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Fairly Normal With Josh Wolf: A brand new podcast from Josh Wolf and All Things Comedy.


Ep #124: What the fuck is going on in America, Jacob moving out, falling asleep during oral and more  

On this episode, Josh talks about the craziness of Nazis in America, why he was a bit emotional when Jacob moved out, falling asleep during oral and a bunch more!!

Ep #123: Greg Garcia, creator of My Name is Earl, Raising Hope & The Guest House. best ep yet!  

On this episode, I talk to writer/show runner, Greg Garcia. Greg is a master story teller and his Charlie Sheen story is hilarious! For me, without a doubt, this is the best episode yet. Check it out.

Episode #122: HUGE news from the Wolf house, worst food combos, my latest personal demon  

On this episode, HUGE news about everyone in my immediate-immediate family(Beth and all three kids). Plus, the worst food combos, my latest personal demon and more, more, more. Check it out.

Ep #121: Finishing the "Studs" story, entertaining at children's parties and riding a moped  

On this episode, Josh finishes his story about being on "Studs", talks about entertaining at children's parties, riding a moped and more!!

Ep #120: Getting taught another lesson in comedy, I'm terrible with money, the great divide and more  

On this episode, I talk about a crucial comedy lesson I learned on stage recently, I'm terrible with my money but I'm ok with it, what divides our country, another playlist and MORE!

Ep #119: The hysterical Theo Von talks robbing wishing wells, ghosting, Josh has a confession & more  

On this episode, the very funny, Theo Von, joins Josh. Theo is the best story teller in the business. If you haven't heard him talk about his life you are missing out, for sure. From robbing wishing wells, to a guy in his hometown who pretended to be a ghost for two years, you do not want to miss this one.

Episode #118: Food and strip clubs don't mix, doing meth by accident and more!  

On this episode, I talk about why there should NEVER, EVER be food served at strip clubs, the one time I did meth by accident and a whole lot more. Check it out, check it out

Episode #117: The ramblings of a dude who may or may not have some hash in his system  

I may or may not have had a little hash in my system when I taped this. Tried to keep it together. I think I did? Think. We'll see, won't we?

Ep #116: learning new comedy skills, CP3 to Houston, not being angry and more  

On this episode, I talk about what I've learned recently doing stand up, hanging in Canada with friends, CP3 to Houston and more!

Episode 125: The amazing Roast of David Ortiz and the unnecessary shit storm that followed.  

I talk about the Roast of David Ortiz and the unnecessary shit storm that followed it.

Episode #113: My biggest regret, people are gross, fuck politicians and more!  

On this episode, I revisit the hardest story/moment in my life, I ask why people are so gross, fuck politicians, the Roast of David Ortiz, a new playlist for the podcast and so much more! Check it out.

Episode 112: Kathy Griffin, the importance of going "all in", germs are everywhere  

On this episode, I talk about Kathy Griffin (the bloody head, the apology and the news conference), I talk about how Beth and I have always gone "all in" with supporting each other even when that means spending our last dime, noticing a waitresses thumb in another customer's eggs and more!

Episode #111: Almost getting killed in Mexico, honoring our military, starting a crazy biz & more  

On this episode, I talk about how Beth and I started selling belts and buckles we made in Mexico to pay for our wedding and how, on different occasions, that almost led me to a Mexican jail, to losing all of my money and to getting beat up. Also, more pet peeves, honoring our brave men and women in uniform for Memorial Day and more!!!!

Episode 110: Chris Cornell, Banana washers, pet peeves, we all live in a bubble & more  

On this episode, I talk about Chris Cornell and why he is on my "top 3 rock vocalists of all time" list, I met a banana washer, one of my big pet peeves, the founding fathers, we all live in a bubble and more!

Episode 109: Parent your kids at the mall please, James Harden, my fave Chelsea story  

Josh goes on a rant about parenting your kids in public, James Harden is most overrated superstar ever, fuck the NFL; build your OWN stadiums, I don't have a problem with nudity, finding your happiness, my favorite Chelsea story and more

Episode #108: Me! I finally play a few of my songs on the podcast.  

On this episode, I finally play a few of my songs on the podcast1 Just a taste. Hope you like them!

Episode #107: Daphne Willis, the incredibly talented and inspirational singer/songwriter joins Josh  

On this episode, the incredibly talented and inspirational, Daphne Willis talks about her new hit "Somebody's Someone", why moved her to write it, the intimacy of the video, her songwriting process, coming out, getting in fights, her guilty pleasure music and a TON MORE!

Ep #106: Live from Zanies w Philip Sweet and Jimi Westbrook from Little Big Town and CMTs Cody Alan  

This might be the best episode yet. So much fun to do this one. Tons of funny mixed in with some good heart and a ton of ridiculousness. Whether you like country music or not, do not miss this one! P.S. if you don't like my laugh you won't like this episode. Apologies.

Ep #105: Got the diagnosis on my stomach(boo), news about my special, fave restaurant stories & more  

On this episode I have an update about my special, I share the stomach diagnosis my doc gave me, a few of my favorite restaurant stories, another example of why I'm so dumb and more!

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