FP's The Editor's Roundtable (The E.R.)

FP's The Editor's Roundtable (The E.R.)


Each week, Foreign Policy’s CEO and editor David Rothkopf, and his panel, including regulars Rosa Brooks and Kori Schake, triage the big issues of the day with emergency room-like urgency and some mayhem. Pulling from FP’s impressive roster of contributors, the panel’s collective varies from week to week. Foreign Policy is the world’s leading media organization dedicated to providing leaders in business, finance, and government with real time insight and analysis into global affairs. As authoritative as it is dedicated to challenging wisdom, FP is unique in its ability to bring together the powerful with those committed to speaking truth to power.


On Digital Diplomacy, Empowering Citizens Globally, and AI  

Executive chairman for Alphabet Inc., Eric Schmidt, on the future of technology, harnessing information, and what’s next for Google.

Entering into the Era of the Unknown  

What we know: Trump loves Putin, China is moving to take advantage of America’s non-strategy in Asia, and the rest? We’re still not sure.

Hitting the Reset Button on International Order  

From realignment with Russia to the revocation of global trade deals, is the Trump administration relapsing to an era we once thought confined to the dustbin of history?

Is Donald Trump’s Cabinet a Cause for Concern?  

President-elect Trump’s national security apparatus is beginning to take shape. Here’s who and what to look out for.

After One Week with President-elect Donald Trump, What Do We Really Know?  

Even as the incoming Trump administration fills its top cabinet and advisory roles, Trump’s foreign policy plans are still a mystery. 

Can President Trump Undo Obama’s Legacy?  

A stunning upset that sent shockwaves around the world is sinking in. Is the world order forever changed?

How To Survive a Trump Hangover  

The United States has endured what is arguably one of the most polarizing elections in recent history. How will America recover once it’s over?

The News We’re Missing Because of the U.S. Presidential Election  

Campaign news might be dominating headlines, but it’s the stack of international problems awaiting the next president that really deserves our attention.

Battlegrounds: The Fight for Mosul and Election Day Disruptions  

What will come next in the offensive against the Islamic State in Iraq? And should U.S. voters be wary of a cyber attack on November 8?

Could America Get Even Uglier?  

Racism, nativism, and anti-Semitism are disturbingly apparent in this year’s presidential race. But what comes after November 8 could disrupt American democracy itself. 

How Much Did the Second Debate Change the Race for the Oval Office?  

The hot mic tape, dissention in the G.O.P, and another defense of an aggressive Russia has put Donald Trump on the ropes. But whether Hillary Clinton landed her political punches, remains to be seen.

How Much Can Russia Mess With the U.S. Elections?  

If Vladimir Putin really is behind the hacks of the DNC and Clinton campaign, it could mark the frightening beginning of a new cyber-era of election tampering. 

Obama, Syria, and the Missed Opportunities of UNGA 2016  

World leaders gathered in New York City to give speeches and discuss the world’s most pressing foreign-policy issues, but they neglected two of its biggest problems.

Syria Is Now Everyone’s War  

With more than a million refugees in Europe, the spread of conflict throughout the region, and Russia’s involvement — why what’s happening in Syria matters everywhere.

Back to Escuela with Trump and Obama  

As Trump talks softly in Mexico, and Obama gets pranked in Asia, a quick run through the big international stories driving late-summer headlines. 

What Is ‘War’ Anymore?  

The lines between violence, conflict, and war are being increasingly blurred -- with dangerous consequences.

Is It Too Early to Call the Election for Hillary Clinton?  

While we’re at it, let’s just pick her foreign policy team of advisers…

How Chekhov Explains the Republican Revolt Against Trump  

And who's on tap for the top national security jobs in the Trump administration?

What Does Expanding the Definition of War Mean for the U.S. Military?  

Increasingly, America’s armed forces are tasked with protecting new battlefronts around the world — from cyberwarfare to post-conflict peacekeeping. And that could be very bad for the United States.

Is Trump Putin’s ‘Guy’?  

From the DNC email hack to his comments on NATO and Crimea, why Trump might be the Russian president’s secret weapon. 

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