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a show about stuff guys love, brought to you by the ultimate guy's girl. join aisha tyler (archer, the talk, whose line is it anyway) and her iconoclastic guests for another season of uncensored, unapologetic rants on art, drinking, music, video games, sports, sex, self-destruction, mayhem, and getting sh*t done. plus the weekly installments of “self-inflicted wounds" and "the apologia." girl on guy is stuff. guys. love.


girl on guy 222: the fourth annual awesome listener question show  

this is the fourth annual awesome listener question show. this episode is all about you, the girl on guy army. revel in the great damp you-ness of it all.

stick around for the end of the show for an important personal statement from aisha.

mad delirious love to the girl on guy army.

girl on guy 221: charlize theron  

this episode of girl on guy is with charlize theron.

that is all.

girl on guy 220: my mom  

on this thanksgiving, I'm talking to someone I'm truly thankful for: my mother. she's an artist, an activist, a rebel, a seeker, a groundbreaker, a traveler, a musician, and my best friend. 

I hope this inspires you to talk to the people closest to you over the holidays, and find common ground where you thought there was none.

girl on guy is truly thankful.

girl on guy 219: neil degrasse tyson  

join aisha and astrophysicist neil degrasse tyson as they talk about rejecting stereotype, destroying constraint, overcoming expectation, sprinting towards destiny and defying gravity. plus neil explains everything and aisha struggles to keep up.

girl on guy is taking copious notes.

girl on guy 218: chelsea handler  

this episode is with the superlative chelsea handler. 


that is all.

girl on guy 217: travis fimmel  

this episode of girl on guy was recorded in front of a live audience of girl on guy at the fourth annual GOG fan appreciation event, held at the US Grant hotel, the historic home of the very first comic-con. so much goodness.

girl on guy loves the fans more than cake.

girl on guy 216: marianne jean-baptiste  

join marianne jean-baptiste of blindspot, broadchurch and without a trace and aisha as they dissect consuming your work, finding your voice, living your character, making it up as you go along, and emerging from the wilderness.

plus marianne and aisha fall for los angeles. reluctantly.

girl on guy is finally an LA woman.

girl on guy 215: viola davis  

episode 215 of girl on guy is with the extraordinary viola davis. that is all.

girl on guy 214: dave navarro  

join iconic axe man dave navarro of jane's addiction and ink master and aisha as they drive through tragedy, transformation, trials and triumph, and the reunion of jane's addiction. plus dave finds strength and transcendence in facing down the events that changed his life forever in one terrible, violent night when he was young, in the documentary "mourning son."

girl on guy is trying to avoid slow motion sickness.

girl on guy 213: sheryl underwood part II  

at long last, this is the second half of the sheryl underwood conversation.

plus aisha announces exciting news, including the launch of the kickstarter page for her new film.


girl on guy 211: taye diggs  

join taye diggs of hedwig and the angry inch and murder in the first and aisha as they contemplate pursuing art, defying terror, embracing challenge, transcending change, and saying yes. 

plus taye is a man about town. and then things go terribly wrong.

girl on guy has to hit the head. 

girl on guy 210: awesome listener question show 2015  

it's the awesome listener question show for 2015! some things never change. 

and some things do.

girl on guy is happy it took the red pill.

girl on guy 209: Omar Benson Miller  

join omar benson miller of hbo's ballers and aisha as they wander through culture, art, film, sacrifice, public image, personal responsibility, and working with spike.

plus omar broke the vcr. it couldn't be helped.

girl on guy is trying to be gentle with technology.

girl on guy 208: sarah burns  

join sarah burns of how to get away with murder and the film slow learners and aisha as they wax both awkward and prolific about playing alone, dreaming big, living large, scene stealing and going toe to toe with viola.

plus aisha and sarah plan on doing some day drinking.

girl on guy has nowhere to be.

girl on guy 207: comedian wayne federman  

join comedian and writer wayne federman and aisha as they pick through the interior life of a comedian. it's not pretty. but there is basketball.

plus wayne and aisha share a coke and a very awkward smile.

girl on guy would like to teach the world to sing. right after a long nap.

girl on guy 206: bokeem woodbine  

join bokeem woodbine of fargo and aisha tyler as they jam through loving punk rock, aimless days, magical nights, chasing your passion on foot, the fate of good fortune and meeting tupac.

plus bokeem and aisha go back in time.

girl on guy is fighting crosstown traffic.

girl on guy 205: robert patrick  

join robert patrick of scorpion and a zillion other things and aisha as they slice through discovering yourself, losing your roots, finding your way, staying on top, and working with clint. plus robert rises from ashes stronger than ever before. like, terminator strong.

girl on guy cannot be bargained with. it cannot be reasoned with. and it absolutely will not stop.

girl on guy 204: joe mantegna  

join criminal minds joe mantegna and aisha as they mull over family, history, growth, transformation, going west, and going home.

joe tells a bunch of killer stories.

girl on guy loves a good story.

girl on guy 203: travis van winkle  

join travis van winkle of the last ship and aisha as they discuss travel, vision, destruction, rebirth, dropping out, turning inwards, giving back, and reaching out.

plus travis and aisha share a cup of java, commando.

girl on guy takes her coffee black. like her women.

girl on guy 202: brad meltzer  

join bestselling author, comic book and television writer and presidential confidante brad meltzer and aisha as they whip through enduring rejection, pursuing gratification, remembering your roots, fighting your nature, revisiting revisionism and going back to your old school.

plus brad finally gets the girl.

girl on guy is still waiting to get asked to the dance.

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