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Hay House Meditations


Hay House presents Guided Meditations featuring your favorite authors guiding you through mediations designed to help you relax and rejuvenate. Each week we bring you a new mediation with a featured author taking you on a meditational journey ranging from numerous topics on health, healing, overcoming fears and blocks and much more. Please visit hayhouse.com or facebook.com/HayHouseDailyMeditations to learn more.


Meggan Watterson - Prayer of the Heart  

This soul voice meditation led by Meggan Watterson is a prayer of the heart. Based on a seminary meditation developed by monks, it is a method of delving into the heart. By calling upon your limitless inner space, you are able to communicate directly with your soul and receive answers to your deepest questions. As a bonus, Meggan explains the 3 main ways your soul communicates with you and how to discern between whether it’s your ego or your heart/soul talking to you.

Sarah McLean - Love Yourself  

Sarah McLean guides you in using your attention deliberately to love yourself from the inside out. Sit in the presence of your own sweet self while she takes you through a meditation directing your awareness with intention. Release your need to “do” and instead be with what’s inside you – emotionally, mentally and physically. Be present in the moment and enjoy this meditation on loving yourself to healing and wholeness.

Jean Haner - Loving Awareness  

Learn to relax and open up your loving awareness. Use your physical body to appreciate your hidden talents that lay within. Understand that happiness is available at all times. This meditation will teach you reliable techniques to recognize the inherited comfort of self-love. Breathe deep, find love, and harness happiness.

Denise Linn - Magic Carpet Ride  

Join Denise Linn on this magic carpet ride of past life regression. In this guided meditation ride over mountains, down valleys or over deserts to find out who you were before. Experience powerful shifts and changes happening around you as you change your past while healing and strengthening your present. Exploration of future lives is also within reach, all through the comfort and consciousness of your magic carpet. To learn about this author or any other Hay House author, please visit www.hayhouse.com.

Carmen Harra - Erasing Negative Imprints  

In this guided meditation with Carmen Harra, you'll discover a new inner peace where happiness thrives. Relax while learning how to erase any negative imprints the past has left within you. Eliminate fear with the realization that you are the strongest person you know. With a few simple affirmations, you can refresh your mind and emerge a new person.

Laura Berman – Taoist (Smiling Energy)  

Join Laura as she guides you along in this inner smile mediation. You’ll bring healing attention to all parts of your body and gather special positive energy and caringly direct it within yourself and out to those you love. When we send a smile inward, directing it within the silent beauty of our inner being, we send healing energy where it is needed.

Joseph Clough - Discover The Power Within  

In this guided meditation with Joseph Clough, you’ll turn your focus inward and journey through the inside world of you. As you relax into your breaths, you’ll open the doors for learning and to the power that resides within your being. When you connect with this inner you, you wander upon new insights the lead you to your higher self. You are the creator of your potentiality and it all rests within you to create the life you truly desire.

Denise Linn - Angels Are Here  

Take a peaceful journey into nature with Denise Linn in this guided meditation. Here you’ll you embrace the fresh air and feel empowered in this safe place. As you breathe deeper into this sacred space, you’ll open up your heart and allow your energy to flow. Connect deep with yourself and know that the Angels are working for you. Trust that everything is good in your world.

Michelle Phillips - You Are True Beauty  

Join Michelle Phillips as she takes you on a relaxing journey to find the true beauty that lies within your heart and the essence of your being. Let go of the day’s stress and tension and breathe in clarity and calmness. With each passing breath, you’ll connect to your inner light and focus on the positivity within you and in your life. You are a beautiful being both inside and out. Beauty comes from unconditional love and this love resides deep within you.

Iyanla Vanzant - Connect With the Love within You  

In this guided meditation, Iyanla Vanzant supports you as you connect with yourself in the mirror. As you gaze deep into your eyes, your soul, you will connect with your heart and inner love. As you stay connected to this love within you, share with yourself – no judgement, no expectations –all the grief, guilt, love, gratitude desires, shame and love in your life. Stay honest. Share with yourself openly and connect with the love and gratitude within, offer it out to the Universe and receive it all back.

Sylvia Browne - Meditation for Entering The Temples  

In this guided meditation, Sylvia Browne walks you through the temples and halls that exist on the Other Side. This inspirational journey allows you be with family and experience the beauty of your real home. You’ll release all your physical and mental pains and feel the total joy of being in spirit.

davidji - Metta Heart Meditation  

Let love into your heart right now. In this guided meditation, davidji dives deep into metta or loving kindness so you can release ill will and bathe the darkness with light. As you establish loving kindness in your own heart and then radiate it out to every other relationship, you become full of love and emotionally free. The sweetness in your life will expand and your connection to others takes on a new meaning.

Denise Linn - Drifting Down The River of Dreams  

Harness your dream shield with Denise Linn in this guided meditation. As you relax deeper into your inner stillness, you’ll transport to another place on this soul journey. Activate the power of the subconscious so that positive thoughts can flow through you and you become the person you have always dreamed of becoming. All is well.

Deborah King - Connecting With Your Divine Guidance  

In this guided meditation, Deborah King brings you into a relaxing state, so you can move out of your head space and into your body. As you breathe deeply, allow yourself to simply just be in the moment – begin to feel the energy in your body. Deborah travels with you through each chakra so you can open and expand your inner light to connect with your amazing guides.

Bernie Siegel - The Sound of Ah  

Discover the power of manifestation using the sound of ‘Ah’ with Bernie S. Siegel in this enlightening meditation. You’ll open up the channel of energy from your root chakra to your third eye chakra to access your higher awareness. In this space is where you can quiet the mind and center upon your thoughts that help manifest the life you truly desire.

Denise Linn - Desert Dreaming  

Travel to the beautiful desert with Denise Linn in this powerful guided meditation. With the softening of your breath and body, you’ll enter the stillness of your inner spirit. As you let go and surrender, open your heart to bring clarity, balance, harmony and guidance in your life and future.

Gerry Gavin - Awakening Your Intuition  

In this restorative meditation, Gerry Gavin eloquently guides you on a relaxing, yet uplifting journey through your breath. You’ll slowly release tension throughout your body and muscles to open your mind up to good, healing energy. Let the warmth fill you up as you breathe deeper and deeper and awaken your intuitive energy. You are fine and exactly where you need to be. Let the tension melt away.

Cynthia Occelli - Connect with Your Inner Goddess  

In this guided meditation with Cynthia Occelli, you’ll relax into the cleansing energy of your breath. Let go of what no longer serves you and renew yourself. As you get deeper and deeper within your creative center, find your sacred space where your inner goddess rests. Your inner goddess is here for you; you are worthy of all good things.

Denise Linn - Expanding Into The Universe  

Embrace who you are at your essence as you are guided by Denise Linn in this relaxing meditation. You’ll shapeshift out of your body identity and become Mother Earth. You are so much more than just your body, job or belongings. You are the Divine Creator. You are an infinite being of the Universe. In this higher awareness, you’ll find inner peace and bliss.

Deepak Chopra - Secret of Healing  

Join Deepak Chopra as he guides you toward wholeness by going beyond the ego self to a higher place of self-awareness. Let yourself become unbounded and free from the stresses of life. Deepak intimately navigates you to reach greater power of intention to experience loving kindness and compassion. Unlock the secrets to healing and happiness, abundance and even finding true love.

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