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Free to A Good Home

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Each week, comedians Michael Hing and Ben Jenkins invite their guest to trawl through the classifieds with them, and mostly just make fun of the ridiculous things on offer.


Ep. 66 Ping! with Scott Huntington  

We are joined by Scott Huntington to talk pizza scams, a baffling job as an Irish husband impersonator and the miriad difficulties encountered while converting scorpions into money. 

Ep. 65: #mudmouth with Becky Lucas and Cameron James  

We're joined by Becky Lucas and Cameron James to talk about powerful crystals, the Innovations catalogue and how to jerk off a bee.

Ep. 64: The Full Boyfriend Experience with Tom Walker and Alex Lee  

Hing and Ben shake things up with not one but TWO guests! Alex Lee joins us again alongside Tom Walker and we discuss a tempting investment in counterfiet money, an exclusive and sexy club and an extremele convoluted way of breaking up with someone.

Ep. 63: The OportoMobile with Alex Lee  

Alex Lee joins Ben and Hing to talk naked handymen, accidentally uncover an illicit drug ring in Perth and issue a shameful correction from last week's Wind In The Willows chat.

Ep. 62: If You Can Drive a Car You Can Build a Car with Mark Sutton  

Ben and Hing are joined by Mark Sutton to talk about the Wind-in-the-willows-verse, a tempting offer for an amateur taxidermist, using stranger's toilets and the trails and tribulations of poor old Morty. 

Ep. 61: Like a Handjob from a Baseball Glove with Bec Shaw  

Brocklesnitch joins Hing and Ben to chat about a man seeking a man, some giveaway stew, and maybe the clumsiest kind of hand job you could imagine. Hing is also recording his stand up special at The Comedy Store in Sydney Aug 5, so come along to that.

EP. 60: M'ilk with Tommy Dassalo  


Tommy Dassalo returns. This episode, we open with about 10 minutes of stuff that isn't classifieds, we also broach jet skis, a man who wants a good chasing, adult breastfeeding and a scientist who wants you to fuck their robot.

Also, Hing is filming his stand up special at The Comedy Store in Sydney, Aug 5, so get along to that you little rascals.

59 - Candy Apocalypse with Alex Lee  

Hing & Ben are back from the long cold winter/summer depending on your hemisphere. Please rate and review this in iTunes or whereever you get your podcasts. We're joined by long time friend of the show, comedian Alex Lee to talk about a man who wants to be put in a dishwasher, another thing does anyone read these? and also, a moral conundrum - The Candy Apocalypse.

Ep. 58: How Do I Haunt Thee? Let Me Count The Ways with James Colley  

We’re joined by writer, comedian and Human Dog James Colley and talk rubbish oranges, kitten hire, broken ouija boards and Ben proves he can double numbers for a while.

Ep. 57: A Certain Unnamed Spooky Theatre Restaurant with Cameron James  

We're doing a live show for Sydney Fringe! Come along to that. Also, comedian and podcaster Cameron James joins us to chat about a lot of things but most importantly the time he worked at a certain, unnamed, spooky theatre restaurant.

Ep. 55: Milk Champagne with Penny Greenhalgh  

Award winning comedian, Penny Greenhalgh joins us to chat about firearm safety, Hing's soulmate and an apartment that seems perfect, until it isn't.

Free to a Good Home Live is happening this Thursday, 16th of July at Giant Dwarf Theatre in Sydney. Get along!

Ep. 54: Possum. I Put My Finger in a Possum's Mouth with Greg Larsen  

Greg Larsen (Skills in Time, Fancy Boy, How Not To Behave) comes by the FTAGH studios to chat about Man Caves, Hitler's Gravy Boat, and a guy who wants you to put nails through his nutsack.

Free to a Good Home Live is happening on July 16th in Sydney, at the Giant Dwarf Theatre. Tickets available from

Ep. 53: B.A.D. COMEDY with Alex Lee & Aaron Chen  

Ben's away this week, so Alex Lee sits in for Ben and youngest comedian in existence, Aaron Chen joins us to talk about his failed Gumtree Comedy Venture and the best and worst classifieds from the week.

Ep. 52: Mi Crab Meat Su Crab Meat with Bish Marzook  

We're joined by comedian Bish Marzook to chat about free roosters in Tasmania, Kevin Kostner's Water World, and a man who got a deal on imitation crab meat.

Ep. 51: Screaming into the Grand Canyon For Christmas with Lee Naimo  

Lee Naimo from the Axis of Awesome returns to the podcast. In this week's episode, a definitely legitimate masturbation study, Yowies, annnnd we talk about the time Ben and Lee met Rob Schneider 

Ep. 50: Into the Dragon's Den with Gen Fricker  

This week on the podcast, Hing is a monster to the very funny Genevieve Fricker (triple j). We talk about a fridge full of Jurassic Park the game SNES cartridges, a bag of cat fur, and Pog Slammers.

Ep. 49: Get in the Millennium Falcon with Steen Raskopoulos  

Finally! We get the hilarious Steen Raskopoulos on the podcast. We chat about a free taxi service, a blue-shirt watch, and we do our best Chewbacca impressions.

Ep. 48: Jack's Terrible Resume with Chas Licciardello  

Chas (Ben's boss) visits for a v. fun ep. We chat about World Turtle Day, Hing and Ben do gig chat, how do you pronounce Lesotho, and that's all before we even get into the classifieds.

Ep. 47: I'm Not an Accountant with Steph Harmon  

Editor of Junkee amd purveyor of all things pop culture, Steph Harmon joins us to chat about BIRTHDAYS, fancy pigeons, and Hing has a weird flash back.

Ep. 46: BYO Boot Polish with Tommy Dassalo  

Tommy Dassalo joins Hing and Ben to chat about a stolen boat, 'race play' and the 2006 French film Poltergay.

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