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Fairly Normal With Josh Wolf: A brand new podcast from Josh Wolf and All Things Comedy.


Episode #81: ME! I try to figure out what cultural appropriation is and a ton more  

ME! Another solocast....I talk about my time as a single dad (and why I don't talk about the bad parts of those days too much), I try to figure out exactly what cultural appropriation is, my newest favorite musician, my pet peeve of the day and much more! Check it out.

Episode #80: ME! Talking about my special, the best scare in the world and more  

ME! Another solocast from my house. Today I talk about getting my special together, how the "slow stroll" in front of my car is one of my biggest pet peeves, not wanting to develop old man ass, accidentally getting gum in a girl's pubes and a ton more. Check it out, check it out.

Episode #79: Jay Larson, comedian, writer and actor joins Josh on this episode  

Jay Larson, comedian, writer and actor, joins Josh on this episode as they talk about Big Papi retiring, Jay finding a room of dick sculptures in his dad's house after he passed, being a sponge as a young comic and a TON more! Dude is super fucking funny. Check it out.

Episode #78: ME!! Back from Oldchella I talk about the bands and taking mushrooms  

On this episode of "Fairly Normal" it's ME and I'm back from Oldchella. What a great fucking weekend! I review every band, talk about taking mushrooms and the importance of making memories. Hope you like it.

Episode #77: ME! Talking about people walking out of my show, exciting podcast news and more!  

On this episode of "Fairly Normal" it's ME! I talk about figuring out my new special, having people walk out of my shows offended this weekend, trying to decide if I should do mushrooms at Oldchella, why I don't want to get old and a ton more! Check. It. Out.

Episode #76: ME...talking food poisoning, the debate and a bunch of silly shit  

Another solocast from the Casa del Wolf. I talk about my weekend bout with food poisoning, the death of Jose Fernandez and the last half is filled with my take on the debate. Plus, lots and lots of the usual tangents. Loving these solocasts more and more! Spread the word.

Episode #75: Steve Kazee, Tony Award winner, actor, singer joins Josh  

Steve Kazee, actor, singer and Tony Award winner joins Josh on this episode and they run the gamut on emotions for sure. Steve talks about having to perform a song from "Once" LIVE on the Today Show right after learning that his mom was passing (the whole story, including how he got through his opening night, is AMAZING), his talks his love for WWE, Josh tells a story about a girl whose bellybutton looked like a cat's ahole and MORE! See? The whole gamut. This ep is a must on many levels.

Episode #74: ME! A big work announcement and a ton more!  

ME! Another solocast! I love doing these so much and this one made me laugh out loud to myself a few times! I share some cool work news about a TV show I'll be on, football is back, I sat next to one of my biggest pet peeves of all-time on the plane (and I didn't kill him), I talk about conquering a huge fear AND I came up with the best name for an R&B group ever. Check it out.

Episode #73: Coy Bowles, guitarist/keyboard player/song writer from the Zac Brown Band joins Josh  

Coy Bowles, guitar player/keyboardist/song writer, from the Zac Brown Band joins Josh on Fairly Normal. They talk about how the ZBB got together, Coy tells a few insane stories from the road, where his favorite place to play is, what it was like for him growing up in a small town in Georgia and he shares something about performing that he's never told anyone before. This episode is PACKED with great stories that take you behind the velvet rope. If you like music, this one is for you.

Episode #72: ME! I think I'm starting to figure out how to soocast! My best one yet  

On this episode of "Fairly Normal" it's ME and I think I'm starting to figure out how to solocast. I really want to be able to do entertaining solocasts but I was really nervous doing them at first. This one is my best. Not perfect yet but getting way better. I talk about people being self-involved, doing nice shit for people, Colin Kaepernick and I improv three songs that should instantly go to #1 on the charts. Check it out!

Episode #71: Kevin Clancy (KFC), from Barstool Sports joins Josh on Fairly Normal  

Kevin Clancy (KFC), from Barstool Sports, joins Josh on this episode of "Fairly Normal." This episode covers a little bit of everything. They discuss if blind people are part of an elaborate hoax, if Helen Keller was faking it, which sport has the funniest athletes and Josh asks Kevin a list of questions that Josh thinks will help determine right away if he is going to like someone. This ep has a ton of laughs. Check it out.

Episode #70: ME....way too high. I apologize in advance.  

On this episode of Fairly Normal, it's just me and I'm way too high. I answer your questions....kinda. Pay no attention to the long pauses or the chunks where I'm clearly talking to myself. This is a mess but I promised I would put it out. Here ya go....P.S. didn't express my opinion on the Kaepernick situation as well as i would have liked. I'll get to that on today's podcast.

Episode #69: Josh Adam Meyers, comedian and creator of the God Damn Comedy Jam joins Josh  

Josh Adam Meyers, comedian and creator of the God Damn Comedy Jam joins Josh on this episode of Fairly Normal. The Comedy Jam is my favorite live show in Los Angeles that is now a show on Comedy Central! Josh talks about never giving up on his dream, addiction, why comedy songs don't need to rhyme and how he persevered through the death of his best friend. Some very funny and very heavy shit on this episode. Check it out.

Episode #68: Boomer and The Old Man! Fresh from the Zac Brown concert at Fenway  

Boomer and The Old Man are back! We recorded this on a train from Boston to Maine the morning after we saw Zac Brown at Fenway Park. We review the concert (which was AMAZING), Jacob tells me why he thinks his generation doesn't love Rock-n-Roll and I continue to have more old man moments. Uh-oh. That and a ton more. Check it out.

Episode #67:  Another brother! Dan Wolf, joins me on Fairly Normal  

On this episode of Fairly Normal one of my other brothers, Dan, joins me at the Casa De Wolf to shoot the shit. We tell embarrassing childhood stories, he talks about his battle with depression (I definitely heard some shit I had never heard before!), he says that he heard when I described him as the "auschwitzy" version of me and MUCH more. Good stuff.

Episode #66: Freddie Prinze Jr. joins Josh on this episode of Fairly Normal  

Freddie Prinze Jr. joins Josh on a crazy episode of "Fairly Normal." I love stories about old Hollywood and he has the best ones I've heard. He talks about the time his dad sparred with Muhammad Ali and a great story about his dad being at Richard Pryor's house. He also talks about how he coped with his father's suicide, how it affected him and how he came out the other side. A great story about Chuck Norris breaking his rib, too! So many great bits on this episode. A MUST LISTEN. On a sidenote, the calmest, most down to earth dude I have met in this town. He gets it. Good stuff.

Episode #65: Alison Rosen, podcaster and host, joins Josh on this episode  

Alison Rosen, podcaster and host, joins Josh on this episode of "Fairly Normal." We talk about her being pregnant, what she will take from her parents' style of raising kids and what she won't, one of her biggest regrets and MUCH, MUCH MORE. This one could have gone on for another 2 hours. Check it out, check it out.

Episode #64: Boomer and the Old Man are back!!  

On this episode of "Fairly Normal" Jacob Wolf is back for another edition of "Boomer and The Old Man." We talk about his weekend as the batboy for the Red Sox, if he worries about me and a TON more. We crammed a bunch into this one!! Check it out.

Episode #63: ME...definitely the most personal one yet. Hope you like it.  

A solocast where I discuss the recent death of one of my heroes. A friend of mine that I went to college with passed. Wrestled with putting this out but it was very cathartic for me and, ultimately, decided to post it just in case it could help someone else someday. Be good to each other. Josh

Episode #62: Jeremiah Watkins, comedian and improv king, joins Josh on Fairly Normal  

You might not know him now but in a few years everybody will know Jeremiah Watkins. A very funny comedian who can be seen on The Roast Battle, The God Damn Comedy Jam and Kill Tony. On this episode we discuss why there hasn't been a Fat Albert porn, what makes somebody good at improv, being bullied in school and how that shaped his comedy and much more. Check it out.

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