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An in-depth, episode by episode look at the cult classic TV series Twin Peaks. Join co-hosts Jeremy Smith and Allie Goertz as he walks her through the twists and turns of David Lynch's serial drama for her first time in this Limited Edition Series.


30: Beyond Life and Death  

Dana Gould joins Allie and Jeremy to discuss the final episode of what we can now call the original series of Twin Peaks. Allie reflects upon her predictions throughout the podcast, Dana contextualizes the events of the finale to its original airing, and boy are we glad we didn't do this when the fate of Season 3 was still up in the air. Covered here: Episode 29 (30 including The Pilot, or S02E22) Fire Talk With Me will return, and...more than likely do so in less than 25 years.

Special 3: Creature Features (Ray Wise)  

Ray Wise is a fan of monsters in the movies, and has played his own share of them...including Leland Palmer. Last August, Fire Talk With Me producer (and Electric Shadow host) Moisés got a few precious minutes with Ray to talk about Twin Peaks, Swamp Thing, and the roles he still hungers to play. As a bonus, hear Ray record the show intro you now know so well...and in a single take. Scheduling our very special guest for the podcast covering the final episode of the TV show has proven tricky. We were going to hold this interview for later, but here it is to tide you over until we have a new, "proper" episode.

29: Miss Twin Peaks (Brad Dukes)  

Brad Dukes wrote Reflections: An Oral History of Twin Peaks (which any fan of this podcast should get), so he's the most ideal guest we could hope for as we close in on the very end of the (original run) of the show, and  especially for this particular episode. Covered here: Episode 28 (29 including The Pilot, or S02E21)

28: The Path to the Black Lodge (Jeff Mahler)  

Filmmaker Jeff Mahler has a Twin Peaks origin story that mirrors part of our show concept in a wonderful way. In this episode, learn how evocative a styrofoam cup can really be. Covered here: Episode 27 (28 including The Pilot, or S02E20)

27: Variations on Relations (Katie Hasty)  

Katie Hasty from HitFix joins Allison and Jeremy to talk about why Bobby doesn't get no swag, and where to enter the best pageants. Covered here: Episode 26 (27 including The Pilot, or S02E19)

26: On the Wings of Love (Todd Gilchrist)  

Critic and not-Allison Todd Gilchrist joins Jeremy to talk about the episode where Twin Peaks turns things back around, restoring the faith of fans in a single episode. Covered here: Episode 25 (26 including The Pilot, or S02E18)

25: Wounds and Scars (Jeff Katz)  

Writer/producer/man of many hats Jeff Katz joins Allie & Jeremy to talk about how Twin Peaks is the reason that modern TV shows we think are great have the license to be so in the first place. Cameo by Billy Zane. No, seriously...sort of. Covered here: Episode 24 (25 including The Pilot, or S02E17)

24: The Condemned Woman (Brock Wilbur)  

Brock Wilbur is our first-ever return guest (he previously appeared on our first Special), and he rejoins Allie & Jeremy at a critical moment. Covered here: Episode 23 (24 including The Pilot, or S02E16)

23: Slaves and Masters (Matt Oswalt)  

Matt Oswalt watched every episode with his parents and brother when he was young. This explains so much. Here, we cover the episode directed by Diane Keaton, and Allie reveals what is sure to be one of her most controversial opinions...with regard to corn-based snacks. Covered here: Episode 22 (23 including The Pilot, or S02E15)

22: Double Play (Damon Houx)  

Film critic and writer Damon Houx is finally rewarded for making himself scarce for the podcast’s entire run until now. Your reward is that Allie watched a David Lynch movie in addition to this episode, and she reveals more about her Lynchian music-making plans. Crack open a Pabst Blue Ribbon. Episode 21 (22 including The Pilot, or S02E14).

21: Checkmate (Noah Segan)  

Actor/raconteur/bon-vivant Noah Segan joins Allie and Jeremy to talk about an episode that he has not seen in many years. In the same way that Episode 20 opens in a semi-surreal dreamscape, the format you know and love is thrown entirely out the window in this back-from-hiatus episode of the show. Episode 20 (21 including The Pilot, or S02E13).

20: The Black Widow (Julia Prescott)  

Writer/comedian Julia Prescott almost joins the show as a regular co-host, pushing either Allie or Jeremy out in a dramatic ouster (or not, or does she?)! Find out who dies so that she can reign supreme! Also: can/should we accept the transition to Tame Flannel Cooper? In this podcast, the gang discusses Episode 19 (20 including The Pilot, or S02E12).

19: Masked Ball (Alex Hirsch)  

Alex Hirsch created Disney XD's Gravity Falls, which does not owe its origins to Twin Peaks, despite what you might assume! He joins Allison and Jeremy to discuss filler, and how to do it without boring an audience. In this podcast, the gang discusses Episode 18 (19 including The Pilot, or S02E11).

18: Dispute Between Brothers (DC Pierson)  

DC Pierson is an author, actor, and, in a first for one of our guests, just-as new to Twin Peaks as Allie! He joins Allison and Jeremy to discuss the first episode to come after another landmark moment in the series. In this podcast, the gang discusses Episode 17 (18 including The Pilot, or S02E10).

17: Arbitrary Law (Emily V. Gordon)  

Emily V. Gordon is a producer (The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail), podcaster, and a former family therapist, which makes her a damn fine  guest at this point in the show. She joins Allison and Jeremy to discuss one of the more satisfying episodes in a while (along with the big reveal episode). There's something about guys in the 90's with wet hair... In this podcast, the gang discusses Episode 16 (17 including The Pilot, or S02E09).

16: Drive With a Dead Girl (Jay Bushman)  

Jay Bushman is a writer, producer, director, and a true student of television as it bleeds into the transmedia age. He joins Allison and Jeremy to discuss the troubling "backgrounding" of Cooper, feeling the filler, and the uphill struggle after the reveal of who killed Laura Palmer. Save us, Shirtless Cooper. In this podcast, the gang discusses Episode 15 (16 including The Pilot, or S02E08).

15: Lonely Souls (BenDavid Grabinski)  

BenDavid Grabinski is a writer, director, and one of the best people you can discuss the Fast and the Furious franchise with, bar none. He joins Allison and Jeremy to discuss the biggest reveal of the show thus far. A "Special Guest Star" from Twin Peaks makes a cameo, so stick with us to the very end of this week's show. In this podcast, the gang discusses Episode 14 (15 including The Pilot, or S02E07).

Special 2: Writing of a Mystery (Josh Weinstein)  

Josh Weinstein was a writer on The Simpsons during what many consider the show's Golden Age. He joins Allie and Jeremy to discuss Twin Peaks as well as how it influenced Simpsons classic cliffhanger "Who Shot Mr. Burns?" If you are a fan of The Simpsons at all (not even necessarily a die-hard), this episode might make your brain explode in joy. WARNING: Contains spoilers for "Who Shot Mr. Burns?", including the name of the shooter. A couple of recording breaks can be heard in the recording due to noise interrupting our intrepid trio, but thankfully, zero content was lost.

14: Demons (Russ Fischer)  

Russ Fischer writes for Slashfilm, and has known Jeremy since "The CHUD Days." He joins Allison and Jeremy to discuss the good notes of Twin Peaks season 2, being on the fence about the 2016 return of Twin Peaks, and the out-of-print and hard-to-find Autobiography of Dale Cooper. In this podcast, the gang discusses Episode 13 (14 including The Pilot, or S02E06). Program Note: The beginning of the second segment of the show (after the introduction of Russ) sounds abrupt: as if the result of an error in editing. It is abrupt, but not the result of anything other than tech issues outside our control eating a few minutes of audio. Those minutes are sadly lost, never to be heard again. Allison and Jeremy picked the discussion up in a way that still makes sense, but that sounds odd based on previous episodes. In retropsect, this whole show should have been recorded on good old reel-to-reel tape.

13: The Orchid's Curse (Jensen Karp)  

Jensen Karp is a podcaster and the proprietor of Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles. He joins Allison and Jeremy to discuss how LOST fell apart, the 2016 return of Twin Peaks, and the unpredictability of what would've been a 90's "season 3". In this podcast, the group discusses Episode 12 (13 including The Pilot, or S02E05).

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