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EXCLUSIVe interview with NBC's Steve Matchett FBC Downshift: EXCLUSIVE- NBC’s Steve Matchett  

One of the greatest things about starting FBC is the opportunity to meet such great people in motorsport. I’ve met many but one in particular has become a very dear friend to me and that’s NBC Sports broadcaster and championship-winning F1 mechanic Steve Matchett.  Steve is a singular voice in F1 and each year we […] Podcast #516  

Join Grace and me as we discuss the end of testing and what things we thought were important. We cover attacking drivers, GP2 and even discuss twitchy brakes and standing re-starts.  Fashion Award: BTR Player: Podcast #515  

Yes, you can call this the Who Quadrophenia podcast because, “we go out of our brain on the 5:15”. We cover testing #1 and what we learned as well as what we’re looking for in testing #2 from BARCELONA! Social media and Lewis Hamilton too. “Are you crazy?” BTR Player:

Cars & Testing Podcast #514- Cars & testing  

Join Paul and me as we discuss the brand new 2017 Formula 1 cars, the liveries, the designs, the FIN, and the poor effort. We discus day #1 of testing in BARCELONA! We even hand out awards too. Fashion award winner: BTR Player: Podcast #513  

Join Grace and me as we discuss active suspensions, Toto and Niki, data sharing, reserve drivers, and Mercedes’s new employee.  Fashion award winner:                       BTR Player: Podcast #512  

Join Grace and me as we discuss the regulations and who thinks they will succeed or fail, the freezing of Mercedes power units (great idea!), sandbagging or lack of and much more. We even have awards to give out.  Fashion award winner:   BTR Player: Podcast #511  

Join Paul and me as we discuss some Formula 1 news of the week. We cover Ferrari’s pre-loaded start concerns, Max Mosley’s comments and even chat about Bobby K. Big thanks to Paul for helping me out of a scheduling debacle of my own making.  Fashion award winners: BTR Player: Podcast #510  

Join Grace and me as we discuss McLaren, more McLaren, Bottas, Ocon, ingénue Ross Brawn, and much more. We even have some awards.  Fashion Award winner: BTR Player:

The Bernie era is over, now what? Podcast #509- The Bernie era is over, now what?  

The announcement that Bernie Ecclestone has been dropped by Liberty Media as the CEO of F1 broke right as we pressed record! You’re getting our raw reactions as well as what we feel Liberty Media might focus on to change F1 in this special episode of the Bernie-less F1. What do we really feel about […]

Ian James on Rolex 24 and Lexus FBC Downshift #78- Ian James on the 24 Hours of Daytona  

Join Paul and me as we discuss the Rolex 24 at Daytona with Team 3GT driver Ian James. Ian and his teammates, including Scott Pruett, are at the helm of the new Lexus GT racing program and face some of the stiffest competition in Rolex 24 history.  The IMSA Rolex 24 will consist of 55 competitors […] Podcast #508  

Join Grace and me as we discuss the Formula 1 news of the week. We chat about Valtterin Bottas going to Mercedes, Felipe Massa returning to Williams and Pascal Wehrlein heading to Sauber. We discuss the HALO and even find time to chat about Red Bull’s aspirations for 2017.  Fashion award winner here.  BTR Player: Podcast #507- The 2017 Regulations  

Join Paul and me as we discuss the upcoming 2017 regulation changes for Formula 1. what will change? What will the impact be and why? We cover it all here and we even have a few awards too. BTR Player:

New Year Resolutions Podcast #506- New Year Resolutions  

Join Grace and me in a very special episode in which we share our thoughts on what each team’s 2017 New Year’s resolutions should be. In a rare moment, Grace joins me at my house for a special episode. We even have a special awards section for the F1 yearbook. My daughters were excited to […]

2016 F1 season review Podcast #505- The 2016 F1 season review  

Join Paul and me as we review the 2016 Formula 1 season. As season review’s go, we cover each team and drivers as they finished and share our thoughts on their results. We discuss their high’s and low’s and reveal who wins the Passer, Donkey and driver of the season.  BTR Player: Podcast #504  

Join Grace and me as we discuss Mercedes and their driver pick. Paddy Lowe and his team pick, Ferrari and their chassis pick and much more. We even share all the stats from the season according to a tire maker who also should be making coffee.  Fashion Award Winner: BTR Player:

Ferrari & Shell: Finali Mondiali FBC Downshift- Ferrari & Shell: Finali Mondiali  

I had a tremendous opportunity to join Shell and Ferrari for the Finali Mondiali in Daytona this past weekend and apart from driving a Ferrari 458 Spider in one of the largest Ferrari parade laps, taking hot laps with Sebastian Vettel and witnessing Formula 1 cars on a banked circuit, I also had some fun […]

Nico Finali Mondiali Podcast #503- Nico Finali Mondali  

Join Paul and me. literally, in a very special episode of the FBC Podcast. We were both in Dayton at the Finali Mondiali event. Paul was working the event and trying to stage 1,000 Ferrari’s and I was working with the wonderful people at Shell covering the event for all of you.  We are rarely […]

Abu Dhabi GP review Podcast #502- Abu Dhabi GP review  

Join Paul and me as we unpack the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and crown a new champion for 2016. WE talk about Lewis Hamilton’s tactics, where they “dirty tricks” or exactly what he should have done? Did Red Bull or Ferrari have anything for Mercedes? Did Vettel purposefully avoid the pass on Nico Rosberg?  We discuss […]

500th episode celebration Podcast #500- 500th episode celebration  

Join Grace, Paul and me as we celebrate our 500th podcast episode by looking back at the 11 years we’ve been running We started our podcasts back in 2007 and the big news of that season was the McLaren Spygate incident with Ron Dennis and with the news this week that Ron would be […]

Brazilian GP Review Podcast #500- Brazilian GP Review  

Join Paul and me for our 500th podcast episode in which we review the Brazilian Grand Prix in all its glory. We talk about Max Verstappen, Max and Max’s race and more Max. We discuss Max and great drives like Max’s. Actually, we cover every single team and driver and the entirety of the race […]

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