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A conversation about the world of history, featuring interviews with key historians and authors and discussions about historical themes and ideas.


A discussion about Mein Kampf  

Maiken Umbach and Neil Gregor join History Today editor Paul Lay to discuss the new critical edition of Hitler's notorious book.

Tibet's Secret Temple  

We discuss Tantric Buddhism with Ruth Garde, curator of a new show at the Wellcome Collection. Also: Marc Morris on King John and the siege of Rochester.

Day of the Dead  

In this episode, Amy Fuller discusses the myths surrounding Mexico's Day of the Dead, and Andrew Lownie talks about the obstacles facing historians trying to use the Freedom of Information Act to access government files.

Silk Roads Past and Present  

Peter Frankopan joins us to discuss the importance of viewing history not from a western or eastern perspective, but one that links the two together. Plus, Mathew Lyons and Catherine Fletcher on the plight of young academics.

The Profits of Slavery  

We speak to Katie Donington about the legacies of Britain's involvement in the slave trade. Also: Cambodia's lost rock and roll scene, and a report from the International Medieval Congress.

The Root of Language  

This month we discuss Proto-Indo-European, the ancestor of almost every language now spoken from the Hebrides to the Himalayas.

Magna Carta  

This episode is a Magna Carta special. We talk to Alexander Lock about the Charter's importance in America, and Lauren Johnson about the role of women in Magna Carta. Plus, a look at the British Museum's new display the medals of the Sun King.

Piers Plowman  

Kate Wiles talks to Lawrence Warner about the origins of the Middle English narrative poem Piers Plowman.

In Conversation With Greg Jenner  

Fern Riddell talks to the historian Greg Jenner about his new book, 'A Million Years In A Day'.

Murder in the Cathedral  

Paul Lay and Richard Dale discuss the mysterious death of a liveryman at St Paul's Cathedral in 1514.

The Disappearing Religions of the Middle East  

Gerard Russell and Tom Holland discuss the plight of religious minorities in Iraq and Syria.

General Sherman's Total War  

Matt Carr discusses Sherman's March to the Sea, a key turning point in the American Civil War.

The Origins of the Shroud of Turin  

Charles Freeman discusses his research into one of history's greatest mysteries.

The Nazi-Soviet Pact  

Roger Moorhouse discusses the pact between Hitler and Stalin, which lasted from 1939 to 1941.

The Roosevelts  

The American filmmaker Ken Burns talks about his latest documentary, The Roosevelts: An Intimate History.

Africans in Georgian England  

Onyeka joins us to introduce a number of aspiring Africans who made an impact on Georgian society during the 18th century.

The Romans in Africa  

Raoul McLoughlin talks about Rome’s desire for an African empire, a fierce struggle for trade, land and the search for the source of the Nile.

How the Scots Invented Britain  

Paul Lay talks to Ian Bradley about how the Scots were the most vocal advocates of a vibrant, imperial, Protestant Great Britain.

The Last Days of India's First Prime Minister  

We speak to Gyanesh Kudaisya about the final years of Jawaharlal Nehru, India's first prime minister, who died in May 1964.

An Exorcism in Hackney  

In this episode Charlotte Crow talks to Jessie Childs about her article in the April issue of History Today, Beware the Foul Fiends, which concerns a graphic account of an exorcism in 16th-century London and the plight of Catholics in Elizabethan England.

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