Everyday Ethics

Everyday Ethics


Provocative weekly debate on moral, religious and ethical issues. From BBC Radio Ulster


Inequality and Stolen Girls  

A discussion on inequality in society and Wolfgang Bauer on Nigeria's stolen girls

Male Role Models and Ani Rinchen Khandro  

Why do so few men choose careers that centre on children? And George Best's ex-girlfriend

Election Fallout and Radicalisation  

A discussion on the election and Nazir Afzal on radicalisation

The Power of Prayer and Coptic Christians  

How important is prayer? And Christianity in the Middle East

Grief, Dominicans and Martin Luther  

Coping with grief, the life of a monk and Martin Luther, Catholic Dissdent

Transhumanism and Redemption  

More human than human, Mark O'Connell on Transhumanism and a discussion on justice

What Makes a Relationship Work?  

How can some marriages last a lifetime while in others love turns to ashes?

Have We Reached the Peak of Evolution?  

Professors Tina Beattie, John Brewer and David Wilkinson tackle this tough question.

Religious Violence  

Is religion inherently a force for good, or is it intrinsically violent? Addressing the question for Sunday Sequence, Professor Gordon Campbell from Union Theological College, Michael Nugent from Atheist Ireland, and Dr Raied Al-Wazzan from the Belfast Islamic Centre.

Election Morality, Body Ethics and Refugees  

Should we have a moral obligation to vote? Who owns us? And helping refugees in Sicily.

Regret, Reformation and Rabbie Burns  

What makes an apology, the Reformation and the spirituality Robert Burns

Welfare and Transgender  

A welfare state for the 21st Century and coming out as transgender at age 90

Fake News, Heresy and Paddy Armstrong  

Searching for truth from miscarriages of justice, heresy trials and in fake news.

Terrorism, Reconciliation and Forgiveness  

Veteran Journalist Peter Taylor on reporting terrorism and a discussion on forgiveness

Slavery, Angela Davis and Monastic Life  

Angela Davis on social justice; monastic life; are we complicit in modern slavery?

Russian Religion, Respect and Tuam  

How Russia treats religion, do we need respect and a reflection on the horrors of Tuam.

Stem Cell Research, Belfast Muslims and The Monk from the Met  

The ethics of stem cell research and what it's like to be a Muslim in Belfast

Science, Love and Theology of Poetry  

On this week's podcast with Audrey Carville. Science - is it a creator or a destroyer? We discuss its role in society and if it has a social conscience - with Dr Norman Apsley, Rev Prof David Wilkinson, Maggie Philbin and Rev Dr Norman Hamilton. Hunter Davies on life and love after the death of his wife Margaret Foster. And Malcolm Guite on the theology of Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Prisoner of War Camp, Catherine Howard & the Election Campaign  

On this week's Everyday Ethics podcast with Roisin McAuley - Growing up in a prisoner of war camp - we hear two remarkable stories of the search for truth and reconciliation with the past from Basil Scott and Bill Maul. We ask if it’s possible to have an election campaign that isn't brutal? With Rev Steve Stockman, Rev David Clements and Fr Martin Magill. And Saintfield author Gareth Russell tells the tragic story of Catherine Howard in the Court of Henry VIII.

The Reformation 500 years on and Fr Tony Flannery  

A seminal point in world and Christian history - in this the 500th anniversary year of the Reformation we're examining its impact and its relevance. And a modern day reformer or just another troublesome priest? Father Tony Flannery confronts the Vatican.

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