origins of Genocide and Crimes against Humanity'.

Swedish Working Hours; Fidel Castro; Papal Visit  

Would our lives be better if we adopted the Swedish system of working shorter hours?

Cryogenics; Corporation tax; Flags  

How ethical is it to freeze your body after death?

Shared History, Donald Trump and Child Refugees  

Has this year of shared history changed how we remember on the island of Ireland? The Evangelical response to the election of Donald Trump as the next president of the United States. And what is our moral duty to children abandoned by war.

Literacy, dealing with death and what's fuelling the racist fire?  

In a world of text, why are so many people still functionally illiterate and innumerate? Poor politics and xenophobic media, Cardinal Nichols on what's fuelling the racist fire. How should we approach death - is it time we resigned ourselves to the inevitable?

Nature versus Nurture, the Vatican's Dirty War files and Belfast's Victorian Graverobbers.  

Nature versus Nurture - What would make you cross the line into criminality? The Vatican opens its files relating to Argentina's Dirty War and for Halloween we are on the trail of Belfast's Victorian Graverobbers.

The poverty index and the journey of the Methodists  

Roisin and guests discuss the poverty index - what does it mean being poor mean these days? And from anti-Catholic to ecumenical - the journey of the Methodists

The Road towards Equality for Women, and Atheist Children in Faith Schools  

Are women still less than equal? Should faith schools make more provision for atheists?

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