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Hay House Meditations


Hay House presents Guided Meditations featuring your favorite authors guiding you through mediations designed to help you relax and rejuvenate. Each week we bring you a new mediation with a featured author taking you on a meditational journey ranging from numerous topics on health, healing, overcoming fears and blocks and much more. Please visit hayhouse.com or facebook.com/HayHouseDailyMeditations to learn more.


davidji - New Year Intentions Meditation  

Join davidji as he leads on a meditation to help set your intentions, goals and path to inner peace for the new year.

Christiane Northrup - Divine Feminine Love  

Let love flow through your body in this healing meditation with Dr. Christiane Northrup. Based in the divine feminine, Dr. Northrup leads you through all parts of your anatomy to channel the healing power of love. Bring awareness to this free flowing feminine love which is available at any time from Mother Earth herself. And as your journey closes, allow the Divine love you’ve just experienced come into your heart and fill it.

Denise Linn - Past-life Regression  

Find the path to a past life with this gentle past life regression with Denise Linn. Walk through the green paths, healing waters and open pastures to the door welcoming you to a past life. Move through the tunnel to release old patterns or decisions that have felt less than empowering and step into the change you are seeking. Allow this meditation to help heal your past through releasing old judgments and replacing them with ideas that nurture your soul and create a new future.

Louise Hay - Forgiveness Meditation  

Take a journey with Louise Hay to locate the places where un-forgiveness remains. Forgiveness opens the doorway to love, so that love can flow more abundantly in your life. Through this meditation, understand the someone or some time you are unwilling to forgive. Drift back and clean out the pockets of bitterness that may reside within you.   Give the gift of forgiveness to yourself and sets yourself free from the self-righteous prison of resentment that keep you stuck in the past. You can heal your heart now and know you are worth loving.

Laura Berman - Wholy Shift  

Take inspired action with this informational segment on the Wholy Shift. You always have a transformational GPS tracking system available to you. It’s there to help guide you when you’re not sure where to turn in your life, with your job, your relationship or even after a disappointment. You can use the Wholy Shift to access strategy and regain objectivity during times of inner turmoil. Navigate more gracefully and more easily with this 7-step process: 1. Breathe 2. Enter the holy shift with end in mind 3. Awareness 4. Acceptance 5. Right relationship 6. Integrated choice 7. Inspired action. Choose this method when you want to move through chaos into calm or turn panic into peace.

Denise Linn - Snowy Mountain Dreaming  

Listen as Denise Linn guides you beneath conscious awareness to reprogram your subconscious mind. Through part one, she’ll guide you into the allowance of feeling abundant now. In part two, she’ll take you on a journey to meet the spirit of money for a deeper connection with it. And finally, you will be guided on a visualization so you may create your future. Prepare to sink deep into the sacred quiet where the Creator dwells and emerge feeling more abundant and prosperous.

Sylvia Browne - Angels & Guides Healing Meditation  

Listen as Sylvia browne provides guidance to the Angels. Invision bright lights of varying colors that will guide you through healing. Ask for the light from the holy spirit and welcome any family members who have passed on to the next realm. They are all here to help you heal. 

Laura Berman - The Chakra Elevator  

It’s time to take ride the glass chakra elevator with Dr. Laura Berman. Allow her to guide you in a meditation designed to get you familiar with your body and where you may be stuck energetically. Attune to your energy and chakras while following Laura through the 7 chakra points: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart throat, 3rd eye and crown. With practice you’ll be amazed how your energy flows in any previously blocked places because of your awareness and intention.

Jennifer Grace - Cultivating Your Intuition Meditation  

Are you at a fork in the road, confused as to what you should do? Allow Jennifer Grace to guide you on this meditation to meet your future self who has all the answers you need. A meditation focused on cultivating your intuition so that as you reach difficult decisions, you never need go outside yourself for answers again. Because waiting is an older, wiser, been-there done-that version of yourself who you can create a relationship with in this moment.

Linda Howe - Release Meditation  

Join Linda Howe as she guides you on a meditation to release obstructions to your light and amplify your natural radiance.  Close your eyes and open your awareness in the core light of Grace where five pillars stand. Follow Linda’s voice as she brings focus to the pillars: Incarnation, Authority, Discipline, Responsibility, and Commitment so your inner five pointed star can shine more greatly. By uncovering and making peace with each of these pillars, may you take your place as a shining one, in balance graciously enjoying and appreciating your earthly existence.

Denise Linn - Abundance Meditation  

Step into more abundance and prosperity with this meditation by Denise Linn. In this multi-part meditation Denise guides you beneath conscious awareness to reprogram your subconscious mind. Through part one, she’ll guide you into the allowance of feeling abundant now. In part two, she’ll take you on a journey to meet the spirit of money for a deeper connection with it. And finally, you will be guided on a visualization so you may create your future. Prepare to sink deep into the sacred quiet where the Creator dwells and emerge feeling more abundant and prosperous.

Byron Metcalf - Shamanic Meditation  

Take an instrumental shamanic journey with Byron Metcalf. Breathe in the sounds of ancient melody with ceremonial drums, flutes and various other transformational rhythms so you breathe out what no longer serves. Allow this enchanting music to enhance your heart’s capacity for love, compassion, courage, and strength. Enjoy it as an enhancement to your current meditation practice or use it for personal ritual and ceremonial work.

Meggan Watterson - Prayer of the Heart  

This soul voice meditation led by Meggan Watterson is a prayer of the heart. Based on a seminary meditation developed by monks, it is a method of delving into the heart. By calling upon your limitless inner space, you are able to communicate directly with your soul and receive answers to your deepest questions. As a bonus, Meggan explains the 3 main ways your soul communicates with you and how to discern between whether it’s your ego or your heart/soul talking to you.

Sarah McLean - Love Yourself  

Sarah McLean guides you in using your attention deliberately to love yourself from the inside out. Sit in the presence of your own sweet self while she takes you through a meditation directing your awareness with intention. Release your need to “do” and instead be with what’s inside you – emotionally, mentally and physically. Be present in the moment and enjoy this meditation on loving yourself to healing and wholeness.

Jean Haner - Loving Awareness  

Learn to relax and open up your loving awareness. Use your physical body to appreciate your hidden talents that lay within. Understand that happiness is available at all times. This meditation will teach you reliable techniques to recognize the inherited comfort of self-love. Breathe deep, find love, and harness happiness.

Denise Linn - Magic Carpet Ride  

Join Denise Linn on this magic carpet ride of past life regression. In this guided meditation ride over mountains, down valleys or over deserts to find out who you were before. Experience powerful shifts and changes happening around you as you change your past while healing and strengthening your present. Exploration of future lives is also within reach, all through the comfort and consciousness of your magic carpet. To learn about this author or any other Hay House author, please visit www.hayhouse.com.

Carmen Harra - Erasing Negative Imprints  

In this guided meditation with Carmen Harra, you'll discover a new inner peace where happiness thrives. Relax while learning how to erase any negative imprints the past has left within you. Eliminate fear with the realization that you are the strongest person you know. With a few simple affirmations, you can refresh your mind and emerge a new person.

Laura Berman – Taoist (Smiling Energy)  

Join Laura as she guides you along in this inner smile mediation. You’ll bring healing attention to all parts of your body and gather special positive energy and caringly direct it within yourself and out to those you love. When we send a smile inward, directing it within the silent beauty of our inner being, we send healing energy where it is needed.

Joseph Clough - Discover The Power Within  

In this guided meditation with Joseph Clough, you’ll turn your focus inward and journey through the inside world of you. As you relax into your breaths, you’ll open the doors for learning and to the power that resides within your being. When you connect with this inner you, you wander upon new insights the lead you to your higher self. You are the creator of your potentiality and it all rests within you to create the life you truly desire.

Denise Linn - Angels Are Here  

Take a peaceful journey into nature with Denise Linn in this guided meditation. Here you’ll you embrace the fresh air and feel empowered in this safe place. As you breathe deeper into this sacred space, you’ll open up your heart and allow your energy to flow. Connect deep with yourself and know that the Angels are working for you. Trust that everything is good in your world.

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