History of Germany Podcast

History of Germany Podcast

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A podcast on the history of Germans.


037: Saxons III: Otto the Great and the Holy Roman Empire  

The son of Henry the Fowler takes a big step towards the Holy Roman Empire. Otto also still has to deal with Hungarians. And decides he really likes Italy.

036: Saxons II: Henry the Fowler  

The first German king? At least the first Saxon one.

035: Saxons I: Saxnot and the Irminsul  

An introduction of the Saxons, their lives and beliefs. And their history up to the Saxon kings of Germany.

034: Franks V: The Legacy  

We wrap up Charlemagne's post-mortem career and talk about his Legacy, Aachen, and bridge the gap to the Saxons.

033: Franks IV: Lesser Bonapartes Podcast on Charlemagne  

Part 2 on Charlemagne with Dan and Glen from the Lesser Bonapartes Podcast, who also did a 6 part series on the Franks! http://thelesserbonapartes.libsyn.com/

032: Franks III: Charles the Great  

Charlemagne is a pivotal figure in medieval Europe. This episode gives a look at his court and government--in between battles.

031: Franks II: Clovis to Charles  

A quick run-through of the Merovingians until we get to the Carolinian Dynasty and up to Charles the Great.

030: Franks I: Merovingians  

A summary of everything we've mentioned about the Franks so far, and an introduction up to the Merovingians.

029: Allemand, Teutonic, German, Dutch, Why?  

A little clarity on the etymology of the all the things referring to Germans and their language.

028: Life in the GDR  

A special episode for the German class of Frau Enright at ASU. One episode can barely scratch the surface of what it was like to live in East Germany, but I try.

027: Lombards and the Iron Crown  

Setting the Lombards up for the Franks to conquer.

026: Frisian Freedom  

While the rest of the Frankish Empire was building castles and tried to make it to knighthood--not so with the Frisians. They would have none of it and instead chose Democracy. In the 9th century!

025: Germans and Romans IX: End of Rome... and of East Germanic Tribes  

In this epic episode I try to end this miniseries on Germans and Romans. Which covering the Goths, Vandals, Burgundias, and sackings of Rome. This episode now brings us right into the Early Middle Ages.

024: Germans and Romans VIII: German Hostile Aquisition with Jamie Redfern  

A look at Rome's defense over time with special guest co-host, Jamie Redfern. Jamie wrote his MA thesis on Roman tactics in exactly the time period we're looking at. Besides that he's the host of several history podcasts on Alexander, Hannibal, the Arab Spring, and currently the History of the United States and it's membership feed currently covering the Aztecs. In fact he's a full-time history podcasters, so you know he does it right! (membership is only $5 a month ;) ) We introduce the Goths, the Huns, and pave the way for the small Germanic Kingdoms within the (soon-to-be-former) Roman Empire.

023: Germans and Romans VII: Germans in the Roman Empire  

Germanic peoples were influenced by Rome for centuries. A brief look at German romanization before the Great Migration Period.

022: Germans and Romans VI: Gothic and German Christianity with Steven Guerra  

Steven Guerra from the History of the Papacy podcast joins me for a look at the conversion of the Germanic peoples to Christianity. We give Wulfilas as an example, and will come back to this topic later. Christianity was a big step in Romanizing, it's worth it to take a closer look. Steven Guerra is the host of the History of the Papacy Podcast, and both of us are members of the History Podcasters' Network.

021: Inside the Secret Cabinet with der Buddler  

What’s it like being a history podcaster in Germany? Today we take a break from alchemy and celebrate the launch of the Secret Cabinet Podcast in English, and since I also do a podcast in German, we compare notes on the differences in German and English podcast scenes. Der Buddler (German for “the digger”) works in the Martin Luther house in Wittenberg, and was a great help with the Faust episode, as well as being interviewed for the History of Germany podcast on Martin Luther’s 95 thesis (the actual details on how/when/where Luther attached the thesis to the church door) and the Bronze-Age Sky Disk of Nebra. He himself hosts the remarkable archeology podcast Angegraben (in German) and the original German version of the Secret Cabinet, Das Geheime Kabinett. This interview will also be in German on the History of Germany Podcast. Since the Secret Cabinet is a new show, stop by facebook, or review us on iTunes. Or both!

020: Germans and Romans V: German Paganism  

How Germans before Christianity lived, used runes, worshiped.

019: Germans and Romans IV: Teutoburg Forest  

The greatest Roman defeat of all time. And it was brought on by the Germans.

018: Germans and Romans III: Caesars Bridges  

The first two bridges over the Rhine were built by Caesar. The Rhine river was fast becoming a real border for the Roman Empire. This is how that border that still exists today began.

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