Greg James – That’s What He Said

Greg James – That’s What He Said

United Kingdom

The best bits of nonsense from BBC Radio 1's The Greg James show every week. Including big name interviews, Star Caller, Ask The Nation and other guff from Greg’s weird head.


Vin Diesel and the return of the Clare of Where  

In this week’s podcast: Vin Diesel is on the show, a slightly confused Matt Edmondson plays Rage Against The Answer Machine, we play What’s My Age Again, it’s the return of the Clare of Where and Ball Head is back.

It’s a Secret Podcast!  

Greg is away – but he phones Chris Smith for a cheeky Secret Podcast. Greg’s back on the radio on Monday 9th Jan.

It's the big Christmas podcast!  

It's Christmas, so we have Father Christmas with North Star Caller, actor Liam Neeson eating mince pies, and a ridiculous Tiny Nativity scene. Merry Christmas friends.

Peter Capaldi aka The Doctor & David Brent  

In this week’s podcast: Rage Against The Answer Machine with Peter Capaldi aka The Doctor, David Brent is in the Live Lounge, we get sporty with Clare Balding, we play The Dame From The Town Of What Name, and Bauble Head is back.

Joe Lycett  

This week Joe Lycett comes in for a chat, We get raging with Dev, We have an incredible Live Lounge announcement, and all the usual nonsense like Mayor of Where and Bauble Head.

Miles Teller & Josh Widdicombe  

This week Greg was joined by two guests – Hollywood actor Miles Teller, and comedian Josh Widdicombe, plus Rage with Grimmy, Mayor Of Where and Greg showers to the theme of Planet Earth 2.

Raging with A Dot  

A Dot joins us for a bit of Rage Against The Answer Machine, we have more listeners becoming Attenborough and all the usual features such as What’s My Age Again and Ball-Head.

Attenborough in song!  

Greg and Chris Smith turn a cool dance track into an Attenborough themed's Kolsch X Attenborough. Plus it's Popstar Parents Evening with Mollie King and her lovely mum. We do Planet Earth Pun Pong and play another game of Ball Head. Plus your amazing emails and more nonsense.

Cookie Monster & Olly Murs  

This week The Cookie Monster comes to see us all the way from Sesame Street, Olly Murs and his Mum attend Popstar Parents Evening and we have all the usual fun features such as The Mayor Of Where and Rage Against The Answer Machine with Jordan North.

The Chainsmokers & Charlie Sloth Rage  

The Chainsmokers give their opinion on Coldplay and Gaga, Charlie Sloth has a problem with All Day Breakfasts in Rage Against The Answer Machine, The Ghost Owl appears for Halloween and listener James plays Pun-Pong.

Timberlake, Kendrick & Howard  

Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick chat about the Trolls movie (and Greg's part in it) Russell Howard and his mum come it to the studio and we celebrate the 6th anniversary of Ringo's peace and love message.

Russell Kane and Rage with Scott & Chris  

Russell Kane comes for a chat, Scott Mills and Chris Stark Rage Against The Answer Machine and The Ghost Owl comes out of hibernation for another quick haunting.

Niall Horan plays Rage  & Lord Sugar gets the dog  

Special guests include Niall Horan & Lord Sugar plus all the usual fun with The Mayor or Where?, Pun-Pong, Wrong-uns and Baalllllllllllhead!

Niall, Pitbull, Cel & Jacob  

Greg chats to Niall Horan about the (surprise) release of his new song. Ambassador for the whole of Florida Pitbull comes into the studio Cel Spellman plays Rage Against The Answer Machine and Podcastard Jacob brings some cakes.

Attention!! Tais-Toi  

Greg is back from his hols and has forgotten something very important. Plus all the usual fun and games like Wronguns, Tractor Of The day, Mayor of Where, What’s My Age Again and Rage with Phil Taggart.

Secret Holiday Podcast 2  

Greg is still swanning about on holiday but he hasn't forgotten about the Pocastards...

Secret Holiday Podcast  

Greg might be on holiday...but fear not Podcastards, this is secret podcast just for you.

Joan with the three dogs  

Greg gets a voicemail from a lovely lady called Joan, Matt Edmondson joins in 'Rage Against The Answer Machine' and Lord Denise is the 'Mayor Of Where.

Olympic Champion Helen Glover & Hollywood Giant Jonah Hill  

Olympic Gold winner Helen Glover joins us, which gets Greg very excited, Jonah Hill from the movies chats about his latest film War Dogs and Clara Amfo plays Rage Against The Answer Machine.

Ricky Gervais & Dancing Horses  

Chris Smith with the News is back, which is nice but Greg has a problem with the dirty studio (luckily he has some wet wipes with him). Plus Ricky Gervais talks about the new David Brent movie, A Dot plays Rage Against The Answer Machine and an Olympian's brother calls.

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