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Fairly Normal With Josh Wolf: A brand new podcast from Josh Wolf and All Things Comedy.


Ep #105: Got the diagnosis on my stomach(boo), news about my special, fave restaurant stories & more  

On this episode I have an update about my special, I share the stomach diagnosis my doc gave me, a few of my favorite restaurant stories, another example of why I'm so dumb and more!

Episode #104: Rocky  

Thank you for all of your kind messages about the passing of my little buddy. Wanted to have something recorded. Not sure why. Quick goodbye to my best friend. May you have all the treats. We'll miss you and we love you!

Episode #103: Boomer and the Old Man, Jacob tells me secrets that he's never told me before. Yikes.  

On this episode, Jacob tells me secrets he's never told me before...almost getting arrested, tripping on acid, stealing my booze and more! Don't. Miss. This. One.

Episode #102: Big announcement up front, we're turning kids into pussies & why comedy is so hard  

On this episode, I make a big bucket list announcement right up front. I talk about doing something that I've always wanted to do, that I know I'm going to fail at and why that is still great! I talk about a 5 year-old girl got suspended for pretending a stick was a gun and how fucking stupid that is, why comedy is by far the hardest art form and more!!

Ep #101: It's ok that we're not all the same, found out I was lactose intolerant, a big announcement  

In my hotel room in Huntsville, Alabama....on this episode I talk about how it's okay that we're not all the same and that "different" is not a bad word. I tell the story about, being on a date and finding out that I had become lactose intolerant, airport do's and don'ts, a big announcement and a MORE!

Episode #100: This is the episode I had to take down for a day or so but it's back! Check it out.  

This is the episode that i had to take down for a day or so. There was something in here that I hadn't told my wife yet and I thought that was kinda fucked up so I took it down until I could tell her. I update my health, talk about having the worst kind of accident in my hotel room, tell you about the pilot I just shot in NYC and a ton more. You know how I ramble. Check it out.

Episode #99: THE FLU SUCKS! Shooting a pilot in NYC, loud chewers on the train, meningitis and more  

On this episode, sick in a hotel room in bed, I talk about what it was like the time I thought I had the flu but it was meningitis. Plus, I talk about the pilot I'm shooting in NYC, how a slight change in attitude has already made 2017 better than 2016, why I eat like an animal and more, more, more.

Episode #98: A special Valentine's episode with me and the wifey in bed like John a  

On this special Valentine's Day episode of "Fairly Normal" my wife, Bethany, joins me. We answer your questions about love and relationships while laying in bed like John and Yoko. What is the one thing that bothers us the most about the other, how we solve problems, my favorite thing about her and a TON more. Check it out.

Episode #97: Singing Kelly Clarkson w the windows down, THE SUPER BOWL, talking to germaphobes..  

Episode #97: I talk about forgetting my windows were down and getting caught singing Kelly Clarkson at the top of my lungs at a stoplight, THE SUPER BOWL, why people hate Tom Brady, why talking to germaphobes is a bad idea and a more!!

Episode #96: Battling your demons, putting a value on yourself, fuck censorship and more  

On this episode I talk about having to battle my demons over the last 10 days or so, the importance of putting a value on yourself, legalizing prostitution, fuck censorship and I have a guaranteed way for you to make a TON of money but you have to hurry. Plus...more, more and more.

Episode #95: Gambling, not letting fear beat you, fuck parenting books and more  

On this episode I talk about how parenting books can do more harm than good, gambling, somebody who stood way too close to me in an empty elevator, not letting fear control you and a TON MORE. Check it out.

Episode #94: Tait Fletcher, actor, entrepreneur, mixed martial artist, inspirational guy joins Josh  

Tait Fletcher, actor, entrepreneur, mixed martial artist and inspirational guy joins Josh on this episode of Fairly Normal. He talks about selling drugs at 12, when he realized he needed to get his shit together, how he got started acting, his first stunt (insanity), he drops a TON of inspiration all over this episode and more! Definitely check this one out!

Episode #93: Ben Greenfield, fitness guru, stops by & BLOWS ME AWAY w/ his knowledge. A must listen.  

Ben Greenfield, health/fitness guru, joins Josh on this episode of "Fairly Normal." His wealth of knowledge about exercise, diet and overall well being is astounding! A MUST listen for anyone looking to get in shape, to find alternative healthy snacks, he debunks some massive myths, shares the one thing that none of us are doing that we all should to be healthier that and a TON MORE! You have to check this one out.

Episode #92: My wife! I admit things to her for the 1st time, why we like each other & more  

Episode #92: My wife!!! I thought we should start 2017 off with the beautiful Bethany Ashton Wolf. We admit things for the first time, talk about the first impression we had of each other, her movie and her journey to get where she is, why we still like each other and more! and, YES, she actually is this nice. Check it out.

Episode #91: ME! Why Steve Martin's tweet to Carrie Fisher was ok, advice to step parents and more  

Episode #91 is ME! Late night, post show in my hotel room after one or two drinks and an edible. These are always my favorite ones where I answer your questions and also some of my own. I talk about why I think the uproar over Steve Martin's tweet is out of control, I give a little advice to step parents, my second book, how to stay positive and more. Let's go.

Episode #90: ME! After one too many tequila shots answering your questions in my hotel room  

On this episode it's ME...after one too many tequila shots, answering your questions in my hotel room while eating Cheezits. I'm too scared to listen but you shouldn't be.

Episode #90: Billy Wayne Davis, touring w Sturgill Simpson, growing up small town & Mitch Hedberg  

The very funny Billy Wayne Davis joins me on this episode. If you don't know Billy Wayne you have to check this out. His tone and cadence alone make me laugh not to mention that he's smart and the exact opposite of what you'd expect him to be. We talk touring with Sturgill Simpson, Mitch Hedberg, growing up in a small town and a ton more. Check it out.

Episode #89: Steve Simeone, we compare heckler stories, who we would be on the A-team and positivity  

Steve Simeone joins me on this episode of "Fairly Normal." We compare our favorite heckler stories, talk about which character we would want to be from the A-Team, the benefits of choosing to stay positive and a ton more. PLEASE listen to the end of this one. Inspiration a plenty. Check it out.

Episode #88: This "Fairly Normal" is an ep of "Good Call", a show I do w/ Adam Ray. Check it out.  

This "Fairly Normal" is actually an episode of "Good Call", which is a podcast I do with my buddy Adam Ray. Trust me. Give it a shot. Jokes, impersonations, top 5 lists, songs that made me cry, oh and we also mix in some sports. Listen and then find "Good Call' on iTunes.

Episode #87: ME! Talking Top 5 burger joints, asshole little dogs, movie critics and more  

On this episode of "Fairly Normal" I talk about asshole little dogs, my top 5 burger places, I answer your questions from Twitter, what I would do if I saw a bear, Beth joins for a few seconds and more. Check it out.

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